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Perfect Destiny

Perfect Destiny

RAW Source
Author: 西子绪
Total Chapters: 157
Genre: Comedy, Quick Transmigration
Translators: StormFrost
Editors: TempestDemon, Misogi
Release Schedule: Tuesday, Saturday


When he first crossed over, Chen Liguo did not want to accept it.

But he quickly discovered, after he crossed, he found that all the men he met had perfect figures and eight-packs. Furthermore, these men liked him.

As a gay man, Chen Liguo was so excited he shed tears of joy.

However, the world obviously wouldn’t have such good things.

Because, just as he was drooling and about to pounce, a system appeared and told him: Buddy, sorry to let you down, but you can’t be with these people.

Chen Liguo: What if I insist?

System: Hehe


Chen Liguo: You trash system! Destroying my youth! Ruining my sex life!

Click here additional [spoilerish] author notes

Note: The Gong is the same person. Thus, in order to satisfy the author’s unspeakable obsession……our objectives are the stars and the sea.

  1. In this text, the Gong and the Shou have no blood relationship at all no matter which world it is.
  2. In this text both the Gong and Shou are voluntarily together. The heart is willing, but it must be hidden.
  3. No meat, no details.
  4. The Gong is a person.
  5. This text has already been locked once. Everything that should change has been changed.

Link to Indonesian translation: Huntress_Lanemesis
Note: This translation is by no means licensed, and if you can, please support the author~

Translated Chapters

1. Gossiping About the Brother-In-Law Who Likes Me
Ch1 - Return to China
Ch2 - Oh my God!
Ch3 - Knowing that he's an xx, I'm so happy
Ch4 - Is this frightening? No, it's a pleasant surprise
Ch5 - Thrilling and exciting little black room
Ch6 - It's incredibly embarrassing to discover that the more you're locked up the happier you are
Ch7 - Get a reaction just from seeing him, what to do
Ch8 - My entire life is a dramatized biography
Ch9 - Please lock me up once more QAQ
Ch10 - Actually, I don't want to go I just wanna stay
Ch11 - My trash host
Ch12 - Please call me elegant little prince
Ch13 - Finale

2. Handsome Broken Legged Little Military Advisor
Ch14 - Mosaic helps you save your lost soul
Ch15 - It's so exciting all of a sudden, I can't bear it
Ch16 - This chapter is used to act like a pretentious prick
Ch17 - Come, vigorous man, come to bed and we'll talk about it in detail
Ch18 - Not on the premise that XX would deal with it like a rogue
Ch19 - I like you, believe me
Ch20 - Feels good! ! ! ! !
Ch21 - Modern wild grass script
Ch22 - A mouthful of mary sue blood
Ch23 - You're so handsome, do you have a boyfriend?
Ch24 - V1
Ch25 - V2
Ch26 - V3
Ch27 - The princess is gone, the dragon and prince have gotten together
Ch28 - The screenwriter of this play is poisonous
Ch29 - Oof
Ch30 - Adieu, my love

3. Alpha Who Doesn't Want to Be an Alpha
Ch31 - Dry and Crisp, savory chicken lickin' flavor
Ch32 - The person who likes me is a good person
Ch33 - That's odd
Ch34 - It's all the same
Ch35 - Have absolutely nothing
Ch36 - My cute sister became an Alpha
Ch37 - The Legendary Ashura Field
Ch38 - Chen Liguo: I am not a that sort of man
Ch39 - Goodbye, my darlings

4. The Adventures of Baby Guo
Ch40 - I became a baby
Ch41 - This really has nothing to do with Baby Guo's special attack
Ch42 - Aiya, so stimulating
Ch43 - The neighbour next door
Ch44 - Not biologically related
Ch45 - This is a sad story
Ch46 - Life alas
Ch47 - I don't want to be a baby anymore
Ch48 - Toy car, remote control car
Ch49 - 0.0
Ch50 - Another day of loafing about
Ch51 - Hit and run, so exciting.

5. Doomsday Child Rearing Handbook
Ch52 - Beginning of the End
Ch53 - Son, you are the meat of Daddy's heart
Ch54 - Setting off towards the future
Ch55 - Male Ads
Ch56 - Drive without saying a word
Ch57 - Hentai
Ch58 - I don't think we can have a f*cking future.
Ch59 - System, I’m sorry
Ch60 - Oh ho, found out
Ch61 - The cards were laid down in the end
Ch62 - Breaking off Father and Son relationship
Ch63 - Baby, Daddy will always love you

6. Mysophobic Doctor’s Detective Drama
Ch64 - I’m being followed by someone
Ch65 - Got sick unexpectedly
Ch66 - Barter
Ch67 - Love and him
Ch68 - Kill your entire family
Ch69 - Desensitization therapy
Ch70 - Coming to an end
Ch71 - The music is over and people gone

7. I Won't Be An Elder Brother For Many Years
Ch72 - unrivaled loneliness
Ch73 - He hated this
Ch74 - Time flies
Ch75 - A new chapter
Ch76 - Extravagant hopes
Ch77 - Serious illness
Ch78 - Sleeping Illness

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  1. “Because, just as he was drooling and about to pounce, a system appeared and told him: Buddy, sorry to let you down, but you can’t be with these people.

    Chen Liguo: What if I insist?

    System: Hehe”

    DAMNIT How miserable and frustrating it would be if you can’t even get a slice of pie.

    Now I’m off to binge read this series! Thank you so much for the chapters~

  2. I love this so much! The system is adorable, MC is adorable ( I love his distinct personality – especially how he’s lazy ah I have a soft spot for MC’s who want to relax) and the interactions between MC and ML are so satisfying to read hee hee. Thank you for translating!!

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