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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 8.7


Translated by Eve

Edited by Juurensha, Serefina, Cat LdwFxV

TN: Changing Alpha’s heat to rut since people have pointed out that in English, usually rut is used. It’s the same word in Chinese here though. Will be updating past and previous chapters.

It hadn’t even been a week, but Sui Yuan’s name had repeatedly made the news in various ways, making everyone who mentioned his name speechless.

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The first time he became famous was because of his overwhelming strength in defeating all of the Beta trainees that had ganged up on him during the periodic assessment. Even the Alphas had no advantage over him. He passed the assessment with flying colours.

The second time he had made headlines was because he had paraded around with Adonis’ scent all over his body, terrifying the entire training camp. He became the only sexual partner of General Adonis, who had previously been so clean and chaste that it made people wonder whether or not he was “impotent”.


The third time he made himself known was when he spat out four words with no trace of politeness to General Adonis who had personally brought out a delicious lunch to gently make amends –”Go the f*ck away”.

The people who saw this scene nearly wanted to pee themselves in fright, ok?!

Who was that? That was General Adonis! He was everyone’s idol, the pillar of the army, the bloodsoaked demon on the battlefield!

Even the marshal would treat the General kindly and had never dared to berate him so rudely. However, Sui Yuan had done just that, and quite aggressively at that. mXAfER

Afterwards, just as everyone had planned to light a candle for Sui Yuan, they all discovered that Adonis just smiled, not minding his insolence. He raised his hand to rub Sui Yuan’s head, “Okay. I know that you want some time to calm down. I also don’t want to force you. However, there’s no need to make things difficult for yourself. You don’t like to drink the nourishment fluid right? At least accept this lunch.”

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Sui Yuan looked at Adonis and then glanced at the tempting and fragrant lunch box. In the end, he silently extended his hand to accept it.

–In any case, he had only wanted to teach Adonis a lesson. There was no reason to make his own taste buds and stomach suffer! Sui Yuan placated himself this way. Soon after, he was easily KO’d by the enemy’s sugar-coated bullets.

“……Tonight, I’ll be waiting for your return,” Adonis gave Sui Yuan a profound look, sighing silently. He then turned to leave, his departing figure looking rather lonely. wLsxy

Sui Yuan held onto the lunch box, the corners of his mouth slightly drawn. He really wanted to flog this b*stard whose acting would surely cause everyone to misunderstand.

He turned his head, and alas, he indeed saw that everyone around him stared at him with complicated looks, as if they were condemning him. Sui Yuan felt that he would soon die an unjustified death! He was clearly the victim here! All of them are looking at me like I’m a heartless, fickle scumbag. WTF?!

Sui Yuan, who felt particularly unhappy, pursed his lips and gave up the idea of heading to the cafeteria. He decided to look for an empty place to have lunch. Afterwards, he pondered over how he was going to exact retribution.

“I’m starting to have my doubts about why Adonis made such a fuss last night. I wonder if he wanted to just mess around or if he wanted to go double or nothing and seize the opportunity to make our relationship known to everyone,” Sui Yuan quietly asked 5237, his good-for-nothing advisor. wklVUQ

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“…..Ugbyjyis ybat. Tbe xcbk atja tf ibnfr ab xlii akb ylgvr klat bcf rabcf,” 5237 rcbgafv rboais. Pa ecvfgrabbv atlr kfii. Par obbilrt tbra kbeiv cfnfg yf jyif ab frmjqf ogbw atja wjc’r ugjrq obg atf gfra bo tlr ilof. Lf mbeiv bcis yeiis atf batfg klat atlr xlcv bo “qsggtlm nlmabgs” wfatbv–Ktflg ifnfir kfgf abb ojg jqjga; la kjr gfjiis abb vloolmeia!

Sui Yuan carried the lunch box and slowly walked away. He left the instructors and trainees behind in an uproar.

No one dared to accept what they had just saw –That near omnipotent senior official and idol who demanded respect from everyone would unexpectedly softly fawn over another to compromise and win back the other person. This was absolutely challenging their three views!

What did all of this mean? This meant that last night’s love affair hadn’t been consensual but rather it had been a situation caused by some unknown event. The compeller had been Adonis, and the victim was Sui Yuan? When morning came, Zheng Yu recalled what had happened last night and could not accept it. So he began to reject Adonis’ advances. However, Adonis had feelings for him –feelings that could be called love — so he got off his high horse for the very first time in his entire life and went to beg the other man. He had even ignored the fact that he was “losing face” in a public place filled with numerous people?! bXJtR

The faces of everyone who imagined this sort of scenario couldn’t help but darken. They felt that this world was truly too chaotic. It was just unbearable!

If this was true, then, what should they do?

If they didn’t put an end to this, then…There was no way to safeguard the feelings between Alphas and Betas, so in that  case, if Adonis and Zheng Yu happened to end things, or even break up on bad terms and become enemies, then what should they do? At that time, no matter who they gave up on, it would still end up being a huge loss for the army.

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If they did try to keep them apart though, then wouldn’t the people who initiated that, be killed by Adonis in a fit of rage? TGPI3Q

While considering the pros and cons of these plans, everyone let out a laugh and smashed the cracked pot to pieces. With their lowly status, what did any of this have to do with them? This kind of headache-inducing serious issue should be handed over to the higher ups to deal with. They don’t know anything anyway ╮(╯▽╰)╭

The military instructors reported this matter to their boss. The boss had a headache as he looked down at this report, and finally came to the same decision as the instructors. Thus he also reported it to his superior — Adonis was a General after all! They were only lowly ranked officers, how could they meddle in General Adonis’ affairs?

Therefore, it was in this way that this report made its way from the desk of a junior officer to that of a field officer. At the very end, it made it all the way to the hands of a General. Aside from Adonis, there were four other Generals who found the time to hold a video-conference. The final decision that the Generals came up with was — Adonis was a General and was of equal rank to them, and since he had yet to make any sort of terrible violation, then on what grounds were they qualified to go interfere with his personal matters? Indeed, they should just hand it over to the Marshal…….

After that, Adonis received a call from the Marshal who was hard-pressed. xHSZgd

The Marshal had complicated feelings about the whole situation. Logically, the fact that his most favoured successor had grown to like a youth who was just as outstanding wasn’t a bad thing — even if the youth was a Beta, that wasn’t an issue. The only reason as to why they were on guard against this union was because Zheng Yu’s identity wasn’t that simple. He was the future star of the army, their hope for the future.

However, this so-called hope for the future was just a hope for now. Before he rose to Adonis’ level, the army did not need to give him any special treatment.

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Adonis was still young. Maybe he’d find an even more suitable replacement in the future. So, if Adonis absolutely insisted on having Zheng Yu, then the Marshal did not feel that he had to stop him — After all, he knew of his junior’s determination. As long as he wanted something, no one could stop him.

Zheng Yu was a Beta. Although a Beta’s fertility wasn’t high, if they strived for it, then perhaps they could give birth to an Alpha’s child! The Marshal had originally given up on all hope for Adonis, this blockhead who couldn’t understand Omegas for the life of him! Now, suddenly a Beta had emerged. This should be considered a good thing, right? bXUhY0

With this kind of mindset, the Marshal asked Adonis a single question, “Are you serious about him?”

“Yes,” Adonis, who had long since prepared himself for this conversation replied rather calmly, “I only want him.”

“Even if an Omega who has a high compatibility with you appears in the future?”

“Yes,” Adonis nodded, “I have no interest in Omegas. You should also know this by now. I have never wanted to be controlled by the desire brought forth from the pheromones.” d X1ZV

The Marshal’s mouth twitched a bit childishly, seeming to agree with Adonis’ words, “My only request is that if you two break up, don’t make too much of a scene. Part without hard feelings. After all, with that child’s potential, the two of you will sooner or later become colleagues who will see one another frequently. You’ll be comrade-in-arms. We don’t want the situation to be complicated  by the emotions between you two.”

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“There will never be such a day,” Adonis said extremely confidently.

The Marshal hummed very disapprovingly, “No one knows what will happen in the future. Don’t speak in absolute terms.”

“Then you should just wait and see,” Adonis’ expression was firm. jfrQpc

“Also, since the two of you have this kind of relationship, then, perhaps he’s no longer suitable to be your successor. If you can, try to choose someone else,” the Marshal sighed with regret, “To tell the truth, I am still optimistic about him. His character is cheerful, and his enthusiasm is infectious. He is handsome too. Everything about him is suitable for becoming the idol and the face of the army. He is also extremely talented. He hardly pales in comparison to you…..”

“It’s because he’s this outstanding that I fell in love with him,” Adonis’ voice was especially proud, as if he was immensely pleased with how quickly, fiercely, and firmly his assistant had progressed.

“……That’s true,” It was the first time that he had seen Adonis have such an expression. The Marshal blanked for a moment and laughed in spite of himself, “Alright. I’m disinclined to meddle in the matters between the two of you. Just make sure to pay attention to propriety and the consequences of your actions.”

“Thank you,” Adonis nodded lightly and hung up. PE8wm3

Meanwhile, Sui Yuan and Lin Zhan were communicating via their communication devices. Compared to the more cheerful and peaceful conversation between Adonis and the Marshal though, the mood between Sui Yuan and Lin Zhan was much graver.

“……..I’m sorry. Was it because of me that you were troubled? It was because of the leftover pheromones on my body from last night, right?”

Lin Zhan who was currently resting in the dorms had heard the rumour regarding Sui Yuan and Adonis. He felt sick at the thought.

After he had had this revelation, he had learned a lot more about Omegas and Alphas. When he thought about that faint scent that had been far away yet practically made him lose all self control, Lin Zhan had to admit that the probability of his and General Adonis’ pheromones being compatible was high. Perhaps it was even over 80%. Pb4Jy7

Towards this discovery, Lin Zhan was not even the slightest bit happy. He only felt that it was like a thunderbolt striking him from out of the blue. He felt completely muddleheaded.

Was it because he had left his pheromones all over  Sui Yuan’s body that Adonis and Sui Yuan had had such a preposterous night? According to that rumour, Sui Yuan had evidently been forced by Adonis who had gone into heat. So, everything was because of him. It was his fault, wasn’t it?!

Lin Zhan simply didn’t know how to face his good friend who had wholeheartedly tried to help him, only to be implicated. However, he couldn’t avoid him. He would give anything to turn back time to fix his mistake.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Don’t think too much. This has nothing to do with you. It’s…something between me and Adonis,” Sui Yuan saw Lin Zhan’s expression of intense self-blame. He tried to calm his friend down. Only, it was a pity that no matter what he said, Lin Zhan persisted in his assumption that Sui Yuan was just saying these words for show. Lin Zhan was even more moved but he also condemned himself even more. pfNiI6

Sui Yuan felt conflicted. It couldn’t be that he had to really lose face and admit that he and Adonis had been having a secret affair? Are you kidding me?!

Ultimately, Sui Yuan sighed and firmly told the truth, “Don’t blame yourself. I……actually have been with Adonis for a long time. It was just that we were worried that it’d cause problems, so we didn’t make it known.”

Lin Zhan stared at Sui Yuan blankly. For a moment, he couldn’t respond.

Sui Yuan forced himself to tell him everything. He included that he and Adonis had always had a physical relationship. It was just that as a Beta, he metabolized his pheromones very quickly. Furthermore, Adonis had never gone into heat before, so no one had found out. Yesterday night, it was because Adonis had gone into heat after scenting Lin Zhan’s pheromones. Adonis had broken through his limits and made a mistake, so they ended up being discovered by everyone. vVSaeo

“You know that I’m a Beta. I don’t really understand Alpha pheromones. I can’t smell them either. I completely did not know that Adonis’ pheromones were still on me when I headed off to training. I’m angry at him only because he didn’t point it out to me. Also……I was a bit unhappy that Adonis had gone into heat because of your pheromones. However, this isn’t your fault. It has nothing to do with you,” Sui Yuan sincerely and earnestly dissected his own black history, hoping that Lin Zhan would not brood over this matter again.

Following Sui Yuan’s account, Lin Zhan’s expression changed constantly. It first appeared a bit surprised, then a bit funny, and finally a bit envious. Sui Yuan’s last bit made him fall into self-reproach once again though.

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When he had learnt about the relationships between Alphas and Omegas, Lin Zhan had also learnt about the relationships between Alphas and Betas. The majority of Alpha-Beta lovers separated because the Alpha met an Omega whose pheromones had a high compatibility with themselves — Lin Zhan himself could possibly become the third party between his good friend and said good friend’s lover. Lin Zhan found this difficult to accept.

“Relax. It doesn’t matter if General Adonis and my pheromones are highly compatible. I’ll never become an obstacle between the two of you.I would rather die than do that kind of thing,” Lin Zhan said solemnly, face full of unswerving determination. ErzvdA

Sui Yuan felt defeated when faced with Lin Zhan’s thought process! When did the topic jump to being a third party? Did he skip over part of the script? Where was the logic here?!

“I was never worried about this, Ah Zhan.”

Although he happily teased the other in his heart, Sui Yuan still accepted Lin Zhan’s words with a trusting smile. He put his friend’s mind at ease, thoroughly undoing the knot in Lin Zhan’s heart.

After their call ended, afterwards having experienced several ups and downs, Lin Zhan finally relaxed his tumultuous emotions. He laid down on his bed and gradually digested the fact that his good friend and his idol General Adonis were lovers. 9NDMER

W-wait a moment! If what Ah Zheng had said had all been true, then wouldn’t General Adonis know that he had turned into an Omega?!

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Lin Zhan’s mouth twitched, and he abruptly buried his head into his pillow, feeling extremely complicated.

–If only the General would give him a way out at Ah Yu’s behest. He hadn’t left his scent on Ah Yu’s body on purpose, nor did he mean to cause a cold war between the two people. Begging you to please let me off QAQ.

Juurensha: Aw, Lin Zhan seems like a good boy and a good friend. m4MDkn

Cat: Aw, poor Lin Zhan. First it was suffering in silence, second it was confronting the issue, and third it was the dog food thrown right at him.

Sere: honestly rip main characters. On a side note i randomly got into binge-ing the Villainess Noble Girl trope. Many completed ones are one shots or have less than 5 chs. Very light and fluffy. But either way, rip main charas.

Eve: Speaking of binging, I binged all the translated chapters of Exile recently. I got so into it I went to read the raws because I needed MORE. If you’re looking for a cute, fluffy mpreg story set in Ancient China, go read it! It’s being translated by the translator who did The Rich and Honourable Chang An so updates are pretty good and fast!


Translator's Note

Meaning they consider themselves to be in a hopeless situation and might as well just act recklessly

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