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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 12.6


Translated by Eve

Edited by Wuxian FRgBCe

In the end, after carefully contemplating over it, Selman decided to step down.

Firstly, towards his little pet Dill, the pure-blooded prince decided that he could indulge him a bit. He did not want Dill to fall sick, get hurt, or see him hang his head looking anxious or disheartened. Since he had the ability, why shouldn’t he let his pet be happier? Selman discovered that when Dill smiled happily, he himself would feel happy. Of course, he attributed this to the feelings an owner would have for his pet. After all, when a little kitty or puppy acted spoiled towards its owner, naturally, the owner would feel pleased.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

What was more important was that when Dill was in a good mood, his blood tasted even richer and mellower. This was the whole reason he was raising Dill in the first place. In this way, Selman persuaded himself.

Regarding Yaan, Selman was much more cautious. Thus, when he was unable to come up with a verdict on his own after thinking through things, the prince directly chose to ask Yaan for his opinion.


At first, Sui Yuan was at a loss when faced with Selman’s question but was still able to come to a conclusion in a flash, “Yes, I indeed hold goodwill towards Dill. He is a good child, clean and pure. I think that it is very comfortable interacting with him.”

Selman agreed with Sui Yuan’s words because he felt the same. This was why he allowed Dill to stay at his side instead of directly throwing him to be handled by the vampires who were responsible for the care of all the other humans.

Although Sui Yuan’s response made Selman feel slightly unhappy, his calm attitude did not cause a great backlash on Selman’s part. Moreover, this was the ‘limit’ that Sui Yuan had mastered. On one hand, he could pave the way for ‘Yaan’s’ feelings for Dill to develop. At the same time, this would not directly cause him and Selman to fall out with each other. It was the most appropriate answer.

“Only, I did not save that human just because of Dill,” Sui Yuan saw that the protagonist gong’s expression was normal and finally proceeded with Yaan’s lines with a relaxed heart. This was where Yaan succeeded in persuading Selman to let Anson off, “That human named Anson is very important to Dill. If Dill were to see you kill him, I reckon that he will never forgive you in this lifetime. I think that you wouldn’t want to see him hate you, ba?” PY24OW

“Hmph. I don’t care what he thinks of me,” Selman turned his head away like a tsundere. Although deep inside he faintly agreed with Sui Yuan and was even a bit glad that Sui Yuan had acted in time, he would never admit that out loud. He thought that the fact that he unexpectedly cared about what a lowly human thought of him was simply ridiculous!

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After breaking off for a moment, Selman suddenly turned his head and stared at Sui Yuan fixedly, “So does that mean you did it for my sake?”

——These lines weren’t in the script, ah?! Sui Yuan hesitated, “…You can say that, ba.”

Selman coughed gently and raised his chin in a haughty manner, “OK, ba. Then I won’t look into the reason for your disobedience this time.” tmR1ni

Sui Yuan:“……………………”

——Selman, are your ears red right now?! Are you feeling bashful?! No, this absolutely must be an illusion!


Sui Yuan averted his eyes, emotions chaotic. With much difficulty, he ignored the protagonist gong’s bright red ears and bitterly coughed to help himself maintain his calm. l0vJb

Selman’s ears slightly twitched and he examined Sui Yuan with furrowed brows with a difficult to conceal gaze of worry and self-blame, “Is your injury serious? I didn’t spare any strength back then.”

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“It’s no big deal,” Sui Yuan stroked his chest that dully throbbed with pain, gently shaking his head, “Selman, you are always too impulsive. If I weren’t there and the situation became irreversible, what would you have done?”

“…Ktfc sbe wera jikjsr rajs ys ws rlvf,” Vfiwjc weaafgfv, wjxlcu j reqgfwf foobga ab wjrx tlr oijrt bo ecfjrf.

Vel Tejc:“……………………” eumHxL

Jibrlcu tlr fsfr, Vel Tejc olgwis lucbgfv atf qgbajubclra ubcu’r gfrqbcrf jcv rabbv eq, “Cigluta. Ofa’r fcv atlcur tfgf obg abvjs. P qijc ab ub tbwf ab gfmeqfgjaf. Ciatbeut P kjr qgfqjgfv, sbe kfgf gfjiis geatifrr ja atja wbwfca.”

“Then it would be better for you to stay here,” Selman was rather discontent, “My place is much better than yours. Moreover, you were injured because of me.”

Could Sui Yuan stay the day here? Of course not! He was afraid of the protagonists. Moreover, he still had to go play around with Zhao Xihe, ne!

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“It’s fine, ba. I don’t want to trouble you. You should comfort Dill at this time and mend your relationship with him. I think he probably has never shown you a good expression since you’ve met him?” Sui Yuan waved his hand, a bit teasingly. apqslx

Selman felt subtly guilty. He, this majestic pure-blooded prince, had unexpectedly lost face because of his little pet. He had no way of getting back at the other party. It was simply his black history! If it wasn’t Yaan who had said this, most likely, he would have been unable to stop himself from killing the speaker.

Sui Yuan’s refusal was very resolute and when Selman thought that Yaan staying here meant an inevitable contact with Dill,he did not continue insisting. After all, he did not want to see the two people’s relationship deepen.

Upon achieving a common understanding, Selman sent Sui Yuan out. Unexpectedly, they met Dill there who had been waiting for a long time.

Dill’s complexion was still sickly pale and he still was not very alert. This made his originally feeble body gain an allure akin to a willow swaying in the wind. ZY1zT

When he saw Sui Yuan and Selman, Dill quickly advanced forward and directly ignored the frowning Selman. He faced Sui Yuan and properly bowed at a 90 degree angle, “Many thanks to you for saving Anson, Yaan daren!”

Dill’s voice was rather hoarse. Evidently, it was densely filled with gratitude. Sui Yuan smiled gently, indicating to Dill to stand up, his tone gentle and warm, “I only did what I should.”

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Dill’s gaze was brimming with respect towards Sui Yuan. He thought that there wasn’t a person more perfect, handsome, nobler, or stronger than ‘Yaan daren’ yet still remain so easy going: “That…Anson is currently….”

“He is doing well, you need not worry. If Selman agrees, I can bring him to see you in the future,” Sui Yuan glimpsed at Selman, whose face was covered in dense, black clouds, doing his best to control himself and not explode. He raised his hand to clasp his shoulder, using his eyes to hint that he should ease up a bit. Qw9VMA

Selman subconsciously stiffened for a second before he snorted, grabbing hold of Dill’s slender wrist, “I won’t send you out, Yaan.”

Sui Yuan looked rather worried at Selman and Dill who were obviously holding hands (?), but had a stifling air between them. In the end, he could only nod helplessly and leave.

——They could settle their own conflicts. If he were to intervene too much, he would probably make things worse.

Thinking like that, Sui Yuan very quickly threw the protagonist gong and shou to the back of his mind and happily left the castle, heading directly to Zhao Xihe’s villa within the wealthy district. There, he was directly met with Zhao Xihe’s terrible expression. z2Tflw

“Why are you angry this time?” Sui Yuan felt rather helpless and laid against Zhao Xihe’s back, docilely nipping at his ear.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zhao Xihe’s ear inevitably flushed red and the low pressure all over his body dissipated a bit. However, Zhao Xihe firmly persisted on, pinching the quill pen in his hand and snorting, “Ask me again when you’ve recovered from your injury!”

When he thought of yesterday’s scene, Zhao Xihe’s heart faintly throbbed with pain. When Sui Yuan had gotten injured, Zhao Xihe simply was  not able to bear it. He nearly pulled out the silver gun from his waistband and shot that fellow named Selman in the head. Of course, as the cause of that situation, Dill also received a considerable amount of his hatred. If it wasn’t because of his formidable self-control, if he hadn’t known that his making a rash move without consulting Sui Yuan would waste all of Sui Yuan’s hard work and sacrifice, then Zhao Xihe would have acted recklessly, regardless of everything else.

He could only watch on helplessly as Sui Yuan got hurt…and he was even hurt because he had been protecting him…Zhao Xihe pinched the quill pen with increasingly greater force. A snap. He broke it into two. qIpt30

Zhao Xihe had never abhorred his weak and powerless human body before. And this abhorrence was naturally transferred onto the culprit that had created this mess: 5237.

Sui Yuan and 5237 suddenly felt a scary feeling behind them and trembled.

0007:“The previous grudge has yet to be resolved, but another debt has been added. Hehe, lighting a candle for you.”

5237:“………………QAQ” iVcExl

“I understand why you’re angry, but there was no choice, no? At that time, the situation was urgent. I had no choice but to do what I did,” Sui Yuan saw how his family’s sweetheart’s complexion was getting worse and worse and painstakingly began to save himself.

“You didn’t have to directly stand in front of me and block the attack,” Zhao Xihe shot him a cold glare, “You could have used a different method.”

“But I couldn’t be certain that you wouldn’t get hurt with the other methods. It was only this method that could guarantee your complete safety,” Sui Yuan draped his arms around Zhao Xihe’s neck, tightly hugging him and rubbed against his cheeks, “Just like how you don’t wish to see me hurt, I also cannot bear to see you hurt. It was by instinct that I chose this kind of method.”

Zhao Xihe’s expression eased up and he tilted his head to kiss Sui Yuan’s nose, “Only this once. There will be no next time.” rQo 04

“I can’t guarantee that,” Sui Yuan blinked, smiling rather charmingly, “It has always been you that protected me. This is a rare opportunity for me to enjoy the feeling of protecting you.”

Zhao Xihe:“………………”

Sui Yuan:“So, if we encounter such a situation again, I will still do the same.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zhao Xihe didn’t know whether to laugh or cry while he helplessly tousled Sui Yuan’s hair. dNbVXq

——His beloved longed to protect him. Even when injured, he didn’t wish to see him hurt in any way. It was indeed a sweet vexation….

Since Sui Yuan needed to nurse his injury, Zhao Xihe did not take the initiative to ‘invite’ him to do harmonious activities on the bed. As for Sui Yuan, his face was comparatively thinner. Although he was a bit eager for it, he could not help but be a bit terrified of Zhao Xihe’s disapproving gaze and silently swallowed his suggestion back down his throat.

5237: “…Hehe, I had long since known that it would be like this. However, although I knew that my silly host was mud that could not stick onto the wall, why do I still want to court death? It must be 0007’s fault!”

0007:“…You’re blaming me?” 4Nelf3

In short, aside from 5237 whose life became increasingly more bitter as it discovered that each and every one of its future prospects darkened before its eyes, the period of time during which Sui Yuan nursed himself back to health was quite a happy one. Zhao Xihe waited upon him as if he was waiting upon his ancestor, so tender that Sui Yuan felt a bit overwhelmed with favour. The only thing that made Sui Yuan depressed about was the vampire’s instinct. While sleeping on the sound and soft bed, he reminisced about his cold, hard, and narrow coffin. The multitude of delicacies that made people drool with desire tasted insipid to his taste buds. Sui Yuan simply wanted to cry as he kneeled to the vampires, this self-abusive race!

Without a choice, Zhao Xihe specifically made a custom request for a two-person coffin to be made, so that he could suffer together with Sui Yuan. Sui Yuan clearly remembered the expression of the delivery people when they placed the coffin inside the house: they looked at Zhao Xihe and himself like they were unreasonable mentally insane lunatics.

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As for blood, Zhao Xihe naturally extracted it from his own body. When Sui Yuan indicated that he had no interest in human food and planned on returning home to grab some blood, Zhao Xihe volunteered with vehemence his own neck.

Zhao Xihe, who wanted to completely monopolize Sui Yuan, absolutely did not want his family’s sweetheart to be polluted with other people’s blood, even if he only drank it from a glass. Sui Yuan was helpless when faced with Zhao Xihe’s stubbornness. Furthermore, who knew if he had been influenced by Zhao Xihe’s feelings, but Sui Yuan felt that Zhao Xihe’s blood was the most delicious, and even Dill, the protagonist shou, was incomparably inferior. xtUFYz

Perhaps this was the blood kin’s version of ‘beauty being in the eye of the beholder’? Selman loved Dill’s blood because he loved him deeply. Meanwhile, Zhao Xihe was like a drug that Sui Yuan was addicted to?

Fortunately, Sui Yuan was a high level blood kin and his self-control was very good. He always controlled himself so that he didn’t drink too much blood, which would harm Zhao Xihe’s health. Of course, this measly amount of blood could not satiate Sui Yuan’s hunger and would take advantage of when Zhao Xihe was busy to have a little snack. Zhao Xihe probably knew but reluctantly did not stop him. After all, he was unwilling to starve Sui Yuan.

Who knew if it was because of the vampire’s nature or if it was because he had gotten into this habit himself, but currently, Sui Yuan was extremely interested in Zhao Xihe’s neck. He would often like to drape himself over his shoulders and light nip, lick and suck at that place. Although he did not necessarily sink in his fangs, he especially had a fondness of enjoying the exuberant vitality of the flowing blood below his lips.

Although Sui Yuan thought that this habit of his was very pure, to Zhao Xihe, it was extremely titillating. Therefore, most of the time, the two of them would ultimately end up tossing about in bed. Sui Yuan seized the opportunity to drink a bit of blood and satisfy his body’s hunger, while Zhao Xihe could enjoy the mental high and happiness from it. Although Sui Yuan wanted to learn from Selman’s example and do it with Zhao Xihe after he fell unconscious from having his blood sucked, it was evident that Zhao Xihe’s self-control was much better than Dill’s. Many times, when Sui Yuan was intoxicated with the taste of his blood, Zhao Xihe would already return to consciousness. Thus, Sui Yuan could only shelf away his little secret idea under Zhao Xihe’s all-seeing gaze. fjGmt3

Zhao Xihe especially enjoyed this strange way of ‘feeding Sui Yuan until he was satisfied’. Each time he saw him narrow his eyes after drinking his fill, feel his red tongue trail over his skin as his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down, Zhao Xihe felt an irrepressible satisfaction bubble from the depths of his heart. It was as if each time his blood flowed down Sui Yuan’s throat, the two of them became one.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He didn’t know why but Zhao Xihe called to mind a mad man that he had encountered in one of the worlds before. Because he had loved his lover too ardently, he had killed him, eating his lover until nothing remained. Zhao Xihe had never understood what that fellow was thinking, but right now, he felt that he could understand him just a bit.

Sui Yuan, who was laying on top of Zhao Xihe, felt a tender caress of his hair and then felt Zhao Xihe twirl his fingers around it. He couldn’t help but smack his lips and reflect over that rich and mellow taste upon his tongue. He rubbed against the crook of Zhao Xihe’s neck, heart satisfied, seeming to be reluctant to part, and thus acting spoiled. Sui Yuan raised his eyes and met with his family’s sweetheart’s doting smile. For some reason, he stiffened.

Sui Yuan:“????” zrZVmv

——I suddenly sense an odd kind of danger. Is it an illusion?

0007:“Host, please immediately cease this kind of dangerous thinking. You will become a mentally insane lunatic!”

Zhao Xihe:“…Shut up.”

0007:“Then let me ask you a question. Do you want to eat 5237’s host, or do you want to be eaten by him?” pqwPLC

Zhao Xihe:“……………………”

0007:“Clearly, it’s 5237’s host that has turned into a blood-sucking vampire, so why is it that it’s my host that has awakened this kind of strange characteristic? This is illogical!”

5237:“That’s because my host is really stupid, while your host is really sinister. →_→”

Eve: Two thoughts. Sui Yuan wanting to protect ZXH and acting all clingy is so, so cute. ZXH however thinking about eating my baby in that not sexy way… sir, please place your hands behind your back and do not resist detention. You…really need a mental examination. At least you’re not human so you have an excuse but…STILL!!!!! vT Yqa

Wuxian: I vote for top!SY but only in this arc. Also, ZXH and his extremely unsafe and dangerous thoughts… why am I not surprised?!

Translator's Note

  It means that someone’s skill or ability is too low so they won’t be very successful. It is an analogy to how mud is too watery so it can’t stick to the wall…though I guess it’s referring to specifically like, muddy water in this case. In my experience, mud sticks great.

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