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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 12.5


Translated by Eve

Edited by Wuxian KYgaQP

After meeting with Zhao Xihe and ascertaining that he did not plan on acting before Dill recovered, Sui Yuan straightforwardly stayed at his beloved’s place and didn’t continue brushing up his existence before Selman and Dill. After all, he was afraid of that wretched halo’s attractive force that was especially strong against the protagonist shou and gong. If he didn’t have to be in contact with them, he wouldn’t. He was itching for them to completely forget about him.

During this period of time, Sui Yuan truly gained a first hand look of Zhao Xihe’s life in human society before they met up. Each day, all kinds of people passed through the villa: some were commoners, some were nobles, some were businessmen, some were of the Church. Sui Yuan even heard that the King had dispatched an envoy once before. He completely did not know how Zhao Xihe had constructed such a tremendous network that involved people from every social stratum in such a short period of time. It seemed that as long as they paid the price, no matter who it was, they would be able to get what they were searching for from Zhao Xihe. It was mutually beneficial and everyone was satisfied.

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Sui Yuan couldn’t help but admit that he was far inferior to Zhao Xihe, whether it be in terms of experience or strategies. However, what about it? He was not interested in the world of rulers. As long as he completed the missions assigned to his character, Sui Yuan was satisfied. He was too lazy to deal with any superfluous matters, nor did he have any interest in them.

Aside from being all lovey dovey with Zhao Xihe, Sui Yuan did not forget to pay attention to the protagonist shou’s situation. Even though he did not personally visit, he always ordered someone to come bring him news.


As the saying goes, a sickness comes quick like a violent landslide, but goes as slow as the formation of a cocoon. More than a week later, Dill gradually recovered from his illness. Sui Yuan and Zhao Xihe thus discussed and finally decided to prepare for action.

Therefore, the next day, Sui Yuan, who had been separated from the protagonists for a long time, took a document and went to pay a visit. It was just a pity that as soon as he entered, he was stopped by a servant just as he was about to enter Dill’s room.

“Yaan daren, Master Selman has yet to awaken. However, my Master has previously made it clear that if you were to come, we must invite you to wait in the guest room…” The servant examined Sui Yuan’s expression rather apprehensively.

‘Yaan’ could always go wherever he wanted to within Selman’s castle. It was the first time that he was asked to wait in the guest room. The servant was afraid that the other party would be frustrated by his mannerless obstruction. If Yaan daren even furrowed his brow, he felt that his entire heart would clench to no end! Ocb6rd

Sui Yuan stared blankly. Soon after, he nodded with a shallow smile, indicating that he didn’t mind. Afterwards, he willingly followed the servant towards the guest room. The servant sighed in relief, feeling deeply moved that Yaan daren was always so refined, courteous, and understanding. However, what the servant didn’t know was that the person behind him was secretly excited.

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Sui Yuan obviously did not mind that Selman stopped him from going to see Dill. Didn’t this mean that the other party saw Dill as someone important, saw Sui Yuan as a rival in love, and thus was afraid that if he wasn’t careful, Dill would be stolen away by someone else?! It was the first time Sui Yuan was seen as a rival in love by the protagonist gong, and it made him quite unable to control his excitement. He made a supreme effort to restrain it, and barely managed to maintain his own melancholic, beautiful masculine face.

The guest room that Sui Yuan was brought to was naturally top class. Sitting on the velvety sofa, Sui Yuan poured himself a glass of blood and slightly narrowed his eyes, planning to relax. Just then, he was told that Selman had awoken.

Sui Yuan glanced at the sky’s colour and felt that it was rather inconceivable that Selman was awake at this time. But when he thought about it again, it was probably for the sake of having a bit more time to interact with the protagonist shou that the protagonist gong gradually changed his ways, so Sui Yuan felt relieved. YIcTML

Before long, Selman pushed open the door to the guest room and entered. When he saw Sui Yuan, his eyebrows furrowed and his tone was rather full of discontent and complaints, “Why have you gone so long without showing your face around here? Where did you go? Don’t forget to do your work!”

“Have I not always served you earnestly? There has never been a document missing on any day!” Sui Yuan shrugged his shoulders, not taking this to heart. Although this action was rather graceless, this rare show of charm seemed particularly attractive, “In the past, sometimes I wouldn’t see you for months on end and you never complained. Why are you fussing and making things difficult now?”

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In order to cover up his own uneasiness, Selman turned around and headed towards the wine cabinet, taking out a bottle of red wine containing blood. ewqB2h

Sui Yuan furrowed his brows, feeling rather incredulous, “Dill’s blood? Isn’t he sick? Did you still drink his blood while he was sick?!”

——This was simply demented, ah!

Selman’s movements paused. He lowered his head and looked at the bottle of wine in his hands, admitting, “Yes. He was sick, so the taste of his blood changed a bit. Although it is still tastier than the blood of other humans, but his blood that has been contaminated with bacteria is rather filthy, so it’s indeed unsuitable for me to use it to receive you as my guest.”

Sui Yuan:“……………………” 8TPN6a

——Indeed, creatures of different species completely have no way to communicate. Sui Yuan meant to say that Dill needed to be taken care of when sick and that blood shouldn’t be drawn out from him. How did Selman come up with this other kind of thought?! Was his ability to express himself really that terrible?!

Sui Yuan simply wanted to kneel to Selman. Indeed, he was worthy of being called a scum gong who abused the protagonist shou in all sorts of ways from the beginning. He was such a scum, Sui Yuan could not bear staring directly at him, ah!

Seeing Selman turn around, preparing to place the blood back, Sui Yuan still wanted to do his best to let that scum gong realize his own deeply veiled concern towards Dill. He raised a brow in ridicule, “What, so you just took it out and now you want to put it back in? Are you reluctant to let me try it?”

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Selman felt rather helpless, “Didn’t you just say that it wasn’t good to drink a sick person’s blood?” i2wvfP

“When did I say that!” Sui Yuan wanted to fall apart, “What I meant was that Dill is sick. In order to nurse him back to health, you shouldn’t extract his blood while he’s recovering!”

Selman paid this no heed and waved his hand, “It’s just a bit of blood, that’s all. He won’t die. Moreover, am I not raising him for that blood of his?”

Sui Yuan:“……………………”

——I really want to crush his face into a bloody paste! p7iTC8

“Fine. Do you want to drink it or not?” He felt a bit upset over Sui Yuan’s stare, feeling that he was being criticized because of Dill once again. Selman’s tone darkened, feeling like he wanted to get hostile.

“…I’ll drink,” Sui Yuan silently reached a hand out.

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Since the blood had already been extracted, and it could not be returned to Dill, Sui Yuan was a bit curious about that delicious, high quality taste that made Selman unable to stop himself. En, he was only ‘a bit’ curious!

Seeing Sui Yuan ‘take the initiative to back down’, Selman’s expression eased up quite a bit. After pouring a glass of blood for Sui Yuan, he sat on the sofa in front of him. v8piCP

Probably because he did not grow up as pampered as the protagonist gong, Sui Yuan did not think that Dill’s blood was that delicious, making him a little disappointed. He couldn’t help but doubt whether Selman had really wanted  him to drink Dill’s blood that he had simply made a fake just to fool him. Only, Selman was always very direct. If he was unwilling, he would outrightly refuse and would absolutely not play such tricks. Thus, Sui Yuan revealed a slightly infatuated expression, expressing that he was very satisfied with the taste of Dill’s blood.

Seeing the reserved corner of Sui Yuan’s mouth curve up, Selman felt much happier. Blood from a sick person that was not that fresh seemed to not be that bad. The two vampires sipped on their glasses and engaged in idle chatter. Although Sui Yuan was a bit baffled as to why the protagonist gong had the time to accompany his rival-in-love and talk nonsense with him instead of going to see Dill, he very quickly attributed it to the plot.

——If it wasn’t for Selman’s absence, how would Dill be able to meet with Anson? The troubles Sui Yuan underwent just to hold up the protagonist gong seemed to be all wasted. He hadn’t thought that the plot would be that impressive and powerful as to solve difficulties with such ease.

When Sui Yuan reckoned that it was time to end their chat and have Selman go ‘catch the couple in the act’, a servant quickly rushed over and whispered a report into Selman’s ear. 94W2Yz

Using his outstanding blood kin hearing, Sui Yuan heard the keywords of ‘Dill’, ‘unknown human’, ‘meeting’, and immediately knew that Zhao Xihe had finished up with his meeting with Dill and then purposely exposed himself.

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After hearing the servant’s words, Selman’s brows scrunched up and his expression turned gloomy. Sui Yuan stood up after him and expressed his concern, “Could it be that something has happened to Dill? Can I go with you to see the situation?”

——Even if he was rejected, he would still follow, ah! Zhao Xihe was depending on him to survive, ne! Of course, if Dill was strong enough, he probably would not have to make an appearance.

Selman hesitated and then nodded. Sui Yuan followed after him, quickly heading towards the rear garden. Very soon, he was able to spot the two people gazing at each other in the middle of the roses, positions intimate. D EyTd

Dill was probably a little bit excited and could not help but throw himself into Anson’s arms. He was glad that his good friend was safe and sound, and was grateful that he had braved such a risk to come visit him. The stifling emotions and hesitation instantly erupted when he saw Anson. Dill had never so clearly seen that it was Anson who was the most concerned about him, who cared about him the most. There was only Anson who he could trust and rely on.

The anger from having his things coveted made Selman nearly lose his rationality. Sui Yuan’s pupils also contracted when he saw this scene. He knew that Zhao Xihe was only acting, but he still subconsciously felt a stabbing pain of jealousy.

“What are you doing, Dill?” Selman’s voice was low and flat, like the calm before the storm. It was like a thunderclap in Dill’s ear.

Dill’s body stiffened and he subconsciously took a step back, distancing himself from Anson. However, after he felt Selman’s anger and killing intent, he stubbornly blocked Anson from the other. IEmUTf

The fear in his heart made Dill unable to stop his body from trembling, but he stubbornly faced Selman’s gaze, “H-he is my friend. He saved my life. He only boldly snuck in to check on my condition because he was worried about me. Don’t blame him, M-Master….”

Anson, who was being covered by Dill, shrunk back, trembling. If Sui Yuan didn’t know that this person was indeed Zhao Xihe, he probably would have mistaken him for the real Anson.

Sui Yuan was inwardly amazed and stared fixedly on Anson for a moment. He felt that he really needed to learn more from this senior, Zhao Xihe.

On this side, Sui Yuan was earnestly observing Anson, wanting to learn from him. On the other, the first conflict between Selman and Dill completely broke out. wxs2ld

It was Dill’s first time saying his true thoughts before Selman, indicating that he was unwilling to be just a pet that Selman was raising. He was his own person, a person with his own thoughts and opinions. Selman’s so-called ‘doting’ was just his own wishful thinking. Dill had never needed nor cared for it. He only wished that he would be respected.

It was Selman’s first time being contradicted like this by someone, and what’s worse was the one going against him was a despicable and lowly human being who he didn’t even put in his eyes. This further confused him and did nothing but  fuel his rage. Only, even though he was angered, Selman realized that he did not want to hurt nor injure Dill. He was unwilling to see him lying on the bed looking like he was on his last breath like before. Therefore, this anger was displaced and completely poured onto Anson instead. This pest that Dill regarded as extremely important and worth protecting with all his heart could not be pardoned! The always docile Dill had unexpectedly disobeyed him for this fellow!

Selman lifted his hand, angered to the point of being unable to forgive. A majestic force rushed towards Anson, about to crush him. Dill could not stop it and could only watch on helplessly, shouting in a hoarse voice full of despair, “Anson—!!”

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The scene of blood splattering within the rose garden did not occur. Anson stood in place, as if scared silly, completely uninjured. Meanwhile, in front of him was Sui Yuan, whose pale face turned even more pallid. He slightly knitted his brows to express that he was currently in pain. As a pure-blooded prince, Selman’s full strength when enraged was nothing to look down upon. Even if Sui Yuan had made preparations early on, he was still injured in that split second he had gone to block the attack. A high level lord’s strength would forever be incomparable to that of a prince’s. fRnWOm

“Yaan?!” Selman stared incredulously at the melancholic noble standing in front of Anson. He could not understand why Yaan would do this and even blamed himself for hurting him. Selman subconsciously reached out, wanting to support the slim body that was on the verge of collapse, but he was gently avoided by the other party, “Have you calmed down, Selman?”

Selman had indeed calmed down. Yaan’s injury was like a basin of cold water poured on top of his head, causing a slight chill to penetrate his bones. His mind had never been clearer than now. He looked at Yaan who was pressed against his chest, suppressing his coughs. Then, he turned towards Dill.

After experiencing great suffering and then great happiness, the newly-recovered Dill evidently could not bear such intense emotional fluctuations. After he had ascertained that Anson was fine, his whole body became weak and powerless. Both knees weakened and he fell to the ground.

At this time, Dill was full of gratitude towards Yaan. If Yaan had not appeared in time, Anson would have inevitably died. Dill simply didn’t know just how glad he was for Yaan’s existence. The first time they met, he helped Dill, treated him, and improved his quality of life. The second time they met, he saved his most important friend. Dill had never been so certain until now that Yaan was indeed an angel sent by God to help him. sPm5XW

“I think you and Dill need to have a good talk,” Sui Yuan spoke slowly, reaching out to grab Anson’s collar, “This person, I’ll first escort out.”

Dill looked at Sui Yuan appreciatively. He knew that as long as Anson went with ‘Yaan’, he would be fine. Meanwhile, Selman pursed his lips. A long while later, he silently brandished his hands to express his approval.

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Sui Yuan saluted towards Selman and then dragged Anson away. Meanwhile, Selman sucked in a deep breath, stooped down and carried the limp Dill into his arms.

Selman thought that he should properly think about what he should do with Dill, this little pet of him, and also how he should deal with Yaan’s budding care—which had come out of who-knew-where— for Dill. zPolAg

For Dill, he had unexpectedly stepped forward and gotten injured in order to save Anson. Did Yaan truly care that much about Dill? When he thought of the care Yaan had shown towards Dill in the past, Selman began to feel jittery. He could not distinguish between his discontent towards Yaan for coveting his belongings and his unhappiness from Dill holding so much of Yaan’s attention.

——The pure-blooded prince, who had not been enlightened for thousands of years, encountered such a complicated and tangled emotional dilemma now that he was enlightened for the first time. It was truly rough….

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