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The Wife is FirstCh16 - Shortage of Money


Edited by Rilise & renysen

In the courtyard, where the rain poured for two hours, Jing Shao did not speak and did not move. Mu Hanzhang quietly accompanied him, hugging him as they sat in the rain for two-hours, waiting for him to calm down. Only after that, did he drag him into the house to bathe and change clothes.  LdYgQW


Although Jing Shao used this alternate property to train soldiers, it was still a royal residence, the things it should have were all there, and moreover there were also hot springs. Inside Jing Shao’s living quarters was a rather large hot spring reservoir, although because it was raining, they couldn’t bathe outdoors. Thus, they just soaked in the small pool inside the house to drive out the cold.

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“Achoo!” As Mu Hanzhang was coaxing Jing Shao to drink a bowl of ginger soup, he himself sneezed. 



“You should also quickly go drink a bowl.” Jing Shao handed him the ginger soup, and took a cloth towel to dry his hair. Only then did he think about the fact that Jun Qing’s body foundations were not good, since he had been harmfully frozen as a child. Although the spring rain was not cold, but sitting in the rain for 2 hours, even the average person would get sick, let alone him. Thinking about this, he busily pushed Mu Hanzhang to go soak in the hot spring pool again for a while. 


Chen’s health is very good,” Seeing the intention of Jing Shao, Mu Hanzhang said while smiling, “Previously I kneeled in the rain for six hours, and didn’t even get sick, let alone…” Seeing Jing Shao’s expression had changed, Mu Hanzhang realized that he had accidentally said too much again, and quickly pulled him onto the bed. wrTUiy


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Because this alternate residence was constructed for the purpose of resting and playing, the bed in the alternate residence more spacious than in the official manor. Jing Shao crawled a little further into the interior of the bed, moving close to Mu Hanzhang’s side and lying down, his gaze faintly burning with fury: “Why?” 


“At that time, my wet nurse committed a crime, I did it in order to protect her,” Mu Hanzhang leaned on the layered big cushions at the head of the bed, and wrapped the wound on Jing Shao’s hand with the cloth and medicine he has just found, “Isn’t it very common for children to be punished with kneeling for a long time?”  rod0EN


At that time, the son of the wet nurse was caught  pilfering things from the mansion, and the Fu Ren wanted to expel the both of them, mother and son, from the household. When he had fallen into the lake that year, it was the wet nurse who took care of him without rest, and actually saved his life. The Fu Ren did not give her a way out, but ultimately still felt that he, a bastard son was more of an eyesore. He spent six hours kneeling on his own, until his grandmother couldn’t stand to watch anymore, finally saving the wet nurse and her son, and only making them go to the villages to live.


Jing Shao heard this, and the corner of his mouth twitched up into a bitter smile: “Yes, I’ve also knelt in front of Qin Zheng Hall for a day and a night.”  qdsC9i


Mu Hanzhang covered the person next to him with a quilt, and slid into the blankets himself,  and then using one hand to support his head, he lay on his side and looked at him: “One day and one night?” Cheng Wang is a legitimate son of a first wife, unexpectedly he also wasn’t able to pass his days getting everything he wished for?


“At that time, I insisted on going to the military camps. Imperial Father said that if I could kneel in front of the Qinzheng Hall for 24 hours, then he would let me go,” Jing Shao mockingly laughed at himself. “Without Imperial Mother protecting us, my brother and I’s lives in the palace wouldn’t even be as good as that of the eldest prince the favorite concubine had. At that time I only thought about wanting to lead troops, wanting to hold authority over the military, in order to kill all of those people who bullied me!”  NAXuoh


Mu Hanzhang knit his eyebrows, and placed his hand on the top of Jing Shao’s head, gently stroking him, but did not speak. 

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The gentle touch made Jing Shao feel so comfortable and his eyes closed, he took a deep breath, and smelled the faint fragrance of Jun Qing, which gradually calmed down his angry state of mind: “When I was a child, Imperial Mother would personally make clothing for me, and also make especially delicious osmanthus cake. I ruined her favorite orchids, and she gave me a beating, I still hadn’t started crying, yet she started crying first, she hugged me while asking if I’m hurt….” as he talked, Jing Shao’s eyes grew moist.  etWpjA

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Jing Shao opened his eyes to look at him, he turned over and buried his face into Mu Hanzhang’s chest, afraid of him looking at him when he was in such a sorry state. 


Mu Hanzhang lay down, hugged him, and gently stroked his back, just like he was placating a wounded little animal, very patiently lightly stroking him over and over again. The exhausted Jing Shao gradually fell asleep under such a beautiful touch. 


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Xiao Shao-er, you are going to have a little brother or sister soon…” 

“Even if there will be a little brother or sister, Xiao Shao-er is still Imperial Mother’s favorite child…”  5sIRiE


“She’s bleeding!” She’s bleeding a lot! Who is screaming? Where is Imperial Mother?


“Shao, don’t be afraid, it’s okay now, it’s already passed…” Whose voice was so nice to hear? The bloody scene that filled his eyes gradually dissipated, leaving only a gentle face, whose smile seemed incomparably handsome in the cool spring rain, looking at him. The nightmare did not appear again, and in his misty dreamland, there was only peace left.  lZrD28


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The next day, when Jing Shao woke up, the person who comforted him all night was still not awake. Raising his head to look at the peacefully sleeping man, he thought of that tender and gentle kiss last night, and now he pondered over it. Although he only kissed between his eyebrows, he still made his heart incessantly jump. He slowly scooted himself over and dropped a kiss below his eye, where there was a faint trace of blue

Mu Hanzhang slowly opened his eyes and saw a handsome face that was almost within reach. As a result, he was absent-minded for a moment before he became clear-headed: “Wang Ye…” 


“I said it before, in private, you are not allowed to call me Wang Ye, every time you do, I’ll punish you with one kiss.” Jing Shao discontentedly placed a heavy kiss on his lips. 


Mu Hanzhang received this “punishment” while blushing red. How come this person was so persistent about names? “But just calling one word ‘Shao’ is quite awkward, and you also don’t have a courtesy name… Then, do you have a childhood nickname?” 


“Imperial Mother and Elder Brother both call me ‘Xiao Shao-er’.” A certain Wang Ye provided his childhood nickname with a rather thick skin. 

Hearing this sticky and intimate name, it caused him to get chills. Mu Hanzhang’s mouth twitched, he turned away and lightly laughed: “‘Xiao Shao’, this name is really not bad.”


“It’s ‘Xiao Shao-er’!” Jing Shao resentfully exclaimed. xmB1hF


“En, Xiao Shao, then I will call you that from now on.” Mu Hanzhang patted his head and began to get dressed without another glance.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Jing Shao’s eyes widened. Is he being teased by his Wang Fei?  WMcuXs


When Jing Shao returned to his palace, he was stopped by Steward Yun asking him to deal with the consequences of yesterday’s incident in the city when they were rushing through on the horse. Mu Hanzhang unhelpfully returned to the East Court to make up for his lost sleep. 


“Wang Ye, the things you had me investigate, they have materialized.” After he had finished a pile of tasks, only then did Steward Yun raised matter of the news he had just received. “It is pertaining to Wang Fei’s childhood when he fell into the water.” md03yh


The servants of the North Marquis’ manor were switched once every three years. As it had been a while, many of the people who knew of the incident were not in the residence anymore, even if there were still some there, this matter was also something that they had to keep quiet about. It seemed as if this matter was one of the taboos in the North Marquis’ palace. The people Steward Yun sent had to go through many difficulties, asking around about the wet nurse that had cared for Mu Hanzhang when he was a child, and unexpectedly in one of the North Marquess’ farm villages, they finally heard the ins and  outs of the full and complete story straight from the mouth of the wet nurse.

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At that time, the Old Madam of the North Marquis gave each of her grandsons a fur cloak. Mu Lingbao was given a fox fur and Mu Hanzhang a rabbit fur. Because Mu Hanzhang was born good looking, Mu Lingbao felt that the cloak his younger brother was wearing was better than his, so he insisted on snatching it. During the struggle, he pushed him into the lotus pond. At that time, there were also two male cousins present. The three children raucously held the snatched cloak and ran. Leaving only the barely three-years-old Mu Hanzhang, who was trapped in the thin ice struggling in the pond. Fortunately, his wet nurse rushed over, with one move fishing him out, afterwards he was sick for a full half-year, and only then was he able to get his life back. UaquAH



“Piece of shit!” After Jing Shao finished listening, he raised his hand and crushed the tea cup in it, surely, in order to protect her son’s reputation, the North Marquess expelled the servants and also let others go, not allowing anyone to mention it again. The kind of unjust person who injures his own brother, the royal family will not approve of him being the heir to the North Marquis.


In the house, he paced with his hands clasped behind his back, he turned around and said to Steward Yun: “There are two things I need you to do right now. First, go investigate Mu Lingbao’s ordinary everyday whereabouts, interests, the people he makes friends with, and places he often goes. Second, look for some people in the capital to spread that the Fourth Prince Jing Yu likes to eat raw meat, and as for the others, don’t say much.” 

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Steward Yun understood the first matter, but what is all about the Fourth Prince liking to eat raw meat? 


“Doesn’t Jing Yu like the raw fish flesh that comes as tribute from the Eastern Coastal areas? Although, all you have to do is omit that one ‘fish’ word.” Jing Shao hooked his lips and smiled coldly. This is nothing more than increasingly distorting the truth, who didn’t know how to do so? He can kill 500 captured soldiers and have it become slaughtering 100,000 prisoners of war, he just didn’t know how this Fourth Prince’s little craving would be passed on and become what, this truly made one wait in anticipation!  


After Jing Shao had people release the rumor, he just stayed at home every day to accompany his wife, practice his sword, read books, and enjoyed these rare leisurely days, and Mu Hanzhang, in these few days also finished reviewing the three-years worth of accounting books of the household.


Looking at the monthly allowances on the account book, the Fu Ren got 50 taels, and so in that case of him as the Official Wife should be getting at least 80 taels for the month’s allowance of silver. This way, the issue of not having any silver on hand will be resolved. Mu Hanzhang closed the last book and lightly exhaled a breath of air, this was much more than the monthly salary he got as a successful candidate in the imperial provincial examination. 


“Yun Zhu, you take this and fetch my last month’s salary,” He suddenly remembered that he still had a month of salary he had yet to retrieve, and Mu Hanzhang handed a document to Yun Zhu. Although it was very meager, in any case, it was some form of income. “The money you retrieve will just count as yours.” 


“Really!” Yun Zhu immediately became spirited, “Thanking Wang Fei!” He pulled the paper close to his chest and ran out joyfully.  


“Young Master!” Lan Xuan rushed in. 

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“What’s wrong?” Mu Hanzhang gestured for her to speak slowly. 


“Today, Grandmother Zhou’s little daughter came over looking for you, was stopped by the Imperial guards at the side door, this servant spoke to her by the door…” Lan Xuan panickedly spoke, and nevertheless it was incoherent. 


“What on earth happened?” Mu Hanzhang frowned. “What happened to her family?” Grandma Zhou referred to his wet nurse, letting her little daughter run over to find him, who has already married, they definitely must have run into some trouble. 


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Her son broke his leg the day before yesterday, and she didn’t have the money to see a doctor. All the people in the village said that they were a family of old and disabled people, and they shouldn’t get to live and eat for free, wanting to drive them out.” Afterward, Lan Ting, who had rushed over continued, lest Lan Xuan’s stupid mouth said something that would anger the young master. “She came to find you, wanting to borrow some silver from you.” 


“I understand, you may go.” Mu Hanzhang pursed his lips, he didn’t have any money in his own hands, there was some jewels in his dowry, but he had just married in, and pawning off his dowry, would be hitting his husband’s face, it was something he absolutely could not do.


In the garden, Jing Shao was dressed in white exercise clothing from head to toe, and a long sword danced naturally like flowing water. After he finished a set of sword exercises, Jing Shao began to put things away, and just happened to see his own Wang Fei standing on the side of the rockery. He threw the sword to a servant girl on the side with one movement, and while taking a cloth towel to wipe his sweat, he walked to Mu Hanzhang’s side, and seeing his appearance of wanting to say something but hesitating, he lightly smiled and asked: “Jun Qing, is there something the matter?” 

  j 7S4C

Mu Hanzhang pursed his lips and lowered his eyes, quietly asking: “Can you lend me one hundred taels?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Translator's Note

Roughly translates to Hall of Government Affairs

Translator's Note

Some are crumbly and others are chewy/jelly-like~

Translator's Note

Xiao = little/li’l,  a term of endearment, and so is the -er suffix, which an equivalent in English would be like calling a guy named Sam, Sammy or a girl called Isabelle, Izzy.

Translator's Note

Dark circles after comforting Jing Shao :3

Translator's Note

The “Xiao Shao” Mu Hanzhang used means “little spoon” as the “Shao” meaning spoon is a homophone (both are second tone) for Jing Shao’s “Shao” which alludes to excellent or harmonious music

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