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Seizing Dreams

Seizing Dreams 夺梦

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Author: Fei Tian Ye Xiang 非天夜翔
Total Chapters: 165
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Mystery
Translators: Zryuu
Editors: Amelea, Dollars, Juu
Release Schedule: Sporadic


Within the dream of the dreamer, the one who was dreamed of awoke.
— Borges

“I exist in the sunlight, the wind, between the heavens and the earth, and also in dreams.”

One night, Yu Hao, a college student who was at his wits’ end had an unexpected encounter with a mysterious visitor – “General” – who had dream travelled. He led Yu Hao in solving the countless riddles that abounded in the realm of the conscious, and lit up the fire beacons on the meandering Great Wall.

Thereafter, the darkness retreated, the sun rose, and when the long night was thoroughly lit up, the him who existed in reality was reborn.

The black dragon that roared, the lighthouse and demonic eyes on the coastline, the rain forest before Chichén Itzá, the fierce beasts that wreaked havoc in the Colosseum…the bizarre projection of reality in one’s consciousness reflected the hidden place that the sunlight in reality couldn’t touch – the innumerable sins of the human heart.

The journey of seizing dreams continues, and one can only hope that the sun will continue illuminating the human heart.

Fire beacons on the Great Wall were lit up to signal a border invasion.

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Audio drama:

Translated Chapters

The Great Wall
Ch1 - Deep Sleep
Ch2 - Shocked Awake
Ch3 - Recalling Old Memories
Ch4 - Expectations
Ch5 - Escort
Ch6 - Elephant God
Ch7 - Reservoir
Ch8 - Picked up Money
Ch9 - Totem
Ch10 - Interview
Ch11 - Speaking Face to Face
Ch12 - Shi Ni
Ch13 - Monkey
Ch14 - A Child's Dream
Ch15 - Lone Island
Ch16 - Demonic Eye
Ch17 - Dormitory Inspection
Ch18 - Goodbyes
Ch19 - Fear Comes After
Ch20 - Tuition
Ch21 - Dress Rehearsal
Ch22 - School Anniversary
Ch23 - The Past
Ch24 - Court in Session

Chichén Itzá
Ch25 - Conjecture
Ch26 - End of the Year
Ch27 - Going Home
Ch28 - Sounding Out
Ch29 - Confession
Ch30 - Chinese New Year's Eve
Ch31 - New Year
Ch32 - Origin
Ch33 - Plans
Ch34 - Spring Excursion
Ch35 - Mountain Path
Ch36 - Throwing Down the Gauntlet
Ch37 - Saw Blood
Ch38 - Group Fight
Ch39 - Resignation
Ch40 - Protection
Ch41 - Solar Prominence
Ch42 - Rainforest
Ch43 - Ryuusei
Ch44 - Pouring Your Heart Out
Ch45 - Apology
Ch46 - Doubts
Ch47 - Rushing the Pagoda
Ch48 - Diamond Ring
Ch49 - Search
Ch50 - Battle of Wits
Ch51 - Reason
Ch52 - Bridge
Ch53 - Gunshot
Ch54 - Tears
Ch55 - Strong Opponent
Ch56.1 - Hidden Sun
Ch56.2 - Hidden Sun
Ch57 - Lin Xun
Ch58 - Self-Reflection
Ch59 - Concealment
Ch60.1 - Conflicted
Ch60.2 - Conflicted
Ch61 - Summoned
Ch62.1 - Ruins
Ch62.2 - Ruins
Ch63.1 - Lamp's Fire
Ch63.2 - Lamp's Fire
Ch64 - Boarding the Cruise
Ch65 - Surveillance
Ch66 - Ideal
Ch67 - Talk in the Night
Ch68.1 - The Key
Ch68.2 - The Key
Ch69 - Sealed for Safekeeping
Ch70 - Silk Banner
Ch71 - Present

Ch72 - Competition
Ch73.1 - Birthday
Ch73.2 - Birthday
Ch74 - Paving the Way
Ch75.1 - Decision
Ch75.2 - Decision
Ch76.1 - Meeting
Ch76.2 - Meeting
Ch77.1 - Valentine's
Ch77.2 - Valentine's
Ch78.1 - Summer Vacation
Ch78.2 - Summer Vacation
Ch79.1 - Wheat Fields
Ch79.2 - Wheat Fields
Ch80.1 - Avoidance
Ch80.2 - Avoidance
Ch81 - True Feelings
Ch82.1 - Fireworks
Ch82.2 - Fireworks
Ch83.1 - New Life
Ch83.2 - New Life
Ch84.1 - Getting Even
Ch84.2 - Getting Even
Ch85.1 - Troubles
Ch85.2 - Troubles
Ch86.1 - Satan
Ch86.2 - Satan
Ch87.1 - Part-Time Job
Ch87.2 - Part-Time Job
Ch88.1 - Courage
Ch88.2 - Courage
Ch89.1 - Training
Ch89.2 - Training
Ch90 - Robbery
Ch91 - Blow It Up
Ch92.1 - Father and Son
Ch92.2 - Father and Son
Ch93.1 - Premeditated
Ch93.2 - Premeditated
Ch94.1 - Requesting for Assistance
Ch94.2 - Requesting for Assistance

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  1. ʕ/ ·ᴥ·ʔ/ i don’t understand but i’m INTERESTED

  2. I’m so glad that I decided to read this despite the synopsis sounding like inception and me feeling inadequate in terms of comprehension. But it really is a very interesting, fun, engaging and heart warming story about a lonely kid finding love. If you’re on the fence, read it. You’ll be missing out if you don’t read this! 🙂

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