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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 6.9


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Shocked, Sui Yuan really wanted to kneel down to Seno’s extraordinary imagination. Catching sight of Leonard’s abnormal smiling-not-smiling expression, Sui Yuan could only work hard in explaining himself. “Brother, what are you saying! That isn’t my… that isn’t our child!”

“He’s not?” Seno furrowed his brows. He hesitated, then asked with uncertainty and disbelief, “If he’s not your child, then how come he looks exactly like you did when you were younger? Moreover, his body seems similar to Leonard’s……”

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He paused, shooting a sharp glare at Leonard, and reprimanded him, “Unless, this is the kid between you and some other sub-beastman?!”



At this moment, the Crystal Beast within Sui Yuan’s embrace finally reacted. It suddenly made an infuriated squeaking noise. Although it failed to understand exactly what was going on, it could not accept this conclusion– he was clearly his master’s beloved spirit beast! Meanwhile, the Nightmare Beast and Sui Yuan seemingly had no relation at all! If they were to talk about who was his child, then it should be him, ah!

The noisy Crystal Beast caught Seno’s attention. Seno quickly lived up to the Crystal Beast’s expectations and noticed how it also carried the scent of Sui Yuan on its body. He couldn’t help but deeply wrinkle his brows. “And who did you have this child with?!”

Sui Yuan:“………………”

The finally acknowledged Crystal Beast made a display of sticking out it’s big fluffy tail, swaying it leisurely. yvwLMX

Seno looked it up and down, before averting his eyes with a bit of disgust, “This beastman’s beast form is really strange. Is it a crossbreed?”

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The Crystal Beast:“…………QAQ”

Evidently, Seno’s ability to attract hatred was too good. With just a few sentences he managed to get two spirit beasts to regard him as their life’s biggest foe, and even made the usually docile Crystal Beast rush at him and bare its teeth in a threatening manner.

Sui Yuan quickly grabbed the Crystal Beast and returned it back into his bosom, stroking its fur comfortingly to calm it down. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he stressed, “They’re really not children of Beast people. They’re just…… strange feral beasts.” 3ZzWLF

”Do you think that I can’t differentiate between our young and that of feral beasts?” Seno was unmoved.

“They’re not the children of Eli and I. There’s absolutely no blood relationship between them and us either. I vow to the Beast God that I am telling the truth.”

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A pause. Leonard couldn’t help but look at Seno who was still skeptical and said, “A sub-beastman’s pregnancy is not a matter that only lasts one or two days, a few weeks, or even a month or two. If Eli had been pregnant, it would be impossible for the school not to know. It would also be impossible for you to not know, right?” ibNHKB

Because of Leonard’s words, Seno’s brain that had been muddled by resentment and anger gradually cleared. Indeed, Eli had participated in school activities since enrollment. There had not been any occasion where Sui Yuan had shut the door for a long time, so him being pregnant was impossible. Only, because of the time Eli had stayed out all night and didn’t return home, and also because of his behavior, it produced suspicion in Seno’s mind when he saw that very obvious hickey on Sui Yuan’s neck. So, his subconsciousness came to that conclusion. Upon calming down and thinking through the matter carefully, he realized that his judgement was rather outrageous.

Seno’s expression eased slightly. However, his attitude towards Leonard’s was still terrible. No beastman would want to see his younger sub-beastman brother, who he had doted on, be given to a flirtatious beastman. He especially did not want to give him to this beastman who had a bad reputation, having neither a close nor distant attitude which caused others to be unable to see what he was truly thinking.

”Ok, but even if I believe that they are not your sons, other beast people may not believe that.”

Seno deeply inhaled once, before saying with a solemn and imposing expression, “I don’t care how the two of you handle this matter, but you absolutely cannot let them appear before other beast people. My little brother’s reputation cannot be tarnished!” d7eIPo

Sui Yuan and Leonard naturally did not refute Seno’s demand. Leonard looked for an opportunity to sneak the two spirit beasts back into the pet space, paying no mind to their protests and struggling. The next problem was how to distribute and handle the Firethorn Beast’s carcass.

Since the Firethorn Beast was defeated by Leonard and Seno, along with Leonard’s suspected son, the black kitty, according to the unwritten laws of the Beastman World, the Firethorn Beast ought to be divided into two halves, one for each person.

However, Allen and Seno were not real sweethearts and did not plan to compete for the title of Best Couple. Furthermore, Seno was a brocon and Allen did not care about getting the glory of capturing a Firethorn Beast, but rather, wanted to ease tensions between himself and Eli. Leonard also was not a particularly old-fashioned nor stubborn person, so the three people discussed it and immediately voted after. The vote was unanimous, with the decision being to let Sui Yuan and Leonard claim ownership over the beast, registering the capture under their names only.

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As for Sui Yuan…… it seems that no one thought to ask for his opinion……. SL6eWs

”Eli, didn’t you want to get the title of Best Couple alongside Leonard? This time, you can definitely get it.”

Seno smiled, congratulating his little brother. Only, the more he looked at that hickey on his little brother’s neck, the more unpleasant it became. Tearing off a slip of emerald green paper from the side, he quickly and effortlessly made a choker, placing it onto Sui Yuan’s neck to cover up the hickey.

“The Beast God will bless the two of you,” Allen chimed in while smiling and nodding his head.

Although he was an atheist and held reservations towards the beast people’s faith, it didn’t stop him from using it as a pretext to express goodwill towards Sui Yuan. b2ltOa

Sui Yuan helplessly pulled at the choker, but couldn’t find an excuse nor a reason to get angry. Thus, he could only turn his head and thank Allen with a bit of unwillingness.

It was the first time in which Sui Yuan treated him with a kind face (?). Allen immediately felt happy in his heart and looked at Seno. The two of them smiled at each other and laughed.

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—-Sui Yuan, who was watching at the side, felt that this scene was simply too blinding……

Leonard found a tough vine to bind the Firethorn Beast, and pulled it behind himself. Because he had to carry this giant fellow, he and Sui Yuan naturally did not have any way to continue onwards into the jungle. They immediately stopped and returned to the camping site where the bonfire and soiree would be held. As soon as the Firethorn Beast appeared, the beast people within the campsite boiled over with excitement. d5QTzL

The Firethorn Beast was a well-known high-risk feral beast that took the united, large-scale effort of many beast people to successfully hunt. Leonard, who caught it all by himself (?), caused all the beast people to worship him, and as such, this year’s Nata Festival’s Best Couple was decided.

As the curtain of night gradually fell, the beast people that entered the forest returned one after another. The most conspicuous feral beast, the Firethorn Beast, had already been properly handled by the beast people. Its fur was pulled off, rinsed, and given to Leonard to pack away as a medal of valor. Meat was also placed on a spit above the bonfire, and left to roast for a period of time, slowly spreading a fragrant smell through the air.

It has to be said that the meat of the Firethorn Beast is succulent, comparatively more delicious than other feral beasts. It is also very big. So, tonight, everyone could eat their fills.

The delicious and juicy meat; a mellow, sweet-smelling wine; cheerful and light-hearted music; and the bonfire that popped and crackled while bathing the faces of the young beast people in its orange halo, they all signaled the start of the evening banquet dedicated to the many pairs of sweethearts. ESnekZ

The bonfire party was not only for the beast people that entered the jungle together, but also an opportunity for the beast people that did not have a companion to get acquainted with members of the opposite sex. Single beastmen who entered the jungle alone to hunt and capture feral beasts could flaunt their own strength with their prey. Sub-beastmen also worked hard to dress up nicely and heal the injured beastmen with their Incantations. Both sides would have a chance to choose freely during this night. Perhaps one could encounter a suitable companion along the way. As such, no matter who it was, they would be extraordinarily earnest in their manner and approach.

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The single beastmen, Monroe and Moya, naturally also entered the jungle alone to hunt feral beasts. Although the original idea was to contend and best Leonard so that they could prove their worth to Sui Yuan, unfortunately, the feral beasts that they had captured, while rare, were nothing in front of the Firethorn Beast.

Having received the title of Best Couple, Leonard was perfectly satisfied, as this qualification allowed him to forcibly occupy Sui Yuan for the whole night. There was not a single Beast person that would not understand the situation and would become a third party, unless Leonard or Sui Yuan left the other alone first.

In order to reverse his terrible reputation within the hearts of the beast people, Leonard spent the night acting as an extremely intimate lover. eSBLdb

He personally gave Sui Yuan roast meat. The extremely well done meat made all the surrounding beast people drool a lot. He did not pay any attention to any other sub-beastman — his gaze was always on Sui Yuan. His bearing could simply be described as eagerly attentive. Although his expression seemed to remain cold and detached, when looking at Sui Yuan, his eyes displayed a soft and gentle tint, obviously and vainly revealing how he felt towards Sui Yuan.

Seno looked straight at the two the whole time, feeling gratified, but also confused. He naturally believed in his own younger brother, convinced that he wouldn’t tell a lie. The last time, Eli clearly had an issue with Leonard, but he never directly said that Leonard was not good to him. This made Seno have some doubts about whether or not the rumors were true. Perhaps he had taken things too seriously and had treated the other party unjustly. After all, everything had been his own conjecture.

Perhaps he should find some time to return home and report once more, and allow his family members to soften their attitude  towards Leonard?

Under the meticulous care of Leonard, Sui Yuan ate and drank his fill. The sweet fruit wine made his cheeks blush, and his eyes were just like that of an intoxicated little kitten, appearing wet with tears and they seemed to gleam in the light. After observing the beast people singing and dancing festively in the public square, Sui Yuan, who thought that he had learned most of their dancing moves, stood up and flung himself onto Leonard’s arm. He arrogantly demanded, “Get up quickly! Accompany me to dance!” hNtMo8

Although Sui Yuan wasn’t particularly interested in dancing,  after winning the title of Best Couple with Leonard, Eli could not possibly sit quietly throughout the whole evening. He inevitably needed to “enjoy” himself well, and even “show off.” Leonard willingly accepted Eli’s demand and got up. He was pulled by Sui Yuan to arrive at the public square, and immediately the surrounding beast people made way for them, smiling at them with goodwill.

Sui Yuan learned quickly. Combining the fact that he was a feline (?), had a flexible waist and made nimble movements, he quickly integrated himself into the beast people’s form of dance. On the contrary, Leonard was more solemn, only having a slight smile on his face as he looked at Sui Yua move around himself. He put himself out there to add in a movement every once in a while, managing to harmoniously coordinate with his partner. From afar, it looked like they were shooting a scene in a movie.

Catching sight of the gazes of the other beastmen on Sui Yuan’s body, Leonard slightly narrowed his eyes and turned Sui Yuan towards his own body once again. Suddenly, he stretched his arm to hold Sui Yuan at the waist, pulled him into his embrace. He lowered his lips to meet the other’s, whose lips were slightly open due to the shock.

Immediately, the surrounding beast people broke out into loud laughter, whistling at the two of them as they warmly and enthusiastically clapped. It instantaneously caused the music to become more exciting, raising the evening of entertainment to its climax. STY4De

Seno moved his eyes away from his family’s little brother and Leonard. Feeling somewhat upset and somewhat hopeful, he looked towards Allen and stiffly extended a hand, “Could I ask you for a dance?”

Allen’s hand that was holding onto his wine glass paused, revealing a bit of hesitation. However, he caught sight of Seno’s expression and helplessly nodded his head, putting down his wine glass to take Seno’s hand, lining up the centers of their palms.

“Although you may feel that I am being a bit rude by bringing this up now…….”

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With a bit of unease, he timidly held Allen in his embrace like a girl who just experienced her first love, blushing while feeling a bit awkward. He was a mature and steady person in front of Sui Yuan, but who knew where that person had flown off to. He was like a little boy, still young and inexperienced as he asked frankly, “Please excuse me, but can I pursue you? I don’t want to just be an admirer, but also a guardian or even your mate.” 0BRKDH

Allen: “…………………. Sorry, I feel that I……. have no way to accept……”

—- He has always regarded himself as man, so to have to be pursued by another man, Allen didn’t think it felt that good…….

Although there was the saying “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” his attitude towards this kind of thing could not be changed in such a short period of time.

“It’s no problem.” u8XdRr

Although Seno was rejected and was a bit disappointed, he knew that sub-beastmen were aloof and cautious by nature. Even his little brother, who was deeply-in-love with Leonard, would still often play hard-to-get with the beastman. So, there has almost never been an instance where a beastman had successfully courted a sub-beastman on their first try. Towards this sort of response, Seno already had prepared himself for it, and did not feel affected at all, “Then, at least, you won’t object to me becoming one of your admirers, right?”

“……In fact, I don’t recommend that you waste too much time on me. I have no way to guarantee that I will be able to accept you…….” Allen hesitantly replied, making a troubled face.

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“I understand.”

Upon hearing the other’s tone waver, Seno’s eyes lit up, “I will work harder to show you that I am a good choice!” d1J4H9


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