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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 6.7


Translator: Eve

You guys may have noticed, but I’ve moved! Thanks to CG for taking me in. Everyone’s so lovely :blobsnuggle: Thank you especially to Iced for editing so last minute. A2sGrg

Here’s two chapters as promised, with this one being pure smut. Do read the warning before continuing and enjoy!

WARNING: Smut ahead.

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He didn’t know if it was due to the attraction between beastmen and sub-beastmen, but when Sui Yuan was held in Leonard’s arms, he could feel the other’s presence all around him. He felt a bit dizzy, and he felt his body involuntarily heat up as if he had a fever, making him feel weak. gJq9vF

5237 had already disappeared to who knows where earlier. Evidently this was the– ……he didn’t know how many times it has been that he had been discarded at such a critical moment. Sui Yuan tried his best to roll his body away, as far as possible, to decrease the bodily contact between him and Leonard. However, Leonard took the opportunity to follow him, continuing to hold him in his embrace.

He meticulously kissed Sui Yuan’s skin. The underaged sub-beastman’s skin was in fact a lot smoother and softer than that of a beastman. He only needed to use a little effort when sucking to leave a red mark. Leonard put an arm around Sui Yuan’s waist, pulling him into his arms and held him tightly. The other hand reached upward to fondle the red beans on the other’s chest.

Sui Yuan’s sensitive ears were gently bitten, and they trembled slightly as if frightened. A soft and nimble tongue lightly licked at his furry ear. The warm breath made Sui Yuan’s body quiver slightly. Waves of heat crashed inside of him, making him cannot help but curl his toes, desperately trying, but failing to suppress this unfamiliar yearning.

It was necessary to say that a sub-beastmen was truly too sensitive. It was sensitive to the point of making Sui Yuan helplessly scared. 8N9fdD

Sui Yuan’s slender tail was entwined with Leonard’s, like a parasitic vine, completely inseparable. This slow and ambiguous sort of sliding between the tails felt erotic, making Sui Yuan’s back arch, his whole body trembling for some time. The pleasure rushed to his not-particularly-clear head.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Sui Yuan’s body rocked unconsciously, rubbing against the man behind him. The other obviously was a bit impatient to pick up speed, no longer content with just teasing him.

The hand that originally wrought havoc on his chest moved to his slightly lips, not lightly and nor harshly them and attempted to explore his mouth’s interior. This gave Sui Yuan a start, and he turned his head to send a look full of warning to Leonard, who that laid behind him.

Leonard was not at all unyielding. Instead, he took the opportunity to gently coax Sui Yuan, voice soft and relaxed: “Be good, lick it a bit, it’s for your own good. I forgot to bring any lubricant. You’ll get hurt.” iINb35

Sui Yuan looked at Leonard with suspicion. He already wasn’t an inexperienced person, obviously would not believe that this ill-intentioned person would come unprepared, forgetting something as important as lubricant. This was deliberate.

……But so what if it was deliberate? If Leonard doesn’t take it out, then Sui Yuan won’t be able do anything about it anyways.

Seeing Sui Yuan hesitate, Leonard smiled mockingly, and stretched out his hand to undo his own belt quickly and easily. He took off the rest of his own clothes, letting Sui Yuan look at his earnest lower part and stressed: “The beastmen’s thing is much bigger than that of a human. You’ll definitely get injured.”

Sui Yuan:“………………” G3E8Nd

Sui Yuan who has never been able to escape from the bed nor escape his destiny of being ravished, began to hesitate for a good while. In the end, he unwillingly opened his mouth, and sucked on two of Leonard’s fingers.

The inside of his mouth was warm and moist and it seemed like his mouth was already full with just two fingers inside. Leonard’s eyes darkened, fingers gradually chasing and teasing Sui Yuan’s tongue. The other moaned in discontent, looking like a little kitty, making people’s hearts soft.

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The barenaked cat-eared youth curled up, his eyelashes hanging low. He earnestly resisted the dishonest fingers’ harassment, a faint blush extending from head to toe, covering his fine and smooth skin. Leonard, who was finding it difficult to be patient, swallowed, Adam’s apple moving slightly. His tail unconsciously rubbed between the other’s legs, slowly moving up until it reached the youth’s entrance.

Vel Tejc pewqfv lc ogluta. Llr ilaaif tbif gfoifmafv tlr lcafgcji rajaf, mifcmtlcu aluta, jr lo ibmxlcu atf obgfluc lcagevfg bea. Dea atja delnfglcu ajli kjr cba ja jii jczlber. Pa wfgfis geyyfv rboais jgbecv atja qijmf, jr lo la kjr qjalfcais gfjrreglcu tlw. Yglulcjiis, atlr kjr bynlberis rbwfatlcu atja mjc fjrlis rtjaafg ybcfr, yea la yfmjwf rboa jcv ufcaif, mjerlcu qfbqif ab yf mbwqifafis ecjyif ab klatrajcv la. 87JFBW

Sui Yuan’s tightly clenched buttocks began to ache a bit, and moreover, Leonard’s actions on his body began to gradually divert his attention. Just as he relaxed a little, the tail acted like finally got an opportunity and entered his hole cleanly, not in the least sloppily. Only, it was a pity that the head had just entered when Sui Yuan reacted, hastily tightening his muscles.

Leonard’s breath quickened, tail slightly squeezed by the walls of Sui Yuan’s insides, making his patience disappear. He took out the finger that had been teasing Sui Yuan and laid the youth in his embrace down flat before him and pulled his stiff right leg up, opening him up.

Then, the sight of the black tail slightly penetrating that pink hole right before his eyes made Leonard’s breath become just a bit sluggish.

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“Relax. I’ll take out the tail,” Leonard’s voice was hoarse, but soft and reassuring. He planned to place the fingers that had been moistened in Sui Yuan’s mouth into his hole, slowly moving to reduce his tension and anxiety. bNK4SH

“…..And then you’ll put those fingers in,” Sui Yuan had long become less easy to fool, a model of self-improvement, immediately seeing through the other’s plans.

Leonard smiled, responding tenderly, “Correct.”

Sui Yuan:“………………”

“If you’re capable, then you can stay like this, clamped up for the rest of your life.” kFs9zt

Seeing how unmoved Sui Yuan is, Leonard “helpfully” gave a suggestion.

Sui Yuan naturally could not continue to clamp his muscles for a lifetime, so he had no choice but to begin to relax while trembling. Leonard smiled in satisfaction, tail mischievously exploring Sui Yuan’s insides under his angry glare. Regretfully, Leonard removed his tail and put in something that wanted to enter even more than the tail had.

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Compared to the furry tail, Sui Yuan was obviously more familiar with those fingers, and felt a sense of security as he looked at Leonard helplessly. After Leonard stretched him out, Sui Yuan awkwardly turned his head, averting his gaze. Even though he was already familiar with this kind of actions, he felt that he should be feeling shy, and thus logically felt a bit embarrassed.

The originally dry tunnel gradually secreted some kind of lubricating liquid due to Leonard’s patient loosening. This made Leonard was a bit surprised. Eyebrows raised, he lifted his head to look at the unsurprised Sui Yuan and smiled gently, adding in a second finger. MaJ04y

The two fingers rubbed and stretched out the warm interior, causing more liquid to flow out. Sui Yuan’s behind softened extraordinarily quickly, as if it was very impatient to wrap around Leonard’s fingers, making him want to immediately put his swollen cock directly inside of him. However, he was still afraid of injuring the underaged sub-beastman’s body, and could only restrain his emotions.

Lowering his head, his lips met Sui Yuan’s own. Leonard teased his lips and tongue, attempting to relax him. Within Sui Yuan, the fingers continued to work, until that place was completely soft and adapted.

Taking out his fingers, the space between the fingers was a transparent, sticky fluid, sparkling and crystal clear. Sui Yuan looked at Leonard, who was carefully looking at it with fascination, with some curiosity and some embarrassment. He heard Leonard laugh softly, “Indeed, this world’s sub-beastmen are exactly the same as women. That place is even more suitable for men to *” 

Sui Yuan:“………………” QJkanS

——- Can he pretend that he hadn’t heard anything?

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Seeing Sui Yuan’s cheeks flush red, Leonard narrowed his eyes in satisfaction. He stuck out his tongue and suddenly licked at his fingers, unexpectedly catching sight of Sui Yuan’s eyes suddenly widening and laughingly commented: “Tastes as sweet as honey.”

Sui Yuan choked, appearing to earnestly ask: “…………Don’t you feel a bit nauseated?”

“It’s from your body, how could I possibly be nauseated?” The expression on Leonard’s face, which was originally smiling, suddenly twisted. IG9OZM

Sui Yuan jumped in fright. However, before he could move, he saw that the human who was originally pressing down on his body had turned into a tall and slender black panther. A pair of powerful and bold, beastly, purple eyes watched him closely, restraining an urge to howl.

Sui Yuan:“………………”

After staring at the black panther for three seconds, his consciousness finally processed what had just happened. Sui Yuan suddenly straightened up, wanting to escape, but the black panther raised a paw and easily pressed down on his shoulder. Although the claws were rescinded and thus the pad of the paw completely did not harm Sui Yuan, however, the coarse feeling against his skin made all the hair in his body stand on end, making him want to cry without tears.

“Leonard, you’re seeking death! What did you lick it for?” 0XyfOv

“I also didn’t think that this things heat-inducing effect was so evident,” Leonard’s voice sounded, obviously with some regret and helplessness, “Although it was almost ready, I don’t know if you’re capable of bearing it now.”

“If you don’t know, then let me go!” Sui Yuan really wanted to cry. This situation suddenly became Beast x Human, this was just unscientific! His heart was completely unprepared!

……Wait, no, he had already prepared to decline!

“Sorry, I absolutely cannot do that,” Leonard said with regret, “Only, if that fluid can make a beastman turn into a beast, then sub-beastmen must certainly be able to bear with it. I’m uncertain, but wouldn’t this feel better?” YUMLrs

“Do you think that I’m as easy to deceive as a 3 year old……” Sui Yuan muttered. He didn’t resist as he watched the black panther that was pressing down on his body slowly insert that ferocious weapon into his hole.

His body gradually felt like it was full to the point of bursting, making Sui Yuan cannot help but let out a moan. Fortunately, the sub-beastmen’s body really were suitable to accommodate that thing. It was not intolerably painful in the least. In order to vent his anger, Sui Yuan raised a hand to tug at the sleek and shiny fur around the black panther’s neck. This made the black panther growl lowly, and suddenly thrust into him completely. At the same time, the black panther lowered his head to hold Sui Yuan’s neck in its mouth.

Sui Yuan was not frightened at all, his body’s instinct making him feel that this was only proper, becoming excited.

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The hard and scorching thing stopped inside of his body.  The tender and warm walls, as if acting on its own, contracted, sucking it in. After waiting until Sui Yuan grew accustomed to the new feeling, the black panther gradually began to thrust into the slim waist. Regardless if it was in terms of speed or strength, it was better than that of a human. Needless to say, so was his stamina. Cywnr1

The black panther’s movements became quicker. His throat let out a low roar each time he thrusted deep into Sui Yuan’s body. This caused a rapid build-up of pleasant sensation within Sui Yuan, making him throw away all sense in the midst of passion. Sui Yuan cried out softly as he came, both arms tightly holding onto the black panther’s neck. His body unconsciously tightened up as he raised his head to look at the midnight-black panther.

“So fast?” The panther’s throat trembled, smiling slightly, as if ridiculing him, and also as if he was showing off, “It’s still early.”

Only, it was a pity that at this moment, Sui Yuan was not in the mood to lower himself to his level. His brain was simply blank after experiencing such a high, completely unaware of the high-spirited cock still thrusting inside of him.

Very quickly, the black panther also became unable to smile. His cock was squeezed tightly by Sui Yuan, giving him no time to do anything but give into his instincts, and continue to chase after this pleasant sensation. It accumulated until he was completely unable to stop, and he simply continued to unreasonably pound into the small body. Sui Yuan, who had just started to panic, was once again drawn into a whirlpool of lust, and could only go along with the other to indulge in such wanton pleasure, even lacking the strength to rock his body. 39CMbJ

Not knowing how long they continued at it for, the violent nature of this storm made Sui Yuan’s delicate body completely unable to continue to bear with it. It wasn’t until the other party bit his neck once more, and at the same time sharply thrusted deep into his soft and tender behind, that Sui Yuan regained consciousness from the aching stimulation. Shortly after, a hot fluid shot out, filling him up until he felt completely bloated.

The black panther on top of his body finally became well-behaved, seemingly expressing some regret as he lapped at Sui Yuan’s neck bite. Soon after, he lapped along Sui Yuan’s back in an intimate and comforting manner.

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Sui Yuan narrowed his eyes, having no choice but to admit that the other’s licks were extremely comfortable, as if relieving him of his earlier exhaustion, making him feel quite languid.

——-Only……. nk1M0l

“First, get that thing out of me……”

Sui Yuan mumbled, his ears trembling, whole body having been licked by the panther, making him feel like he lacked strength all over.

“My stomach feels a bit bloated, it’s a bit uncomfortable.

The black panther’s movements paused for a moment, before he couldn’t help but to lift his head: “Unless you want to go another round, don’t use such words to provoke me.” pd KRP

Sui Yuan: “……….. I was only speaking truthfully……”

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Eventually, the black panther unwillingly pulled out of the warm tunnel. The white fluid that flowed out of the swollen, red hole made for a particularly obscene picture. Leonard knew perfectly well that he had to avert his gaze, or else he would be completely incapable of acting rationally. However, he continued to gaze at that place.

But it was a pity that the already exhausted and dizzy Sui Yuan was completely unaware of the dangerous situation that was about to occur. He turned over to find a more comfortable posture. Leonard watched his movements, only to watch as the white fluid gushed out of the cute little hole, causing his eyes to darken. He lowered his head and gently used the tip of his nose to touch the delicate and charming hole, and soon after extended his tongue out to lick.

The just ravaged, soft and weak hole was unable to resist the tongue’s invasion. The coarse and nimble tongue suddenly made Sui Yuan moan, body moving forward in hopes of escaping. However, he was pressed down by the black panther’s paw. lv7mDi

“What do you want to do……I can’t take anymore……quickly, stop…… hold your tongue!” Sui Yuan’s voice trembled, sparing no effort in begging.

The black panther finally rescinded his tongue, licking his lips, and spoke righteously: “I’m helping you take care of the stuff inside, so that you won’t get pregnant.”

This gave Sui Yuan a start, realizing that he could get pregnant as a sub-beastmen, his entire body felt abnormal! “Quick, get it out!”

Black Panther: “…………………” zHgKlw

——To have such an easy to deceive sweetheart, one really didn’t know if this was fortunate or misfortunate……

Of course, whether it was fortunate or misfortunate didn’t matter. An opportunity that fell into his hands was definitely something that he will not let go of. The black panther immediately obediently followed his orders and lowered his head to fondly dote upon that trembling and faltering little hole, not able to stop even if he wanted to.

“I can’t really get pregnant, right? Just in case I get pregnant, what should I do?” Sui Yuan was played with by that tongue all over, a blush fanning out along his whole body. He however continued to be anxious over this terrible news.

“You realize, if the fluid your body secretes is able to turn beastmen into beasts, then it will definitely be able to carry black panther cubs,” he analyzed calmly. btkL0R

Sui Yuan was about to cry.

“But you can relax. You’re underage, after all,” the black panther said, consolingly.

“……You can’t get pregnant if you’re underage?” Sui Yuan was full of hope.

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Black Panther: “……I was just saying that casually.” EsjiT4

Sui Yuan: “…………………QAQ”

The author has something to say:

………………Originally I wanted to turn off the lights, but I remembered that last time I promised all the little sisters. Furthermore, there were all those long comments, so I forced myself to do it against my will. Even I cannot believe that I wrote 4500+ characters worth of smut! This is my highest record, ah QAQ. I truly have a special affection towards beast ears, beast tails, beast X people, this kind of no bottom line kind of thing! This is definitely an illusion! High morals, come back! The ladies that are still dissatisfied, please spare me. This is already how high my skill goes, it is even surpassing my normal level! For me, who doesn’t read a lot… please don’t ask for too much……

P.S If this chapter gets reported, I vow to no longer write such things anymore UbdVui

Gosh, the author is kinky.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at melimeliarts.com

Translator's Note

Part way through, Leonard turns into his beast form and continues so… beastiality warning? If this squicks you, feel free to skip to the next chapter. This entire chapter is dedicated to good ol’ smut and zero plot.

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