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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 6.12


Bonus ko-fi chapter. Thank you Jwel, Lorettelala & Vaga :blobsnuggle: The next chapter will mark the end of the Beastman World and we’ll be entering the 7th world – the Merman World.

Translated by Eve uE9CpN

Edited by Sora Harukawa

The snowstorm raged on for three days. Luckily, they had brought enough food in the form of feral beast carcasses. As for water, they could use the accumulated snow. Their survival was not at all at risk. Their only worry was for how long this terrible weather would continue.

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Fortunately, after three days, the weather finally cleared up a little.

The beast people who had waited for so long did not dare to delay. They immediately packed up and prepared to set off. Compared to their relaxed mood, Sui Yuan who had been waiting for the protagonist Allen to discover the writings within the cave all along was very vexed! It seemed that Allen did not leave Seno’s side for even a moment, and simply had no time to go exploring!


……If you continue to go on like this, you won’t be able to do it, ah!

Taking advantage of the time during which the beastmen were busily packing up their belongings, as the only two sub-beastmen who didn’t have to concern themselves with this kind of physical labour, Sui Yuan took matters into his own hand and stopped Allen, who had wanted to go help Seno pack, “Have you seen the rock paintings on the cave’s walls yet?”

Allen turned his head, dumbfounded. It was the first time that Sui Yuan had taken the initiative to strike a conversation with him and he was nearly overwhelmed by his unexpected favour, “No, I haven’t. What’s up? Are you particularly interested in them?”

The matter of the rock painting was first discovered by the beastmen who had explored the cave. Allen had heard about it once or twice from them. Only, he didn’t understand the beast people’s history at all, and was even less interested in it. In his eyes, this kind of thing, in terms of importance, could not hold a candle to the matter of tending to Seno’s health. So, he had very quickly tossed the matter to the back of his head. yzZVsG

“……I’m interested. Go with me to see it.”

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Sui Yuan said, a bit awkwardly. In his heart, he cradled his character settings that had been smashed onto the ground, with tears streaming down his face, “Don’t think too much. It’s only because everyone else is so busy that I came to find you.”

Allen smiled and lifted a hand, unconsciously wanting to learn from Seno and ruffle Sui Yuan’s hair. Soon after, he suddenly recalled that the person before him had an arrogant and wilful nature. Pausing, he eventually let his hand fall to onto the other’s shoulder, “Ok. I’ll accompany you.”

Even though Allen’s “humouring a small child” manner of speaking made Sui Yuan extremely discontented, for the sake of the continuation of the plot, he……could only bear with it! yWiIEb

According to the original storyline, Allen saw the writings purely by coincidence. In the original, the one that had been injured was Leonard and Monroe. Although the two of them were injured, however the injuries were not at all grave. At the very least, whilst Allen had been tending their wounds, they had the energy to contend for his affections.

That time, although Allen had already accepted that he would have to be pursued by men and had the body of a sub-beastman who could give birth, he truly had no way to accept two people. The two people’s noise gave him a headache, but he had no way to stop them. Allen had no choice but to throw the two people to one side after yet another clash, and go off on his own in search of some peace and quiet. He hadn’t expected that after wandering around, he would catch sight of the writings within the cave.

At present, the only injured person is Seno, who had a severe injury. Allen did not dare to leave for even a moment. In addition, it was the sweet period between brand new lovers. Naturally, this did not make Allen want to leave and be on his own.

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Therefore, this matter dragged on and on until they were about to leave, forcing Sui Yuan to have to come onto the stage and give this difficult-to-produce plot a push. yw46Au



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Turning his head to look at Sui Yuan, he discovered that the other did not hold any interest towards the writings at all, yet oddly didn’t seem to be in any rush to leave. Allen frowned, and suddenly came up with a very preposterous conjecture. “Eli, do you know what’s written on this wall?”

“On the wall?” Sui Yuan furrowed his brows, “Isn’t this just a decorative totem? What else is special about it?”

Allen carefully watched Sui Yuan’s expression. He saw that his expression was sincere, clear eyes filled with uncertainty, completely not seeming to be faking it. Allen could not help but laugh at himself. Truly, he had thought too much.

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Although Sui Yuan’s bearing had really been a bit strange, he ought to be unable to make sense of the writings on the wall. Otherwise……. Wouldn’t he also be like him, a transmigrator? Moreover, if he could understand it, then Sui Yuan could not have been as calm as he was just now. nsiPQN

Allen took a deep breath and slowly opened his mouth. “Right…… on this wall are the notes left behind by the people of long ago. I’ve seen this sort of writing once before, so I can read and understand this with some difficulty— Do you want to know what’s written here?”

Sui Yuan’s eyes widened. Although the simplified Chinese characters on the wall were his old friend, it did not stop him for revealing a shocked and curious expression.

“……I need to copy this down, and I’ll also translate it into our language while I’m at it.”

Allen pursed his lips, fishing out the Incantation brush and paper that only sub-beastmen would carry around. He selected words from the wall to translate. Each paper he finished writing was given to Sui Yuan so that he could read it. oV6PSh

The general idea of the writings on the wall was basically that the predecessor was also a sub-beastman. He was originally a Taoist disciple. After having arrived in this world, for the sake of his survival, he finally discovered how to use the spiritual energy of the world. Thereupon, he set off a reform amongst the beast people. This explains why the sub-beastmen’s Incantations and China’s Taoist cultivation seemed so similar. They had a shared model.

Once the beast people had Incantations and spiritual power, they rapidly rose to prominence. The beast people who received the benefits began to rely upon spiritual energy more and more, heavily exhausting it in all sorts of ways in order to build up their own civilization. However, the senior that had first put forward the use of spiritual power unexpectedly discovered a problem during this period of good fortune.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

No resource is inexhaustible, and spiritual energy is the same. Although it can slowly regenerate, it cannot support the unrestrained use of the beast people. When the spiritual energy is depleted, it will cause climate change and frequent natural disasters. The senior who had come from a more advanced civilization naturally knew what sustainable development was. Only, it was a pity that although he was the founder of Incantations and had thus attained a grand reputation, the power of a single person was no match for the collective desire of the entire beast people race for power.

Nothing could overcome the beast people’s desire for power. In the end, his appeal was selectively forgotten by the beast people. The senior had no choice but to accept this. However, he continued to make great efforts in coming up with a solution. yR3Igu

This era’s beast people had already developed a system of writing, however it was mastered only by people of rank, such as the high priest. Although the elder could learn this system of writing, he did not like this kind of complex writing system at all. He was much more inclined towards the much more familiar Chinese writing system. Therefore, his underdeveloped research manuscript was naturally carved into the wall in Chinese.

Sui Yuan and Allen discovered that this portion of the text was only a part of the research manuscript. Although it had yet to be complete, it had a fairly developed concept that could be used to reverse the process by which spiritual energy had been previously dissipating and return it once again to nature.

Perhaps this senior had not been able to complete his research in the end. However, his idea made a light shine from within Allen’s eyes. The original source of Incantations, and in addition, the research done by the beast people themselves and also the spiritual power system itself — perhaps he could bring them together and genuinely accomplish the senior’s unfulfilled wish of solving the current, imminent crisis.

When he had finished writing the last character down, Allen’s head had already begun to work out the preliminary details of his plan. He inhaled deeply, handing over the last section of the Incantations over to Sui Yuan. “This discovery is of the utmost importance. Do you still remember what current issue the teacher brought up at school? I believe that perhaps with this, we could solve the current issue at hand, or at the very least, get one step closer to the solution.” dochgX

“Have you already come up with a plan?” Sui Yuan swept his eyes over the last Incantation, a bit carelessly. Only Allen, who was immersed in excitement did not detect this at all, “Yes.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Sui Yuan smiled, satisfied. Finally, if only the plot will finally proceed smoothly. Then, he’ll be relieved.

At this moment, the sounds of people calling for the two people here could be heard. Sui Yuan and Allen looked at one another, and did not say anything more. They hurriedly ran out to mix in with the beastmen who had packed up and were all ready to go.

Sui Yuan climbed atop of Leonard’s-who had changed into a black panther-  back with a practiced ease. Allen also stood by the Seno, who had transformed into beast form, and hesitated for a moment before cautiously riding atop of his back. He had already realized what significance it meant for one to sit atop of a beastman’s back when they were in their beast form and his gaze couldn’t help dart around, uncertain, cheeks flushing red. Vbhi2R

The other beastmen also transformed into their beast forms. After all, the four legs of their beast forms was much more suitable for speeding across the snowy fields. They had to take advantage of the time during which the snow had stopped to return to the city. Otherwise, by the time winter really arrives, the heavy snow will seal off their path, rendering them without a way to survive.

Sui Yuan leaned down, bringing his body to press up against the running Leonard and whispered quietly about the events that had just occurred.

Leonard was not particularly interested in this, but upon seeing Sui Yuan’s joyful appearance, he chimed in with a few words, making Sui Yuan’s face light up with even more pleasure.

“What next? Are you still planning to die in accordance to the plot?” Leonard slowly opened his mouth to ask. Ib9OFt

Sui Yuan was startled, and unconsciously nodded his head, “Yes.”

“That’s quite a pity,” Leonard’s tone was very calm, though tinged with a bit of regret, “Who’d have thought that the plot would have shifted early by a year. I had thought that I’d be able to become official mates with you before the Beast God next Spring.”

Sui Yuan choked. “……This is completely unimportant.”

“It’s indeed not important. I’m just saying,” Leonard smiled lightly, “Even if we don’t have the “official status”, we are still together.” yTNQcB

Sui Yuan buried his face into the fur of Leonard’s neck. After quite a while, he asked, “You…… together again?”

“Together what? Die together?” Leonard asked, smiling but not smiling, “Are you inviting me to die together with you?”

“I’m just asking!” Sui Yuan didn’t know why, but he felt as if he had a slight fever.

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“This still needs to be asked?” Leonard laughed in spite of himself, “How could I bear letting you die on your own? Only, this is the first time I’ve heard you say ‘Do you want to die together with me’, so I just feel that it’s a bit of a novelty.” safByo

Sui Yuan: “………………”

“Humph! Humph! Humph! What ‘do you want to die together with me.’ Truly a greasy to death person!” 5237 interrupted in a mystifying manner, but was naturally disregarded by Sui Yuan.

Although the early snowfall gave the beast people no shortage of difficulties, thanks to the snow, the feral beasts that were originally in the jungle had all disappeared and returned to their respective lairs early in preparation of the oncoming winter.

After exerting much effort, Sui Yuan’s group finally returned to the city, having gotten through this daunting experience without any mishaps. When they arrived at the entrance of their home, their parents who had already heard news of their return from the guards were already anxiously waiting for them at the door. Once they caught sight of their silhouettes, the heart they had been holding up the whole time suddenly dropped. dMxF1E

Seeing their eldest son who they had previously assumed to have died in the jungle, along with their youngest who recklessly entered the jungle without permission, the first reaction of these two elderly beast people who had been terribly worried was not to cry tears of joy, but rather to charge forward to ruthlessly give their two kids a slap each.

Sui Yuan was slapped into a daze. Not waiting for him to react, Leonard, who had yet to change into his human form, separated Sui Yuan from his father, taking an absolute protector’s stance before the elderly beastman, flashing his long, sharp protruding teeth. Seno, who didn’t have anyone to protect (?) him, lowered his head before Allen’s stupefied gaze, with ears completely drooping downwards and his throat emitting a soft sound, as if asking for pardon. Immediately, he was embraced by the elderly sub-beastman who had tears in his eyes.

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“What were you doing, boy!” Although he was already getting on in the years,  Sui Yuan’s father was still as imposing as ever. Facing Leonard’s glare, he was not in the least showing any weakness. “Eli is still our Folson Family’s child. You did not need to get involved! Unexpectedly taking Eli to the jungle, if it wasn’t for your indulgence, he wouldn’t have such great courage! This account, I’ve yet to settle with you!”

Leonard somewhat rescinded his threatening expression. Seeing the unyielding soon-to-be father-in-law, he swept a look towards the Sui Yuan behind him who had lowered his head obediently. In the end, he swayed his tail back and forth resentfully, unwilling to move his body away. iB2 4P

The older, the wiser. The old man who easily shocked Leonard finally felt satisfied. After ruthlessly glaring at Leonard, he pulled Sui Yuan into his arms under Leonard’s anxious gaze, stroking the place on Sui Yuan’s body that had just been slapped, as if he was showing off. Although he had wanted to lecture this wilful and rash child well earlier on, when this child stood before him, he couldn’t bear to do it in the end.

Seno, Allen, Sui Yuan, Leonard — all the people who had left had come back safe and sound. The people who were originally thought to be never seen again appeared in full health instead. The Folson Family that had originally been gloomy during the past few days completely changed, becoming packed-full of happy laughter and cheerful voices. Furthermore, after resting for one day, Allen immediately took his hand-copied writings to the school’s Incantations teacher, informing him of what he had discovered.

With regards to this, the Incantations teacher obviously attached great importance to it, immediately gathering researchers together. Allen naturally was in the middle of it all. As for Sui Yuan…….he was pulled in by the people involved. After all, his academic achievements in the field of Incantations were well-known amongst the young people. Furthermore, he was recommended by Allen. Another person's strength was always welcome.


The author has something to say:

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Just after the end of an exam, all kinds of homework came one after another. It’s just that the assignment is due immediately after the exam is finished. ! Nothing has been learned yet, bastard! I gave it to you… So next week, the two classes will be closed, and the mid-term is really hotter than the end of the year. QAQ
I wanted to finish today, the result is still not good, tomorrow… tomorrow I must finish!

Eve: In her PS, she’s basically talking about the smut chapters being locked and wondering of the possibility of getting around it. I’m sorry. It’s long…and doesn’t have much to do with the story so…… Please forgive me… *runs to translate more SML*


Translator's Note

Not actually a TN but… I just wanted to expose Sora. The first time I met her and she edited SML, she had forgotten that Sui Yuan was Eli LOL. Love you Sora <3

Translator's Note

Let me just clarify — spiritual energy is the force that exists within nature. Beast people draw it into their bodies to utilize it when creating Incantations. Spiritual power, as I used it previously was to refer to the individual strength of the sub-beastman. It’s a bit confusing…I know. I’m sorry >///<

Translator's Note

the raws are actually an idiom which literally means that the ginger gets spicier as it gets older lmao

Translator's Note

Literally, one more person, one more power.

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