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Shh, There’s a Beast in the Imperial Palace

Shh, There’s a Beast in the Imperial Palace 嘘,帝宫有兽

RAW Source
Author: Metasequoia (水杉)
Total Chapters: 37 (Ongoing)
Genre: Interstellar, Transmigration
Translators: Rainbow Turtle
Release Schedule: Sporadic


Just before his death, Chi Jun one-sidedly broke up with Gu Yanzheng. His claws came out as he screamed, “You old tree, get lost! I am fed up with you!”

Then Chi Jun’s two paws held down the zombie emperor and… they perished together.

Once he woke up again, Chi Jun discovered that as a person with the beast transformation and metal ability, he became a little lion of the imperial palace. The tree in the courtyard next to the imperial palace was extremely familiar.

The little lion struggled over the wall and secretly marked beneath the tree. Then the major general, who was away on an expedition, looked at his feet and fell into thought…

This is a teaser of the next project I will pick up once NOLMBW is finished.

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  1. same author? huzzah! i love furry stories!

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