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Seizing DreamsCh94.2 - Requesting for Assistance


“Setbacks are temporary; going around in circles is temporary too.”

Translated by: DMlations/Zryuu
Edited by: Amelea, FistFullOfDollars and Juurensha XSH ej

When his father accepted bribes, Ou Qihang had quarrelled with him in the hopes that he would return the money.

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“This kid explicitly understood everything from the start.” Zhou Sheng said.

“It was impossible for him to not know.” Huang Ting said, “In a family, children are most sensitive to their parents actions. Finished looking through it?”


Yu Hao didn’t quite understand the data collected by Ou Qihang.  It was too complicated, and there were many photos as well. But all the evidence seemed irrefutable. However, Zhou Sheng continued to scroll down thoughtfully and looked through till the end.

“Start with the bidders,” Zhou Sheng said, “you should be able to uncover a whole bunch of them.”

Huang Ting took the laptop and glanced at it, then nodded. He took out a USB and copied the data.

“It’s in your hands now.” Zhou Sheng said, “Don’t let us down.” Aa X8F

“I won’t.” Huang Ting said, “With the USB, there’s hope; without it, death awaits.”

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Yu Hao panicked when he heard this. Fu Liqun said, “You want to look for the CCDI?”

“The investigation team contacted me shortly after you found the money and asked me to inform them at any time if I discovered any clues.” Huang Ting answered, “Pardon my asking, but what if there was evidence of your father-in-law’s stain inside just now? Would you have deleted the document straight away?”


Fu Liqun smiled, “Then I wouldn’t know what to do either, Officer Huang.”

Zhou Sheng said, “This really is a moral trial that tortures the heart.”

Huang Ting casually said, “If your family or your lover’s family was involved, how would you evaluate your own behaviour? As a member of vested interests, when justice and profit — or even when family and love clash with each other……”

Xiao Yujun said without mincing her words, “Huang Ting, this is why I find you annoying sometimes.” QxdhWA

Everyone, “……”

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Huang Ting shrugged and looked a little awkward. Yu Hao almost spat his coffee out.

Those words really were offensive, but Zhou Sheng didn’t get angry. He just said calmly, “It would be very difficult for anyone ba. When it’s your turn to make the choice, I don’t think you would be in a better position, would you?”

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Wljb Tepec rjlv, “Vb sbe’gf j mbiv-yibbvfv qfgrbc, Lejcu Klcu.”


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As she spoke, Xiao Yujun said to the other three, “Don’t mind what he says and don’t come up with any hypothetical situations to torture yourselves.” hC78gk

Xiao Yujun’s words were very heavy, and Yu Hao was worried that they would start quarrelling. But looking at it from Xiao Yujun’s perspective, he knew that she must be helping him and Zhou Sheng. After all, on the day of the robbery, Yu Hao and Zhou Sheng’s actions had already expressed where they wanted to stand.

It seemed that Zhou Sheng wanted to clap for Xiao Yujun from his expression, but he still left Huang Ting face. He was about to quip and make some jokes to lighten the atmosphere, but Huang Ting owned up quickly.

“I admit that I was wrong, I apologise. Everybody, Xiao Laoshi’s right.” Huang Ting said, “Coming up with hypothetical situations is an occupational habit of mine. But, I don’t think I’m cold-blooded.”

“I just always believe that ‘heaven has a vast net that nothing can escape from’. Okay, now it’s my turn to undergo a trial.” l1xSI8

Xiao Yujun’s brows furrowed slightly.

Huang Ting said, “Wish me success ba.”

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Yu Hao said, “Why say that?”

“This superintendent is the one who has treated me the best out of all the other bosses I’ve had.” Huang Ting tossed the USB into the air once before keeping it in his jacket’s pocket. He calmly continued, “He’ll probably have a hard time from now on. But I think……handing the information to the investigation team is actually saving him, because this would stop him from walking farther and farther along the wrong path.” 3aHVpk

With that, Huang Ting placed two fingers at the side of his eyebrows, drew an arc with them, and saluted them weakly. Then he put on his police cap and left the cafe with a serious countenance.


The table was quiet, and the autumn sunshine streamed in through the landing windows.

“Were my words a little too harsh just now?” Xiao Yujun asked. 2A9QRi

“Thank you.” Yu Hao laughed.

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Zhou Sheng, “Thank you, Jun Jie.”

“Ting Ge’s pretty handsome.” Fu Liqun said, “And he’s a good guy too, none of us can compare to him.”

Xiao Yujun said, “You guys are still young, you’ll eventually find something you’ll want to protect.” WtJcpQ

Zhou Sheng uttered an “un”, and while he was thinking, Xiao Yujun sighed.

Yu Hao asked, “Do you feel very conflicted?”

“Agree if you like him ba.” Zhou Sheng got up after finishing his coffee.

“Maybe a little.” Xiao Yujun had a small smile on her face, “There are a lot of reasons why two people can’t be together, just liking each other can’t solve everything.” FObiRl

Zhou Sheng, “One needs to face up to our feelings first before having the motivation to solve all the problems standing in their way, right?”

Xiao Yujun didn’t respond and only ruminated as she faced her laptop. The three of them bid farewell to her and left the cafe.


In late October, it rained several days in a row, and the temperature dropped sharply. The entire city ushered in autumn, and the most beautiful season of Ying City arrived. When Yu Hao recalled everything that happened in the past year, he practically felt like a lifetime had passed. mIFjbe

“When are we gonna celebrate the day we met?” Zhou Sheng asked Yu Hao.

“Don’t mention it anymore.” Yu Hao thought of that day last year and although it was really memorable, he had done a stupid thing, so he wanted to hypnotise himself to forget that dark piece of his past, “I want to empty out all memories of that day aside from you, okay?”

Yu Hao dribbled the ball and passed it to Zhou Sheng. Zhou Sheng passed it to Fu Liqun, then Fu Liqun jumped up and performed a slam dunk.

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Zhou Sheng said, “At that time, I knew that any attempt at helping you mitigate your problem would be useless.” ucfnrP

Fu Liqun said, “Yeah, look at how good your life is now? There are beautiful men accompanying you, life is full of hope, two male gods are playing basketball with you……”

“Where’s your face?!” Zhou Sheng and Yu Hao spoke in unison, “Do you still want it anymore?”

Fu Liqun got the ball again and said, “At that time, I really thought that if your sis-in-law’s father was involved, then I’d delete it no matter what and just go to prison ba.”

“Don’t torture yourself morally anymore.” Yu Hao said, “That didn’t happen.” 83UCHD

Fu Liqun said earnestly, “Fish is what I want, a bear paw is what I want.” He passed the ball to Zhou Sheng.

Zhou Sheng said, “From the time Huang Ting sat down until he got the information, he has always been hinting to you. He said stuff like ‘justice has a long arm’ and ‘walking farther and farther along the wrong path’, but it just went in one ear and out the other for you. All you cared about was guessing the password. He must have already discussed it with the investigation team long ago and might have just been an undercover cop dispatched by his superiors, wanna bet?”

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Yu Hao, “……”

Fu Liqun was stunned. 4z6odj

“I thought you wanted me to follow just to see whether your sis-in-law’s father was mentioned in the compressed files.” Fu Liqun clearly just snapped out of his daze, but the ball was immediately snatched away by Zhou Sheng.

Yu Hao, “Ah? That was the intention?” At first, he was also wondering why Zhou Sheng took Fu Liqun with him this time.

“Alright.” Fu Liqun said, “My brain can’t match up to yours at all, Young Master.”

Zhou Sheng missed a three-pointer. Yu Hao caught it, and shot a three-pointer. It went in. gab1KQ

Zhou Sheng said to Fu Liqun, “Gege, at first I was worried about that rabid dog Dad of mine, but think about it carefully. As the saying goes, ‘it’s not that evil has not yet fallen, but that the time has not yet come’. Instead of continuing onwards and getting completely screwed over in the end, wouldn’t it be better to smash their heads in with a rod in advance?”

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“Eventually, one will have to be responsible for their own greed, won’t they? If we indulge them now, they’d only die a more horrible death later; that’s how humans degenerate, little by little. If the list really had my Dad’s name, then I’d consider it as saving him, not stabbing him — openly and honestly.”

“I got a three-pointer in!” Yu Hao said.

Fu Liqun was a little depressed. He stood there for awhile and had to admit that Zhou Sheng was right, and cast him a grateful glance. 6GqYkN

“One kiss!” Zhou Sheng hugged Yu Hao and kissed him.


A Mercedes-Benz drove over from the foot of the mountain and Yu Hao coincidentally glanced at it, “Chen Laoshi’s back?”

Zhou Sheng turned around to look. Chen Yekai had left the college for nearly half a month, during which he had never sent any messages to any of them. Yu Hao was slightly apprehensive, but Zhou Sheng held the attitude of “since we’ve handed it over then don’t care about it anymore” and didn’t bother about it anymore. OCqZJ

Fu Liqun, “Sponge a meal off him?”

Zhou Sheng said, “Don’t you have a class with him tomorrow? We’ll see then.”

Yu Hao, “Un……”


Translator's Note

specifically torture through interrogation

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