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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 6.8


Translated by Eve

Violence warning. Description of violent scene is a bit graphic. qQj2z0

When Sui Yuan was jolted awake by 5237, he found himself in Leonard’s embrace, body already completely clean. Although he was ravaged terribly last night, there wasn’t the slightest mark on his skin. This definitely was not due to the sub-beastmen’s ability but rather, was because Leonard has wanted to cover up his own beastly nature and conscientiously tidy up his own work.

Sui Yuan obviously also did not want to leave with a body full of obscene marks. After getting up from the crook of Leonard’s elbow, where he had previously laid, he discovered that his body had no major issues and sighed, body relaxing. However, when he crawled to the bedside to pick up his clothes, he discovered that his tail had been grasped by somebody. The tail is both a beast person’s weapon and their weakness. The fur on the frightened Sui Yuan’s tail raised, and he hastily threw off the person’s hold, bringing his tail into his own arms.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Leonard smiled lethargically, turning his body to watch Sui Yuan pulling on his clothes, opening his mouth to ask: “What do you need to do?”

“I have to go back to my dorm to grab my Incantations brush. In a bit……” Sui Yuan checked the time, “I have class in a bit. I’m going to be late!”


“I’ll take you,” Leonard wanted to get up, but was stopped by Sui Yuan who said: “You don’t need to.”

Pausing for a moment, Sui Yuan stressed: “You are forbidden to go around spouting nonsense everywhere. Don’t ruin my work!”

After eating to his heart’s content, Leonard’s mood was really good. No matter what Sui Yuan said, he would agree, naturally nodding his head: “Okay, I won’t say anything. However, even if I did say anything, it’s not for certain that anyone would believe me anyways.”

Sui Yuan was finally satisfied, standing up happily to straighten out his clothes. He also smoothed out his hair, before bidding Leonard goodbye. hO23TX

Although he practically didn’t sleep last night, Sui Yuan still woke up early to get to class. On the way out, Sui Yuan’s behaviour was very cautious. With 5237’s warnings, he was not caught by any other people and smoothly returned to the sub-beastmen dormitories.

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Sui Yuan fished out his key, preparing to enter his room. However, he did not think that upon entering his room, he’d see his elder brother Seno sitting on the sofa is his living room, arms crossed over his chest. His face was so gloomy that it almost seemed as if there was a storm brewing on it.

Sui Yuan stiffened, tail unconsciously swaying back and forth in nervousness, and hiccuped: “…….Brother? What are you doing here this early in the morning?”

  “I was going to ask you about when you came home last night, but I think we ought to change that to ‘How could you come back this late,” Seno replied, seemingly high-spirited. edKs y

As a brocon, he had gone through great pains to take leave in order to come to find his little brother at school, only to find out that his underaged baby brother had stayed out all night long. This was simply an event that so grave that it felt as if the sky had fallen down! Needless to say, as soon as Sui Yuan saw this, he became extremely afraid of being found out.

Right after, Seno guesses the truth: “You really went to spend the night in Leonard’s room?!”

“This……” Sui Yuan’s gaze darted all over the place, before suddenly remembering that he was playing a role of a not-so-obedient child, and raised his chin, “What I do, what does that have to do with you?!”

“You really went,” Seno’s expression sunk even further. 4wyRxL

Sui Yuan:“………………”

“Going to a beastman’s room without permission, spending a whole night……” Seno gritted his teeth, “Then, are you two mates now?!”

Sui Yuan……could not seem to bear with this……

Seeing Sui Yuan not responding, Seno simply could no longer restrain his anger and anxiety. He abruptly stood up and strode towards Sui Yuan, arriving before him in three steps. Sui Yuan didn’t have enough time before he felt himself being lifted up and thrown onto the sofa. 5rBsjg

Sui Yuan wanted to get up, however he was once again pressed down. He felt that these circumstances from last night seemed to be repeating themselves, and became so scared he thought he might pee himself in fright. He struggled to free himself but lacked the strength to hold back his brother, and thus could only helplessly watch as his own brother pulled open his shirt.

Afterwards, two pairs of eyes stared at one another helplessly in a deadlock.

Sui Yuan’s stiff body did not dare move. Seno also discovered that his own little brother’s body was neat and clean, completely without any ambiguous marks. Finally, he let out a breath and relaxed, though he also soon realized that the positions of the two people seemed not quite correct. This was the spoiled baby brother he had raised from birth, however he was also a member of the opposite sex that would soon come of age, and a very attractive one at that.

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A blush quickly spread across Seno’s face, and he finally released Sui Yuan, retreating several steps and awkwardly averted his gaze, telling Sui Yuan to quickly put his clothes back on. PGjasJ

Sui Yuan obviously did not hesitate, hastily putting himself together. The room’s atmosphere seemed to ease up.

Seno sighed, and once again sat down on the sofa, strictly warning: “Fortunately, you knew your limits this time. However, there absolutely cannot be a second time, do you understand?!”

Sui Yuan repeatedly nodded his head——he also didn’t want there to be a second time! However, this matter……in this world, there wasn’t any beastmen who would dare coerce a sub-beastman. But obviously Leonard was an unconventional marvel.

Seeing that the issue was taken care of after great difficulties, Sui Yuan hastily mentioned the other issue: “Brother, you still haven’t said, why have you come here?” 9jVIgK

“The family heard that Leonard helped you win first place at the inter-school competition, and ordered me to come congratulate him,” Seno said, finger pointing to a corner of the room. The heap of stuff laid on the floor were the things that he had brought as congratulations, “Also, because of the recent rumour that the two of you do not get along, the family wants to ask how the matters between the two of you really are.”

Sui Yuan was unable to make up his mind. He himself did not want to say that they got along well, but according to the original Eli’s settings, he would definitely be unwilling to admit that things were not good between Leonard and him in front of other people.

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Only, without waiting for him to respond, Seno answered his own question, perfectly resolving it: “This matter, you don’t need to think about it. I will report everything I know to the family.”

Sui Yuan:“………………” dZlXtc

Because Seno still had work, once he finished speaking, he left the room. Sui Yuan hurriedly washed his face and rinsed his mouth, changed his clothes and picked up his brush, quickly running towards the classroom.

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Eli was also very earnest about learning Incantations. Every class, he’d sit in the best seat. Before, if it was the him who was arrogant and willful who came late, he would use his status to make others give way. xKmW9F

Upon entering the classroom, his eyes swept a look around the classroom, discovering that there was a seat beside Allen in the second row. Suddenly, he came up with an extremely good plan to make trouble.

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The other sub-beastmen watched the “Eli who wanted to bully others” very carefully. Sui Yuan relaxedly walked towards Allen, and raised his chin, insufferably haughty: “You make way. I want to sit here!”

Suddenly, the sub-beastmen beside Allen sent Eli a look that showed that they were fuming in silence, subtly wishing to hack Sui Yuan into pieces. However, Allen simply smiled faintly and got up without any ill feelings: “Okay. Then you sit here.”

Sui Yuan:“………………” PlIN 6

The other so easily pardoned his behaviour, as if he was giving into a younger brother’s tantrum. This made Sui Yuan feel like he was punching cotton.

Now, having a choice in seats, Sui Yuan enjoyed the fruits of his victory, and decided to go a step further and pick at his faults. He fiercely gnashed his teeth and looked down at the seat, snorting: “The seat you already sat on is too dirty for me!”

After speaking, he discreetly glanced at Allen, before turning his head and proudly making his way towards a sub-beastman who was relatively closer to Eli.

This sub-beastman was very tactful, giving up his seat without speaking many words. Sui Yuan sat down like a snow lotus, however perked his ears to listen in on the conversation between Allen and his friend, hoping to have successfully provoked him this time. BrF9bG

“Hmph! He thinks that he’s as splendid as an unattainable flower, that everyone has to offer things up to him with both hands. Really disgusting to death!” One sub-beastman said in a lowered voice, his voice full of fury.

“It’s fine, he only knows how to open his mouth to talk,” Allen smiled, “Don’t you feel that he was just really amusing?”

Sui Yuan turned his head away in dejection, ears also drooping low. Naturally, he did not see Allen, who had been looking at him scrutinizingly, burst out into laughter despite himself, completely without any hint of anger.

The affairs between sub-beastmen was naturally noticed by the Incantation teacher. Compared to the naturally gifted, but arrogant and disobedient Eli, the Incantation teacher was obviously more fond of the gifted but amiable, intelligent, and sensible Allen. Seeing his own treasured pupil bullied, the teacher had originally planned to step in, only to catch sight of Allen conceding, thereby ending the conflict easily. UT2GAP

Although he liked that Allen knew when to retreat, he was also worried that he was too mild in temperament. The Incantations teacher shook his head and coughed lightly, making the noisy crowd of beastmen become silent, and began his lecture.

This Incantations teacher could be regarded as a great master. Although his level is about the same as Allen and Eli’s—also level 8, however, compared to these young and inexperienced fledglings, he had a deeper understanding on how to best use his inner capabilities.

The Incantations teacher spoke in a kind manner, patiently explaining how to make and employ Incantations, inserting tidbits of the history of Incantations into his lecture. The beast people’s society was built upon by Incantations and naturally so was its strength. By utilizing the spiritual energy of the world, the Beast people were able to gradually break away from their roles as prey, and turn the situation around — a case of the hunter becoming the hunted. Once their livelihoods were guaranteed, society, politics, social statuses — these auxiliary facets of civilization were gradually established, until finally, their civilization stabilized and became what it is now.

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However, the Beast people that continuously used this energy discovered that it was possible that it could be exhausted. X2laE7

The course of natural selection was harsh. The Beast people became powerful. The weak animals that were killed, they also became stronger and stronger, from time to time also evolving as the beast people did, sometimes even a step further than them. 100 years ago, a level 5 sub-beastman was enough to support a beastman in all kinds of situations. Now, even if it was a level 8 sub-beastman, it was still a bit difficult and tiring. This was not just natural selection, but also a decline in spiritual energy.

At present, the Beast people have already started to study this malicious phenomenon, hoping to quickly find an answer to how to protect the species from the threat of natural calamities.

This class ended with a heavy atmosphere. The sub-beastmen were shocked and worried about the future, and left helpless and uncertain. However, very quickly, these young, sheltered sub-beastmen who had never experienced hardship in their lives recovered their vitality once more. This sort of thing did not concern them in the least, at present. Throwing aside this vexing matter, they began to chat about the Nata festival.

The Nata festival, according to Beast people customs, was the equivalent to Valentine’s Day. On this one day, all single sub-beastmen and beastmen were given a day’s vacation. During the daytime, pairs that held good impressions of one another could enter the forest together to hunt for feral beasts. During the evening, there was a giant campfire and plenty of entertainment. Sweethearts would dance and and sing, confessing their mutual feelings. The couple that hunts the strongest, the most powerful, the most dangerous feral beast, is said to be given the blessing of the Beast God. The well-matched couple that obtains this blessing is said to be protected by the Beast God, and will grow old together in happiness. 0rMD5f

Even if they are not originally sweethearts, sub-beastmen and beastmen can invite the one that they like, although whether they accept or not is a matter between the two people. For example, the original Eli requested, uncompromisingly, for Leonard to accompany him. As for Allen, his partner wasn’t Monroe because Monroe had not yet made up his mind on whether or not he wanted to truly dedicate himself to chasing Allen yet. At the same time, Eli’s followers, for example, Moya, had also been invited by other sub-beastmen. The majority of beastmen were incapable of rejecting the sub-beastmen’s show of goodwill because they themselves wanted to increase their odds of finding a suitable mate. Moya, however, gave his heart to Eli from beginning to end, never having accepted an invitation to participate in the Nata festival with any sub-beastmen, even though Eli was dead-set on Leonard.

It was necessary to remark that Sui Yuan deeply sympathized with this kind of Moya. Only, as Eli, aside from giving him Incantations, he was unable to do anything else.

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Regardless of whether it was because of the plot or because of Leonard’s bearing, but Sui Yuan was doomed to be with him during the Nata Festival. As such, he was completely uninterested in this kind of talk. He simultaneously responded apathetically to the other sub-beastmen’s question, while putting his belongings away. Unexpectedly, he caught a glimpse of Allen standing before him, as if wanting to say something.

“What do you want?” Suddenly, Sui Yuan became defensive, haughtily opening his mouth. dWlzQn

Allen asked, a bit hesitant: “Eli, Are you planning on inviting Leonard to participate in the Nata Festival with you?”

“Of course!” Sui Yuan was completely on guard, eyes fixed on him, as if urging him to disappear. In a stern voice he warned, “Leonard will definitely be with me. Don’t get any ideas about him! It’s just your wishful thinking!”

“I have no such ideas,” Allen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This scapegoat status that he carried around, it wasn’t comfortable in the least. He was pointed at by other people, in jealousy, envy and hate, for having gotten Leonard’s favour. Because of this, he was also regarded as an enemy by Eli. This really made him depressed, “I just wanted to say……”

After saying half a sentence, Allen stopped speaking. This simply made Sui Yuan curious to death. However, Allen simply left with a “It’s nothing”, before turning to leave, making Sui Yuan want to scratch the desk in frustration. sjVuUA

“What did he want to say?” Sui Yuan remained puzzled even after pondering over a long time.

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“What does it matter to you what he meant? As long as it follows the plot, all’s well,” 5237 calmly assessed.

“……You’re right,” Sui Yuan nodded his head, finally throwing this matter to the side.



There was still four weeks until the Nata Festival.

Although everyone knew perfectly well that Sui Yuan would definitely go participate in the Nata festival with Leonard, there was an endless stream of beastmen that came to invite him, innumerable like the carps in a river. Monroe and Moya also came to join the party, and were also crestfallen at Sui Yuan’s resolute manner. However, when facing that pair of honest eyes that were full of hope, the beastmen were truly unable to say any heavy words, and calmly accepted the rejection. This caused Leonard to feel a bit gloomy for the next little while. He looked at everyone with a bit of hate, as if they had stole his wife and killed his child. No matter who it was, they could tell that his mood was inexplicably terrible.

As a result, the rumour that he had been forced by Eli, and thus making it so he could not participate in the Nata Festival with the sub-beastman that he liked, making him indignant, circulated quietly. To be able to participate in the Nata Festival with one’s beloved sub-beastmen, how joyous that would be! Why else would he put forth that kind of Yama-like. face? QGmTwP

Of course, Sui Yuan knew that Leonard acted this way purely out of jealousy. His jealousy was even greater than that of a typical beastman. At the same time, Leonard was also bitter because although he had finally ended his abstinence, Sui Yuan had put up his guard, making it difficult for him to grab hold of him for a second time.

Nowadays, the two people were in a school with many people. Furthermore, in this beast people’s world, underaged sub-beastmen were something to be protected, making it illegal for anyone to try and harm them. So, Sui Yuan only had to avoid hidden and sparsely populated places, and bring his admirers along more often to feel absolutely safe.

Only, during the Nata Festival, he had to be alone with Leonard. Sui Yuan felt like his hair would soon turn white from worry.

In the original story, Allen had participated in the Nata Festival with Meng, the beastman that he had rescued with the cinnabar. Eli had intended to make a fool out of Allen, making him return from the hunt with empty hands. So he had ordered Leonard to disturb the pair’s hunting. Leonard did not refuse for some mysterious reason, showing a rare case in which he obeyed Eli’s “harming people for no reason” sort of ways. w2W 1O

During the hunt, Allen’s protagonist halo was bursting. He unexpectedly ran into the most precious and dangerous Firethorn beast. Although his admirer’s strength was not bad, it was only at an intermediate level and simply was unable to cope against this beast that usually took the combined power of 5 beast people to fight.  

The appearance of the Firethorn beast did not only threaten Allen and his admirer, but also Eli and Leonard. Leonard brought Eli to safety, and then returned to rescue Allen. This caused the abandoned Eli to feel even more resentful towards Allen, incessantly believing that Leonard really had started to develop feelings for the other. Because he was feeling uneasy and thus stealthily ran back, he ended up seeing Leonard take the place of the injured beastman.

In reality, even if there wasn’t a favourable impression, beastmen were unlikely to look on unfeelingly when a sub-beastman was in a dangerous situation, nor would they think only of themselves and run away to save their own life. Leonard’s actions were reasonable. It was only because Eli possessed too strong a desire to monopolize him. He purposely made trouble for Allen bit by bit, and Leonard, who held a favourable opinion of Allen, naturally couldn’t stand it. So, Leonard protected him, and they became closer and closer, eventually developing feelings.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Perhaps if it wasn’t for Eli’s personality, Leonard would not have been able to genuinely be together with Allen, as it would have violated his promise of taking post as Eli’s guardian. ddrmX1

“This time, we have a task to complete. You cannot act foolishly!” Before they left, Sui Yuan glared at Leonard who had become a black panther, and spoke earnestly.

It was rare to get along well with Sui Yuan whilst it was just the two of them, which is why Leonard felt some regrets. However, he fortunately did not get carried away. He couldn’t help but nod his head: “Ok. I know. I will listen to everything that you say, alright? Get on.”

Leonard lowered his body, signalling Sui Yuan to get into his back. Sui Yuan looked at Leonard, as if determining whether or not he was tricking him, until finally he was relieved enough to carefully stride forward and climb onto the black panther’s back.

All around them were several groups of anticipating couples. It was only if the pair were genuinely sweethearts, that the sub-beastman would be allowed to ride atop of his partner’s back during the hunt. All the others would consist of both partners participating in human form. The beastmen that do not take beast form were obviously no match for those carrying their lovers in their beast forms. Those beastmen had high combat prowess, and so the beastmen in human form did not aim to go hunting for the high risk prey. They did not intend to fight real sweethearts for the prize of best couple, and instead, simply strolled through the jungle, taking the time to chat and enhance their understanding between themselves and their own partners. It was a chance to see whether or not it would be possible to go a step further with regards to their relationship. lCiIV8

Seeing Leonard take beast form and letting Sui Yuan ride atop of his back, the attentive, surrounding beastmen were all rendered dumbfounded. This was practically nonchalantly announcing to the public that the relationship between the two people was so good it was unbreakable!

Sometimes, the rumour was true. Sometimes, they acted different from what the rumour said. This made the feelings between Leonard and Sui Yuan seem like the hardest puzzle, the kind that was bewildering, and challenged the beast people’s IQs, over and over again.

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“You really want to participate with him in the Nata festival?” Monroe checked all four directions, ensuring that Allen was not present, and asked dejectedly.

“Yes,” Sui Yuan recovered from this fright. Bc8YJu

Beneath him, Leonard slightly lowered his lower body, and revealed his long, sharp, protruding teeth. Every time Monroe said something he ought not to say, Leonard adopted a “wanting to pounce at him and fight” appearance.

“If you choose me, I’ll also let you ride atop of my body,” Monroe tossed out his biggest act of showing good faith.

Sui Yuan shook his head.

Monroe did not continue to speak, only using his golden eyes to sweep a glance at Leonard, before turning to leave, heading straight for Moya, who had been near Sui Yuan. yXnoUY

Although he was a bit curious as to when these two people met up, however Sui Yuan did not think too much, his attention immediately being vigorously drawn by the Allen who had just appeared.

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……Only, what was with the beastman by Allen’s side!

“Brother?!” Sui Yuan stared with wide eyes, and shouted incredulously.

Having heard him, Seno and Allen looked over, both people a bit awkward and uneasy. Sui Yuan suddenly felt that he understood why Allen had opened his mouth as if to speak, only to suddenly stop. QPyTjI

……Although the original plot also stated that Seno began to develop feelings for Allen, but did the rate of progress need to be this quick!


Knowing that Eli and Allen had a very deep “conflict”, as soon as he was in front of Eli, Seno opened his mouth to explain, “It was me who invited Allen to participate in the Nata Festival.”

“Brother, what’s the meaning of this,” Sui Yuan’s expression was gloomy,  completely incapable of erasing the shocked and indignant expression, even to the extent that it seemed like it carried a few grievances. Lf2Hq9

“Eli, please let Big Brother be willful this one time,” Seno raises his hand to stroke Sui Yuan’s hair, speaking with a soft but imploring tone. Soon after, he half-jokingly, half-seriously warned, “If Allen becomes your brother’s mate, then you won’t have to worry that he’ll have something going on with Leonard, right?”

Although seeing Leonard in beast form, letting Eli ride on top of him made Seno feel a bit uncertain, but towards this development, he was undoubtedly satisfied, so he didn’t say anything too serious.

Leonard swung his tail, not even giving a single glance towards Seno, even innocently reclining on the ground.

Allen’s smiling expression became even more awkward and he averted his gaze——although he had accepted Seno’s invite, that was so that he could prove to Eli that he did not have a single inkling of interest towards Leonard before his eyes, and thus hopefully this would let Eli relax. However, to spend Valentine’s Day with a man, that he still felt it difficult to accept…… Jf70Sg

Having listened to Seno’s words, Sui Yuan was at a loss.

According to the plot, Eli was still very good towards this elder brother of his. Although he is willful and arrogant, he is still considerate towards his brother in his own way. Even if the lover that he has found is one that he dislikes, he also could not find it within himself to reject him, since that would cause Seno to suffer. Moreover, if his brother and Allen got along well, then that would eliminate the possibility of Allen fighting over Leonard with him. This was an extremely good thing if he were to look through Eli’s perspective. Sui Yuan stood with a displeased expression, completely unable to not accept. Only……the problem was……the plot ah……QAQ

The matter was already like this, there was no point in thinking any more. Sui Yuan’s expression was calm but difficult to read. Seno however let out a breath, relaxing. After all, he knew how stubborn his little brother was. He was unable to immediately accept Allen, someone he has hated for so long. This kind of implicit consent was already a very good reaction.

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At last, after rubbing Sui Yuan’s head, Seno and Allen bid farewell in order to enter the jungle. Seno did not change into beast form, and the atmosphere between the two seemed like two people who had just met. There was a clear space between them. u86HAo

“What to do next?” Leonard asked, carrying Sui Yuan.

“…… Follow them,” Sui Yuan sully squeezed out two words, heart full of extreme sorrow.

Leonard did not say any more. His eyes lit up slightly as he looked in the direction in which Allen and Seno had headed in, and effortlessly quickened his pace to catch up to the two people, passing them by like a gust of wind.

The speed of the black panther was very fast, plunging into the jungle in the blink of an eye. He jumped onto a tree, and used his extremely good sight to peer towards the ground, watching as Allen and Seno advanced at a turtle-like pace. WIR3bv

Yet it wasn’t clear whether or not Allen and Seno aspired to hunt feral beasts, so even though Sui Yuan and Leonard neglected their duties, the two people did not capture any beasts and only leisurely strolled around, seemingly chatting happily.

Having never seen Seno as happy as this before, this made Sui Yuan feel a bit gratified. However, at the same time, he could hear the plot wailing pitifully in his ear, making him extremely heart-broken. Fortunately, he was already used to this sort of development……

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Leonard obviously did not feel as tangled up as Sui Yuan. Towards hunting beasts, he also did not hold any sort of interest and languidly yawned. He also did not forget to let out the Crystal Beast and Nightmare Beast he had carried, who had begun to go a bit stir-crazy, for fresh air.

The Crystal Beast hesitated for a moment before he recognized Sui Yuan. He circled around him, repeatedly spinning around, appearing to be very excited. The Nightmare Beast, however, immediately ran into the jungle, disappearing without a trace. Obviously, he had always been suppressing its ruthless nature. loDyzd

The following period of time was very tranquil. Sui Yuan was preoccupied for consoling himself for a long time, not looking at the sticky Crystal Beast, and Leonard was preoccupied with touching Sui Yuan’s hands, feet……tail, all within his tolerance zone. Fortunately, the Firethorn Beast that Sui Yuan had longed for all this time quickly arrived.

When he head that earthshaking roar, Sui Yuan’s agitated heart finally settled down. He had been worried about the change in Allen’s Nata Festival beastman partner, and the change in route. He had thought that they might not be able to bump into the Firethorn Beast. However, it turns out that the protagonist halo still existed……

Leonard stood up, and looked towards the direction from which the roar had come. Because the place where they currently were at was really safe, they would skip the step of needing to take Sui Yuan to a safe place. Leonard turned his head and looked at Sui Yuan. Feeling ill-at-ease, he warned: “Stay here, honestly. Don’t get closer.”

“You know that I can’t do that,” Sui Yuan shook his head, “According to the plot, I have to go there.” FdPKzx

Leonard evidently was not happy with Sui Yuan’s response, but he knew that Sui Yuan was stubborn with regards to the plot, and thus could only let him take the risk. In any case, the Crystal Beast was still by his side. Although it was not much use offensively, however it’s ability to protect Sui Yuan did not have much of an issue.

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Quickly turning his head, he ran in the direction of the Firethorn Beast and Allen and co. Leonard planned to make it a quick battle, so that Sui Yuan would not be met with a dangerous situation upon arriving.

While Leonard was rushing over, Seno had already changed into beast form. Compared to the original beastman partner, Seno’s strength was evidently much higher compared to him. Furthermore, to Leonard who was a level higher than he was supposed to be, a mere Firethorn Beast could not be described as difficult to deal with, though nor could it be described as easy to deal with.  

From afar, upon hearing the shouts of the beastmen, to say that it did not make him feel anxious, was bogus. Even though he was well-acquainted with Leonard’s strength, Sui Yuan was still a bit restless and found it very difficult to endure. After a short while, he immediately set out to chase after them. He also could not treat his little life casually nor jokingly, and acted with quite a bit of caution. deHJgS

Upon reaching the battlegrounds, the first thing Sui Yuan saw was the breathtaking scene of the Firethorn Beast slamming the black panther into the air, raising its two hooves as if intending to trample him and snap his spinal column. Seno roared, rushing forward with the intent of saving Leonard, but distant water won’t put out a fire close at hand Suddenly, from atop of a tree came a long meow, and in the next second, a black kitty vigorously threw itself down. It used its body to accurately stick to the eyes of the Firethorn Beast.

The Firethorn Beast lost its ability to see, lost its accuracy, and thus gave up trying to trample the black panther. It shook its head, wishing to shake off that thing on its face. Leonard took this opportunity to remove himself from the dangerous situation. At this time, Seno jumped up high, and took a cheap shot, striking the Firethorn Beast, making it lost its balance.

Seeing such a good opportunity, Leonard, naturally could not let this golden opportunity slip. The black panther stretched its body into an abnormal arc, and fiercely bit into the Firethorn Beast’s carelessly exposed throat. Both Leonard and Seno used their body weight to overwhelm the Firethorn Beast, preventing it from struggling.

Sharp, protruding teeth skewered the Firethorn Beast’s tough skin, directly snapping its throat, causing blood to gush out. Some poured into Leonard’s mouth, overflowing and leaking through the sides. The bloody taste stimulated the wild instinct within him, causing the black panther to tighten his hold. Both his eyes seemed to glow with a bit of crimson. The Firethorn Beast’s struggle grew more and more feeble, until it spasmed one last time before becoming still. There was not a single sign of life. Jb8Xqu

Slowly relaxing his mouth, after he determined that the Firethorn Beast was truly dead, the first thing Leonard did was turn his head to observe Sui Yuan, checking whether or not he was safe. After seeing that he was not injured in the least, he completely let go of the beast.

In contrast to Leonard who headed straight towards Sui Yuan, Seno changed into human form and headed straight towards the Firethorn Beast’s head. He grabbed the still rigid, little black kitty that still remained atop of the beast and tore it away. His complexion was ugly and full of fear.

Allen had just recovered from a fright.  Just now he had wished to step forward and examine Seno’s wounds, but was shaken by his expression, and was now hesitant to proceed. The black kitty in Seno’s hands was not at all polite, struggling with sharp claws, leaving behind a number of wounds on his body. However, Seno did not punish it at all, and even seemed to hold it very carefully as he quickly ran towards the Leonard who was already by Sui Yuan’s side.  

“What is the meaning of this!” Completely tossing the fierce battle that had just occurred to the side, Seno fiercely asked the somewhat clueless Leonard and Sui Yuan while holding onto the Nightmare Beast, anger rising to the skies. E62hdT

“Eli, when did you give birth to Leonard’s child, and such a big child at that!”

Allen who thought he had misheard:“……=囗=”

The instantly rigid Nightmare Beast:“…………!!!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The bewildered Crystal Beast that shrunk into Sui Yuan’s embrace:“…………???” sEjXud

Sui Yuan and Leonard who had been ineffably framed of having a child out of wedlock:“……………………”

The author has something to say:

I completely felt the enthusiasm of the little sisters towards yesterday’s chapter. I am extremely gratified that the chapter was not locked yet.


Translator's Note

King of Hell according to Buddhist traditions

Translator's Note

he was too far away to make it in time.

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