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Lord of End of WorldChapter 3


Although they lived under the same roof, Song Haoran didn’t have much contact with Gong Lixin. He didn’t know his taste nor did he know his size. He took a long time choosing but couldn’t make up his mind, even if he only had to buy one set. In the end, he decided a plain black T-shirt in a small size would do.

He rushed back to the room and saw Gong Lixin still sitting on the bed on his knees, his big pair of eyes fixed at the door, apparently waiting for him. The moment he reappeared, the clear voice expressed joyful surprise. vzZj5i

“Song Big Brother, you are back!” Gong Lixin unconsciously loosened the grip on the towel as the panic in his heart dissipated upon seeing Song Haoran.

Sitting quietly in the room, the loneliness that rushed into Gong Lixin’s heart stunned him. The memory in his mind was very clear. He knew that this world was completely different from his original world. Even if human beings didn’t practice martial arts, they have martial power and all kinds of talents that came forth from all walks of life. Therefore, living in this world was much more difficult than mixing with the people in Jianghu. There was no guidebook and there was no one to guide him. He didn’t really know how to take the first step into this new life.

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Fortunately, Big Brother Song didn’t leave him! Gong Lixin sighed in relief and subconsciously made a special place for Song Haoran in his heart. Of course, his intuition and memory also told him that this man was trustworthy.

Seeing the relief and dependence in the eyes of the young man, Song Haoran’s heart became searing and his mouth unconsciously curved into a gentle smile. He took out the T-shirt from the paper bag and personally helped Gong Lixin put it on. Seeing how he clumsily wore his underwear, Song Haoran turned his head away and tried to not stare. Don’t stare at the long, slender white legs!


When the teenager finally put his underwear on, he wore it the wrong way. Song Haoran took a deep breath and hardened his face as he came up to help him put it on properly. The youth had just come out of the effects of the drug, some confusion and distraction were inevitable. He abruptly found a reason for the youth’s unfamiliarity with dressing himself.

Although he had the memory of the original body’s owner, he was still unaccustomed to certain routine aspects. Gong Lixin secretly swore to learn how to properly wear clothes and felt relieved when Song Big Brother took the initiative to help. He was very smooth and gentle which made Gong Lixin smile. Song Big Brother is really a good big brother!

With such good family and friends, the young master felt happiness like he never had before and therefore decided to live well as Gong Lixin. With Gong Lixin’s memory, he had a lot of protection. Although the people here didn’t believe in dead souls like his original world, his memory told him that if his identity was ever leaked, the people of this world would treat him horribly. The way they would deal with him would be to cut him, open him up, and inspect him.

Thinking of this, the youth bit his lips and shuddered. ROQMdb

“Cold? Put on my coat, let’s go.” Song Haoran finished putting on the teenager’s pants when he noticed his movement. He picked up his suit jacket from the arm of the sofa and draped it on the other.

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Song Haoran was tall and training in the military all year round not only made his muscles more pronounced but also made it so that his height was 189 cm. He put his thin coat over Gong Lixin who was 170 cm. The coat ended up falling to his calf, making Gong Lixin look like a child who had just stolen an adult’s clothes, especially with that innocent face. The kitten licked his lips and felt very happy. Song Haoran’s kindness made him look very pleasing in Gong Lixin’s eyes.

“Let’s go! Let’s go home!” Holding Gong Lixin’s small hand through the coat, Song Haoran’s tone is filled with happiness, the past events now completely forgotten.

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The corridors of the club were adorned in a luxurious style. The floor was decorated with transparent tempered glass inlaid with various colorful crystals. The floor lamps were installed on the sides and lit up as they walked past, making the crystals in the floor shine brightly.

Gong Lixin was careful when stepping on these shiny floor tiles while also trying to control his expression. He can’t be too shocked by the palace that was more magnificent than the Underground Palace. After all, although he had never seen it before, the original Gong Lixin was the only son of the highest leader of A province. This scene was nothing he should be surprised by.

While passing through the corridor that shone brightly, Gong Lixin was too late to notice his surroundings when he was pulled into the elevator by Song Haoran. The small metal box automatically closed its doors. The box contained a lot of people, making the space within extremely cramped. Gong Lixin felt a little uncomfortable. When the elevator started, he felt a pressure pushing him down. There was also a feeling of falling into the abyss.

This was an elevator. It can automatically go up and down the stairs, there’s no danger! Although he found the memory of this metal box, it was still his first time riding said box so Gong Lixin couldn’t help but feel some anxiety. He stepped towards big brother Song, his two hands clinging to Song brother’s arms. taE QX

Song Haoran looked down at the young man and saw his clear eyes filled with panic. He couldn’t help but think: He’s still a child doing things on impulse. He finally understands how impulsive he truly was and knows uneasiness and fear.

Misunderstanding the reason why Gong Lixin was uneasy, Song Haoran became more tolerant and relieved of his decision and actions today. There was goodness in this child, a possibility of saving him from the wrong path still remained.

After thinking this through, he reached out and patted Gong Lixin’s smooth black hair and softly whispered: “Don’t be afraid, today’s events are over. I won’t tell Gong Shu but you have to promise me never to do it again.”

“Hn, I won’t.” Although he was not clear on what Song Big Brother meant, the little master still behaved. Listen to Song brother’s words, that’s what he should do! YZaUEk

“Yes!” Gong Lixin was only 16 years old and just entered high school. He was just a big child so Song Haoran couldn’t bear to blame him too much. Moreover, his eyes were sincere, with no impurity or hypocrisy. One glance was enough to reassure Song Haoran and he was happy.

This was such a cute and lovely brother, it made him feel much better. He glanced at the young boy beside him and smiled.

The two went out of the elevator and walked to the parking lot.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Gong Lixin saw towering skyscrapers outside, colorful neon lights, vertical roads towards the East, roads and overpasses towards the North and South, shuttle buses, bustling traffic.. Everything entered his eyes for the first time, shocking his inner heart. 8nsGKV

He reigned in his expression and took a deep breath. Although the air entering his nose was horrible, he was still happy with this unpleasant smell. For the first time since he regained consciousness, he realized that he really was born again. Even if the air in this world were a thousand times worse than in his original world, even ten thousand times, he still felt happy because he was free.

Song Haoran found his car, opened the door, sat him in the co-pilot seat, and buckled his seat belt. Gong Lixin listlessly followed along, looking at brother Song the whole time.

Song Haoran didn’t immediately start his car but instead, he turned to face Gong Lixin with a serious expression, obviously wanting to say something. He considered his words before tentatively opening his mouth. “Lixin, do you really like Big Brother Lin?”

Song Haoran didn’t discriminate against homosexuals. If Gong Lixin was really in love with another man, he will definitely not care. But if he fell in love with Lin Wenbo, Gong Xiangyi’s fiancé and his own friend… 1bkgd0

How deep was his friend’s feelings towards Gong Xiangyi? He was very clear about that and he would not allow others to interfere, let alone another man. The boy’s love was destined to be unrequited but not only will his love be unrequited, it would eventually lead him to tragedy. For Gong Shu, for his best friend, and for this younger brother, he had to take control of this situation if he didn’t want them to end up hating each other.

Before, he had the thought of warning the boy. He wanted to make him give up on the thought of a relationship with Lin Wenbo but that was when he didn’t know the true face of this boy. But now, looking at the cute face of the youngster, his heart softened and he felt powerless. After thinking it over for awhile, he decided to guide him step by step. That was the reason behind the sudden question.

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Big brother Lin? Gong Lixin blinked and immediately began to search his memory for Lin Big Brother. After a while, he smiled and nodded, replying positively: “Yes. Like him!”

The youth’s eyes flashed with joy, the affection for Lin Wenbo clear and unobstructed on his face. Face to face with such a simple and unpretentious boy and his innocent feelings, everything Song Haoran had to say was stuck in his throat. buRTGv

He couldn’t bear to see the sadness in the eyes of this young man and break the joy on his face. In his heart, Song Haoran sighed a thousand times before he ground out, “Why? Why do you like Lin Big Brother?”

Gong Lixin turned his head and seriously pondered for a minute before explaining, “Because when I was once bullied, it was Lin Big Brother who saved me and gave me medicine. Lin Big Brother is a good person so I like him.”

After searching through the original Gong Lixin’s memory, the youth picked the most obvious thing that came to mind. Of course, the memory of Gong Lixin could only be seen. He could not inherit the feelings of the original owner. Therefore, he thought that Gong Lixin’s feelings for Lin brother was like what he felt for his last life’s Sister Xiao Momo. Both people were close to him and good to him, how could he take that for granted?

Song Haoran thought that he would hear a confession that was touching and tearful but what he didn’t expect was the child saying such a simple sentence while looking at him with an innocent expression, one not trapped by deep, unforgettable love. w8sfjU

When he pondered about the words he used, Song Haoran faintly realized that this child may be unaware of what “love” was. Where was he in love with Lin Wenbo? It was clear that this child worshipped and admired him as a hero!

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Thinking of it this way, the grip on Song Haoran’s heart loosened and he gave out a low laugh. He leaned over and approached Gong Lixin. He said: “You don’t love Lin Big Brother, you only admire him! You are still young, you still can’t distinguish between love and like. You will understand the difference when you get older. For now, your brother will marry your sister and if you interfere with Big Brother Lin’s love, your father will be sad, your sister will be sad, and the Gong family will fall apart. You don’t want the Gong family to fall apart because of you, do you?”

Gong Lixin finally had a home, there was no way he would want that home to fall apart. Although he couldn’t understand the difference between like and love, he did understand what the sentence “together with Lin Big Brother” meant so he nodded seriously. Lin Big Brother was going to marry his sister. He can’t interfere with the intimacy of those two. This, he knows.

“Yes!” Song Haoran gratefully patted Gong Lixin’s head and praised him. Looking at the well-behaved child and today’s events, Song Haoran was even more convinced that there was no deception in his words just now. 4AvIyZ

How could Lixin have such a ridiculous idea? He whispered to Gong Lixin. “Lixin, how come you went to the club today and took those K pills?”

K pill was probably the name of the medicine that made him horny. Gong Lixin guessed and tried to think back to the beginning of the events and how he ended up in that situation. Gong Lixin said slowly: “Hn, Fang Fang took me there. He said that he would give me some K pills to try…that it would make me feel good.”

Even if he were desperately trying to remember, this young master still could not use the word “high” so he had to find another word. That Fang Hao’s expression when he tricked him to eat the K pill was the exact same expression as Xiao Lin’s when he tricked him to eat TanHuan medication. Xiao Lin always told him: “Eat it, you will feel good after eating this medicine.”

Therefore, the “high” definitely meant comfortable. The youth was smart. DmLU f

Sure enough, someone tricked him into it! Song Haoran’s face darkened and he patted the child’s hair. He yelled a warning: “That was not a good person. You shouldn’t play with him anymore in the future. If he comes to you again, bring him to me. I’ll personally talk to him!” The last sentence was said through gritted teeth.

Slowly returning his expression to normal, he continued with his speech from before and explained: “Originally, Lin Wenbo was supposed to come and take care of you but he received a call from a while ago saying that your sister suddenly fainted at home so Lin Wenbo rushed back to check the situation and asked me to come over instead.”

“Yes, I know that Fang Fang is not a good person! I won’t hang out with him in the future.” A person who forced him to take medicine just like Xiao Lin can never be a good person! Gong Lixin nodded and agreed with Song Haoran’s remark. Then he pulled on his sleeve and urged: “Since my sister is ill, let’s go back and see how she’s doing.”

Song Haoran didn’t expect the teenager to communicate with him so well and that he was actually a clever and sensible person. Song Haoran smiled and patted his head appreciatively before starting the car and driving towards the Gong residence. fVz9v1


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