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Who Touched My Tail!

Who Touched My Tail! 谁动了我的尾巴!

RAW Source
Author: 筱玄 Xiao Xuan
Total Chapters: 211
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Completed, Quick Transmigration
Translators: xiin
Editors: alamerysl, BlueBug


Xue Ling is a nine-tailed fox who has been cultivating for thousands of years but lost all his tails in a moment of capriciousness.

Tails are easy to self-destruct, but not easy to recover. In order to restore his human figure, he must struggle to destroy the plot, forcibly change the protagonist’s fate, and be the cannon fodder in the first line of attack.

But why are these plots more and more irrational? The setup is getting more and more weird, and what is with this person that is showing up in every single world?

It seems that before going through all these worlds, he has forgotten some very important affairs?

Su Xuanyan: Yes, you’ve forgotten me.

Xue Ling: Get lost! (▼皿▼#) Clearly every time you are the one that doesn’t remember anything!

Su Xuanyan: Oh, this is purely an accident.



1. Fast transmigration, shou is a nine-tailed fox, has been around for many years, has done almost everything, don’t be surprised by what he can do.

2. Author is crazy about beauty, so everyone is beautiful, don’t blame me for breaking the sky. Even though the characters may change, it really is just a tsundere fox shou & gentle, taciturn, □□ controlling maniac demon gong.

3. 1v1, silly & sweet, one hundred years of stupid cuteness. No matter now many worlds they go through, it’s the same gong!

Translated Chapters

1 - Entrusting the wrong person
Ch1 - Today... It seemed like something was different
Ch2 - This calculating look... was it still our Gongzi?
Ch3 - Ah, the disobedient pet has disturbed the general
Ch4 - You can't just casually turn bent!
Ch5 - If you think about it, you'll die, can't close your eyes
Ch6 - Can’t die before the general goes out to battle
Ch7 - Won’t live for long in any case, why worry about it?
Ch8 - The end of one world, the launch of another

2 - Marrying the wrong person
Ch9 - Tragedy, it’s a great tragedy ah
Ch10 - This seems to have become a protracted war
Ch11 - Man proposes, but god disposes
Ch12 - This is my business card
Ch13 - Mr. Owens is faced with a difficult conundrum
Ch14 - They will come back in the end
Ch15 - Mr. Owens, it’s great to see you again
Ch16 - A bunch of really complicated family relationships
Ch17 - Let’s discuss whether sheep or foxes are easier to raise
Ch18 - The two people in front of me are shiny
Ch19 - A tacit understanding that we'd rather die than admit to
Ch20 - The innocent melon seed eating spectators in the front row
Ch21 - Let us discuss your claims that Wen Xiuyuan cannot operate a business
Ch22 - The face slapping continues
Ch23 - But he loves you~

3 - The entertainment circle's little white moonlight
Ch24 - It's ridiculous that he has to suffer when others fall in love
Ch25 - This big golden thigh seems a little not right
Ch26 - Itching to kneel at his feet
Ch27 - Elder brother, thank you for saving me from that sea of misery
Ch28 - Host, could you possibly be any more shameless?
Ch29 - Able to walk through the back door so openly and honestly
Ch30 - The proud son of heaven was always hated by others
Ch31 - Having made the decision to live a little
Ch32 - What is considered real love
Ch33 - Let's keep this identity as a younger brother (for now)
Ch34 - His most loved one was clearly Bai Yue
Ch35 - Will you go out with me?
Ch36 - If I ever see you show up in front of my younger brother again...
Ch37 - The sky began to brighten
Ch38 - Refusing to give up on their sinister schemes
Ch39 - That man, had accompanied him for three lifetimes

4 - The abandoned princess
Ch40 - Regardless of who the King is, he must be the Queen
Ch41 - Rebellion was not a simple thing
Ch42 - By now, it was almost time for the royal family to fall
Ch43 - His nominal 'husband'
Ch44 - Everyone, please grant me glory
Ch45 - Who is the true Emperor of these stars
Ch46 - A damned old man who had lived for seven hundred years
Ch47 - Everything that should come, will come in the end
Ch48 - How could there be a silent airport?!
Ch49 - After all, I've been waiting for you for seven hundred years
Ch50 - My love, my 'husband' is about to return
Ch51 - Luther only felt a chill running up his back
Ch52 - Destroy him! Destroy the person in front of him!
Ch53 - Why is it 'Empress'?
Ch54 - As long as he wanted, he could make anyone crazy for him
Ch55 - The entire star galaxy will know that I am yours
Ch56 - (title purposely hidden & shown in footnotes)

5 - Wrongly married royal princess
Ch57 - He. already. has. someone. he. likes?
Ch58 - I don't think the General can bear the weight of being called ‘Husband’
Ch59 - It was like a knife stabbing through his heart
Ch60 - Inexplicably turned on the ability to show affection
Ch61 - Something that had belonged to her disappeared...
Ch62 - He had been a giant plug-in in the last life, so this lifetime he was really unlucky
Ch63 - Wanting to go out and seduce people? Ha-ha
Ch64 - He was probably about to be inextricably intertwined with this person
Ch65 - How could this man be so stupid? He didn’t even know how to seize an opportunity!
Ch66 - Host, why do you have to make trouble?!
Ch67 - Absolutely no room for discussion before he reached eighteen
Ch68 - And then, you will leave
Ch69 - How could that be a wise ruler?
Ch70 - There were unknown dangers waiting for her in the future
Ch71 - Su Xuanyan's eyes were full of amusement

6 - Data in love
Ch72 - It was once again an eye-catching tragedy
Ch73 - The players laid flat on the ground one after another to bask in the moonlight
Ch74 - That person was the reason why he existed here
Ch75 - My name is Han Wuzheng. From today onwards, I will be your master
Ch76 - It looks like I’ll need to beat up more and more rivals in the future
Ch77 - Su Xuanyan? Who is that?
Ch78 - They were all made up of data. If looks weren’t important, then what was? Their soul?
Ch79 - If you look again, I’ll dig your eyes out
Ch80 - He’s already cornered against the wall? That was quick!
Ch81 - So… was he going to come and kill him?
Ch82 - Put him in a place where only he could see him
Ch83 - I want to dig out his eyes
Ch84 - Xue Ling now had time, and made preparations to clean up the main computer
Ch85 - I’ll lay out a bed in the Devil World and wait for baby to come and kill me
Ch86 - Whether or not it is righteous or evil, what does that have to do with you?
Ch87 - Your aunt just wants to persuade you to let go and see the bigger picture

7 - Criss-crossed fish life
Ch88 - It did not mean that he was making way for the protagonist shou
Ch89 - His most naive, most simple and innocent smile
Ch90 - He must have fallen into the river of love
Ch91 - What kind of situation was this?
Ch92 - What would he do if he didn’t properly control his own momentum and frightened him?
Ch93 - I should have the right to pursue the merperson that I like
Ch94 - Could it be that even a scum like Lou Cen is acceptable, but not me?
Ch95 - When the time comes, I’ll have to trouble General Lou to cover up for me
Ch96 - This Highness was probably thoroughly full of tricks and schemes
Ch97 - The possibility of allowing the Prince to ascend the throne earlier
Ch98 - At this moment, everything caught up to him
Ch99 - Wenwen is the person that you’ve been looking for?
Ch100 - Did this man do nothing but think about how to take advantage of him all day long…
Ch101 - What was he doing, standing there foolishly

8 - The most wronged male protagonist
Ch102 - Reading on, it was no longer as simple as f**cking a single dog
Ch103 - The Emperor has been feeling ill at ease lately
Ch104 - Perhaps, the era that belonged to their boss was just about to begin
Ch105 - Who do you want to challenge?
Ch106 - Remember it. That’s my name.
Ch107 - He felt that he was really smart
Ch108 - He experienced what it was like to not know how to begin
Ch109 - You two main culprits, how long do you plan to hide here for?
Ch110 - You treat him like a brother, but he wants to sleep with you!
Ch111 - His entire body was about to explode
Ch112 - Wait for Young Master He’s good news
Ch113 - If someone purposely looks for trouble, they will always find it
Ch114 - Why was being a system so tough…
Ch115 - He also never returned

9 - Filling in for a cultivation story
Ch116 - Come on, cheer up. There’s plenty of time in any case~
Ch117 - If you dare to chop me down, I will definitely make sure we perish together!
Ch118 - Dig, then
Ch119 - Meant to be together from birth
Ch120 - The luckiest child
Ch121 - There were so many mysteries waiting for him
Ch122 - He realized that his future was probably going to be very different
Ch123 - It was really going to be troublesome this time
Ch124 - That’s my name
Ch125 - Shut up. I only accepted your martial brother as a disciple
Ch126 - What are you looking at me for? I didn’t do anything
Ch127 - Sky Sword Sect, Still Peak, Yu Shaofeng 
Ch128 - My martial brother is the most beautiful person in the world
Ch129 - It really gave him a special sense of achievement when he saw it
Ch130 - How much longer did he have to be haunted by those illusions for?
Ch131 - So, let’s review it again
Ch132 - Does Master not like me because I’m always sticking too close to martial brother…
Ch133 - But the task has only been completed halfway!  

10 - Grief-filled audio drama circle
Ch134 - You guessed right, he is Wen Ruoyi
Ch135 - He felt a little jealous
Ch136 - Wen Ruoyi, let’s break up
Ch137 - Hello, Professor Mu  
Ch138 - It’s true that I didn’t like you either…  
Ch139 - Twilight Darling: Dream on
Ch140 - He would settle accounts with the man after he had eaten his fill
Ch141 - There’s no relationship between us
Ch142 - Hadn’t even graduated from kindergarten yet
Ch143 - If you dare, send a photo! Send a photo of your whole face!
Ch144 - I want to know exactly what it is that I’ve forgotten

11 - The ger on the Emperor's throne
Ch145 - They were both in similar positions, and both had tragic ends
Ch146 - The Deng family intends to oppose us
Ch147 - [ The capital has fallen, and the Emperor's whereabouts are unknown. ]
Ch148 - Some beauties could not be forgotten with a mere glance
Ch149 - There is another story set in this world
Ch150 - He was someone who would never go to the temple for nothing
Ch151 - Gongzi, were you separated from your family?
Ch152 - We are the true master of this land
Ch153 - How could he still be alive!  
Ch154 - It was really too frustrating!!!
Ch155 - Why did this scene seem a little wrong?
Ch156 - Dog food with vinegar is a whole new experience
Ch157 - Finally… had he managed to find the Boundary Master?

12 - The wolf cub favored by God
Ch158 - Perhaps the Holy Saint had really offended the author’s entire family…
Ch159 - Abuse the protagonist or we won’t pay money
Ch160 - A free plane ride and a trouble making system  
Ch161 - Xue Ling inexplicably felt a shiver run up his spine  
Ch162 - It’s begun! They’re mutually harming each other!  
Ch163 - This world would be done for sooner or later, okay!!!
Ch164 - He was really getting more and more shameless…
Ch165 - Do you know how it feels to slowly rot away and lose everything?
Ch166 - To him, everything about Xue Ling was good
Ch167 - How did you provoke them?
Ch168 - I seem to enjoy touching and getting close to you  
Ch169 - There’s no room to talk about love  
Ch170 - Ivan still needs to thank me properly
Ch171 - He made you like this, right?!  

13 - Ore gambling nurturer
Ch172 - This kind of sweet and easy plot was the hardest to change...
Ch173 - Just watch and see if I don’t beat him to death today!
Ch174 - Wasn’t this the position that the protagonist gong occupied?  
Ch175 - I’ll take the little cutie out to play if he doesn’t want him
Ch176 - But he didn’t look like a middle-aged uncle at all!
Ch177 - I’m certain it’s him
Ch178 - This scene was getting out of control!  
Ch179 - I am Yun’er’s father, and will solve any matter regarding Yun’er
Ch180 - Some things were now thoroughly different
Ch181 - Class transfer test
Ch182 - As long as he put it on, he would be his
Ch183 - Father will beat my suitors back out the door
Ch184 - I’ll be more reassured if I protect you personally
Ch185 - Couldn’t he let ordinary people live?!
Ch186 - Now, he could thoroughly tie him to his side
Ch187 - Sometimes, he wanted to see Su Xuanyan
Ch188 - You will forget me in the next world

14 - Counterattacking the entertainment circle
Ch189 - He could rely on his face to make a living, so that’s what he did
Ch190 - Was that what he was supposed to do?  
Ch191 - I keep feeling that this person looks familiar
Ch192 - Wearing the same clothes wasn’t terrible; whoever looked ugly was the awkward one
Ch193 - You would have to have that level of charm~  
Ch194 - My home is wherever you are
Ch195 - What was his problem? Did he have nothing else to spend his money on?
Ch196 - The peach blossoms are blooming for him recently
Ch197 - They were lovers that had been entangled together for several lifetimes
Ch198 - Meeting, loving and getting to know each other again and again
Ch199 - I should already know your tastes
Ch200 - Moving forward daily
Ch201 - We’ll be together forever
Ch202 - He was even jealous of little children
Ch203 - The revolution hasn’t succeeded yet
Ch204 - This kind of feeling… was probably contentment
Ch205 - Let's all stand witness to the Best Male Actor tonight—
Ch206 - How wonderful to have met each other

Ch207 - This family was unbelievable!
Ch208 - We’ll slowly grow old together
Ch209 - NSFW Scene One
Ch210 - NSFW Scene Two
Ch211 - NSFW Scene Three

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  1. Hi, Xiin-sama~
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    If not, don’t bother then~
    Keep the good work, Xiin-sama! Fighting o(〃^▽^〃)o

    • you can, someone has already asked before but nothing came out of it. let me know the link of the TL when you get started.

      • Thank you~
        Previously I also you at your former site, the username was nurukaraito so thanks so much for the reply >///<
        But if you please tell me who asked you before me so that I can reach them to collaborate or arranged something?

  2. Thought will read when last arc is finished. But curiosity kills the cat and same happened with me.

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