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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 8.6


Translated by Eve

Edited by Cat, Juurensha, Serefina FM7LcB

When Sui Yuan regained consciousness and sat up in the Body Restoration Capsule, his first reaction was to look at the date — he had to admit that he had  certainly been frightened by 5237’s explosive allegations of “doing it for a week straight”.

Fortunately, the calendar made it clear that it was only the next morning. Training hadn’t even occurred yet. It was probably that, although Adonis seemed to have lost all reason, he still managed to maintain some propriety. He didn’t actually regard him as an Omega, nor did he do him for a week — he was a Beta after all! He was absolutely a normal Beta who had no special innate talents!

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He groped around for his phone. It didn’t display any records of Lin Zhan calling him. It seemed like there were no issues on his end. Since his search for suppressants seemed to be progressing like it did in the original plot, Sui Yuan tentatively let out a breath and crawled out of the Body Restoration Capsule to stretch.

His body was completely normal. When he heard the sound of footsteps, he raised his head to glance at Adonis, who was approaching him. Immediately, his face darkened, and he glared at the other with a gaze full of complaints.


When he recalled that thing that had swelled up somewhere inside of him during yesterday’s chaos —- that thing that seemed to have been called a “knot” in 5237’s data — Sui Yuan itched to whip and flay Adonis to ruthlessly teach him a lesson.

To use a pitiful Beta as an Omega, Adonis, do you want to die?!

Adonis was pinned by Sui Yuan’s criticizing gaze. He coughed lightly, feeling awkward. He placed the meticulously prepared breakfast before him and fawned over Sui Yuan with a particularly guilty conscience, “How’s your body?”

“The Body Restoration Capsule is truly useful,” Sui Yuan answered coldly. He didn’t fight his stomach and accepted the breakfast. 1H0LnI

“Sorry. I was a bit impulsive last night. Really, the scent on your body was just too good,” Adonis sat down and leaned against Sui Yuan, wrapping his arms around his shoulders. He kissed Sui Yuan’s neck lightly —- the scar from his rut-induced bite had already disappeared. The Body Restoration Capsule’s capability was truly comprehensive. This made Adonis feel just a little bit disappointed.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

His Alpha instincts had probably influenced him to desire seeing his mark on the neck of the person he liked, indicating that he belongs to him only.

Sadly, the conditions weren’t right for him at present to bite that luscious neck again just to satisfy his own bad taste.

——There would always be another opportunity. He used this thought to comfort himself. wcNzIE

“That wasn’t my scent,” when he heard the other mention the scent, Sui Yuan felt sick to his stomach. He raised a hand to push away Adonis, who had been clinging onto him, “That was Lin Zhan’s scent.”

The person that he liked (?) went into a rut because of another person’s scent and had gotten aroused. Although the one that had been the target of Adonis’ arousal had been Sui Yuan, this still made him feel particularly displeased.

“I know,” Adonis looked at the angry Sui Yuan helplessly. Although he was happy that Sui Yuan had finally started to feel and express his jealousy over him, he still felt a bit of a headache over how he should coax his angry sweetheart, “I won’t deceive you and say that I didn’t feel anything. I’ll admit that even though his scent was faint, it really turned me on. However, it was only because the person who carried the scent was you that I didn’t control myself and indulged myself in that feeling. If the other person had been Lin Zhan, I would certainly have immediately run far, far away. I definitely would not have let that impulse bamboozle me.”

Sui Yuan glanced at Adonis with an appearance of utter disbelief. However, he accepted his words. FmNWZq

Sui Yuan wasn’t naive. After spending so much time with him, he had long since known what kind of person Zhao Xihe was. The scent on his body had been very faint. An ordinary Alpha would find it difficult to discern. If Zhao Xihe had really decided to control himself, then he definitely wouldn’t have lost himself to his desires like yesterday. Sui Yuan thought that Zhao Xihe had just wanted to try out sex with him in the way of the Alphas but unfortunately had lost his rationality.

If Sui Yuan was just an ordinary Beta, he would probably be unable to stop worrying about it. However, Sui Yuan was not an ordinary Beta. He and Zhao Xihe were existences from beyond this world. This was but a small part of their lives. Unless it was a big problem that tread on his bottom line, Sui Yuan wouldn’t take it to heart. Furthermore, Zhao Xihe was even less likely to be affected by this world and lose his way.

Sui Yuan understood Zhao Xihe’s curiosity of wanting to try out something new (?), but for the other to have gone into his rut like that  made him feel particularly uncomfortable.

“I’m sorry,” When he saw that Sui Yuan still looked unhappy, Adonis began to thoroughly reproach himself. lnCJF

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Earlier on, he had been lectured by 0007 who resented him for failing to meet expectations. 0007 said that he had begun to become self-centered again, reverting back to his previous faults of disregarding the feelings of others. At that time, Adonis had been a bit apprehensive. Now, when he saw Sui Yuan’s attitude, he hated that he indulged himself in a moment of fun, and wished he could turn back time to stop himself from inciting it.  

“P pera kjcafv ab ags la bea. Vlcmf sbe vlvc’a ilxf la, atfc P kbc’a fnfg vb la jujlc,” Cvbclr qifvufv rbifwcis. Lf ujhfv ja Vel Tejc jr lo tf kfgf jc jyjcvbcfv vbu yfuulcu obg qlas.

“Ktf wjaafg tjv jigfjvs qjrrfv. Lbkfnfg, la mjc’a tjqqfc jujlc,” Vel Tejc aglfv tlr yfra ab wjlcajlc j rfglber fzqgfrrlbc. Ktf offilcu bo yeiislcu Cvbclr ofia frqfmljiis kbcvfgoei. Yo mbegrf, fnfc ktfc tf kjr offilcu ugfja, j ifrrbc wera jirb yf ajeuta ab Itjb Wltf, “Snfc rb, P vbc’a kjca ab ajix ab sbe obg atf gfra bo atf vjs.”

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Adonis looked at Sui Yuan, waiting anxiously as the Beta put on his training clothes. Sui Yuan, however, pulled open the door and left without giving him another glance. Adonis couldn’t help but feel rather dispirited. IybNQa

“…..You forgot to tell him something,” A dumbfounded 0007 reminded his host, whose IQ had plummeted just from being ignored by his beloved.

“……What?” Adonis, who had just been wracking his brain on how he could fix his relationship with Sui Yuan, replied absentmindedly.

“Pher-o-mones,” 0007 spat out these three syllables one at a time.

Adonis: “………!!!!!!” KYEeTr

Content with having made Adonis restless, Sui Yuan was especially cheerful while making his way to the training center. He had just been mulling over Adonis’ pained expression, so he didn’t notice the fearful and incredulous expression of the Alphas who had arrived just after him, as if they had just witnessed the heavens and earth being torn apart.

Compared to the panicked and speechless Alphas, the Betas who couldn’t scent pheromones were acting much more normally. Sui Yuan joked around with them while waiting for training to start. At the same time, Sui Yuan was also attentively watching the entrance, waiting for Lin Zhan who had yet to show up.

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Since Lin Zhan hadn’t given him a call to ask about helping him take the day off, then he should come to training on time, right? Sui Yuan pushed down his anxiety. He finally caught sight of Lin Zhan’s silhouette coming in slowly just as the assembly time approached.

Immediately, Sui Yuan’s eyes brightened up, and he quickly ran to welcome him. 6Ex9L4

Lin Zhan was also very happy to see Sui Yuan. Only, the smile on his face slipped into a look of horror as the other approached. He quickly backed away from Sui Yuan and shouted, “Don’t come near me!”

Sui Yuan was a bit stunned. He stared blankly at the other boy, just standing there in place. He looked at Lin Zhan with a look of innocence, loss, and bewilderment, and couldn’t help but feel a bit worried. He especially wanted to hug the other and comfort him. It was just too bad that the Alpha pheromones emitted from Sui Yuan, while not strong, had an extremely powerful feeling of aggression that made it completely impossible to approach.

—-Damn it! He had just calmed down his Omega pheromones, but because of the Alpha pheromones on the other’s body, they had flared up again! Lin Zhan wanted to cry without tears. It was going to kill him!

The Alpha pheromones on Sui Yuan’s body were like opium to Lin Zhan. Fortunately, it was rather weak. Otherwise, Lin Zhan didn’t know if he would have enough mental fortitude to prevent himself from going into heat. ulE7tL

“….I…seem to have a bit of a problem. I can’t train, so you…help me take the day off!” Lin Zhan’s cheeks turned red, his body feverish. After spitting out this sentence with much difficulty, he immediately turned around to escape. He didn’t even have enough willpower to think about why his close friend carried such strong Alpha pheromones.

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Sui Yuan was baffled at the sight of Lin Zhan bolting away. He felt a bit worried and wanted to follow him, but stopped himself.

Lin Zhan had only acted abnormally after he had seen himself. In addition, there was a kind of attitude that suggested that the other was averse to him. Even if Sui Yuan was confused, he was aware that he himself was likely the main culprit. It would probably be better if he didn’t approach Lin Zhan for the moment.

“……What’s happening?” Sui Yuan turned his head to ask his good helper 5237 who had just started to acknowledge him again. KFwBP2

5237 rocked its plump body and sighed deeply, “It’s without a doubt due to Adonis’ pheromones that had been left over on your body from his heat last night, you blockhead! Although you’re a Beta and can metabolize pheromones rather quickly, unlike an Omega, who would preserve the Alpha’s pheromones that were poured into them for a month, it still wouldn’t disappear after only one night. Even more unnecessary to mention is that Adonis had desperately wanted to envelop your body with his pheromones last night. It doesn’t matter if your neck was only temporarily marked, or if it was marked for eternity—he still did it meticulously. So, although the scent is faint, you currently still emit a scent that says that you belong to Adonis. It would be strange if Lin Zhan didn’t have a reaction upon detecting that! After all, Alphas and Omegas mutually attract one another.”

Sui Yuan: “………”

“In other words~” 5237 was immensely pleased with itself as it turned around in a circle and continued to take joy in last night’s misfortune, “Right now, all the Alphas at the training camp probably know that you and Adonis had an affair. Really, congratulations, ah, congratulations~”

Sui Yuan: “………QAQ” wXt9Sa

Once he understood the present situation, Sui Yuan was completely mortified. He furtively observed the surrounding Alpha trainees and had to admit that everything 5237 said was true.

As an utter victim in this case, the fact that the entire world was able to tell that he’d had sex last night made him want to fall to his knees! Does this kind of setting have to be so deranged?! This kind of situation would make people feel hounded to death!

Indeed! Not talking to Adonis for one day wasn’t good enough. He should change it to one week….no, one month would be better!

Although deep inside it felt like a natural disaster was roaring in his heart, as a good actor, Sui Yuan looked extremely calm as he returned to where the other trainees were gathered. He acted as if nothing had happened and continued to chat with the Beta trainees. dmDtlj

The Alphas were especially quiet this morning. They had very little contact with Adonis and did not know that the scent on Sui Yuan’s body belonged to him. They just felt that this faint scent came from an extremely formidable Alpha. His strength both scared them witless and made them feel a deep sense of veneration, to the point where they didn’t dare to speak a single word.

Although Alpha and Omega was considered the standard pairing, it wasn’t as if there had never been an Alpha-Beta pairing before. It was just that this kind of relationship didn’t usually last long. When the Alpha met an Omega who had a high compatibility rating with them, then they’d be attracted to their pheromones and end the “absurd” relationship with the Beta.

A Beta who was with an Alpha was destined to be abandoned. Even if a small number of them are able to have their efforts come to fruition, still, the vast majority of people didn’t view it optimistically and felt that it carried a sense of tragedy.

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When they thought of this, most of the Alphas looked at Sui Yuan sympathetically. Of course, there was a bit of schadenfreude mixed in—–Sui Yuan, this powerful Beta, was still pushed down by an Alpha. It was truly lamentable. GboNZY

All sorts of feelings welled up in the minds of the Alpha trainees. The Betas also sensed that the atmosphere today was a bit not right and gradually fell silent.They took the initiative to fall into rank before the military instructors had even arrived and waited quietly.

When the instructors finally rushed over in a hurry, their faces turned all shades of purple and red, confusing the trainees even more. They were at a complete loss—what kind of grand occasion was today? The military instructors had all come so impatiently. It seemed like they were preparing to go to the battlefield?

The military instructors were not like the trainees. They had been in contact with Adonis much more often. As early as when Sui Yuan had left for the training centre, the officers who had brushed past him had long since spread the matter across the training camp that Adonis and Sui Yuan had a special relationship. All the officers who had heard of this matter felt unwell. They did not know how they should react at all!

Looking at the orderly formation, the instructors had a rare moment where they did not feel like praising them. They carefully inspected Sui Yuan from head to toe and had to admit that the scent that his body emitted belonged to Adonis. w4NCYk

Clearing his throat, one of the military instructors approached Sui Yuan. He resisted the impulse to lower his head in the presence of this scent. His tone was rather gentle and warm, “Zheng Yu, is your body ok today?”

“I’m…fine?” Sui Yuan felt a toothache and tried his best to not display any kind of resentful or embarrassed reaction. He replied very normally, “Reporting to Sir, trainee Lin Zhan does not feel well today. Please allow me to ask for leave on his behalf.”

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“Lin Zhan? Oh. Consider it approved,” The instructor’s attention was focused solely on Sui Yuan, how in the world could he have the mind to care about Lin Zhan? Moreover, Lin Zhan was a model student and had never goofed off or shirked responsibility. If he was taking the day off, it was definitely because he was not feeling well enough to participate in training. The instructor was not worried about him at all.

“Thank you, Sir!” After completing the task assigned to him by Lin Zhan, Sui Yuan exhaled a breath of relief—-After all, he was the reason for why Lin Zhan had to take the day off. It was only right for him to help Lin Zhan get through this. CIyUnB

“Speaking of which, are you really okay?” Another instructor walked towards Sui Yuan, adjusting his glasses, “Don’t put on a brave face. Your health is the most important.”

“……I……really am fine,” Sui Yuan replied, gnashing his teeth. Everyone was treating him like a terminally ill person. Just what the hell was this?!

“It’s because normal Betas aren’t as lively as you after having to take in an Alpha’s desire–especially a powerful Alpha like Adonis. At the very least, they’d be bedridden for a few days,” 5237 said, leisurely.

Indeed, no matter how Sui Yuan stressed that he was fine, the instructors did not believe him. Apparently, thinking that his liveliness was due to Adonis “not able to get it up” was an even more preposterous idea than Sui Yuan just putting on a brave face, right?! x3Jzk5

In the end, an instructor finally saw the light, “Ah! That’s right. General Adonis has a Body Restoration Capsule, doesn’t he?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The military instructors suddenly all saw the truth and uniformly looked at Sui Yuan.

Sui Yuan nodded his head while suffering in silence: “………QAQ”

Upon obtaining a satisfactory answer, the instructors all dispersed. Finally, today’s training began. It was unfortunate that everyone’s form was not very good today. Regardless of whether it was the instructors or the trainees, they were all perpetually absent-minded. rUjTk3

The Beta trainees were kept in the dark, for the most part. They had only gleaned from the conversation between Sui Yuan and the instructors that Sui Yuan seemed to have suffered a serious injury that had needed the use of General Adonis’ Body Restoration Capsule..

The Alpha trainees, on the other hand, had much more complicated feelings—-Seeing the instructors’ reactions, and the fact that they mentioned General Adonis, it couldn’t be that the scent on Sui Yuan’s body was left there by the General? No, that certainly couldn’t be. It must be that they had been thinking too much QAQ.

As for the military instructors, hehe, they had no idea what to do.

They knew just how important Sui Yuan, this genius, was to the army’s future. However, Adonis was an unrivalled symbol for the military at present. “The present” and “the future” were intertwined, emotionally and physically. Was this a joke?! The future had looked so bright until they had discovered this thing. Could they not let people be happy and free of troubles for even just a little while! Everyone in the army is going to cry to the point of fainting in the washrooms, okay?! uDK2Tr

Because this matter involved both Sui Yuan and Adonis, it was already out of the military instructors’ administrative scope. They could only report everything to their superiors and wait for the upper brass’ reaction. As for right now…..they might as well start with the little ancestor Sui Yuan and the big ancestor Adonis……

The morning’s training passed by in an awful mess. As soon as it was lunch time, Sui Yuan wavered between going to the cafeteria to eat the disgusting nourishment fluid and returning to the residence and having to see Adonis’ face. He resolutely chose the former.

He said that he had to teach him a lesson, so he had to absolutely teach him a lesson! He was a person who did what he said he’d do!

Sui Yuan made up his mind. He had just heard the instructor dismiss them and planned to head to the cafeteria when he heard the surrounding trainees burst into an uproar. DUHvIL

Gazing in the direction of the noise, Sui Yuan saw Adonis standing in the shade of a tree not far away. By his side was a domestic robot that held a lunch box in its hands.

Sui Yuan: “………”

Adonis nodded in greeting towards the military instructors who watched him with complicated expressions. Soon after, he strode over, rapidly approaching Sui Yuan whilst blocking his path.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He raised his hand to place on Sui Yuan’s shoulder and leaned down to kiss the top of his head. The always sharp and indifferent Adonis was as gentle as a spring breeze. His voice was gentle and slow, sounding like he was begging for forgiveness and compromise, “I was wrong last night. I made you unhappy. Are you still angry? You should give me a chance to make it up to  you, to take responsibility ah……” B1XijR

All the trainees: “………”

All the military instructors: “………”

Sui Yuan: “Go! The! F*ck! Away!  =皿=”

The author has something to say: bohT74

I saw that the little sisters felt so indignant in the last chapter so I released the chapter that I had just written yesterday out……Indeed, when there’s pressure, there’s motivation *wwwwww* When I wrote it before, I knew that you girls would suffer from it hahahahaha [Exciting, my *ss!]


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Juurensha: awwwww a lunch robot! And a big gesture under a tree.

Cat: I WANT SMUT TOO, also sad about AlphaxBeta relationships, i’ll just make my own ABO world where everyone can be together, fuck the hardships!!! g5FazV

sere: severe PDA alert run away immediately also same eve same

Translator's Note

He’s talking about an Omega’s special constitution that lets them get f*cked for a whole week and still be ok lmao

Translator's Note

恨铁不成钢 lit. to hate iron for not becoming steel

Translator's Note

哭晕在厕所Crying in the washroom lmao. This is internet slang. Just a joke to describe how grieved they’re feeling.

Translator's Note

In this case, they’re using ancestor as a sort of sign of respect since they’re both considered important figures. And differentiating with the adjectives big and small

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