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This World Has Gone Crazy

This World Has Gone Crazy 這世界瘋了

RAW Source
Author: A Lifetime of Beautiful Clothes [一世华裳]
Total Chapters: 73
Genre: Comedy, Modern, Transmigration
Release Schedule: Sporadic



Once upon a time, there was a trashy shou who was bitterly in love with a scum gong. Then, one day, he came back to their shared rented apartment only to find that his friend was rolling around in the sheets with that scum gong. He lost his shit, slammed his head against something in the chaos and was sent to the hospital.



Qi Le – gender: male, sexual interest: women – suffered from congenital heart disease and died early. However, God played a small trick on him and placed his soul inside the body of a trashy shou.

From then on, the gates of a new world were opened.

When Qi Le opened his eyes, he found himself still lying in the hospital, but there was a small problem.

Everyone helped clear up his confusion: “You’re gay.”

Qi Le: “……”

Everyone: “You’re a zero, which means you’re the one on the bottom.”

Qi Le: “Bullshit! Laozi is a straight man!”

Everyone stepped forward to pat him on the shoulder: “Forget it, all the men in the world can turn straight, but not you.”

Qi Le shook with anger: “We’ll see about that!”

Everyone reminded him: “Everyone knows about your confession, everyone knows that you’re gay. Which girl would be willing to date you ah?”

Qi Le: “=口=”


Translated Chapters

Ch1 - Hospital
Ch2 - Amnesia
Ch3.1 - Tough Guy (Part One)
Ch3.2 - Tough Guy (Part 2)
Ch4.1 - Reality (Part 1)
Ch4.2 - Reality (Part 2)
Ch5.1 - Mr. Elite (Part 1)
Ch5.2 - Mr. Elite (Part 2)
Ch6.1 - Past Events (Part 1)
Ch6.2 - Past Events (Part 2)
Ch7.1 - Bogus Shaman (Part 1)
Ch7.2 - Bogus Shaman (Part 2)
Ch8.1 - Chance Encounter (Part 1)
Ch8.2 - Chance Encounter (Part 2)
Ch9.1 - Hangover (Part 1)
Ch9.2 - Hangover (Part 2)
Ch10.1 - Secret (Part 1)
Ch10.2 - Secret (Part 2)
Ch11.1 - Play Dumb (Part 1)
Ch11.2 - Play Dumb (part 2)
Ch12.1 - Decision (Part 1)
Ch12.2 - Decision (Part 2)
Ch13.1 - IQ (Part 1)
Ch13.2 - IQ (Part 2)
Ch14.1 - Live Broadcast (Part 1)
Ch14.2 - Live Broadcast (Part 2)
Ch15.1 - The Plan (Part 1)
Ch15.2 - The Plan (Part 2)
Ch16.1 - Leaving The Hospital (Part 1)
Ch16.2 - Leaving The Hospital (Part 2)
Ch17 - Screw Up
Ch18.1 - Rainy Night (Part 1)
Ch18.2 - Rainy Night (Part 2)
Ch19 - How You Treat Me
Ch20.1 - Key (Part 1)
Ch20.2 - Key (Part 2)
Ch21.1 - Pretending to Sleep (Part 1)
Ch21.2 - Pretending to Sleep (Part 2)
Ch22.1 - Moving Out (Part 1)
Ch22.2 - Moving Out (Part 2)
Ch23.1 - The Bar (Part 1)
Ch23.2 - The Bar (Part 2)
Ch24.1 - Looking for My Wife (Part 1)
Ch24.2 - Looking for My Wife (Part 2)
Ch25.1 - Night Attack (Part 1)
Ch25.2 - Night Attack (Part 2)
Ch26 - Work
Ch27.1 - Boyfriend (Part 1)
Ch27.2 - Boyfriend (Part 2)
Ch28.1 - Nightmare (Part 1)
Ch28.2 - Nightmare (Part 2)
Ch29.1 - Silence (Part 1)
Ch29.2 - Silence (Part 2)
Ch30.1 - Farce (Part 1)
Ch30.2 - Farce (Part 2)
Ch31.1 - On the Road (Part 1)
Ch31.2 - On the Road (Part 2)
Ch32 - Checking In
Ch33.1 - Gossip (Part 1)
Ch33.2 - Gossip (Part 2)
Ch34 - Test
Ch35.1 - Kiss (Part 1)
Ch35.2 - Kiss (Part 2)
Ch36.1 - Tantrum (Part 1)
Ch36.2 - Tantrum (Part 2)
Ch37.1 - Results (Part 1)
Ch37.2 - Results (Part 2)
Ch38.1 - Struggle (Part 1)
Ch38.2 - Struggle (Part 2)
Ch39.1 - Accepting Fate (Part 1)
Ch39.2 - Accepting Fate (Part 2)
Ch40.1 - Confirmed (Part 1)

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