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Strategy to Capture That Scum Gong

Strategy to Capture That Scum Gong 攻略那个渣攻[快穿]

RAW Source
Author: 即墨遥
Total Chapters: 211
Genre: Dog Blood, Quick Transmigration
Translators: Eve
Editors: Karasunofight
Release Schedule: Monday


As a true over-bearing president scum gong, when Xie He for the Nth time rejected his admirer, he heard a sentence in his head: “Congratulations on achieving the “rejects 100 hosts” accomplishment; as an award you will soon bind to the “Scum Gong and Cheap Shou” system, entering other worlds to complete capture missions.

As a scum gong, Xie He expresses that it is very easy to hide one’s true colors, but…… “I Heard My Boyfriend’s Brother Secretly Loves Me,” “Teacher Love Me One More Time,” “Raising Youth Manual,” “Your Majesty, This Servant Obeys,” “The Tyrant Lord’s Substitute Lover,” “Captive of the Empire,” “Disciple’s Cultivation Furnace” ……

Xie He: Wait a minute. These words sound really strange……. and why is my role the ‘cheap shou’?

System: Fighting poison with poison. Using scum to overcome scum. I’ll be relying on you to abuse the scum gong! Remember to not OOC~

Xie He: He he.


Xie He: Hm? You say all the scum gong love me? Sorry, I only love myself.

WARNING: Because the author likes to write from the “role’s” point of view, a lot of the story seems dubcon or noncon (Though from the MC’s thoughts, you know he’s acting). HOWEVER. If you are uncomfortable reading rape, please be forewarned and proceed at your own discretion.

Note: Yes, this is HE.

Story Guide

  1. Gong who is all kinds of crazy x Two-faced, narcisstic shou who is yearning for love!1V1, Shou MC!
  2. Story is full of dog blood, extremely melodramatic.
  3. If you don’t like it, please press X. Please no personal attacks, thank you.

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  1. Hello, Eve-san!
    wuwu are you going to continue this? I’m glad if you continue this, can I translate this into Indonesian through your translation?
    And thank you for your hard work!

    • Me encanta esta historia

  2. More bl! ♡ (〃∀〃) blushes ㄟ( ̄▽ ̄ㄟ)

  3. another bl to wait for wooottt wooottttt thank you to the translators and editors for picking this up (>◇<)/♡♡♡

  4. can someone tell me if this has a happy ending? i know its a tragedy but i really like happy ending ;w;

    • Yes! The overall story will have a happy ending. Tho each arc will be BE.

  5. Great novel though twisted but a logical layout! Not big fan of dog blood novels but loved this one and read it till end! One thing that felt missing was absence if foreshadowing of relation between the two protagonist.

  6. I’m scared to continue reading this second arc, considering there are 4 gongs, I’m really afraid there’s going to be gang r**e, ugh….

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