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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 9.7


Translated by Eve

Edited by Sora, Juurensha, Serefina Zbsk l

Since two of the members entered the same production team, it was only logical that the remaining member came to visit. After all, Fashion Mix was a single entity in the eyes of outsiders. To come and visit would be one of the most effective publicity stunts.

Of course, aside from promotional events and filming, the new EP’s dance practice and the MV’s shoot also demanded their immediate attention. Fortunately, Sui Yuan and Huo Ke did not have many scenes nor retakes, so neither of them were too exhausted. When they met with the press, they were able to maintain a good state of mind and manner.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

During this period of time, it was the leader who ran all around in order to give publicity to their new EP while the other two shot a television series and expanded their activities into a whole new domain. In any case, the majority of the people had been attracted by Eason’s video, so it was fitting for him to be the one to garner the most interest.

After completing a talk show with great difficulty, Eason had a choice between returning to the apartment to rest or going to his bandmates’ television set. He firmly decided on the latter. When he dragged his exhausted body over to the set, the first thing he saw was his family’s little Sui Yuan being held by another man, who then received a resounding kiss from the former.


Eason, who saw this with his own eyes, wanted to say…that this was simply unbearable!

Because there were many people around and thus easy for information to spread, Eason had no choice but to swallow down his anger and ruthlessly rub Sui Yuan’s head with a smile. He gave him a look that said ‘We’ll settle this later in private.’

Sui Yuan:“………………”

Although he didn’t quite understand what had caused Eason, whose mood had been getting better, to suddenly become this bitter and resentful, the instinct that little prey had in perceiving danger made Sui Yuan immediately aware that something dangerous would happen soon. If he didn’t want a wretched death, it would be best to act lovable. f6cmZV

Seeing that the two people had temporarily calmed down, Huo Ke, who had been watching from the sidelines because he hadn’t felt like being a third-wheel, finally came over. He exposed a slight smile to show that the feelings between the three people assembled was good. In private, he lowered his voice and faced Eason, tone admonishing, “Pay attention. It’s a public place. Aren’t you afraid that people will notice that you and Li Kun are involved?!”

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“I know that ‘covering it up will only make it worse’,” Eason smiled slightly, his tone indiferent. Not only did he not accept Huo Ke’s suggestion, but he wasn’t satisfied with what he had gotten and wrapped an arm around Sui Yuan’s shoulders. He very lovingly straightened out the other’s hair that he had just mussed up.

Upon hearing Eason’s reply, Huo Ke felt rather incredulous, because the one who had told him that they had to avoid arousing suspicion in public before had been Eason.

Without waiting for Huo Ke to snap out of his dazed state, Eason spoke again, “That obscene scene…are there anymore coming up?” Y UtFA

“What obscene scene?” Huo Ke couldn’t follow along with Eason’s train of thought for a moment.

“They even kissed, how is that not obscene?!” Eason’s smile warped a bit.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

“Don’t tell me…are you jealous?!” Huo Ke raised his hand to press against his temples. He seriously felt that speaking to someone who had become an idiot after falling in love was really too tiring.

“Vb ktja lo P’w pfjiber? Qtb rjlv P mbeivc’a yf pfjiber?” Sjrbc kjrc’a jrtjwfv, yea gjatfg, jmafv glutafberis. Lf uijcmfv ja Leb Bf, jr lo tf atbeuta tf kjr yflcu ecgfjrbcjyif obg jrxlcu remt j defralbc. lVeoif

——Yc jmmbeca bo wjcs atlcur, Sjrbc jcv Leb Bf jikjsr ibbxfv ja bcf jcbatfg klat ibjatlcu. Snfc atflg gfueijg mbcnfgrjalbc kjr rjaegjafv klat j ragbcu □□ oijnbeg.

“You guys both calm down!” Seeing that there were signs of a conflict brewing between the two people, Sui Yuan, who was immobilized because of Eason’s hold on his shoulder, could only try to reach out to grab hold of Huo Ke’s sleeve, trying to make them both see reason.

Fortunately, the three people were all expert actors. People who didn’t know the inside story saw not a group crisis, but an inverted image: the three people seemed to be joking around and teasing one another good-naturedly, so they didn’t attract anyone’s attention.

Seeing that Eason and Huo Ke had eased up, Sui Yuan let out a sigh of relief. He raised his head to look at Eason and quickly responded to his question just now, “There’s only one more kiss, which happens in the very last scene, when Yue Minghui dies. Aside from that, there aren’t anymore!” k0v47t

“Really?” Eason raised a brow, “What about hugging?”

“Eh…There’s still a bit of that left….” Sui Yuan said, a bit guilty.

Seeing the interaction between Eason and Sui Yuan, Huo Ke didn’t know how many times he mocked himself. He used to think that what he and Eason had was true love. But right now, you could only describe Eason’s treatment of his as ‘cold’. That Eason was restrained…and he had thought that it was just his nature. In reality, it was just that he had yet to find someone he truly loved.

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When he thought of this, Huo Ke couldn’t help but glance at Le Sen, who was surrounded by a crowd of assistants, production crew members, and actors. He discovered that the other’s gaze was in their direction, intentionally or otherwise. On his face was polite PR person-like smile, and he would nod in response to the other people from time to time. The expression in his eyes however was a bit dark, appearing to be lost in thought. tFw Y3

Seeing this kind of Le Sen, Huo Ke felt rather reminiscent. Besides his close friends who knew him the best, no one else knew that under this earnest, solemn outer appearance, Le Sen’s mind had already drifted off far away.

——Who knows when he’ll be qualified to stand beside him.

Since it was the first day, Director Zheng Bin’s did not arrange too many scenes for the newbies Sui Yuan and Huo Ke. What was most important was to let them get used to the set and learn how to move and find the camera. He hadn’t expected that the two of them would be so outstanding. They practically wasted no time and greatly increased the production team’s efficiency, making Zheng Bin’s mood especially cheerful all day long.

They rapidly finished all of their scenes. Sui Yuan and Huo Ke bid everyone goodbye. After all, they still had work to do for their new EP, so they were extremely busy. FtgdZA

When they were saying their goodbyes, Eason and Le Sen had their first official meeting. The smell of gunpowder was even more dense than that of when they had first locked eyes. But on the outside, their appearances were very normal when they met.

Eason acted neither haughty nor humble. Le Sen also did not put on airs. They shook hands and greeted one another and then parted in tranquility.

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Le Sen watched as the three members of Fashion Mix left side by side. He discretely stretched his right hand. He had no choice but to admit that the other’s hostility was not his misconception. However, no matter how hard he thought, he couldn’t recall as to how he might have offended the other man.

——Sigh…His hand strength is too much. Don’t tell me that people who play instruments have such highly developed grips? Le Sen was forced to suffer in silence and felt a bit angry when he recalled that handshake. l2FWtJ

He also did not know why he himself paid so much attention to Eason. Generally speaking, towards the hostility of this kind of person who was incapable of achieving what he wanted but was unwilling to accept anything less, Len Sen had never taken it to heart. After all, his identity was so great, he didn’t have to fear any rumours or slander.

“…What does it mean if you really felt strangely dazed  by someone you met for the first time?” A baffled Film Emperor Le Sen suddenly asked his assistant during a shooting break.

This assistant had followed him for many years. In addition, Le Sen’s temperament was gentle, so when they spoke, it was more like between friends rather than that of an employer and employee.

When he heard Le Sen’s question, the assistant stared at him blankly for a moment. Soon after, he looked at him with a particularly strange expression, “Isn’t this rare? Did you fall in love?” MZRxWk

“Scram!” Le Sen scolded, laughingly. He took the napkin that his assistant handed over to wipe off the sweat on his face.

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——He was tempted by Eason? What a joke! It would be much more plausible if the one who moved his heart was Li Kun.

Le Sen, who couldn’t find the answer to his problem, decisively threw this question to the side. He was very busy and really didn’t have any free time to waste on these senseless flights of fancy. If worst comes to worst, the next time he encounters Eason, he’ll let him find out that there were some people he couldn’t provoke as he pleased.

The three members of Fashion Mix returned to the apartment from the set, all exhausted. They didn’t expect that they before resting for even an hour, they’d receive a nagging call from their manager, urging them to quickly practice the choreography for the MV. 0dnlf

This time, even if Eason wanted to teach Sui Yuan a lesson and let him know what the consequences were for cheating on him was, he was essentially powerless to do so….

After all, this was the decisive EP for the band. So, whether it was the songs, the choreography, or the MV’s script, everything required a lot of preparation.

Although the choreography appeared more or less the same on the outside, Eason, Sui Yuan, and Huo Ke’s parts all had distinct characteristics.

Eason’s steps were strong and  imposing like that of an emperor’s; Huo Ke’s were confident and easy; his gentle glances were just like that of the Prince Charming that girls admired in their dreams. As for the most delicate looking member, Sui Yuan, he carried a childish air and was gentle and beautiful. The requirements for his flexible body were rather demanding. 7Ps GX

“I-it hurts…slow down QAQ,” The scene of Sui Yuan, who was grabbed by Eason at the waist and practicing the bridge position simply made onlookers feel aggrieved and listeners shed tears.

Eason, who was supporting Sui Yuan with one hand, felt like the other’s whole person was completely in his control. His formerly gloomy heart gradually cheered up. One hand held Sui Yuan in place, while the other rested on his neck, trailing down the curve of his body. It streaked past his chest and arrived at his lower abdomen. The shy youth trembled, seeming a bit timid, a bit uneasy, and a little bit excited under the finger’s touch. His body subsequently heated up.

“It seems that you have to practice much more in the future. So flexible, we can definitely try out some even more interesting positions…” Eason lowered himself, softly teasing Sui Yuan as he spoke in his ear, his implication very strong. When he saw the other’s cheeks abruptly flush red, he couldn’t help but push his luck. He sucked on his flushed earlobe and licked, bit, and sucked on it ambiguously.

Sui Yuan, who had already found it difficult to support himself, could not endure this kind of teasing. His waist genuinely collapsed right into Eason’s arm. From head to toe, he looked like a helpless lamb about to be slaughtered, completely without any power to resist. R7UPTx

Although music was playing, the training room was not all that large. Huo Ke who was practicing on his own off to the side easily discovered the abnormal change in this cheating couple who weren’t far away. He couldn’t help but shoot them a glance, before withdrawing his sight, pretending to see no evil.

Since he and Eason had broken up and Eason and Sui Yuan had officially begun dating, the level of obscenity of their lovey dovey actions had climbed increasingly higher. It made Huo Ke ponder many times over what excuse he should use in order to convince the company to let him move out.

He was also a mature man in both mind and spirit! He was also gay! One was a two-timing scum gong, one was an unintentional ‘other man’ who squeezed between them. However, all day long, they acted all lovey dovey in front of him, the ‘victim’ who had been cheated on. It was simply shameless! Demented!

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“…Take it easy, you two. We still have work tomorrow,” Huo Ke, who had vented his discontent inside his heart, wiped the sweat off his temples. At present, he was already very aware that he should escape now. Therefore, he decisively turned around and left the training room. K23CRG

Sui Yuan, who was incessantly whimpering because of Eason’s bullying, made Huo Ke really…feel a bit sympathetic. He swept a pitying glance at Sui Yuan before shutting the door, and directly met with Sui Yuan’s indignant, grieving, resentful, and profoundly expectant gaze that seemed to be imploring Huo Ke to take him away from the depths of his misery.

When he saw that Eason really loved to fondle Sui Yuan’s delicate and soft waist so much that he seemed reluctant to part from it, the corner of Huo Ke’s mouth raised. He couldn’t help himself and warned, “Careful with his waist, don’t sprain it for real.”

Eason, who was busily fondling Sui Yuan, turned to glance at Huo Ke. He appeared rather impatient and urged him to quickly beat it.

“I’m really deathly stupid to want to meddle in your affairs!” Huo Ke felt a bit helpless at the sudden appearance of his own Holy Father nature. He slammed the door of the training room closed and quietly mocked himself. ABrqs3

A wicked person will be harassed by another that is just as wicked. He didn’t have to personally take revenge on Sui Yuan. He could just leave him to be tormented by that beast, Eason! Seeing Sui Yuan’s miserable appearance, it was also a kind of relief, in another sense.

Serves you right for stepping in between us and taking away that two-timing scum gong beast of a man, Eason. See, you’ve gotten your just desserts ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The author has something to say:

…Actually, I always thought that dance room play is especially moving. The flexibility of someone whose learned dance must be really amazing. Also, there’s an entire wall made out of mirrors! [Enough!] My moral integrity has broken to pieces! hJ ktw

As for the harmonious activity, everyone can imagine it for themselves wwwwww

Eve: Hahahaha ML eating vinegar is life. Obviously, ZXH broke down first. We’re about halfway through this arc. Can’t wait for more Le Sen to make ZXH, this ocean of vinegar, suffer. I also feel bad because I like HK, I do, but I also like the idea of SY in a ‘love triangle’ or with a harem.

Sora: +1 to the above comment!

Juurensha: As always, enjoying all of HK’s reactions 03Y1Wg

serefina: +2

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at melimeliarts.com

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