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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 6.5


Because of the character settings, the time spent embracing and whispering was not at all long. Really quickly, Sui Yuan is released by Leonard. He (SY) grabs onto the other’s arm, face pulled up into a smiling expression while receiving the congratulations from the surrounding people with great “enjoyment”. The gazes of all the other sub-beastmen were of admiration, envy and hate. In reality, Sui Yuan was absent-mindedly racking his brains like crazy, pondering how he ought to return this troublesome prize to the protagonist, Allen.

Without the Pangluo cinnabar, one of Allen’s important admirers would most likely die. This beastman played an extremely important role in the plot and was one that must not die. Not only could he not die, he must be cured by Allen as well, otherwise the plot will encounter a huge BUG! wJLXfG

Sui Yuan’s hair was simply turning white from anxiety, gaze discretely turning to  Allen, whose hair was also turning white from worry. They simply deserved to be called two brothers in hardship.1

  ——Completely the pig teammate’s fault!

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The beast people did not speak any formalities, and the congratulations ceremony quickly ended. Afterwards, everyone returned to their own homes and looked for their own mothers. Really quickly, everyone dispersed in groups of twos and threes.

After that, Allen finally went to stand in front of Sui Yuan, whose awaiting gaze  was filled with anxiety.


Allen’s personality was neither petty, nor low,  nor timid like one would expect from a commoner facing an aristocrat. His behaviour was neither haughty nor humble. In Sui Yuan’s eyes, this was naturally very pleasing. However, due to Eli’s habit of being exalted, even to the point of fear, by other people, with regards to this kind of “we are of equal footing” manner, it is obviously quite offensive to the eye.

Not in the least hiding his furrowed brows, Sui Yuan raised his chin and rudely scolded: “Who do you think you are! Who allowed you to get in my way!”

Allen seemed to wish to refute, however he recalled that he had to look to others for help after all, and so bit his lips, relaxed his eyebrows, and lowered his head: “Eli……Your Excellency 2 , if I may ask, is the Pangluo cinnabar of extreme importance to you?”

“Of course it’s not important,” Sui Yuan loftily shrugged his shoulders, speaking casually, “Only, it’s a good thing. I can use it to draw Incantations and give it to Leonard for future use, although he probably won’t need to use it.” dWQRP7

Having spoken, Sui Yuan glanced at Leonard sweetly and with pride, snuggling towards him.

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Leonard harmoniously arranged his head by lowering it. Although he did not hold him in his arms, but his gaze softened when he looked at Sui Yuan.

Allen deeply inhaled a breath: “If— if it’s like this, would you please bestow upon me the cinnabar? No matter what you want in exchange, I will be willing!”

“You?” Sui Yuan’s gaze towards Allen was full with scorn, despite infinitely wishing, to stuff that thing into his hands. However, he had no choice but to refuse, appearing unconcerned, “What kind of valuable thing would you have that would be valuable enough to be used to exchange for this cinnabar? You should know, Pangluo cinnabar is extremely expensive. A commoner like you would never be able to afford it in his lifetime!” AYibOd

Allen’s mouth opened, however he didn’t know what he ought to say.

“If you have nothing to say, then scram!” Sui Yuan gestured in disapproval, taking a step with the desire to leave, however he was once again stopped by Allen in haste.

“I beg you! Eli, Your excellency! The injured beastman is my number one admirer, he is extremely important to me! If only I am able to save him, no matter what I have to do, I will do it!” Allen’s voice quivered a bit, a soft and handsome expression with sincere words drew in the surrounding beastmen who had been in the middle of dispersing, moving them and causing them to take pity on him. It was only because they took into consideration Eli’s status and temperament that no one dared to interrupt.

“If it was His Excellency Leonard who was injured, you would also be as anxious and worried as I am. Regardless of what expense you’d have to pay, you would hope that he would end up safe and sound, right?” VAuiOM

“What you said is correct,” Sui Yuan nodded his head, raising an eyebrow under Allen’s gaze, “I like Leonard. I am willing to pay anything to protect him and make sure he’s safe and sound. So, I plan to use this Pangluo cinnabar to make Incantations for him. Your number one admirer is important, so is my Leonard not important? Perhaps the next time that he is injured, this Incantation will be put to good use.”

Sui Yuan paused. Since he had the privilege to act however he wants in this world, and because he had a habit of speaking in a reasonable, supported by evidence manner, Sui Yuan felt that he was currently not domineering enough and hastily added: “Moreover, the life or death of your follower, what does it have to do with me? I don’t see what capabilities you have to make me surrender this valuable cinnabar. Is it possible that you want to force me to sell?”

Sui Yuan’s “creating difficulty” face was 10 out of 10. He had to hide his own black face expression towards his own behaviour, whilst jabbing and pinching Leonard at the same time, signalling for him to quickly say that he doesn’t need it, so that he can logically give the cinnabar to Allen.

After all, Eli absolutely is unable to be exuberantly sympathetic, giving away his proof of victory with such poise. However, according to the plot, Leonard has a good impression of Allen, so it was just right for him to give it up! Firstly, this was in accordance to the plot, letting Leonard express his goodwill towards Allen. Secondly, this also intensified the conflict between Allen and Sui Yuan. It simply could not be more perfect!  Sui Yuan really wanting to give his own intelligence and wisdom a thousand praises! muYyaI

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Having received Sui Yuan’s hint, Leonard lowered his head, looking at him, and swept a glance at the Allen who looked to have lost all hope, who had been refuted to the point of having been left without an argument. Then, under Sui Yuan’s expectant gaze, the corners of lips hooked upwards: “You’re right, I am naturally quite important. Let’s go.” (TN: LOOOOOOOL. This lil b*tch.)

Vel Tejc:“………………”

 ——Gjwc! Qtja’r atf erf bo lcafiilufcmf jcv klrvbw! Ulu afjwwjafr vbc’a mbbqfgjaf ja jii!

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Ljnlcu yffc tbbxfv ys atf rtbeivfgr ys Ofbcjgv, Vel Tejc gfiemajcais qjgafv jr tf kjr ajxfc jkjs ys obgmf ogbw Ciifc, vffqis tjalcu atf batfg (Ofbcjgv) obg cba kbgxlcu tjgv ja jii. Kter, fnfc lo tf’ii yf qlccfv jr YYJ, tf klii vfolclafis ulnf atlr mlccjyjg ab Ciifc! riTbua

Only, it was a pity that Allen could not hear the piteous cry within Sui Yuan’s heart. He was only discouraged as he looked anxiously at the two people departing, causing Sui Yuan’s to simply cry a river in his own mind.

Having waited until there was no one else around, Sui Yuan who was previously patiently acting intimately and sticky towards Leonard finally had a chance to erupt.

“A good opportunity? For you, it could be said to be a good opportunity,” Leonard was shaken off by Sui Yuan, but he remained calm and composed while faced with his interrogation, “But for me, it is terrible.”

“What does that mean?” Sui Yuan knitted his brows. 0A1eMG

“Right now, there’s already rumours that the reason for why I’m good to you is because I have a hidden motive. Presumably, that brother of yours has also tried persuading you? In this kind of critical moment, I don’t want to “help another person, but not help the one closer to oneself” (TN: basically what this means is that you help other people who you are not close to, while not helping those that are presumably important/intimate with you), and thus confirm this kind of conjecture.”

Leonard defended himself loudly, “Otherwise, wouldn’t this be me giving an opening to those villains that are fascinated by you?”

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“……In the end, is it ultimately the plot or is it fighting against your love rivals that’s more important! Why don’t you understand!”

Sui Yuan was filled with bitter hatred, feeling resentful at him for failing to meet his expectations and wishing he’d hurry and improve (TN: here’s another famous idiom: To hate iron for not becoming steel) zkcP4U

“I can only say that we have different priorities,” Leonard spread out his hands, “For you, what’s important is the former. For me, obviously it’s the latter that is more important than the former.”

  Sui Yuan:“………………”

He was silent for a short while. Sui Yuan who was still billowing with pent-up fury, took a deep breath, and turned his body to leave, not saying a word.

Leonard was dumbfounded for a while, wanting to raise his hand to grab onto him but was shaken off by the other. Turning his head, Sui Yuan gnashed his teeth and spoke word by word: “People who walk different paths cannot make plans together! (TN: basically, they should go separate ways because they have different goals and ideas) What you said was very correct! Until this matter with Allen is resolved, I don’t want to catch sight of you at all!” nLZ3xd

Sui Yuan left in a great rage, leaving Leonard standing in the same spot, helplessly spreading open his hands.

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“At least it’s only ‘until Allen’s matter is resolved’, right? The situation is not at all grave.”

Leonard smiled to himself, shrugging his shoulders loftily.

007: “Really good self-consolation.” 8kJlz6


After having spoken to Leonard, Sui Yuan who deeply hated the other who was constantly seeking death yet made him clean up his mess, charged straight ahead with a bowed-head whilst panting with rage. Before he could get very far, he was suddenly grabbed by someone. He didn’t have enough time to cover up his distressed expression and thus was seen by the other head-on.

The colour of Moya’s face was ugly, full of pity and self-reproach: “Eli, are you feeling upset? Is it because of Leonard?”

Sui Yuan was quiet for a while, uncertain for a while whether he should nod his head or shake it. 2VQagT

“Sorry. I heard it all,” Moya sighed.

Sui Yuan:“…………??!!”

“Did you and Leonard have a disagreement? Is it because of that sub-beastman Allen, who ordered Monroe to represent him and, also was the one who wanted you to give him the cinnabar?” Moya furrowed his brows in discontentment.

  Sui Yuan released a breath —- he had been really frightened! Luckily, this “heard it all” was really just “heard that little part at the end”…… XD3JSi

“This matter, you can’t discuss with me?” Sui Yuan’s taciturn expression practically confirmed Moya’s suspicions, “Actually, I could basically guess it all.”

“What did you guess?” Sui Yuan cautiously asked, deciding to first scout out what the other party meant. He would then act in accordance.

“Although I don’t know how Leonard met that Allen, however he really seems to care about that sub-beastman, right? He wanted you to give Allen the cinnabar.” Moya said quietly, although his tone was interrogative, “Today, both you and Leonard acted very strangely. After he entered the field, you didn’t seem happy nor were you worried, because you knew that his reason for competing was not for your sake, but for Allen’s, right?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Sui Yuan’s eyes gleamed, suddenly coming up with a plan. He wanted to endlessly jump for joy —- without a pig teammate’s cooperation, he could pass this time’s crisis! aZIlmO

“……Indeed, you know a lot,” Sui Yuan pretended to say with grief, turning his head with arrogance, but letting a fragility seep through, “I don’t know what’s going on, in the end. I was completely in the dark. If not for today……I would continue to be so foolish!

“……That, why didn’t Leonard speak up for Allen when he asked you to give him the cinnabar?” Moya knitted his brows. This was the one thing he couldn’t understand.

“Who knows! You asking me…it would be better for you to ask Leonard directly! If I could know what is on his mind, that’d be great!” Sui Yuan covered up his guilty conscience and spoke fiercely despite being a coward at heart, showing an expression of frowning brows and angry eyes. He was incapable of plugging the holes of the story by himself so he pushed it upon other people, letting their own imaginations fill them in. This absolutely was the best method!

Moya was afraid of Sui Yuan’s anger, and hastily changing the topic. Although he did not dare ask about Leonard, he did indeed however visualize the situation according to Sui Yuan’s wishes…… According to Moya’s conjecture, Leonard had not wanted to destroy the intimate feeling between the two in front of other people, nor fuel the rumour of his sudden change in attitude being due to his family’s interest——He (SY) had to say, it was half correct. GMwTWL

“That……what do you plan on doing next?” Moya asked, voice slowing down and softening.

“What should I do……” Sui Yuan’s eyes dimmed, and the corners of his mouth raised in a self-mocking laugh, “Whatever he wants me to do, I naturally have to do it— but that Allen, I absolutely cannot let him off!” Hand held tightly in a fist, Sui Yuan’s eyes revealed a ruthless strength. In his heart, however, he was yearning to jump out and dance with joy. This was definitely a god-given acting talent.

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Moya sighed lightly, raising his arms to pull Sui Yuan into his embrace, silently comforting him. His heart was full of pity for him, and filled with discontent towards Leonard and Allen, even to the point of holding some hate.

“Thank you, Moya,” Sui Yuan inhaled through his nose. He then left Moya’s embrace, his eyes turning a bit red, but he continued to stand tall and proud. He naturally expressed his thanks genuinely and sincerely——thanks to Moya for the inspiration! LPZ2Fc

“Then……do you want to go find Allen?” Moya asked lightly, “I’ll accompany you.”

Sui Yuan resolutely shook his head: “I definitely will not personally go find him! He doesn’t deserve it! Furthermore, if I catch sight of him, I don’t think I’ll be able to control myself from immediately sending him to his death!”

Moya smiled with tolerance, as if he didn’t think what Sui Yuan said was wrong in the the slightest: “Then, how do you plan on giving the Pangluo cinnabar to him?”

“……I plan to go find my brother. I’ll make him give it to Allen,” Sui Yuan looked downwards, deeply pondering while speaking. A6uqBk

In the original plot, because Eli couldn’t accept his defeat in the inter-school games and because he had a conflict with Allen, the Seno who had been sent by the military to be in charge of safety at the event, rushed over to resolve the issue. This was also Eli’s brother Seno’s first encounter with Allen—— from them on he was destined to be an unfortunate cannon fodder.

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This time, Sui Yuan basically did not have much of a conflict with Allen. Seno’s plot therefore naturally also disappeared. Sui Yuan therefore plans to make use of this opportunity to remedy the situation, and also to reveal the bad relationship between himself and Leonard. It could be seen as killing two birds with one stone!

“That’s also good,” Moya agreed, nodding his head, “Seno has a steady demeanour,  and cherishes you. He is a very suitable person.

Sui Yuan nodded his head, finally revealing a bit of a smiling expression. oHW0jn

“Seno should currently still be at the Fighting Field, although it’s not that far, but there’s definitely still all sorts of beastmen still walking around. It’s not too safe, so I’ll accompany you,” Moya took advantage of the situation to propose his idea.

“Thank you,” Sui Yuan nodded his head in agreement.

Moya restrained himself, not wanting to seem too obviously excited, walking relaxedly beside Sui Yuan.

“The good atmosphere that Leonard took great pains to achieve completely disappeared just from a few of your words, completely becoming a slag who’s eyeing what’s in the pot whilst eating from his bowl 3. If he knew, who knows if he would spit blood or not!” 5237 happily commented, taking pleasure from his misfortune, “He hindered your tasks, so you must hinder his! The two of you are simply a innate pair of pig teammates!” EXBv0l

Sui Yuan didn’t know why, but he suddenly became afraid of being caught, but he very quickly felt that he had justice on his side and thus felt bold and assured: “For what reason do I always have to be tossed around by him while all his wishes come true? This just isn’t fair!”

“That’s why I will fairly light candles for the two of you,” 5237 laughed “ha ha ha”, stabbing Sui Yuan, in particular, in the back.

Sui Yuan:“………………”

After Moya and Sui Yuan had left together, not far from where the two people had exchanged words, Monroe moved out, yellow eyes gleaming. fa71Yc

Leonard causing Allen and Eli to become hostile was naturally unexpected, after all, he excessively believed that Eli was inseparable from him, so did he want to straddle two boats?4 Furthermore, Allen also seemed to have a secret that he was unaware of? Only, Monroe whose greed was not any less than Leonard’s, did not emphasize at all with the Leonard who did not cherish what he had at all. He had watched Allen from behind for a short period of time, in his heart, Monroe still leaned towards Eli. If Leonard is too greedy, then he will take this chance to grab Eli without ceremony!

……On another hand, that Moya was also a threat. His ability to sneak his way into Sui Yuan’s affairs was truly not bad. Perhaps he could provoke him into fighting with Leonard. It would be best if he did not have to spend much effort to kick out one of his competitors……?

Monroe, whose heart was busy making smug calculations and happily jumping for joy, carelessly took a step forward, forgetting that he had received a serious wound. When he turned his body, he suddenly fell, sucking in a cold breath, all of his facial features slightly crinkling as he rubbed the waist that had been injured by Leonard’s tail.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

   ——This debt, he will definitely get even in the future! R8Jqag

The translator has something to say: Guys, find yourselves a man like Moya, not ZXH. MOYA DESERVES BETTER T^T.


1. [Basically, they’re fellow sufferers.]

2. [literally big person. A respectful way of addressing someone of higher status] V9h6iQ

3. [have a wandering eye, not being content with what he already has“]

4. [To have an affair with both of them]

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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