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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 6.3


“I heard… that the relationship between you and Leonard has improved a lot recently?” The beastman in front of Sui Yuan asked in a doting and anxious tone, seeming to work hard to look good in front of Sui Yuan’s eyes.

“Should be pretty good,” Sui Yuan awkwardly raised his chin and his black tail swayed. He had an appearance of being happy to death in his heart whilst also trying desperately to appear indifferent. WAbn9s

The beastman in front of him was Eli’s brother, Seno. Basically, he could be considered a brocon. Although he had a favourable opinion of the protagonist Allen, but ultimately, because he always protected his willful and reckless little brother, he was eliminated as a love interest by Allen. He could only comfort his little brother who faced all kinds of face-slapping on one side and gaze longing upon Allen’s silhouette on the other. Really made people want to light a candle for him.

Upon hearing Eli’s response, Seno didn’t relax and instead furrowed his brows: “Perhaps you don’t want to hear this, but I still must warn you, I feel that Leonard’s sudden change is a bit strange.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Sui Yuan: “………………”
——— It’d be strange  if you didn’t find that strange!

“He did not like you from the start, this you should know. Beastmen are always obstinate. Whether they like someone or detest someone is determined with a glance. From the beginning, he’s shown no interest in you. This illustrates that the two of you are not suitable for one another. If it wasn’t for you insisting, we would be unlikely to make him your guardian. These days, he has no reason to suddenly change how he treats you. This makes me feel that there’s some reason for it, one that we are unaware of. It really worries me.”


Seno spoke earnestly and sincerely, not in the least realizing that his beloved little brother’s lips pursed gradually, nor did he notice the annoyance emitted from his (SY) eyes, as if raging flames were within.

“You don’t need to say another word, brother!” Sui Yuan suddenly stood up, interrupting Seno, and took two steps away in an agitated manner, as if doing his utmost to restrain all the anger and worry inside of his heart, “I don’t want to hear it!”

“Eli……” Seno slowly called out.
“You don’t have to say anything else, brother……” Sui Yuan closed his eyes and took in a deep break, “……I want to believe in him.”

Seeing how firm Eli was, not at all listening to his persuasion, and also thinking of how Eli stubbornly and single-mindedly chased Leonard’s shadow for all these years, Seno realized how difficult it would be for Eli to come to his senses, and how even more impossible it would be for him to give up. Seno was also unwilling to upset Eli too much and he could only bring the conversation to a hold for the time being. zOo8E2

“Ok ok, Eli, I won’t say any more, I just hope that you don’t trust him too much. Be careful. Of course, I also don’t think that Leonard will do anything outrageous with that disposition of his……”

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Sui Yuan’s face became a bit better, and towards Seno he revealed a smiling expression. Yet, because his mood was not at all good, his face showed a bit of gloom and paleness.  The contrast between now and his previous splendour caused people’s heart to feel even more pity.

Seno sighed, reaching a hand to tenderly rub Eli’s head. Since his own little brother does not want to suspect Leonard, it was only this big brother who had thought too much. Upon thoroughly investigating, he could only hope that Leonard’s newfound affection for his family’s little brother was genuine. He couldn’t allow Eli to rejoice too soon, lest it all be in vain.
—— If you are continually unable to get someone’s heart, then so be it. But to gain it, only to immediately lose it and realize that it was all in vain, sometimes that is more painful.

After his conversation with Eli ended, Seno very quickly left. He had already come of age and holds a post in the Defence division. Naturally, he could not be like Eli, this young high student who leisurely and carefreely spent his days, waiting for another. Foi3C6

After sending Seno away, Sui Yuan sure enough let out a long sigh. He really was not too good at this “shameless, unfeeling, deliberately making trouble”, “I love him, no matter what he does to me, I will still love him” kind of play. Each time he has to act out these sentiments, he feels that his IQ decreases and his lower limit shatters a bit. It was simply extremely sorrowful……

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“Be careful, look outside the window.”

Vfflcu Vel Tejc gfijz, 5237 tjralis kjgcfv tlw lc j rboa nblmf.

Sui Yuan seamlessly turned his head in response, just in time to see that silver-haired beastman named Monroe languidly laying atop of a branch of the large tree outside of his window. His two eyes that watched Sui Yuan’s every movement, however, were exactly the opposite of his posture. They were intently fixed to him. Sui Yuan had no idea as for how long he had been there, peeping on him.
Despite having been discovered by Sui Yuan, the corners of Monroe’s mouth raised, seemingly not at all taking notice that he had been caught. He even happily raised his hand, as if to give him a wave. fJjKko

Coafg atlcxlcu bnfg tlr mtjgjmafg rfaalcur, atf Vel Tejc ktb gfjiis kjcafv ab pera aegc tlr tfjv jkjs jcv ifjnf, tjv cb mtblmf yea ab wbnf abkjgvr atf klcvbk jcv tjeutalis gjlrf tlr fsfygbk jcv gfqglwjcv, “Lbk ibcu tjnf sbe yffc fjnfrvgbqqlcu!”

“Firstly, I did not eavesdrop. I listened in a just and honourable way. The reason why you did not discover me, is simply because your brother’s awareness is severely lacking, it’s even worse than yours. Secondly, if we speak in terms of the order of arrival, I had actually arrived before the two of you.”

Monroe gave him a relaxed and light smile as he reasonably refuted him.

Sui Yuan was a bit loss for words and tried to suppress the blush on his face. He had racked his brain, wanting to do something to trouble the other, but there wasn’t any guidebook for him to follow and so he couldn’t come up with anything to say. Ultimately, he could only let out a cold and noble “hn”. LyAYNG

Monroe smiled even more obviously and brilliantly. He moved, changing to a more intimate position: “Say, I really can’t see what’s so good about that Leonard fellow. How could you be so hell-bent on him?”

“……This doesn’t concern you!” Sui Yuan, with his furrowed brows and angry eyes, looked just like an angry kitten that had all its fur standing up.

“Again with this sentence,” Monroe had no choice but to raise his hands in surrender, “Can’t you change the lines of your act?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Sui Yuan:“………………” m0DLJh

——This kind of wanting to kneel down feeling…….

“I also think that you are not very well-suited for this kind of role. Whenever there is no script, the improvised performance results in lines that all seem weak and feeble,” 5235 seriously commented.

Sui Yuan: “…………Shut up.”

Monroe saw Sui Yuan open his cat-like eyes wide, with hidden bitterness and indignant resentment reflected within them. And yet, the sub-beastman still did not know how to refute. In fact, towards this acting fierce only to be cowardly at heart sort of act, and that trying hard to appear unfriendly and bossy act, Monroe actually found this nature of his to be endearingly silly, causing his heart to feel incessantly itchy. If it wasn’t for the fact that this kitten’s class were a little sharp, and that there was a strong, possessive fellow glaring at anyone daring to eye the sub-beastman, Monroe would really want to pull the other over into his embrace and give him a bit of a rub. CRpH9z

“Really, I’m speaking the truth.”

Monroe raised a rand to rub the bridge of his nose, slightly retracting and pulling away.

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“Compared to Leonard, you still have other, better choices.”

“Like you, for example?” Sui Yuan provoked, eyebrow raised in disdain. 8MDqZy

Monroe however nodded his head seriously, rarely offering in all seriousness: “I think that I am no worse than Leonard in every aspect.”

“However, you are not him,” Sui Yuan resolutely shook his head, “I only love him.”

Monroe felt some regret and some disappointment, and could not help but feel some envy towards the fortunate Leonard. God only knew that this was the first time that he had ever envied another person’s fortune.

“Moreover, don’t think I don’t know that you’ve been following that sub-beastman named Allen or whatever around these days.” liEZK0

Once he said this, Sui Yuan began to feel a bit of excitement. Originally, he had felt a bit worried about that his earlier blunder would change Monroe’s storyline. However, he didn’t expect that this gong was simply extremely sensible! Still sticking to Allen’s side in accordance to the plot, it made it so that there was nothing to do on Sui Yuan’s part. This made Sui Yuan get up every morning with an uncontrollable desire to praise him!

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Of course, when he said this sentence, Sui Yuan restrained this kind of gratified feeling well, covering it with a somewhat ill-tempered and jealous sentiment instead: “Obviously pursuing a sub-beastman but then you turn around and do everything you can to please another! I have never seen a beastman like you! At least Leonard is not like this!”

After hearing Sui Yuan’s criticism, Monroe did not seem to have a guilty conscience whatsoever, and only smiled broadly, spread out his hands, “Why is it that a sub-beastman can have so many beastmen follow them as their admirers, from which they will eventually choose as their mate, but a beastman can only hang himself onto one sub-beastman? I am only responsible for myself. Before making my genuine choice, I must carefully consider all aspects.”

After a short pause, Monroe slowed down his speech and pledged seriously, “If you choose me, I promise to wholly devote myself to you, be loyal only to you, and will not even take so much of a glance at other sub-beastmen.” PWliSv

Sui Yuan:“………………”

As the recipient of Monroe’s eager gaze, Sui Yuan, who felt that the pressure was just too great, slowly lifted up his chin: “Between Leonard and I — no, what should be said is that between anyone and Leonard, I will ultimately only ever choose Leonard!”


Monroe shrugged his shoulders, a bit frustrated. It was the first time that he had so earnestly promoted himself, only to end up rejected, making him truly unable to feel satisfied. However, once he thought of how the other’s Incantation ability was truly blessed by the heavens and his evidently contradictory guard, he really did not feel willing to resign and let go, “Perhaps, one day, you’ll change your mind?” YZWKlX

“There will never be such a day,” Sui Yuan coldly replied.

Monroe pursed his lips in disappointment, turning his body to jump down from the tree. He felt that he could not continue this farce. Otherwise, he doesn’t know what kind of thing he will end up doing towards this sub-beastman—for example, tearing the other’s haughty disguise to shreds, or ruthlessly trampling over his self-righteous perseverance.

How was it that he, a sincere and earnest beastman, when compared to that Leonard who fakes displays of affection and is not much better than himself, is seen as less suitable, ah! This sub-beastman is both stubborn and unreasonable!

While watching Monroe leave, Sui Yuan’s expression appeared very vexed. He inevitably could not accept the other’s proposal, and conversely needed to work hard to steer him to act in accordance to the plot, towards the protagonist’s side. However, since these words have already been spoken, when it is time for him (SY) to have to show interest and thus attempt to express goodwill to Monroe, that in fact will appear to be a case of one slapping his own face……. iDkCEJ

“…… Be happy! I think that in this world, your face will end up growing really thick!” 5237 said in comfort.

“……You think that this is a good thing?” Sui Yuan raised his hand to cover his face with a face palm.

According to the original plot, Monroe is a very calculating and tricky role. First, he fancied and approached the protagonist Allen for his talent, but he was not at all sincere compared to all the other beastmen. Instead of nakedly expressing goodwill, he had rather put forth a neither close neither distant type of feeling.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at melimeliarts.com

In the beginning, Monroe did not vow to follow Allen, and instead just seemed to put the other under his protection. While cultivating Allen’s feelings for him, he did not limit himself. He also looked at other sub-beastmen, weighed the worth of a relationship with Allen, and calmly assessed whether he (Allen) was deserving of his complete loyalty or not. However, after watching and watching, he couldn’t help but be captured by Allen. This, everyone understood. 7YEpQS

Monroe could not hover around Allen like a dunce, but instead he appeared during the times Allen needed him most, showing him a heroic figure, each time significantly raising the importance of his existence in Allen’s eyes. Once he made up his mind for real, he immediately used his unconventional and formidable strength to easily distinguish himself from Allen’s admirers, become his guard, and eventually, become his mate.
The only flaw in Monroe’s plans had been that he did not think that when he was in his not close, not distant stage, would a worthy rival suddenly come out blazing. He did not originally put this dark horse in his eye. The Monroe who was then accepted after Leonard had no choice but to accept sharing Allen with the other. It was guessed that he often could not help but want to spit out a mouthful of blood whenever he thought of this mistake.

Now, as Allen’s talent was gradually exposed in accordance to the plot, Monroe naturally was fascinated by it. Only, compared to the original Eli who had a level seven spiritual ability, Sui Yuan who did not have good control over his power, also ended up in Monroe’s list of candidates, with an importance above that of Allen’s.

Luckily, Sui Yuan currently still had Leonard to act as his excuse for why he was hell-bent on rejecting the other man’s seduction. Otherwise, Sui Yuan would not know how to reject the other while staying in compliance to his character settings.

Since it was currently the time of Allen’s early struggles, at present, the Sui Yuan who had no scenes was also not very free. Besides spending everyday diligently and conscientiously cozying up to Leonard to increase his good impression, he also had to deal with school, studying topics such as “The history of the Beast People”, “Incantation Cultivation”, “Fertility Maintenance” (……). And so, his school work was an awful mess and he even had to diligently learn how to control his power so that it appeared to be at level 7, no more, no less. HihEn3

Controlling his power so that it appeared to be at level 7 was not easy at all. Sui Yuan ended up spending a lot of energy and suffered through a great deal of hardships before finally being assessed by 5237 to be passable.  Of course, to prevent the mishap of the first day from reoccurring, Sui Yuan called Leonard out whenever he practiced to help warn him. All of the unsuitable Incantations he created were also absorbed by Leonard, causing his originally outstanding level 7 fighting ability to increase to level 8 in this short time, simply startling a crowd of people to drop their jaws in awe.
……In any case, Leonard did not seem to have any intention to follow the plot. Sui Yuan also did not feel like controlling his violating and plot shifting behaviour. After all, he figured that Leonard should have a sense of how far to go and when to stop.

When Sui Yuan could properly make level 7 Incantations, he finally could feel at ease when giving his other beastmen admirers Incantations.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at melimeliarts.com

Beastmen protect sub-beastmen and they also do things for them, and sub-beastmen use Incantations to repay them. This is the duty and right by which beast people must abide by. This was why Sui Yuan performed this duty extremely conscientiously and earnestly, making many of his beastmen admirers to feel extremely flattered. After all, the previous haughty and willful Eli almost completely placed all of his thoughts and attention solely to Leonard, everyday tossing the rest of them to the back of his mind.

Of course, there weren’t any beastmen who came foolishly running to ask why Eli suddenly changed. Each and every one of them crammed their hands full with Incantations, not saying a word, focused instead on making a big fortune. In the end, they attributed it to his good mood after finally having attained Leonard’s affection. And so, the pitiful Sui Yuan did not discover that unexpectedly, he unconsciously and unwittingly OOC’d, gained the beastmen’s public praise, and that the number of his admirers slowly grew in number and in quality.
When Sui Yuan had finally integrated into this new world after a bumpy start—-although everyday had different twists and turns— the him who was eagerly making an all-out effort finally reached the first important task which was to act out the scene of starting a feud with Allen. qr1tBT

The author has something to say:

After all, babies and pets are not the same. With regards to children, I have always thought that it was an extraordinary responsibility to care for them. So, in this story, there will not be a giving birth plotline. After all, after giving birth, both father and mother will go seek death. This child will simply be too pitiful. Furthermore, they cannot bring the child along as well, because children need a steady environment to grow up in and also strictly enforced education and so on. It is for this reason that I request everyone to please understand.



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