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New Times, New Hell

New Times, New Hell 新时代,新地府

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Author: 林知落
Total Chapters: 144
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Modern


Yu Zhengdu joined a small start-up company that claim to offer “life management services”……as a programmer.

On his first day in office, he received a phone call from a stranger: “Hello, I received a text message from your company that informed me of my reincarnation tomorrow……”

Yu Zhengdu: “……??”

Shang Que, the beautiful little boss, said, “New employee, welcome to the Hell organisation in the human world. A thousand years ago, I was known to the human world as Luo Feng, the Ghost King.”

Yu Zhengdu: “……??” From then on, he was incredibly distressed about the development of Hell.

Disclaimer: This is not my new main project.

There will not be a set schedule for releases as I generally just go to this novel when I want to laugh lmao. It’s free for pick-up by any translator who’s interested~

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