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LonelinessChapter 5


After eating, no one was in a rush to leave, choosing to hang around the food and beverage point. Once they’ve had enough rest, they could head back via a different scenic route. This route was shorter, so there was no need to hurry.

Amy was especially active after eating, scuttling and jumping about like a wild horse. She kept tormenting Xiao Zhou, tugging at her hair and touching her face to get her attention, wanting Xiao Zhou to bring her somewhere to play. o1sGb2

Senior had no choice but to beg Xiao Zhou to accompany Amy on a walk nearby to vent some of her excess energy.

After her child left, she started talking about more serious matters. “Actually, I came back planning to return to the country for development…”

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She had been a direct senior of Yuan Yuan. Back then, she was a goddess who had both talent and beauty. But once she graduated, she went abroad, got married, and had a child soon after, her career had not gone as far as expected.

Yuan Yuan and Yu Lin, both being insiders, were able to give a lot of advice. Although Ou Yang’s major was not related, he was a good conversationalist. The four of them had a good chat and very quickly became immersed in it.


To the extent that…Yuan Yuan was entirely unaware of when Chen Dong Lan had left.

They chatted for nearly half an hour. Although they had not yet chatted to their heart’s content, there was still a chance for them to continue later on.

Having not attended to Amy for some time, Senior was slightly worried. “They’re not back yet. Where have they gone to play? We should be heading back.”

Ou Yang realised there was one person less. “When did Chen Dong Lan disappear?” FPndt2

Yuan Yuan took out his phone. “He probably went to look for them. I’ll give Xiao Zhou a call.”

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Xiao Zhou answered the phone very quickly, saying that the three of them were actually together and were at a nearby scenic spot. Amy loved it there and couldn’t bear to leave.

Senior understood her daughter very well. Knowing that Xiao Zhou wouldn’t be able to persuade her, it was up to her to deal with Amy personally.

The four of them tidied up and left the food and beverage point, heading on foot towards the place that Xiao Zhou had spoken of. Halfway there, two small battery-powered park vehicles rushed past with people wearing the park uniform in them. It seemed like something had happened up ahead. dnTcDb

Senior said jokingly, “It couldn’t be Amy that caused a mishap, right?”

Everyone laughed. Right then, nobody imagined that something had really happened where Amy was.

Approaching the place where Xiao Zhou was, Yuan Yuan discovered that the park vehicles were parked nearby. In addition, there were quite a few people gathering around to watch. He suddenly had a bad feeling.

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“I’ll go take a look,” Yuan Yuan said hurriedly, then jogged to the middle of the crowd. Before the people in front had moved aside, he saw a park staff member lending an arm to support Xiao Zhou, who was hugging Amy tightly and in a state of shock. ZCN417

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“What happened? Mimi, don’t cry. Tell Mama properly.” Senior kissed Amy, coaxing her patiently. 0hyd6F

Yuan Yuan patted Xiao Zhou’s back and didn’t press for what happened. “Are you okay?”

Xiao Zhou had been reduced to tears and could only nod without saying a word.

That’s good. Yuan Yuan continued asking, “How about Chen Dong Lan?”

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Xiao Zhou cried even more fiercely. “Chen Dong Lan…he…” The more anxious she became, the more unclear she spoke. Yuan Yuan frowned, but didn’t continue asking. He left Yu Lin and Ou Yang to comfort her and went to ask the staff member, “We have another companion. Where is he?” KikuQb

The staff member pointed in one direction. “Have you looked over there? He fell off from that narrow path. Fortunately, there’s a pool below and he’s fine. The water in winter is freezing. He needed to recuperate after climbing out and was still unable to walk.”

Yuan Yuan clarified the location, then started running over. His heart was beating too fast, exceptionally fast. Only if his pace was faster than his heartbeat, would he feel slightly better.

He saw Chen Dong Lan.

The pool was a deep green and it was stated clearly that it wasn’t shallow. Chen Dong Lan sat beside the pool. A staff member covered him with a white bath towel and handed him some hot water, but his head was bent over and he didn’t take it. hBHgJf

Yuan Yuan moved closer and saw that his body was trembling continuously.

“Chen Dong Lan.”

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The first word hadn’t even come out. He only knew how nervous he was now. So nervous that even after seeing he was alright, he still couldn’t speak.

Chen Dong Lan lifted his head. His face was pale, his lips were dark purple and his hair was completely wet, still dripping with water. o1UO9D

“I…I’m fine,” he said.

Yuan Yuan squatted beside him. “How could you be fine? Are you cold?”

Chen Dong Lan shook his head.

Yuan Yuan gazed at him, an unspeakable feeling of distress suddenly rising in his heart. “Can you walk? We have to return to the hotel immediately. You can’t stay here like this.” E0TDBg

Chen Dong Lan nodded and braced his hand against the ground, wanting to stand up. Yuan Yuan supported him. “I’ll piggyback you.”

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Chen Dong Lan pushed his hand away. “…My body is wet.”

Yuan Yuan wasn’t in the mood to argue with him and lifted him up into his arms.

The staff member standing on the side was stunned. rd7PLt

Chen Dong Lan was also stunned. After a few seconds, he recovered his ability to speak. “I, I can walk by myself…”

Yuan Yuan was unable to clarify what he was feeling right then. It seemed like he was upset and yet, it also seemed like he was angry, causing his tone to harden. “Can’t you be a little more obedient?”

Chen Dong Lan immediately shut his mouth and shrunk back his head, behaving as obediently as a lamb in his arms.

In a breath, he carried Chen Dong Lan into the park vehicle and requested the staff member to drive back to the hotel. At the same time, he called Yu Lin and told him to meet back at the hotel. 84p9Hw

On the way back, Yuan Yuan found out what had happened.

At the scenic point, Amy had set her eyes on a narrow path with a comparatively higher terrain. Xiao Zhou had rejected her as she felt it was dangerous. As a result, Amy threw a tantrum and cried fake tears, wearing Xiao Zhou down until she had no choice.

The narrow path was desolate and they had gone for a distance without seeing anyone else. Xiao Zhou held Amy’s hand and after accepting Yuan Yuan’s call, had stopped for a moment. But, Chen Dong Lan had continued walking, putting some distance between them.

After Xiao Zhou hung up the phone and placed it into her pocket, she realised that her other hand was empty. She turned to see a man in black clothing who had walked behind her carrying Amy away! Ge UcS

Xiao Zhou’s mind was a blank and she only knew to pull at that man while calling out non-stop for Chen Dong Lan. Right then, Amy had helped. Although her mouth was covered and she was restrained in the man’s arms, she had been kicking her legs continuously, disturbing the man. If it wasn’t for this, Xiao Zhou wouldn’t have been able to hold onto him with her strength alone.

However, Xiao Zhou was thrown onto the ground eventually. The man was about to run, but Chen Dong Lan ran over just in time and struggled with the man.

Xiao Zhou couldn’t help out, but when Chen Dong Lan grabbed the man’s arm, she took the opportunity to snatch Amy back from his arms. She was very clever, and after getting the child back, she ran straight towards the area where there were many people.

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The man had probably not seen Chen Dong Lan, who was a distance away. Thinking that Xiao Zhou, a young female, was alone with a child and acted based on that. EIzxaB

Staff members could also be rushing over at any time and he didn’t want to continue being entangled with Chen Dong Lan. He maneuvered him towards the side of the narrow path and violently pushed him down.

Reaching the hotel, the park’s senior staff member and the police came over. Yuan Yuan told Chen Dong Lan to stay and he got down from the vehicle to discuss the matter.

They had come to look for Chen Dong Lan, hoping that he could help in the investigation.

Yuan Yuan indicated that Chen Dong Lan had to first be allowed to rest and regroup before anything else. The park’s senior staff member was very pleasant. “Anyway, the perpetrator has been caught, so it’s not urgent. We can investigate a little later. If your friend has any requests, please let us know.” BR chC

After Yuan Yuan thanked him, he returned to the vehicle. Their eyes met and Yuan Yuan lifted his hands as if he was about to lift Chen Dong Lan again.

“No need,” Chen Dong Lan rejected firmly. “If you do this, I’ll…I’ll be embarrassed. Really.” Earlier, his face was still pale, but right then, it was already red.

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Yuan Yuan didn’t insist.

After stepping through the door, Chen Dong Lan went to bathe. When Yuan Yuan heard the sound of the shower, he went to knock on the door. “Pass me the clothes. I’ll get someone to wash and dry them for you.” QCIDqc

A clattering sound came from inside and he didn’t know what had dropped. Chen Dong Lan’s voice seemed alarmed. “Later, after I bathe, I’ll do it myself.”

Yuan Yuan said impatiently, “Quickly. Listen to me.”

After a few seconds, Chen Dong Lan opened the door and passed the clothes.

Yuan Yuan received the clothes and brushed against Chen Dong Lan’s fingers, coming into contact with the warm water droplets on his hand. XWlmKF

He quickly pressed against the door, causing Chen Dong Lan, who was about to close the door, to stare foolishly. “You’ve only brought tight-fitting clothes, right? Wear mine on the outside. They’re in my luggage. Go get it yourself after you’re done bathing.”

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Chen Dong Lan’s hand was awkwardly half-covering his lower body and he said softly, “Okay…”

At this, Yuan Yuan helped him to close the door.


Translator's Note

Yuan Yuan earlier offered to piggyback him, but it was specifically stated here that he lifted him sideways, in other words, bridal style.

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