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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 6.2


NOTE: Apparently, there is a difference between a guardian and fiance. Previous chapter and this one has been changed to reflect that. Leonard is Eli’s guardian.

When Sui Yuan ran towards Leonard, he was simply relieved to finally have a chance to get rid of Monroe, who kept asking all sorts of questions that caused the other person to not know how they ought to respond. However, when Sui Yuan felt Leonard’s icy cold and apathetic gaze land on him, Sui Yuan nearly lost all self-control but still managed to barely restrain himself. He continued to put on an appearance of being overjoyed as he pulled at the other’s arm and did not flinch under the other’s gaze. 32U 1g

Due to Sui Yuan’s sudden intrusion, the expressions on the faces of the beastmen and sub-beastmen that originally encircled Leonard changed, with each wearing a different expression. Some of the beastmen admired Leonard for being on the receiving end of the affections of such an outstanding sub-beastman, while others were dying of envy — he clearly had the favour of such a beautiful person yet this waste of a man did not even spare the beauty a glance. As for the sub-beastmen, they were filled with all kinds of admiration, jealousy, and hate. They disdained Sui Yuan, feeling that he had no dignity, with the way he shamelessly revolved around and clung to Leonard. However, they also admired and envied his ability to honestly pull at Leonard’s arm, as if it was his right. Not only that, but Leonard did not even shake him off.

Meanwhile, Sui Yuan carefully observed Leonard’s reaction. After all, he was the only one left who could possibly be Zhao Xi He. Only, the other’s cold and detached appearance made him a bit upset, making his heart feel cold.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Leonard lowered his head, glancing at the one snuggled up at his side whose smiling face resembled that of a flower and suddenly reached to stroke both Sui Yuan’s head and his two trembling ears.  His hand then stroked the smooth, fair and clear skin of the boy’s cheek, before sliding down to the boy’s chin, lightly scratching under it with his index finger.

Everyone: “………….??!!”


Being very familiar with this sort of action and feeling, Sui Yuan subconsciously narrowed his eyes and raised his chin, enjoying this sort of feeling.

   —–Damn! He accidentally brought along his habit from the previous world! (TN: Lol, got too used to being treated as a dog *lights candle for SY*).

Sui Yuan turned his head away awkwardly, avoiding the hand scratching at his chin, so he did not catch the flash of joy in the other’s eyes. It seemed that he had suddenly found a very important thing. The worry and unease that he had from when he first arrived in this world completely dissipated all at once, and he felt his heart settle down.

“What are you doing here.” daG3Mx

Although he was doing his utmost to maintain the cold, hard manner of speaking dictated by his character settings, compared to before, he truly was unable to keep his voice from softening. Leonard then lowered his head and took a glimpse in the direction from which Sui Yuan had come, just in time to make eye contact with the silver-haired beastman that was standing beneath the tree’s shade.

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“Ah, I was just looking for a place to practice my Incantations for a bit,” Sui Yuan lightly responded, while hiding his guilty conscience, easily keeping his past deed secret. This type of thing was absolutely unbearable to say.

Leonard hummed coldly. The gaze of he distant beastman made him unconsciously feel threatened, and he involuntarily pulled Sui Yuan tightly into his arms. This action of his made Monroe, who had been watching the two people all this time, narrow his eyes, showing a bit of disdain and contempt.

——-Clearly not even bothering to spare the little sub-beastman a glance, yet simultaneously possessing a strong desire to possess him…however, he (Leonard) could only dream of getting rid of him (Monroe) that easily. vNsV5x

Monroe did not plan on continuing to watch the two act so intimately, and also realized that this matter required further thought. Facing Leonard, Monroe nodded his head slightly and at last greeted the other man. Then, not looking any bit reluctant to part, he turned to leave.

The Sui Yuan who received information from 5237 finally loosened up, and his tone became more relaxed. He then turned his attention to Leonard’s body: “And you? What did you want to do here?”

Leonard also did not respond, though one of the beastmen at his side took initiative to say: “We’re heading to the fighting field since there’s a fighting event there today. Does Eli want to come with us?”

“Of course! If Leonard is going, then I will definitely also go!” DodtOf

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Kjli rkjslcu yjmx jcv obgat, Vel Tejc gfqilfv jggbujcais, ulnlcu atf yfjrawjc ktb tjv rqbxfc j uijcmf jr lo ab gfkjgv tlw obg tlr rfcrlylilas. Ktja yfjrawjc atfc ofia tjqqs lc tlr tfjga jcv kjcafv ab mbcalcef ab mbega Vel Tejc’r ojnbeg. Lbkfnfg, tf revvfcis ofia tlr ybvs mtlii jcv mbeivc’a tfiq yea uilwqrf ja Ofbcjgv. Lf ater vlrmbnfgfv atja atf batfg kjr rtbbalcu tlw j mbiv jcv uibbws uijgf.

Not daring to continue touching Leonard’s reverse scale1, the beastman swallowed down his desire to be friendly with Sui Yan. Towards Sui Yuan, he gave him a smile before becoming silent soon afterwards, not realizing that there was something not quite right about Leonard’s behaviour.

Generally speaking, with regards to Eli’s familiar sounding words of “Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do, I want to be with you”, Leonard usually could not be bothered to pay attention to them. The beastman had only spoken out for the sake of ensuring that Eli would not be put in an awkward and embarrassing situation, and also for the sake of being able to be noticed by Eli. Thus, the other beastman took it as a chance to show off. Once Eli accepted his invitation, the beastman who had invited him was given the cold shoulder by Leonard. After all, Leonard did not want to be pestered by Eli everywhere he went.

Only, for the sake of marrying a beautiful person, the beastman continued to persevere in withstanding Leonard’s overwhelming pressure, opening his mouth to invite Eli—- This kind of act had almost become a given within this little group. FzkxIG

“Let’s go.”

Seeing the beastman who had just been brimming with enthusiasm raise his tail in dejection, Leonard felt a slight satisfaction. Discretely holding onto Sui Yuan’s arm, he appeared to be impatient, having something urgent to say.

Sui Yuan responded sweetly, blindly following Leonard, sticking to his side. His eyes shone with the radiance that came from being together with his most beloved person.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“……I dare say, that fellow is currently proud of himself to death!” 5237 flew around Sui Yuan, depressed, the discontent in his voice was nearly unable to be repressed. “Look, acting so cold but he’s wagging his tail!” o7VlMu

Sui Yuan was “…………” for a short while. With his head lowered, his eyes swept a glance. Indeed, he saw that the flexible yet sturdy whip-like black tail was raised, and that it slightly swayed with each of Leonard’s steps. He couldn’t help but feel that this scene was too pitiful to continue watching and thus shifted his line of sight to one side.

“…… If his tail is swaying, then so be it. His performance, lines, and his tone of voice all were done without a problem.”

Sui Yuan worked hard to make an excuse for Leonard, “I am just a bit worried that he would seem too OOC.”

“Yes, compared to him, your tail is shaking with joy,” 5237 groaned, criticism accurately striking its target. dp52u9

Sui Yuan’s actions were stiff, as if he desired to restrain himself. However, he found that it was actually quite difficult to control. Feeling awkward, he quickly came up with an excuse for himself: “I’m not the same! Eli originally likes Leonard and is willing to be together with him! For him to sway his tail is to be expected! This is all in accordance to his character settings!”

“En, this reason really isn’t wrong,” 5237 agreed, “I’m willing to give you full marks.”

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Sui Yuan: “…………… I am really being honest……”

Having arrived at the fighting field, he noticed that it was already very lively. There was a jostling crowd of beastmen and sub-beastmen alike, discussing what the prize for this week’s event will be. JHoUBW

Every Sunday, the school organizes a fighting event and the prize is always something useful. While it was never anything too valuable, the most fit beastmen gift it to the sub-beastman that they admire to please them. The sub-beastman are greatly contented as this satisfies their vanity. This is also a way for the beastmen to showcase their strengths in front of the sub-beastmen. It was also a good way for the beastmen to continue to hone their skills. It is for this reason that whenever there is an event held, everyone plans to comes to participate in this distinguished event. The beastmen have never felt any dissatisfaction towards it.

In accordance to his character settings of also possessing great vanity, Sui Yuan naturally cannot allow himself to miss out on such a great opportunity. No matter what the prize is, Sui Yuan immediately grabs at Leonard’s arm, raising his head. With a soft and sweet voice, he acts spoiled and says: “Leonard, I want that thorny flower2. Win it for me!”

“……Acting like such a spoiled child, is this really a man,” Sui Yuan was a bit distressed. Sui Yuan had a moment of silence for his previous, difficult to accumulate, domineering, villainous reputation.

“……No need to complain, you’ll get used to it. In the future, definitely shouldn’t have to take this a of ‘shou’ role with this sort of settings…” 5237 lightly coughed, comforting Sui Yuan. wS3kGc

Sui Yuan: “………………”

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Having heard Sui Yuan’s demand, Leonard lowered his head to glance at him, eyebrows slightly furrowed: “I don’t want to.”

Sui Yuan pursed his lips, unwilling to give up, shook Leonard’s arm whilst whole-bodily trying to push down the goosebumps on his skin. He complained in a coquettish voice with frowning brows and angry eyes: “Even if you don’t want to, you have to go! You’re my guardian! Not even willing to help me do such a small thing?!”

“Ok ok. Eli, This kind of low-level event isn’t worthy of Leonard’s participation. Truly, Leonard’s great talent is wasted on this type of insignificant problem,” One of the beastmen hastily said in mediation. What he said was not wrong. This beastman gave off a somewhat refined and cultured feeling, and his smile made people feel all the more amiable. cbHjez

He coaxed Eli with a gentle and soft voice, “Leonard is unwilling to go, so how about I take his place and win that thorny flower for you?”

Sui Yuan looked over at the beastman who just spoke, pausing for a moment.

“His name is Moya, one of Eli’s admirers,” 5237 hasily prompted him.

The beastmen that circled a sub-beastman were divided into many ranks, the highest being, naturally, his mate. Second was his guardian, and lastly, was his followers. Eli’s outlook has always been very good, because he was young and had yet to take a mate. Aside from Leonard who was his guardian, he only had a crowd of admirers. Furthermore, Moya was one of his most outstanding followers due to his warm temperament and refined mind. Both his looks and strength were also not bad, and Eli quite liked him. His only flaw was that his family background was too ordinary. gMeG7W

Since he finally knew who the other party was, Sui Yuan was finally able to continue saying his lines. He gave Moya a very tender and charming glance: “Moya, don’t meddle. I only want Leonard to help me win it! Other people don’t need to take part!”

Moya appeared a bit vexed while looking at Eli’s tightly pursed lips, who was glaring at his family’s Leonard with displeasure. Although he (Sui Yuan) shrunk back a little, he nonetheless withstood the pressure emitted from Leonard’s body. Sui Yuan wanted to continue to persuade Leonard, but suddenly Leonard shook off both of Eli’s hands, making his way towards the registration booth.

Sui Yuan: “…………”

Moya: “…………” tDAzdT

5237 & everyone else: “……………….…”

“Ah ah, while Leonard looks cold, he is in fact still a qualified guardian,” Moya’s nearby soft voice said. He (Moya) smiled, feeling a sense of loss.

Sui Yuan quickly wiped off the stunned expression on his face, and turned to face Moya with a triumphant smile, fully expressing his joy and affection at that very moment.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Leonard’s physical qualities were absolutely outstanding in this world and it was unknown how many battles he had experienced. He was a true veteran on the battlefield, steady and calm, cunning and crafty. He acted treacherously and craftily. lIrO6i

“……Look, Leonard has improved…….”

Moya sighed. He felt a bit of admiration and a bit of envy, but also felt a bit unwilling. He watched as Leonard effortlessly and uncaringly seized the thorny flower prize on the stage, before bringing it back. It was as if Leonard had not just compete in a fighting event, but rather, only went out on a relaxing and pleasing stroll outside.

Sui Yuan blinked his eyes, wearing a sweet expression on his face to receive the thorny flower that Leonard casually tossed, a sense of pride thoroughly welling up from the bottom of his heart. This feeling, it did not belong to the original role’s body but came from Sui Yuan himself.

Without anyone having noticed, the worrisome relationship between Eli and Leonard had changed for the better. s0x2P

Having faced Eli’s persistent desire to be with him at all times and places, Leonard’s attitude of wanting to ignore and avoid Eli had waned, and he now reluctantly and reticently bears with the sub-beastman. Now, it seems as if he has gotten used to always being together.

Facing Eli’s willful demands here and there, Leonard will tend to push the request towards the other beastmen to complete, until he (Leonard) grows impatient from Eli’s constant fuss and thus will occasionally do it, exercising patience to restrain his bad temper, reticiently accomplishing each request one by one.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at melimeliarts.com

Someone once said, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Eli ultimately relied on acting spoiled and shameless in every way possible and finally managed to warm up Leonard’s cold rock of a heart. Some people say that this is only for the benefit of the two families, that even the strong and powerful Leonard has no choice but to compromise for the sake of his family’s interest. BIPj5s

   As for what the truth is, it’s probably only the two of them who know for sure……╮(╯▽╰)╭

The author has something to say:

In my opinion, BL worlds and BG world’s aren’t that different. It’s just that in one world, there’s a gong and a shou, and in the other, there’s a male lead and a female lead…… so, to the sisters who guessed that Zhao Xi He was the male lead, I kneel to you wwwwwww (T/N: prob expressing crying lmao). I don’t particularly like shou and shou, I prefer gong and gong → → (T/N: she then thanks several users).

The translator has something to say: tqhZxe

I just re-read the earlier chapters and it just occurred to me that ZXH and SY are basically turning their worlds into fanfics lmao. Changing the plot and the pairings… sounds pretty familiar to me. Also, release schedule is tentatively set for every Sunday.

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1. [If you’ve read a lot of chinese novels you’ve probably seen this referenced. It’s basically referring to the alleged unique scale on a dragon’s body which they cannot bear to have touched. So it’s referencing something that is someone’s “weakness” and touching it will make them go crazy.]

2. [I really don’t know. This was a literal translation haha. 荆棘花] 0d3Hqz

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