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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 7.8


Translated by Eve

Edited by Cat, juurensha, serefina 3GKY o

After the attack on Max and Dima, the struggle between the army and the government became even more intense. They were basically tearing at each other’s throats. Of course, the masses were still kept in the dark. On the other hand, despite being mermen who had little to do with such affairs, Sui Yuan and Ya could perceive the approaching conflict.

Ya continued to design his clothing and expand his endeavour. Moreover, under Max’s design, he and Dima continued to “devotedly love one another.” As for Sui Yuan, in front of others, he acted as if he was nothing but a set piece. Behind people’s backs, however, he lived the simple, quiet life of being harrassed by Max.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

This continued on until the next plot point arrived.

Since Ya had came to this world with a golden finger, he very quickly went from an obscure merman to an A-list fashion designer. Furthermore, it wasn’t clear whether it was due to his unique identity as a merman or if it was because he was Max’s mate, but in brief, within two years, he was invited to attend the Fashion Design Association’s most prestigious award ceremony. Those who won the grand prize would be considered true fashion design masters and not just one praised by empty words.


When the judge panel announced that Ya had received a nomination, it naturally piqued the interest of the masses. From the mermen, who were supposedly only useful for “giving birth”, came someone as prominent as Ya. Furthermore, his fame was not just a sensational topic brought about by the mermen’s extremely sought-after status that could soon be forgotten. On the contrary, he became more and more famous. With regards to Ya’s success, many people considered it to be the start of the rise of the mermen. There were many differing opinions, both positive and negative.

Some people encouraged the mermen, who had been domesticated since long ago, to follow Ya’s example in contributing to society. At the same time, there were people who were firmly against the mermen becoming independent from their owners. They were worried that after the mermen gained self-awareness, they would become more and more dissatisfied with being treated as birthing machines and eventually revolt.

Regardless of this seemingly incessant debate between other people, Ya himself was just overjoyed to receive this invite. As a protagonist who struggled for the sake of his career, how could he not win an award after his success in his career?

Even though Ya had also thought about guiding the mermen to become independent to a certain degree, correcting the idea that both the mermen and their mates had attached to them and thereby granting them freedom. Until now, it had seemed too distant of a goal. It was only when he had truly gained a foothold in society, and  his words had power, would he be able to slowly accomplish his dream. O07IiH

The invite had only been addressed to Ya and his mate, Max, but, as Ya’s exclusive model, Sui Yuan was naturally pestered by Ya until he had no choice but to nod his head and agree to go with him to the award ceremony  banquet.

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Ya wanted Sui Yuan to attend because the invited designers could show off their most remarkable design during the banquet, and Ya had realized that it was only upon Sui Yuan’s body that his designs could truly exhibit their charm.

As Sui Yuan’s mate and Max’s deputy, as well as Ya’s good friend, Dima also could not escape. Of course, Dima himself hadn’t wanted to escape anyways. He and Ya had cooperated for so long, helping him transform from a noisy nobody into the current most sought-after fashion designer. Dima was more eager than anyone else to see him dazzlingly stand on the podium and obtain his well-deserved glory.

On the spacecraft, Sui Yuan sat by himself, dozing off, and occasionally glanced nervously at Max, who was engrossed in operating his smart computer. yDwXGk

He heard Dima explaining to Ya the issues that needed to be paid attention to with regards to interstellar travel. Very quickly, the topic of their conversation moved from the vast universe to that of the award ceremony. Obviously, no matter if it was interstellar travel, or if it was the upcoming banquet, nothing could help Ya calm down. He urgently wanted to find a rational way to vent his feelings, and the gentle and patient Dima naturally was the most ideal target.

Towards this Ya who was brimming with excitement and hope for the future, Sui Yuan especially wanted to burn a stick of incense for him. This was because, very soon, he would not be able to be happy.

This trip was unfortunate, not fortuitous. What was to come next was a hijacking by an extremist anti-merman-independence group who had been incited by Max’s political enemy, who wanted to use this opportunity to eliminate Max. The hijackers wanted to prevent Ya from attending the award ceremony banquet and ensure that the merman would not be given any opportunity to shine. Mermen should obediently let themselves be locked up at home and give birth!

In order to ascertain the safety of the other innocent passengers, Max had no choice but to allow himself to be helplessly captured. Then, Ya, who held deep feelings of friendship and a vague feeling of love towards Max, would refuse to let Max be captured on his own.Together, they would righteously allow themselves to be captured, holding no thoughts of backing down. pRsFtn

Fortunately, the mermen were valuable beings to be treasured and pampered. Even if Ya was Max’s merman, the kidnappers only had the idea to sell him for a high price or to keep him for their own enjoyment. They didn’t plan to make things too difficult for him.

If it was an ordinary merman, then in this sort of circumstance they would be of no use. However, Ya obviously had the courage and wisdom ordinary mermen lacked. Under the kidnappers contemptuous yet lazy watch, Ya and Max would act together to successfully escape, bringing forth the plot’s final climax.

Of course, what was most important was that the two people’s feelings advanced by leaps and bounds after passing this crisis. Max realized he already held feelings for Ya and Ya also came to understand his own intentions towards Max. He would no longer deny his own feelings.

If……everything were to go according to the plot, then it would end up like this. However, Sui Yuan knew that Max absolutely would not act according to the plot. rWXDA9

Besides, if they were to talk about the plot, he and Dima would not have been able to go with Ya and Max to begin with. He would have just needed to obediently sit at home and wait for the two people to return after having encountered a mishap. It was completely unlike his present situation, in which he found himself in the middle of the situation.

—-How will Max mess things up next? Sui Yuan threw aside the already unredeemable plot, as he was painfully vexed.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Fqbc rfflcu atf eclnfgrf obg atf olgra alwf, Vel Tejc jcv Tj ybat obecv la ab yf j cbnfi fzqfglfcmf. Lbkfnfg, cflatfg bo atfw kfgf lc j ubbv ogjwf bo wlcv ab wjgnfi ja atlr rtbmxlcuis yfjealoei nlfk. Vel Tejc vfnbafv jii bo tlr jaafcalbc ab byrfgnlcu atflg reggbecvlcur jcv kjamtlcu Zjz’r fnfgs wbnf. Pa kjr pera j qlas atja cb wjaafg lo tf kfgf ab tlca ja la, bg fnfc lo tf kfgf ab fzqilmlais rajaf tlr wlcv, Zjz kbeivc’a ybatfg ab rtjgf tlr qijcr.

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Max more or less knew that Sui Yuan was strongly attached to the plot and was afraid of even the smallest divergence. Sui Yuan would try to grab hold of any loophole and try to force the plot back on track. So, to straightforwardly let Sui Yuan agonise himself to death was simply deranged to the point of making one’s hair stand up on end. j zZed

Only, even if Max didn’t say anything, Sui Yuan was also able to see the discrepancy between the situation at present and the original plot.

Aside from the fact that Max and Ya, these two people, had been changed into four people, Max had also brought with him many guards, using the excuse that the current conflict between the military and government was too intense and so  he wanted to be careful. Could it be that Max planned to straightforwardly render this time’s plot device into something that wasn’t even worth mentioning? Did he plan to kill the kidnappers and allow Ya to safely attend the award ceremony banquet?

Although he could not say that this  wasn’t a possibility, Sui Yuan also felt that there was no way Max would not painstakingly do such a “benevolent” thing.

“There’s a problem! Quickly stand guard!” While Sui Yuan’s head was in the clouds, Max had suddenly set down the computer, and issued a command in a loud voice. With one hand, he seamlessly separated Sui Yuan and Ya. With his other hand, he pulled out the gun that was holstered to his waist. Fuq06J

At the same time, all the guards that Max and Dima had brought along also came to attention. A small fraction of them attempted to appease the frightened passengers that had received the evacuation notice. The majority of them, however, sprinted out of the spacecraft’s cabin.

What happened next was pure chaos. As a pampered, weak merman, Sui Yuan could only show a bitter expression. The frightened crowd pushed and shoved as they tried to escape to a place without bandits. At this time, the cockpit and ship hold had become the site of a dangerous fight between the bandits and the guards. The bandits managed to kill several members of the flight crew and were trying to gain control of the spacecraft. However, they were stopped by Max and Dima’s guards. The two sides’ troops fought bitterly in the cockpit, causing the originally steady spacecraft to rock violently from side to side, rendering the previously chaotic situation even worse.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

When the spacecraft’s gravity system was damaged, Sui Yuan, who was experiencing zero gravity for the first time couldn’t help but immediately feel as if he would drop dead. The vertigo, the nausea, and the rush of blood to his head — Sui Yuan who was pushed in all directions also felt his ears ring and his sight dim. He simply did not know where his own body was . He could only instinctively grab ahold of the arm that had been thrust into his hands who-knows-when and attempt to sober up.

“The spacecraft is going out of control! Quick! Make your way to the lifeboats!” Along with the sounds of bullets whizzing through the air came everyone’s anguished wails. The sudden shout made the last of everyone’s rationality slip. ntsWE

The passengers, scared witless, made their way towards the lifeboats. However, Dima was pushed away by Max upon reaching the lifeboats.

“Max!” Originally, as someone who held a civilian post, Dima was not at all used to this kind of violent situation. He looked at Max, at a loss, wanting to grab him back by force. But in the next second, he was forced to catch the person who was suddenly shoved into his arms.

”Take Ya and leave quickly! The spacecraft can’t hold on for much longer. Their target is me. I can’t escape, but you can definitely get away! Dima, you know what you need to do. Absolutely do not let this kind of scum get what he wants!”

Max sharply looked at Dima, preventing the other from retorting. The tone of his voice was calm, leaving him no room to refuse. When he saw that Dima’s eyes were full of despair, he suddenly softened his tone, and looked profoundly at Dima and Ya, “Take good care of Ya for me. Just in case I don’t return, take my place and take good care of him for the rest of your lives.” 4p6ulc

“No! Max! Come with us!” Ya shouted sternly as he struggled, wanting to throw off Dima’s arm that was subconsciously restraining him. Yet, Max only shook his head, “I can’t do that. They managed to plot and execute such a crime after risking so much, how could they bear to let me go? If I were to climb aboard as well, then all of the passengers on this lifeboat also wouldn’t be able to escape. They would definitely think of a way to shoot down the lifeboat. It is only if I stay here, that the other people will have a chance to escape.”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at melimeliarts.com

Ya opened his mouth. He understood the problems, but to abandon Max like this, in any case, Ya couldn’t get over it.

”Dima, leave now!” Seeing that Ya was still hesitating, Max sternly chided him. Dima reflexively obeyed his orders. With one hand, he carried Ya. With the other, he held onto the spacecraft’s handrail and made to move towards the lifeboat. After moving several hundred metres, he suddenly reacted, and he turned to look at Max again.

Max shot at a bandit, protecting them as they escaped. As if he felt Dima and Ya’s longing gaze upon him, he slightly tilted his head, and raised his lips into a faint smile. The hand that wasn’t holding a gun was also raised, and he waved with force, as if rushing them, while also as if he was saying “goodbye”. dbULQi

Dima felt his own eyes sting and was left speechless. The tears brimming in his eyes made it nearly impossible for him to see clearly, but he did not stop again. Instead, he resolutely turned his head while clenching his teeth, as he held onto the still struggling Ya, and quickly sprinted towards the lifeboats.

As Max’s deputy, he had to push down his feelings this time. Dima hated that he could only escape under Max’s protection, but he knew that he currently could only go along with this.

The enemy’s target was Max. If Max were to die, then as the sole person who knew of Max’s plans, aside from him, there was no one else who could replace him and continue forth — Dima also could not let off the mastermind of this attack. He would absolutely make them regret their most recent conduct and deeds. A debt of blood must be paid in blood!

Dima and Ya were the very last survivors to reach the lifeboats. After the two of them boarded the ship, the door closed. Afterwards, the final lifeboat was ejected from the spacecraft. sY7nQN

Seeing that the lifeboat was getting further and further away from the spacecraft, Ya shrunk into Dima’s arms and trembled slightly. He looked around the interior of the lifeboat with a pale face, just after recovering from his shock. Suddenly, he remembered what he had forgotten, and weakly said: “Lan…….What about Lan?”

Dima’s face turned dark and he gritted his teeth. He had naturally looked for any trace of Lan earlier, but he couldn’t find his beautiful blue merman— perhaps he had been separated from them amidst the frantic  crowds earlier on? Supposing he was all alone, as a delicate merman who had almost never left the house, what was he to do? He was not on the same lifeboat as them, so maybe he was on another one? Or maybe he had been injured and had already died. Or even worse, he could still be inside the spacecraft, unable to leave.

—–He was most definitely the worst mate ever. Not only did he not spend much time with him, but he didn’t care for him or love him wholeheartedly. He couldn’t even protect him and help him escape. He didn’t even know if he was alive or dead.

Max……Lan….. BnUOQ1

Dima raised his hand, and pressed down on his eyes, struggling to keep himself from falling apart.

He couldn’t afford to be weak right now, he had to be strong. He still had a duty to fulfill and a grudge to settle. Also……Max had entrusted Ya to him……

The interior of the lifeboat was quiet. Occasionally, there would be the sound of a suppressed sob. The people who gained a new lease on life did not know whether they should rejoice that they were alive, or if they should feel aggrieved for  their family and friends who hadn’t escaped.

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Suddenly, a loud cry echoed, and everyone unanimously turned their heads and looked through the porthole in the direction of the spacecraft. jRuPk6

The spacecraft that they could no longer make out clearly amongst the starry universe suddenly brightened and burst into a fiery blaze— it wasn’t very bright, but it was as if everyone was blinded by it.

There was no sound of an explosion. The blaze quietly burned. Soon after, it slowly died out, like a silent pantomime.

After a long time, there were people who could no longer suppress their grief and the sound of sobbing filled the air. Immediately, the entire interior of the lifeboat was filled with the sounds of weeping.

Ya buried his head into Dima’s arms as his shoulders trembled, with tears soaking the other’s clothing. He felt desolate from the bottom of his heart. Dima, on the contrary, dropped his hand that had previously pressed down on his own eyes. He looked at the dissipating blaze’s direction, expressionless, as if he wanted to deeply imprint this scene into his heart, leaving himself forever incapable of forgetting it. On his handsome face, his two black eyes that were filled with tears hardened, reflecting a temperament just like that of Max — cold, sharp, as if he had nothing to fear. 41 jyQ



If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at melimeliarts.com

3 years later, the political scene was completely overturned. Nearly two-thirds of the important figures, such as the President, the Vice-President, and the Secretary-General of the Federation were overthrown successively. Even after leaving office, many of them were arrested, imprisoned, abused, and some of them even died one after another, either by “suicide”,  accident, or were reported as missing– it was unknown whether they were dead or alive.

After a series of changes, Dima, who had once been Max’s deputy, brought forth many outstanding contributions and t was thus promoted to Major General. 5 years after, he was promoted to Lieutenant General, and ten years later, he was promoted to General after his outstanding performance in the fight against the interstellar intruders. JfSlFg

As for Ya, after a low period, he finally put himself back together with Dima’s encouragement. Now, he had become the uncontested number one fashion designer in the world, as well as the world’s number one mermen’s rights advocator. With Dima’s support, he stood firm against the waves of approval and opposition. Furthermore, as the founder of the Mermen Rights Defense Organization, he made its icon a happily smiling blue merman, in commemoration of his friend who would never come back. 

The only unfortunate part was that although everyone thought General Dima and Ya would finally get together, they were left disappointed year after year. Even though the both of them were very close, they could never cross the line of friendship. This was because there were two people that they could never forget, forever remaining as an obstacle between the two of them.

Still, love was not everything in life, right?

“Did you miscalculate?” Sui Yuan laid on the bed, lazily swaying his tail, moving his gaze away from the news on the television screen. DvE H4

Not far from him, the white Crystal beast and the black Nightmare beast nestled together. The two contrasting black and white lumps of fur especially loved people — even if their natures were difficult to deal with. However, since their irresponsible masters were focused on the plot, or were focused on destroying the plot, they could only rely on one another for company. At present, they were bickering like an old married couple (?). They were simultaneously quarreling and reconciling endlessly.

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“Although Dima’s upright character exceeded my expectations, it’s no big deal,” Max ran his fingers through Sui Yuan’s long, blue hair, speaking indifferently. Soon after, that dishonest hand followed along the hair’s length until it reached Sui Yuan’s pale back, before continuing onwards. His hand moved from his slender waist to his flat and smooth abdomen. Softly pressing down, Max spoke with a face full of disappointment, “Can this body really not conceive a child?”

Sui Yuan’s expression stiffened and he suddenly flipped over, expertly using his tail to ruthlessly swat Max’s hand away: “Wanting a kid, have you gone crazy? If you want one, give birth to one yourself!”

“First of all, I can’t give birth. Secondly, I don’t plan to have a child. After all, I don’t want to be a irresponsible father. Furthermore, I don’t want you to divide your attention between me and a little fellow.” EdA1nO

Max comforted him and appeasingly patted Sui Yuan on the head as if he was a dog, “I just wanted to verify that what the system said was true. After all, despite how often we make love, you’ve never shown any indication of getting pregnant. It’s a bit weird. If you were a real merman, we’d have at least 3 or 4 little babies crawling around chaotically already.”

Sui Yuan glared at Max angrily, and turning his body, he picked up the Crystal beast and held him in his arms. He refused to continue to discuss about this kind of subject matter that lacked moral integrity with the other person.

At the time of the hijacking, Max’s plan was absolutely decisive. When everyone was confused, he took the opportunity to use his points to purchase a prop to hide Sui Yuan’s body. Then, he drove Dima and Ya out. When the spacecraft exploded, he then used a teleportation prop to escape.

After his plan to fake his own death had succeeded, Max assumed the pseudonym, Zhao Xihe, and took Sui Yuan with him to settle on a remote planet. Their life together was happy and harmonious. eIvu9l

Although he kept in mind what his points would be this time around, however, it was the first time Sui Yuan had completely deviated from the plot. After feeling helpless for a short while, he rapidly adapted to this relaxing sense of freedom. He had no need to fear that he would OOC and could completely live out his own life. He was unable to stop himself — aside from the perpetually horny fellow who was always propositioning him at the side, everything was extremely good!

And so, after having tasted this sweetness, Sui Yuan could not place all the blame onto Zhao Xihe and reluctantly regarded himself as the other’s accomplice. Although he often echoed 5237’s criticism of Zhao Xihe’s behaviour in doing whatever he pleased, deep down, he did not really blame him.

If it wasn’t because of his special identity, then Sui Yuan would quickly be “corrupted” by Zhao Xihe. However, when Zhao Xihe asked if he wanted to spend the rest of his life with him, Sui Yuan still had to refuse.

Fortunately, although Zhao Xihe was disappointed, he was not discontented, nor did he get angry. He continued to respect Sui Yuan’s choice. wJYf4B

“It seems that I haven’t worked hard enough. I’ve yet to move your heart,” Zhao Xihe shrugged his shoulders, smiling with a bit of regret.

Sui Yuan opened his mouth, but ultimately pressed down the explanation that he had wanted to blurt out. With much difficulty, he pretended to agree.

“It’s been 10 years since we deviated from the plot. This is also as far as I can drag it out. Then, since you still want to continue your tasks as an actor,  we ought to return now. I hope that next time, you’ll accept me.”

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Zhao Xihe grabbed hold of Sui Yuan’s shoulders, and lightly touched his forehead to his. Then, he slowly disappeared in a bright light. YfcsjT

Sui Yuan smiled faintly at him. When he could no longer see Zhao Xihe’s figure, his smiling face morphed into one of bitterness.

“…..Sui Yuan, what’s wrong?” 5237 felt a bit nervous as he swayed his body. During these few years, Sui Yuan’s wavering heart was also seen by 5237. However, as Sui Yuan did not say anything to it, 5237 also did not say anything to Sui Yuan. Both his verbal warnings and preventative actions yielded little, in terms of results. Sui Yuan was incapable of suppressing his change of heart. 5237 naturally could not do so either. Since neither of them could do anything about it, then they might as well just turn a blind eye to it……

Although it was like they were just deceiving themselves, but if they were to avoid talking about it, it would be like they hadn’t yet discovered it. So the situation……perhaps, it wouldn’t be as bad?

“It’s nothing. Let’s go,” Sui Yuan shook his head, tone seemingly normal and relaxed. He teased 5237 a bit, “It seems that your capability is far inferior to that of 0007. It’s able to do so much, and you can’t do anything at all.” rMhHfP

“And whose fault is that, you scoundrel!” 5237 instantly exploded, “If it wasn’t because you’re only able to gain the minimum amount of points every time, then I would long have been upgraded several times!”

“That’s not my fault! It’s all because of Zhao Xihe!” Sui Yuan retorted, righteously.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After having said that, Sui Yuan and 5237 both quieted down, as if they had touched upon a taboo subject.

“An-Anyways, we should also go back, right?” A good while later, 5237 cleared his throat, and spoke, not too naturally. 7KDkFQ

 “Okay,” Sui Yuan nodded, and closed his eyes, dissolving into the white light.

The author has something to say:


After pondering, the story still ended up in this way. The plot is still basically the same as how I had envisioned, only it’s probably been too long since I had come up with the outline. Or maybe it’s because I’ve been away from the story for too long, and thus can’t find that feeling and so this ended  abruptly *cough cough*. The next story is an ABO. I didn’t want to write it originally, but I read several stories before and felt that they were full of love. So, I decided to add it in. It’s just the right kind of story to help change the relationship between Sui Yuan and Zhao Xihe. When we enter the BL worlds, the routine of protagonist x his supporting male lead will change a litte. It’s boring to see this all the time, right? wwww o6mZE4

Cat: ^^ okay that authors note sounds bad….also, you better appreciate this damn chapter 22 pages QAQ it was headache central for me, not from the chapter but it didn’t help either way. Say thank you to the lovely Eve you had translated this far, QAQ i just want to cry in a corner now. *sniffle*

Please visit melimeliarts.com

Eve: juurensha & serefina also thought it was long. ….which it is but….it could be worse. I could be Storm doing 8-10k word long chapters :blobdizzy: Anyways, yet another tragic (?) ending, yet another arc finished. Onwards, to ABO and MC development!

Translator's Note

like a cheat in a game

Translator's Note

令人发指-idiom for very angry

Translator's Note

惊慌失措 lit. to lose one’s head out of fear

Translator's Note

床头吵架床尾和 refers to the fact that a married couple shares the same bed. It’s saying that if a couple is arguing by the headboard, they only need to flip their bodies, they will have reconciled. This means that any arguments between partners shouldn’t last very long, and that they shouldn’t go to bed angry with one another. It’s in this way that the marriage will last. This was too much to localize so I just went with bickering like an old couple haha

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