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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 8.2


Translated by Eve

Edited by Cat, Juurensha, Celtic, Serefina M4egEk

“That…if I didn’t remember incorrectly, you’re called Lin Zhan, right?”

Lin Zhan, who was standing at the window after having decided on the flavour for the nourishment fluid that he wanted to try for lunch, was startled. He turned to look towards the direction the voice came from and immediately saw a brilliant smile.

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He didn’t know if it was because the other’s smile was too infectious, or if it was because his Eastern appearance made him feel familiar, but Lin Zhan reflexively smiled. He replied with a bit of hesitation, “Yes. You are…Zheng Yu?”

“That’s right!” Sui Yuan smiled and placed a hand on Lin Zhan’s shoulder as if they were familiar with one another. The naturalness of this action made Lin Zhan, who usually was not fond of strangers touching him, feel like nothing was wrong at all. “I heard that you and I are alike and have Eastern blood?” Sui Yuan continued, “Where are you from? China?”


Lin Zhan shook his head apologetically, “Maybe it’s China, I’m not too sure.”

“It’s just that your name sounds Chinese. Whether it is or not doesn’t matter! I just wanted to find an excuse to strike up a conversation with you,” Sui Yuan casually waved his hand. “Seeing that you’re quite amiable, I’ll have to trouble you to take care of me in the future!”

“Likewise,” Lin Zhan agreed with a nod. Lin Zhan causally ordered a serving of a random flavour nourishment fluid before moving to one side to look at Sui Yuan. The other was lightly biting his lips with furrowed brows as he gazed at the display window as if making a choice here was a difficult problem of life or death. His handsome and bright looks gave off a childish and willful air, making people really want to laugh.

Lin Zhan didn’t realize he had been laughing all along, his mood inconceivably cheerful. kqhUVr

After struggling for several minutes, Sui Yuan finally pressed the button under the urging murmurs from the discontented people behind him. Afterwards, he grabbed the nourishment fluid with a face full of aversion. He turned towards Lin Zhan, “Sorry for making you wait this long. I found that I don’t have any appetite towards this kind of taste at all.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Bear with it a bit and it’ll quickly be over,” Lin Zhan comforted him good-naturedly. Together, they walked towards the dining tables.

“I heard the military instructor say that during the training camp, the cafeteria will only serve nourishment fluid. I feel like the sky’s going to collapse!” Sui Yuan complained exaggeratingly. He tore open the nourishment fluid and drank a mouthful with knitted brows. Soon after, as if facing death, he poured a large amount down his throat.

Lin Zhan watched him and immediately felt that the nourishment fluid in his own hands that he originally had no qualms drinking had suddenly become something he could no longer bear to drink. He couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. dR0NaD

——This person’s every action was infectious. It was truly both good and bad.

“Clearly it hasn’t even been a week since I’ve left home. However, I’ve already begun to reminisce about my mother’s Chinese home cooking. One is heaven while the other is hell!” Sui Yuan smacked his lips, throwing the nourishment fluid’s container to one side. Tilting his head as he looked at Lin Zhan, “Don’t you think so? You seem to be really used to eating this kind of thing.”

“…I’ve never had Chinese food. Or rather, when I did eat it I was too young, so I don’t remember it anymore,” Lin Zhan’s expression was calm as he replied, his black eyes revealing a slight smile, “I’ve been living at an orphanage since I was six years old. They only supplied nourishment fluid there.”

Sui Yuan immediately realized his own mistake and awkwardly opened his mouth, “Sorry…” gjGeiQ

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“There’s nothing to be sorry about,” Lin Zhan shook his head, his tone gentle, “I feel that my life has been very good. I also don’t hold any sort of impression of my birth parents.”

“…Ktja’r gluta! Ktf bgqtjcjufr jgf jirb ecvfg atf ubnfgcwfca’r mbcagbi. Ktf mbcvlalbcr kbeiv yf ubbv,” Vel Tejc jvvfv klat j rwlif jr tf lwwfvljafis mtjcufv atf reypfma. “Cr rbwfbcf klat Sjrafgc yibbv, tbk mbeiv sbe tjnf cfnfg ajrafv Jtlcfrf melrlcf! Ojafg, P’ii wjxf la obg sbe. Ciatbeut ws rxlii lr ojg ibkfg atjc ws ojatfg’r, la klii ralii vfolclafis yf yfaafg atjc cbeglrtwfca oielv!”

“Ok, I’m looking forward to it,” Lin Zhan smiled, nodding his head. His favourable impression of his new friend increased a lot.

“You can occasionally eat your own cooking to your heart’s content, but you can’t eat it every day,” the trainee beside Sui Yuan and Lin Zhan interrupted. He had also finished his meal. “Our training is really intense, and it’s only nourishment fluid that can provide enough nutrients and calories. Home-cooked meals can’t even compare.” gastNj

“Naturally I also know this!” Sui Yuan glanced at the other, annoyed, nodding his head in embarrassment, “I obviously would only make it once in a while. I’m also busy with training, I won’t have time to make it often—-when I have a chance, everyone should come have a bite!”

“Sounds good!” The rest of the trainees guffawed. Regardless of whether Sui Yuan was sincere in asking or was only speaking thoughtlessly, at least the mood was good. The interaction between him and everyone else was very harmonious, making it easier for him to fit in.

The training camp didn’t just hone their individual combat ability, but rather emphasized group combat. It was beneficial to have good interpersonal abilities and teamwork, considering the training to come. Although Alphas were arrogant and preferred to interact only with other Alphas and Betas were even more inclined to stick together, because of the training camp, the Alphas and Betas were not divided at all.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The trainees rapidly familiarized themselves with one another during lunchtime. After a short rest, the afternoon training would begin. e163ui

Unlike the morning session, which was a relaxed tour of the facilities intended to familiarize them with the Mechas and the theory behind them, the difficulty of the afternoon session was increased. Much to the surprise of the trainees, there was an unexpected guest that had a lot of their jaws dropping from shock.

In the rest time between the physical training sessions, the news about General Adonis arriving spread amongst the trainees like wildfire. After hearing this, everyone was skeptical but full of anticipation nonetheless.

Everyone who had an interest in Mechas has heard of Adonis’ name. Furthermore, amongst this group of trainees, General Adonis was everyone’s revered idol. They had grown up hearing about him all the time.

When this group of trainees had just started to show an inkling of interest towards Mechas at the age of six or seven, the barely eighteen year old Adonis had just become a well-known budding star due to his SS physique and SS spiritual ability. Soon after, during his first military campaign, he was appointed by the dying commander to lead the Mecha squadron to mount a sneak attack on the enemy’s HQ, catching them off guard. After having achieved this crucial victory, the military broke protocol and awarded him the rank of Lieutenant. At this point, he truly lived up to the people’s expectations. CychAe

After participating in wars for several years, Adonis reinforced his legendary image. His formidable combative ability, outstanding command ability, and charisma that simply made one feel inferior, all contributed to his promotions, raising him far above his original position as a lowly first lieutenant. Furthermore, he became a worthy hero in the hearts of all the youth. Even to this day, Adonis, who wasn’t yet 30 years old, had already become the youngest General. Moreover, for Alphas, at 30 years old, he wasn’t even at the peak of his life yet.  

Currently, the children who had listened to the tales of his deeds while growing up were now all 17-18 years old. They were at the age where they could officially join the Mecha Training Camp. For these youths who had always been longing to catch a glimpse of their idol, after hearing a rumour that Adonis had arrived, how could they not be excited?

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Only, although they were incessantly excited in their hearts, the trainees did not dare make any moves and allowed themselves to be guided by the military instructors to continue training properly. This made looking around distractedly very hard to do.

“So if General Adonis is going to come here and will also go to our commanding officer’s office, then doesn’t this have nothing to do with us?” Lin Zhan and Zheng Yu had paired up, facing off against one another in wrestling. Taking advantage of the military instructor’s inattention, Lin Zhan spoke softly in a low, regretful voice. GLNUIW

“That’s definitely the case,” although Sui Yuan was 100% certain that the man had come to look for him, this did not hinder him at all from expressing disappointment far greater than that of Lin Zhan.

“Anyway, it’s only after we pass the evaluation and become true Mecha pilots that we will have the opportunity to see the General,” Seeing Sui Yuan with this sort of disappointed appearance, Lin Zhan reflexively consoled him, “My dream is to become General Adonis’ direct subordinate—his warrant officer, how about you?”

“Me?” Sui Yuan laughed happily, winking, “My goal is to be as outstanding as him — to be a successful soldier!”

“You’re more ambitious than I am,” Lin Zhan was beside himself with joy for a moment, laughing loudly. Immediately, they attracted the military instructor’s attention. nUXARQ

Lin Zhan and Zheng Yu looked at one another in shared misery. They had no choice but to dejectedly accept their punishment. While the other trainees got to rest, they continued to practice on their own.

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Lin Zhan’s strength was weaker than that of an ordinary Beta. After the punishment ended, his face was pale, causing Sui Yuan to worriedly lend an arm in support. He asked Lin Zhan whether or not he could continue with training. Lin Zhan looked at him apologetically as he nodded his head to express that he could continue.

“Sorry. I made you have to suffer the punishment along with me,” Lin Zhan’s voice was upset. He tried hard to normalize his breathing.

“It’s also partly my fault. You can’t clap with one hand!” Sui Yuan shrugged his shoulders, replying nonchalantly. kQEjTS

While the two people conversed in low voices, the trainees suddenly burst out in an uproar. The name “Adonis” could distinctly be heard.

Lin Zhan and Sui Yuan immediately turned their heads and saw their military instructor quickly advance towards a blonde-haired man. Their instructor saluted the other with great respect.

The man had the large build of an Alpha. He had blonde hair that was as dazzling as the sun and blue eyes like ice—sharp and cold. He was not in military attire. However, even when he was wearing casual clothes, it was impossible to stop his imposing air from leaking out —-it was an aura that could only be tempered amidst gunsmoke and the fires of war.

Adonis was quite similar to Max of the previous world. However, he was even harder to make eye contact with. Sui Yuan didn’t know if he’d be able to act out this kind of intimidating role if he were assigned this sort of role in the future…….Sui Yuan’s expression revealed a look of shock and adoration, and so on, just like all of the other trainees around him, but his mind was somewhat distracted. CgNzJ

——Anyway, it wasn’t necessary for him to think about these things now, since he might not even be able to make it to the next role.

Adonis and the military instructor conversed in low voices. Soon after, the former voluntarily remained where he was, while the military instructor returned to the trainees, barely covering up his excitement and nervousness.

The military instructors did not discuss Adonis at all. They only continued to organize the trainees into the next exercise. The trainees immediately became extremely alert — their childhood hero was watching on the sidelines. No matter who it was, they were unwilling to lose face so as to not give their hero a bad impression of themselves.

After strength training was over, agility and spiritual ability training were next. Under pressure from being watched by their idol, the trainees all acted abnormally. Some trainees were much more focused than usual. However, there were also some who were weak under pressure and erred over and over again. The instructors noted the names of the students who made mistakes, planning to have them undergo extra pressure-resistance training—-as soldiers, being unable to work under pressure was simply the greatest taboo on the battlefield. Dvtpd5

Lin Zhan was one of those people who displayed extraordinary ability. Originally, because his strength was his weak point, he paid special attention to his agility and spiritual ability, rendering them even more outstanding. His two abilities had even exceeded that of several Alphas, causing the military instructors to repeatedly raise their eyebrows. Meanwhile, Sui Yuan was quite unfortunate, ending up on the instructor’s blacklist.

Naturally, Sui Yuan was not nervous because of Adonis’ presence. He only…had not yet gotten used to the training camp’s methods. Despite having received the original body’s skills, he was not at all skillful. Under 5237’s guidance, Sui Yuan managed to finish training despite being flustered, receiving a C grade, just barely meeting the minimum standard. His expression was obviously that of remorse and dejection.

Upon terminating the training, the military instructor gave each trainee a summarized evaluation. He recounted what Sui Yuan needed to work on. Lin Zhan pat an embarrassed Sui Yuan on the shoulder, tactfully expressing that Sui Yan could look to him for help in the future. He immediately received a grateful look from Sui Yuan.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After the summarized evaluations, the military instructor sent an inquiring glance towards Adonis. Upon seeing Adonis make his way towards them, he immediately retreated to one side, handing over his spot to him. pZuEe0

As Adonis got closer, the previously calm students immediately became restless. They tried hard to restrain their nervousness and excitement, looking at the general with eyes full of anticipation — if they could hear him speak even just a few words, it would be good. 

Adonis stopped before the trainees, his sharp gaze sweeping a look over them. Upon seeing the bright, young faces full of excitement, the originally cold and stiff expression became a bit softer. He slowly opened his mouth, “During this time, I will be taking a post as an instructor here.”

The trainees, who had originally been holding their breaths as they listened with rapt attention, immediately opened their eyes wide, flabbergasted. Although they did not understand why General Adonis would come act as an instructor at the training camp and were a bit worried that he had been forced here, they still were incapable of covering up their happiness upon hearing this news.

Adonis paused for a second. After the trainees had time to process this news, he continued, “Therefore, I require a student to act as my assistant. He will take my place in taking care of several trifling matters. This matter must not be delayed for too long. In return, if my assistant has any issues here at the training camp, then I can find time to give out a pointer or two.” Sed1s0

If the previous bit of information could be called a pleasant surprise, then this second piece of information was practically terrifying. The brains of all the trainees felt dizzy from this attack. However, subconsciously, they all stretched their necks in expectation as they looked at Adonis, trying hard to put their best foot forward in order to attract the other’s attention.

The people who had performed well during the training were even more confident. Meanwhile, those that did not perform too well hated themselves for being disappointing. Adonis’ gaze swept around the crowd of expectant faces several times, finally meeting Sui Yuan’s face.

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Sui Yuan did not dare to make any unnecessary movements. He only tried hard to hold back the blush on his face—-He knew that the other party had come for him. This was because the original plot did not have this sort of development, and Adonis was only supposed to appear on the eve of Lin Zhan’s graduation. It was only because he displayed an outstanding performance and specially received the instructor’s recommendation that Adonis had met him.

Upon seeing Sui Yuan’s nervous and expectant appearance, as if he was a concubine about to spend the night with the emperor, Adonis, who has never received such a look from the other person, slightly smiled. Putting on an act, he swept a glance at Sui Yuan’s name tag, and muttered to himself, “Zheng Yu…? Do you want to be my assistant?” KoyegU

Suddenly, everyone in every direction gazed at Sui Yuan with admiration, envy, scrutiny, or fussiness. Sui Yuan had long since prepared to show an expression of being overwhelmed with favour, as if this was hard to believe. Soon after, Lin Zhan elbowed him lightly. It was only then that he suddenly reacted, immediately breaking rank and responding in a loud voice, “Yes. I want to, sir!”

“Very good,” Adonis nodded, satisfied. He turned his gaze to look at the military instructor who was wearing an expression of incredulity, “Then I shall first take this child with me.”

“Of course, there’s no problem!” The instructor said, and although he could not understand why Adonis had chosen Sui Yuan, who had performed terribly just now, he did not dare to carelessly question the general. Immediately, he allowed Sui Yuan to be excused.

Adonis gave a salute before turning to leave. Sui Yuan also turned his head to glance at Lin Zhan and discovered that while the other was envious of his “good luck”, his expression was clear, not in the least showing any negativity. Smiling, Sui Yuan then indicated with a gesture that he would contact Lin Zhan later before quickly following behind Adonis. wsRdQA

“Na! This is a good opportunity. You have to clearly explain to him that he must try hard to cooperate with you!”

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5237 circled around Sui Yuan, prattling on as if this would calm his heart.

Sui Yuan did not respond. He could only apologize to 5237 in his heart.

The author has something to say: w Ctik

How could there be ladies out there telling me that I’m close to finishing? Obviously, this story is only half way there! Even I don’t know when this will be completed [sad face]. Today, the landlord’s child bought four chicks. I had no idea that this kind of animal that I had liked to raise when I was young was this noisy! Indeed, when you’re raising it yourself, everything is fine. But when other people are raising it, then everything is annoying. = =


Eve: I was disappointed that SY was a Beta at first. But seeing what happens later on *wiggles eyebrows*

Cat: Forgot to add a couple of things from last chapter *cough* but did anyone realise that Sui Yuan’s role is similar to Max’s and Ya’s from last arc in the original timeline? Max found out how unique Ya’s mindset was from other mermen’s -> Zheng Yu found the perfect mindset of Lin Zhan from other Beta’s?!?!? Am i the only one that found that similar?? Also another thing i wanted to add, though i hate ABO, i found this one quite unique as well, as last chapter stated…or was it this one *sweatdrops* “Alpha’s are rare” now you don’t normally see that in ABO now do you? ehHZ z

Juurensha: yeah, normally it’s male omegas that are rare, isn’t it?

Serefina: it’s a trope don’t think too hard.

Translator's Note

A battle cry

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