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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being 重生之至尊仙侣

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Author: 冰糖莲子羹
Total Chapters: 774
Genre: Adventure, Cultivation, Xianxia
Translators: Zryuu, Ea
Editors: Butter, Rom, Atsam
Release Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


The genius cultivator Lin Xuanzhi didn’t let down the world in his past life, yet he only betrayed a single Yan Tianhen.

It was only when he had been backstabbed and killed by his closest friends, teacher and fellow disciples that he knew what kind of unforgivable crimes he had committed.

After he gained the huge opportunity for rebirth, the Lin Xuanzhi who had climbed back up from hell swore to cherish the person that he had betrayed in his past life.

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Translated Chapters

Ch1 - Memories from the Past
Ch2 - Possessed
Ch3 - Supervisor's Scheme
Ch4 - Ah Hen, Come
Ch5 - Who's fighting?
Ch6 - No One Dared to Stop Them
Ch7 - Suspecting Possession, Tianhen's Awkward Incident
Ch8 - Abolished Roots
Ch9 - Soul Plate's Master
Ch10 - Demanding for Tiger Cubs
Ch11 - Gathering of Spiritual Qi
Ch12 - Wicked Thought
Ch13 - Look Forward to His Gracious Presence
Ch14 - Gone too Far
Ch15 - Won't Sell Tiger Cubs
Ch16 - Too Strange
Ch17 - Schemes and Plots
Ch18 - Amethyst Tiger Cubs
Ch19 - Skinning Tiger
Ch20 - Contracted Ah Bai
Ch21 - Fleas?
Ch22 - Let Them Look
Ch23 - Demonic Beast Bazaar
Ch24 - Ji Family's Yunwei
Ch25 - Up Your Alley
Chapter 26
Ch27 - One Step Too Late
Ch28 - The Siblings' Schemes
Ch29 - Ah Hen was Beaten Up
Ch30 - Scared Silly
Ch31 - A Great Debt of Gratitude
Ch32 - Sharing a Bed
Ch33 - Luojia's Glittering Jewel
Ch34 - I Don't have a Mother
Ch35 - Hand Seals for Flight
Ch36 - Humiliation in the Spiritual Fields
Ch37 - You Did Well
Ch38 - A Belly full of Evil Tricks
Ch39 - Yuran's Birthday
Ch40 - Breaking Sword Peak's Young Master
Ch41 - No Invitation
Ch42 - Annulling the Engagement
Ch43 - Huge Humiliation
Ch44 - Each on Their Own Path
Ch45 - I Want Both
Ch46 - Settling Scores at An Opportune Moment
Ch47 - Acting Spoiled and Warnings
Ch48 - The Plum Tree Withers in Place of the Peach Tree
Ch49 - Grievously Harm a Fellow Disciple
Ch50 - Sold Himself Out
Ch51 - Su Mo's Interrogation
Ch52 - Baseless Rumours
Ch53 - Giving the Hairpin
Ch54 - Bai Clan's Evil Dog
Ch55 - Bawling in the Hall
Ch56 - Flatter the Strong and Step On the Weak
Ch57 - Do You Admit Your Guilt?
Ch58 - Warning Pillars' Resonance
Ch59 - To Everyone's Satisfaction
Ch60 - Punish The Vile One
Ch61 - Vicious and Merciless
Ch62 - Taste in the Cup
Ch63 - Selling Cups in the Bazaar
Ch64 - Xuanzhi's Counterattack
Ch65 - A Business Transaction
Ch66 - Three Year Promise
Ch67 - Zhantian's Decision
Ch68 - Appearance of the Yin Corpse
Ch69 - Meeting Yuyang On The Way
Ch70 - Returned to its Original Owner
Ch71 - Under Flying Luan Peak
Ch72 - Repaying One's Gratitude
Ch73 - Parted Ways
Ch74 - "Overjoyed"
Ch75 - A Weird Person
Ch76 - It's a Phoenix
Ch77 - Forged Engraving Pen
Ch78 - Just To Trick Fools
Ch79 - Huge Change in Attitude
Ch80 - Young Master Summons
Ch81 - Use One Good in Exchange for Another
Ch82 - Long-Term Partnership
Ch83 - Zhige's Whereabouts
Ch84 - Shixiong's Arrival
Ch85 - The Perpetrator
Ch86 - Su Mo's Arrival
Ch87 - Seven Stars Murderous Array
Ch88 - Demonic Cultivator with a Ghost Mask
Ch89 - 《Imperial Corpse Technique》
Ch90 - Meeting Face to Face
Ch91 - Hundred Families Gathering
Ch92 - Make a Bet
Ch93 - Ashen Face
Ch94 - Yuyang Fooling The Rest
Ch95 - Auctioning at a High Price
Ch96 - Xuanzhi's Seclusion
Ch97 - Escape From Death
Ch98 - Tiger Cubs Got Hurt
Ch99 - Punishing the Evildoers
Ch100 - Abolishing His Own Cultivation
Ch101 - Demonic Beast Abuse
Ch102 - Group Bullying
Ch103 - The Start of Internal Selections
Ch104 - Can't Match Up to a Side Branch
Ch105 - Continuous Shocks
Ch106 - Another Wave
Ch107 - You're Shameless
Ch108 - Dual Paths: Alchemy and Demonic
Ch109 - Corpse Got Exposed
Ch110 - Disappeared Without a Trace
Ch111 - Blackmail and Extortion
Ch112 - A Different Punishment
Ch113 - Saved My Life
Ch114 - Persecuted
Ch115 - Royal Heavenly Capital
Ch116 - Selecting Cultivation Methods
Ch117 - Fighting Over Cultivation Methods
Ch118 - Two Profound-Level Books
Ch119 - Business Delivered to the Doorstep
Ch120 - Accompaniment of the Firestone
Ch121 - Raising the Price and Fighting
Ch122 - Seizing the Treasure from One's Hands
Ch123 - Getting Bullied
Ch124 - Focusing on Cultivation
Ch125 - Saw Blood, Admonitions
Ch126 - Secret Hint
Ch127 - Little Bro Lodged a Complaint
Ch128 - Tingling Scalp
Ch129 - Received a Huge Blow
Ch130 - Swallow Yin Gu Bugs
Ch131 - Tiger Roar Heard Through the Forest
Ch132 - Painful Losses
Ch133 - Capability Says it All
Ch134 - Ah Hen's Eating Vinegar
Ch135 - Backer's Here
Ch136 - Your Skin's Thick Enough
Ch137 - Blind and Deaf
Ch138 - Mingyin Body
Ch139 - Fully Equipped for the Journey
Ch140 - Setting Off
Ch141 - Yuyang Appears
Ch142 - Chronic Poisoning
Ch143 - Huangfu Family
Ch144 - Huangfu's Young Lord
Ch145 - Past Life's Friend
Ch146 - Deadlock at City Gate
Ch147 - Outbreak of Explosive Anger
Ch148 - White Crane Immortal Carriage
Ch149 - Walk Carefully, I Won't Send You Out
Ch150 - He's Very Special
Ch151 - Sky Peak's Bai Family
Ch152 - Absorbing Yin Qi
Ch153 - Meeting Young Master Ji Again
Ch154 - Bai Family's Competition
Ch155 - Start of the Treasure Appraisal Convention
Ch156 - Making Things Difficult on Purpose
Ch157 - Young Master Bai
Ch158 - Terms of Exchange
Ch159 - Busybodies
Ch160 - Killing People With Demonic Arts
Ch161 - He's a Devil
Ch162 - Divine Devil Clan
Ch163 - Directly Skipping Two Levels
Ch164 - Fully Equipped With Top-Grade Items
Ch165 - Suspiciously Probing
Ch166 - So-Called Family
Ch167 - Five Sects Gathered Together

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  1. Hello, i was just wondering what the pinyin name of the rebirth of the supreme celestial being title is? And also the authors name in pinyin? Sorry i dont know a single word of chinese so i cant read the authors name lols. Thank you and greatly appreciated!

    • Title: Chong Sheng Zhi Zhi Zun Xian Lv
      Author: Bing Tang Lian Zi Geng

  2. I have just read this novel three days ago and was finally able to catch up with the latest chapters.
    I am very grateful that this site translated this novel. DEEEYYYYYMMM AM SQUEALING SO MUCH HAHAHAHAHA!!!
    I look forward to more chapters of this novel with you guys!!!

    Hen-hen is such a cute cinammon roll. I hope Yuyang and YTW would patch their relationship, too bec I freaking don’t like Yuran.

    Hen-heeenn, our lovely bun, one of these days, you’d be devoured..ehmmm by your handsome dage bec of your innocent kisses. XD

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