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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 8.1


Translated by Eve

Edited by Cat, Juurensha, Celtic, Serefina YBKwPq

“….Say, where’s the good and proper BL world you promised?!” When Sui Yuan had finished reading this world’s plot, the first thing he did was direct his grudging gaze at 5237.

Contrary to expectation, 5237 did not respond for a long time.

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“5237?” Sui Yuan suddenly had a premonition that something was not quite right and subconsciously raised his voice.

5237 suddenly shook. As if its spirit had suddenly returned, it circled around Sui Yuan once as it forced a laugh out : “Sorry, sorry. I just received some news so I got distracted. What were you saying?”


“…Why is this world still as strange as the last?” Sui Yuan composed himself, feigning disinterest while asking.

“This also isn’t my fault QAQ” 5237 immediately adjusted its awkward-sounding voice, adopting a resentful tone as it responded, “You still have the nerve to ask this! Look at your points from the last world! Can you even look straight at what you’ve done?”

”I know that my score is really terrible, so I just wanted to know if there were any problems. Am I being penalized?” Sui Yuan’s voice was calm.

“That’s right! This is because—” 5237’s accusing voice came to an abrupt stop. A long while later, it lowered its voice, “It’s because you were messing around. A single make-up assignment isn’t enough, so you have to do it a second time…” XgY3q

“What’s the penalty?” Sui Yuan did not let 5237 evade the topic, and instead accurately pulled the conversation back on track.

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5237 choked for a good while before reacting: “….Did you just try to take advantage of my lapse in attention to trick me into answering you?”

“Yup,” Sui Yuan was not at all ashamed. On the contrary, he looked at 5237 with an expression full of honesty and pity, as if he was worried about its low IQ, “I didn’t think that you would not fall for it.”

“….Little Sui Yuan has been corrupted by Zhao Xihe’s bad example QAQ” 5237 at a loss, accused with eyes full of tears, “Where’s my wittle innocent and naive Sui Yuan who would believe whatever I said! Huwwy and wetuwn him back to meeee~!!!!! uwu” iaRrum

“Even if you throw a tantrum, act dumb, or act cute, don’t think that you can get away with it today,” Sui Yuan ruthlessly and shamelessly provoked the system, destroying 5237’s wish to pretend that everything was fine.

5237 shut its mouth as it fell silent, becoming more uncooperative.

Sui Yuan sighed: “I know that you’re worried for me and that you’re afraid that I’ll feel upset after hearing it, but I don’t want to continue on in ignorance like this. Even if I were to be destroyed, this needs to be clear nevertheless.”

“….Ok,” 5237 murmured, tone no longer forcefully exuberant as before, “Although I still feel that you’d be happier not knowing, but since you’ve already realized, if I were to hide it, perhaps it’d end up even worse.” zrgxtm

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

“Ktjcx sbe,” Vel Tejc atjcxfv 5237 klat eawbra rlcmfglas.

“Cmaejiis…… P rtbeiv jqbibulhf olgra. Coafg jii, P….bc atf cluta P kjr ybgc, P kjr ecjkjgf bo j iba bo atlcur. P mbwqifafis vlv cba atlcx atja atf gfnlfk obg mtjculcu ogbw DX kbgivr ab DO kbgivr kbeiv yf rb raglma…” 5237 ofii rlifca, mgfraojiifc, jr la cfrafv lcab Vel Tejc’r mtfra, lar wbbv vlrtfjgafcfv.

As a system, 5237’s feelings were not as rich as what it had showed on the surface. Its character had already been set. All of its  reactions were more or less predetermined by its programming, but now, it truly felt a sense of remorse and sadness that would soon fry its circuits.

“This isn’t your fault. It was for me that you decided to change worlds. Moreover, even if I didn’t change worlds, how long could you protect me? We’d be discovered eventually,” Sui Yuan was especially good at understanding other people. Or rather, he had long accepted that this day would come, so he was particularly calm. tIrdeF

“Since the auditing computer program has more authority than I do, it means that I am helpless and can’t interfere with its judgement. Furthermore, its judgements are passed to the upper levels, so…” 5237 swallowed down its next words, as it was unable to spit it out.

“So, my creator has realized that I am incapable of carrying out my duty and it’s been decided that I will be destroyed?” Sui Yuan calmly added, “When? Now? Or will it be after this world?”

“……After this world,” 5237’s body shook lightly and it suddenly raised its voice, “Actually, it’s not that terrible! Doesn’t it give you one last chance? If you do your task well this time and don’t mess around with Zhao Xihe, then the crisis will be over!”

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Sui Yuan hung his head, his fine eyelashes covered his black pupils. His serene expression made 5237 unable to tell what he was thinking. fVBLRw

—-When did the child, who couldn’t hide any of his emotions, grow up to be like this? Even if it was 5237 who had been by Sui Yuan’s side all this time, it was also unable to figure it out.

“Hey, did you hear what I said?” 5237 bumped against Sui Yuan’s body, as if urging him. Sui Yuan‘s silence made him more and more uneasy, “Zhao Xihe will definitely come looking for you. When we see him, you have to speak to him! Tell him everything. Right now, there aren’t any confidentiality clauses. He likes you so much so he certainly won’t want you to be destroyed. He’ll feel wronged this once, but once you’ve smoothly passed the audit, then everyone will be happy!”

After having said this, 5237 felt that its proposal was more and more reasonable and its mood rose.

Sui Yuan’s lips twisted and he raised his hand to pat the excited 5237 that was turning around in his arms. He calmly asked, “And then what?” h roA3

“After? What afterwards?” 5237 was particularly bewildered.

“Afterwards, do we continue to act in this “slacking off” manner? Waiting until my creator is fed up with me?” Sui Yuan smiled, but the words that came out of his mouth made 5237 completely dumbfounded. It felt a slight chill.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“W-when the boat gets to the pier-head, it will be smooth sailing! When it gets to that point, we’ll have a new solution!” 5237 forced a smile as it denied it, “This time, you absolutely cannot fool around! This is a matter of life or death!”

“Yeah,” Sui Yuan replied, smiling. He placed 5237 to one side and began to skim over the plot’s details as well as his own character settings. PsU9NV

5237, who had been put to the side, felt tangled inside as it rolled around on the bed. It didn’t know whether Sui Yuan’s “yeah” meant “Yeah, I’ll do as you said”, or if it meant “Yeah, let me think about it”—did he simply want to upset it to death, huh?!

After having experienced the beast world and the merman world, Sui Yuan was able to remain calm with regards to these particularly strange settings. The world this time was an ABO. It meant that aside from males and females, there were also Alphas, Betas, and Omegas. If one was to compare it to the males and females in ordinary worlds, then Alphas were like males. They were all very powerful and they were leaders. Omegas were like women.  Their bodies were weak and they were practically only responsible for giving birth, just like Sui Yuan’s previous merman role. Finally, there were Betas who were somewhat in the middle. They were just average and made up the majority of the workforce.

Compared to the differences between Alphas, Betas, and Omegas, the difference between males and females was not that important. The only difference was really just their external appearances. There were female Alphas and there were male Omegas. The Sui Yuan who was no longer ignorant towards sexual matters was especially curious. If a female Alpha and a male Omega happened to get together, why was it the male Omega that got pregnant?!

Afterwards, 5237 very cheerfully responded to this question — it was because female Alphas also had dicks! And they were very spectacular! aT6Yx2

Sui Yuan:“………”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

——He had thought that nothing could topple his three views again, but between males and females, just what was the difference?!

5237 answered: “Women have breasts and men don’t ╮(╯▽╰)╭”

Fortunately, 5237 had been much more generous when choosing his role. This time, the role Sui Yuan had to play was that of a Beta male. Beta males could be said to have closest to the male body that Sui Yuan was familiar with. This made it so that he didn’t have to face that kind of hermaphrodite body (5237: Beta males are also kind of hermaphrodite-like. It’s just that you can’t see it from the outside, that’s all=_=) and he didn’t have to be bothered by heats or ruts. dhrLqt

That’s right, Alphas had ruts and Omegas would spontaneously enter their heats. After they came to sexual maturity, regrettably, they would periodically secrete pheromones that would attract Alphas. Alphas’ ruts would then be triggered by the Omega’s pheromones. In the case in which the Alpha and Omega’s pheromones reached an 80% or higher compatibility rating, then once they went into heat both of them would lose all reason and drown in desire. Nothing could stop them.

However, Sui Yuan was a Beta, whose pheromones were diluted to the point of being nearly undetectable. At the same time, he would not be influenced by the pheromones of Alphas and Omegas. This truly made Sui Yuan let out a big sigh of relief. After all, to lose one’s mind out of lust sounded like it was quite dangerous. It wasn’t beautiful at all.

Only, when he looked at the two protagonists’ settings, his feeling of relief immediately vanished in a puff of smoke. He unconsciously furrowed his brows, completely unable to overlook the negative feelings in his heart.

Of the two protagonists, one was an Alpha. The other was an Omega who was pretending to be a Beta. According to the plot, the two’s pheromones’ compatibility reached 95%. In other words, in the plot, when the Omega reached his heat and was discovered by the Alpha, then even if Zhao Xihe’s willpower was strong, he would also be unable to resist the temptation. iYRxha

“……I know that you would feel uncomfortable with this kind of setting,” seeing that Sui Yuan’s brows had knitted, 5237 timidly comforted him, feeling awkward, “However, isn’t this better for your task? This way, Zhao Xihe cannot thwart your plans. As soon as the heat hits, he’ll get together with the Omega. See if he still has the face to come make trouble for you and interfere with your work after that!”

Sui Yuan blinked. Towards 5237’s smile, he did not respond at all. Nonetheless, he quietly came to a decision inside of his mind. This decision made him a bit excited and a bit disappointed. While it was not to a particularly high degree,  he still had some lingering remorse and sorrow.

His life was about to end, so Sui Yuan wanted to be willful at least once. Even if his willfulness this time would hurt someone else, he still decided to do it.

—–It wasn’t easy to arrive in this world. He didn’t want to leave with any regrets. If this was going to be the last time, then he wanted to properly enjoy himself. XHiEqc

5237 finally saw Sui Yuan suddenly relax and let out a sigh as if he had suddenly been enlightened. It was most afraid that Sui Yuan would stray into difficult territories and harm himself because of his messy feelings. If Sui Yuan could get over it and no longer be worried about Zhao Xihe, then everything would be fine!

So, 5237 transferred from its database all general knowledge pertaining to ABO worlds to Sui Yuan. It was rather enthusiastic in helping Sui Yuan integrate into this world and fantasized about the beautiful scene that awaited them after smoothly passing this world.

The excited 5237 didn’t notice that Sui Yuan looked at him with a gaze full of guilt. Really, he should light a candle for it.

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The technology of this world was more or less the same as the technology of the merman world. It was also an interstellar society that predominantly relied on mechas. Only, while he had been a merman who could not mess around with mechas in the last world, in this world he was a mecha pilot-in-training. Once he completed his training and attained his qualifications, then he could become a proper mecha pilot and would be able to have a mecha of his own. cAh5Nu

Lin Zhan, one of the protagonists, and Sui Yuan’s character were fellow mecha pilots-in-training. What was different was that while Sui Yuan was a true Beta, Lin Zhan had gotten an Omega inhibitor shot, thereby inhibiting his body from emitting Omega pheromones. In this way, he became a Beta and entered the Mecha Training Camp.

Lin Zhan himself was not at all aware of his own Omega identity, so when the inhibitor gradually lost its effectiveness, he was scared to death. However, because he adored mechas, he was unwilling to leave the training camp to become a domesticated Omega for some Alpha.

Zheng Yu and Lin Zhan were close friends. Since they were the only two Easterners in the training camp, they became close really quickly. While Lin Zhan only felt feelings of friendship towards Zheng Yu, Zheng Yu held feelings that were more than friends but less than lovers towards Lin Zhan.

In this world both Alphas and Omegas were rare. With the guidance of pheromones, the combination of AO was something they could not go against. As for Betas, they mostly got together with other Betas, spending the rest of their lives together. YaWscx

Zheng Yu had always wanted to find a like-minded Beta lover and Lin Zhan was the first person he had met that he had found to be so agreeable. Lin Zhan’s outside appearance was that of an Omega. He was extremely beautiful and his temperament was warm and strong. He also loved mechas as much as Zheng Yu did. In Zheng Yu’s eyes, they were simply a match made in heaven.

Thus, when Zheng Yu found out that Lin Zhan was actually an Omega, the devastating shock he received was no less than what Lin Zhan himself felt.

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Since he couldn’t bear to refuse his friend’s request and because of his unspeakable thoughts, Zheng Yu decided to help Lin Zhan hide his identity. After all, if Lin Zhan’s identity was discovered, he would inevitably be driven out of the Mecha Training Camp. Afterwards, he’d be forced to bond with an Alpha. Zheng Yu, as a Beta, would not have any opportunities to be with Lin Zhan.

It was just a pity that God’s plans superseded their own. Lin Zhan’s identity was seen through in the end. The second to discover his identity was an Alpha. Whether it was through strength or social status, Zheng Yu had no way to compete with the Alpha. Even worse, the other party was the idol Lin Zhan revered, Adonis. AQ2lDu

Because Lin Zhan adored mecha technology and had a tenacious temperament, after Adonis lent a hand to help him out, Lin Zhan’s feelings towards the protagonist, Adonis, changed from reverence to adoration. Soon after, when he went into heat, the two people bonded naturally. Zheng Yu retreated sadly and could only bless them as a good friend. In the end, he sacrificed himself during a fight and became a martyr.

—–With regards to this, Sui Yuan could only sigh with sorrow.  Being killed in an explosion could only be painful. Coupled with the feeling of defeat, Zheng Yu’s life was simply too tragic!

After having skimmed through the supporting male lead’s life and then connecting it to his previous tragic roles, Sui Yuan suddenly felt that his own life wasn’t the most wretched.

After all, he still had Zhao Xihe who liked him all along. Moreover, having experienced so many worlds together — having spent so much time together — he had so many beautiful memories. His death will also be his own work, so shouldn’t his death be justified? wpzxob

Indeed, as long as there was something to compare to, he would feel comforted. Even if he was going to die, Sui Yuan still remained happy.

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——In any case, he had made up his mind. Now, it all depended on Zhao Xihe.

The author has something to say:

I believe that I will be very gentle. The tone of this world is still very happy. Maybe I will end up abusing you a little, but it’ll immediately become happy again! Don’t break, you must believe in me ah QAQ madfKh


Eve: *mutters to self* this is HE, mijia said this is HE, come on Eve, pull yourself together. *tears up anyways*

Juurensha: System is so cuuuute.

Serefina: ABO is one big kink uH19TJ

Translator's Note

  Thank you Zryuu for translating this alien cutesy talk.

Translator's Note

Everything will be alright

Translator's Note

水到渠成 – lit. where water flows, a canal will form. Fig. when conditions are right, success will follow naturally

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