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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 8.10


Translated by Eve

Edited by Serefina, Cat DYiydL

Under Adonis’ brazen protection, Sui Yuan’s army career passed by just as smoothly.

The soldiers under Adonis’ command were even worse fanboys than the trainees. Adonis personally led them time and time again to victory, attaining honour over and over again. The majority of the officers had already followed him for 10 years or even longer. No matter what it was, anything that was covered by Adonis’ halo was revered by the soldiers. It wasn’t even necessary to mention Sui Yuan, Adonis’ “darling” who he deeply cherished and treated with the utmost care and caution, as if he was deeply afraid of not being considerate enough.

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Despite that, a portion of the people thought that Sui Yuan was not worthy of Adonis, and were afraid that he would be spoiled. Very quickly, they learned not to think that way, as Sui Yuan’s actions dispelled their misgivings.

Sui Yuan was cheerful and optimistic. He easily integrated himself into their group, as if he didn’t believe he was “special” at all. He also never asked for any special treatment.


He seldomly went searching for Adonis. Most of the time, he mingled with the soldiers of his little squad. They trained together and connected with one another. Even Adonis’s attention towards this little squad rose quickly. It was unfortunate though, that this little squadron could not bear this kind of attention.

—-They didn’t want to become the General’s non-existent love rivals at all~ We beg you to please let us off QAQ

“Since you’re dating, you should take the initiative!”

The soldiers who originally were worried that Sui Yuan would disrupt Adonis’ work as a soldier, one by one began to say that he should spend more time by Adonis’ side. This was because as long as Sui Yuan was there, Adonis would become warm like a spring breeze. DPbWr3

On the other hand, if Sui Yuan didn’t meet with him for a period of time, Adonis would become callous and strict–even worse than how he was before.

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“Cough, cough. Is Zheng Yu here?”

Sui Yuan, who had just finished sparring with his comrade-in-arms, brushed his sweat-drenched hair and raised his head. He saw an officer standing at the dorms’ entrance, expression awkward.

“Major!” Sui Yuan saluted at once. He noticed that the other wanted to say something but was hesitating with his emotions in disarray. Therefore, Sui Yuan took the initiative to ask, “Do you have any orders?” RMVUaG

“It’s not an order…that…You…do you have some free time now?” The Major cautiously spoke.

“…I do.” Sui Yuan looked like he understood what he was getting at.

“Please help us QAQ” projected from the Major’s eyes. He impatiently grabbed onto Sui Yuan’s arm, hastily explaining, “There was a mistake in the work that the General had assigned. I had just scouted around and heard that the General’s mood is not good right now…” He turned his head to look at Sui Yuan. The Major’s face was full of complaint, “How long has it been since you went to look for him?”

“…Most recently, I’ve been preoccupied with squadron training. I couldn’t be absent for this. So…a week?” Sui Yuan’s lips pulled up slightly as he explained. YXoTah

“Indeed,” the Major quickly followed up, “You should first go accompany the General. I’ll come make my report 10 minutes later. Please, please~”

Sui Yuan: “………………”

—-Where are those outstanding fighting gods? What about the legendary elite heroes? All of them are so lame, are you kidding me?!

Sui Yuan was urged by the Major to go to the General’s HQ. As soon as he entered, he received the silent welcome of everyone inside, who were all moved to tears. An officer, who was leaning by the door, secretly stuck his thumb up to the Major who was outside. What he had done was truly too beautiful! Xpzby

They had just been forced into such a cruel training QAQ. The General’s poisonous tongue really made people feel like they had nothing to live for. QAQ

The originally cold and downcast atmosphere was swept away at once. When Adonis saw Sui Yuan, his previously gloomy and fidgety mood was immediately cleared up. He even took the initiative to stand up and walk towards Sui Yuan, caressing his sweat-soaked hair from his forehead, “Has training ended?”

“En. It just ended–I didn’t even have time to take a shower and wash up before I was pulled here to rescue HQ…” Sui Yuan said the latter half of his sentence very quietly. Everyone at HQ could hear it very clearly though. Although Sui Yuan’s tone was extremely petulant, no one planned to empathize with him at this time–Take a shower? How was this more important than saving their lives?!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Adonis, who felt cheerful now, naturally felt distressed for his exhausted beloved. At the same time, he was extremely satisfied with his subordinates tact and awareness of the situation. He looked around at the officers who were nervous to the point of feeling numb with a smile that wasn’t quite a smile. Adonis immediately spoke up to allow Sui Yuan’s entrance through the side door of the Command Room to his personal room to rest, eat, and shower–it would be amazing if Sui Yuan would lie on the bed looking like a delicious meal while waiting for him to finish work, so that they could do some heavy exercises that were good for both the mind and body. 6foi G

Sui Yuan naturally knew what kind of nonsensical thing Adonis was thinking. He silently turned his head as he pushed open the side door. He had only said a sentence of complaint, but in the blink of an eye the Command Room’s atmosphere changed from a frigid winter to that of a warm spring, and all of the people inside could happily continue to give their mission reports in a  relaxed manner.

After having a relaxing hot shower, Sui Yuan, who felt comfortable in both body and soul, laid on the bed with a milk pouch in his mouth. He was just feeling drowsy when he suddenly heard the sound of conversation from the Command Room outside abruptly stop. It was completely silent.

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“Of course,” Sui Yuan’s eyes exposed a smiling expression, his tone firm, “We are soldiers who have been waiting for this day.”

Adonis stood up and walked until he stood before Sui Yuan. He pulled him into his embrace and lowered his head to kiss the top of his head, encouraging him and wishing him well.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Sui Yuan closed his eyes and buried his head into the other’s chest, the corners of his mouth raising silently.

One of them was looking forward to their upcoming serene future together; the other was mourning for the end of their peaceful lives as well as their separation that was close at hand. I 6fD1

War was merciless. They had still been laughing and encouraging one another a moment before, as comrades-in-arms promising to survive together. Yet in the next moment, everything vanished in a puff of smoke. Not even their skeletons remained. Everything was a cruel baptism to the new recruits.

Some people fell apart. In their hearts was a shadow that was difficult to get rid of. Afterwards, they were killed. Some people would pull themselves together, pressing on with the memories of their dear friends, becoming true soldiers.

Within this group of new recruits, whose spirits were exhausted when faced with the torture of having to kill or be killed, Sui Yuan’s performance was particularly dazzling. It was as if he wasn’t a new recruit facing war for the first time.

Indeed, this wasn’t his first time experiencing war. oUIkOP

He had killed an unknown number of people in the previous worlds. He had even personally started a terrible war, causing the people of that world to fall into extremely miserable circumstances.

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Sui Yuan was tailor-made to be an actor. He had all the elements that an actor should have. Aside from the plot and his character, he didn’t care about anything else–Of course, now there was also Zhao Xihe. Likewise, towards things that the vast majority of people would be unable to endure, he did not possess any deep feelings towards them.

He fought with a clear mind, displaying his proper skill level. Even when his team hesitated, he decisively lead them. He swiftly and resolutely guided them to raise their weapons at the right time.

Very quickly, Sui Yuan distinguished himself from within his little squadron. He rapidly changed from an ordinary new recruit to a squadron leader. This also provided further evidence so people could not criticize his position in the military. iWA zy

“Every time I see him, I see how you used to be,” a Colonel, who had enlisted at the same time as Adonis and was currently acting as the deputy commander, watched the distant Sui Yuan, who was like the moon surrounded by a myriad of stars after fighting. He sighed, deeply moved, “You two are the same kind of person, both natural-born soldiers untouchable by us common folk.”

The corners of Adonis’ lips raised. His chilly eyes only warmed up a bit when Sui Yuan was mentioned, “That’s why we’re a match made in heaven.”

“…” The deputy commander who was choked half to death felt that he shouldn’t raise this kind of topic that let Adonis happily and easily show off their love again. He immediately turned away, “I heard…that guy named Lin Zhan is also a soldier you raised. His performance is also not bad at all, about the same as Zheng Yu.”

When he heard the other mention Lin Zhan, Adonis’ expression immediately became displeased. Adonis, who had always been gazing at Sui Yuan and was vigilant to everyone by his side, naturally had seen all of Lin Zhan’s changes in emotion. Although the relationship between him and Sui Yuan was just that of friends, nonetheless, Adonis did not miss that minute ‘bud of love’ that had been quickly exterminated. DGO6ce

—-This was simply unbearable to Adonis!

“Hey, hey, hey. It’s a child you raised yourself, how could your expression turn bad the moment he’s mentioned? This is as if you regard him as a rival in love…” The deputy Commander discovered that he had unwittingly hit the bullseye and fell silent as he shoved the words he was going to say back down his throat. He decisively turned his body and quickly left this problematic spot.

When he thought about how the data had mentioned that Sui Yuan and Lin Zhan had been inseparable friends at the training camp, the deputy commander, who had just uncovered a big piece of gossip, became very excited. He was impatient to secretly share this with other people. After all, during the war, they only had this sort of pitiful kind of hobby to amuse themselves with.

General Adonis’ rival in love? Nothing could be more impressive! gt0czA

“…Rival in love? Who?” Lin Zhan, who had just been conferred the title of Major and became the leader of a team, repeated this blankly, looking like he was at a loss.

“General Adonis,” The soldiers had drank a little too much during the celebration ceremony and had begun to ramble, teasing Lin Zhan and smiling mischievously, “We heard that leader and General Adonis are rivals in love? That you like his beloved Captain Zheng Yu?”

“Everything is nonsense,” Lin Zhan found this to be both funny and embarrassing. He raised his hand to gesture, “Ah Yu and I are just friends. Friends for a lifetime.”

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When the soldiers saw their commanding officer’s blushing cheeks, from either the wine or from his shyness, they all roared with laughter. They didn’t care about what was true or not. They only cared about the gossip itself. 1e9Y3Z

Their commanding officer unexpectedly dared to PK (with his emotions) with the legendary, unmatched General Adonis. It was very emotional to think about!

Lin Zhan forced the rising heat of his face back down. He lowered his head to drink a mouthful of wine and couldn’t help but open up his communication device to the page with Zheng Yu’s name. He saw the smile of the youth who appeared young and experienced but valiant, and it was so brilliant it looked like it could light up the whole world.

The barrier that held back his emotions began to crack under the battering of the alcohol. There was no way to hide the thoughts in his heart. Since they had started to fight, aside from the liaison between Command centres, in order to prevent any leakage of information, the soldiers’ communication devices were monitored. Unless it was a critical moment that concerned life or death, they were not allowed to use it for personal reasons to get in touch with people of the outside world.

How long has it been…since he’s seen Zheng Yu’s smile or heard his voice? Although he more or less knew of the other’s outstanding combative performance, Lin Zhan still wanted to know whether the other was safe and sound, or if his smile had been erased by the conflicts of war. jYvNzn

“Major Lin Zhan!” The door to the room was pushed open. A soldier with a grave face walked in. Immediately he broke apart the banquet’s originally joyful ambiance. While other people looked at him with nervous gazes, the soldier made his way to Lin Zhan’s side. He bowed then whispered in his ear, “General HQ has ordered an emergency conference. Please head there immediately.”

“I understand, many thanks,” Lin Zhan immediately stood up. His sharp gaze swept around as he looked at his subordinates, “Manage yourselves. Return to prepare for imminent combat.”

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“Yes!” Amidst everyone’s reply, Lin Zhan headed towards General HQ. He didn’t know why, but his rapidly beating heart gave him an extremely ominous premonition, as if he would soon be dropped into an abyss, unable to escape.

He was silent the entire way there. The atmosphere in General HQ that awaited Lin Zhan was even more oppressive. When Lin Zhan arrived, several other officers had also rushed over. When everyone was present, the middle-aged General seated at the head breathed in a deep breath and spoke in a serious voice, “I just received the news that the enemy troops have already broken through our main force. They have surrounded General Adonis’ Command Centre spaceship–We must dispatch a team as soon as possible to assist them.” 48dgQs

Each word and sentence entered their ears, making all the officers’ brains extremely sober. Lin Zhan, whose hands were clenched into fists, appeared especially calm amongst the worried officers. He was so calm that he did not show even a trace of any unnecessary emotions.

The General named several officers and troops, requesting that they come forward to provide support. Finally, Lin Zhan heard his own name.

“Yes!” He answered loudly.

The short meeting ended and the officers quickly dispersed, carrying out the order they had just received. Lin Zhan naturally was no exception. m43ire

“Major Lin Zhan,” the officer who came to his side gave him a profound look, “General Adonis is a legend. There’s no way anything will happen.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Thank you,” Lin Zhan nodded towards the other, “I’m not worried.”

—Who’d be worried about that guy….

“You…” The officer appeared to want to say something but hesitated. In the end, he sighed, “You should find some time to treat your injury. Although it’s a small wound, however it’s on your hand. If the enemies mount a sneak attack, the wound could influence your mecha piloting.” cVGDuT

Lin Zhan lowered his head, and only then did he notice that the palm of his hands were dripping with blood.

“…I will. Thank you for reminding me,” Lin Zhan forced a smile, “Sorry for letting you see me like this, losing my self-control.”

“Everyone understands. Compared to the vast majority of people, you’re still much better,” The officer patted Lin Zhan’s shoulder. He then turned at a fork in the road. Lin Zhan closed his eyes for a second, then quickened his pace.

The enemy came prepared. They used several troops as distractions, creating an illusion of having divided their forces. However, the main troop quietly and rapidly encircled General Adonis’ General HQ. They did not hesitate to pay any price in their attempt to eradicate him. LXOdcb

They had suffered countless losses by Adonis’ hand and had practically become obsessed with him–even if they couldn’t attain victory this time around, as long as they could kill Adonis to pacify the innumerable spirits that had died under his hands, it would be enough.

If Adonis were to die, if their pillar were to crumble, then the day they made their comeback would be the day of their victory.

Even if it was the battlefield’s legend, before this kind of besieging in which they would pay any cost, even though he didn’t have the power to reverse this desperate situation, General Adonis still led his army into a blood battle. With his own forces, he managed to push back the main forces of the enemy several times, wiping out countless foes. However, in the end, he ultimately failed to hold up until the day reinforcements arrived.

General Adonis led the injured soldiers to control the main ship in order to attract the enemy forces. Captain Zheng Yu was ordered to lead the remaining soldiers who could still fight to break through the siege and assist reinforcements. zrj9lb

When the Mecha that had long since been devastated by gunfire until it was changed beyond recognition led the remaining forces to finally meet with the reinforcements, it quietly disappeared amongst the confusion, leaving not even a single trace.

Sometime later, the army received news. The enemy’s General HQ spaceship had self-destructed. It was completely paralyzed so the troops immediately seized the opportunity to launch a counterattack. Lin Zhan, who had previously been praised as the hope for the future, did not let anyone down. Although it was his first time on the front lines, he incited the soldiers to turn their fear and hesitation due to General Adonis’ “disappearance” into hate and courage.

—-They had to look for their General who had disappeared without a trace amidst enemy ranks.

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—-They had to avenge Adonis. 6vPkwC

The paralyzed Command Centre of their adversaries was unable to withstand the onslaught of the soldiers who were suffering from grief and resentment. They were an army burning with righteous indignation and bound to win. They would prove that even if General Adonis was not here, they could still achieve victory. No matter when, Adonis will forever be with them. He will forever guide them and boost their morale–towards victory!

From the mouths of their prisoners of war, everyone found out the truth behind their enemy’s main ship’s paralysis–it was because two Mechas had self-destructed. One was General Adonis’s. It was black, like a monstrous demon. The other had also been identified. It belonged to General Adonis’ sweetheart, Captain Zheng Yu.

They treated themselves as double-edged swords and achieved yet another glorious victory–the final victory.

The enemy, whose main forces suffered heavy casualties, was dispersed as they retreated. The army, which had preserved much of its strength, pursued the retreating enemy, preventing them from having any room to breathe. rdRoQc

For the first time, the two adversaries who had been fighting for hundreds of years, could finally determine who was superior. At last, the war which lasted for decades had ended in the utter defeat of one side, left completely unable to fight. The two sides signed a peace treaty, divided the land, paid reparations, and swore allegiance.

“The war costed us too much. We also need time to recuperate,” standing by the ship’s window, Lin Zhan, who had already become the next Adonis, watched the enemy quickly leave after signing the peace treaty. The lips of Lieutenant General Lin Zhan, who became the new pillar of the army, raised, “However, we cannot let them off easily. In my lifetime, I pledge to completely wipe their names from history!”

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—-He will live in the name of a certain Beta until he gets his revenge.

Behind Lin Zhan, everyone’s eyes blazed with an undying fire of hate. ySu2ZK

—-However, all of this already had nothing to do with Zhao Xihe, who had already broken away from his identity as Adonis.

He and Sui Yuan had ended their act on a grand and spectacular scale. Afterwards, Zhao Xihe heard absolutely no news of his beloved who had promised to live out the rest of their lives together with him. It was as if he had never existed.

The last words he had told him was ‘We will see each other again.’

Sui Yuan, however, did not respond. He only smiled slightly. Oo8zRe

An enormous dread filled him. Even at the moment of his death in the real world, Zhao Xihe had not felt such fear and confusion.

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He knew that he had lost something that he absolutely could not lose, but he didn’t know why.

“Where is he?!” Zhao Xihe’s pair of red eyes stared at his own system, almost going mad. Countless feelings flooded his body, but he had no way to vent them. Only when he found the other, when he found that person, would everything end.

“Based on my level of authority, I cannot locate him,” 0007’s tone was as calm as before, not in the least emotional, but it was just enough to guide Zhao Xihe’s remaining sense of reason, “The target has already left this world. He has not gone to another world, nor is he in the spaces between worlds either.” NFdB3Q

0007 paused. Finally, it gave out a piece of slightly comforting information, “The only one who knows the truth is probably 5237. Would you like to communicate with system 5237?”

“Of course,” Zhao Xihe replied, carefully enunciating each word.

5237 had to know. Even if it didn’t know, he would make it admit that it knows.

If Sui Yuan wasn’t here, then he’d destroy everything. As a veteran actor, Zhao Xihe had already touched upon several rules and knew just how to destroy everything. sURdH6

Before, he had never thought that he would have to break the rules. Now, he was impatient to do just that.

—-If they did not return Sui Yuan to him, if they didn’t erase Zhao Xihe in time, then, everything would completely disappear.

Zhao Xihe’s lips bent upwards. He was clearly in despair, yet smiled so cheerfully.

The author has something to say: ZxHtSQ

This world is over. Since many little sisters are afraid of abuse, so I have already reduced the abuse to the point where it can barely be seen~ My dear little sisters…Please imagine it yourselves. This kind of plot is also not that interesting if we talk about it too much. This story is a happy one! En…I won’t say anything more [covers mouth @[email protected]]

Eve: 🙂 Why. Just. Why must I hurt like this. Also, if Lin Zhan and SY got together, who’d be the gong :blobhyperthink: On a side note, I finished Exile raws (I’ll put my short review at the bottom under a spoiler box). I have also started to read one called “Interstellar Stay-at-home Dad” and it’s the funniest/dumbest story I’ve ever read. There’s no MC more shameless than him. I also made a spoiler thread if you’re curious!

Cat: prepare for angst everyone, the next arc is a rollercoaster.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

sere: ZXH gets what he deserves hmph hmph for being so mean to poor SY uy78rn


Exile Review

Over all impression: cute, fluffy story about farming (sort of?)/family life. MC and ML have a very natural and sweet relationship. ML is such an endearing hubby and father. MC is so cute and lovable. The children are little rascals but I can’t help but adore them. Some plot and intrigue more towards the middle and end. The only thing I’m not too happy about is how abrupt the ending was. I wish the author wrote a little bit more about what happened after — just some more cute everyday stuff, especially between MC and Ml, or some future snippets with the kids grown up.



Translator's Note

something like this

Translator's Note

surrounded by admirers

Translator's Note

  Fight 1v1 with someone. Player killing. Gaming term.

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