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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 12.4


Translated by Eve

Although 5237 was shamelessly rolling around trying to block Sui Yuan from going to find Zhao Xihe, Sui Yuan who had discerned the grievance and complaints from within that note still could not endure the criticism in good conscience and planned to take the initiative to find his beloved. 8f7dIo

5237: “What ever happened to being each other’s most important, ne?! In the past, you cared about me. Just when did Zhao Xihe actually become more important to you than me! QAQ

Sui Yuan glanced at 5237, gaze fleeting. He did not have the heart to reply to its question.

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——I feel even more abused. Why?!


In short, 5237 could not stop him and could only watch on helplessly as Sui Yuan left Selman’s castle and made a beeline for the slums.

Although Sui Yuan believed that with Zhao Xihe’s personality, there was no way he would obediently continue staying in a place as terrible as the slums, aside from the description of where Anson and Dill’s homes were located, Sui Yuan truly did not know where he should go to look for Zhao Xihe. If Zhao Xihe wished for him to come find him, then he would definitely leave a clue in Anson’s original home.

The slum district against the dark backdrop of the night bared the ugly nature of humankind. Sui Yuan furrowed his brows and silently traveled through a dim, filthy alley and witnessed who knows how many robberies, brawls and sexual acts. After that, he finally found Dill’s home despite having only a faint clue from the plot.

The window of Dill’s home was dark. No sounds came from within. Who knew what that group of terrible and extremely evil loan sharks had done to Dill’s mother and father after Dill had escaped. Of course, Sui Yuan didn’t need to concern himself with this. He turned to the second house—left to Dill’s—and pushed open the unlocked door. PG2jTy

The wooden door creaked, seeming especially eeries in the stillness of the night. Relying on the blood kin’s outstanding night vision, Sui Yuan saw the person who was sitting within the house startle and jump up. The person inside even retreated a few steps in a panic, knocking over the furniture on the side with great strength.

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Sui Yuan slightly narrowed his eyes and sized up the person in the house; the malnourished youth was trembling with fear. His ordinary face had a few freckles and looked remarkably alike to that of Passerby A. Sui Yuan was a bit disappointed—this was definitely not Zhao Xihe.

“Da-Da-Da-Daren…” The youth stammered, trying to see Sui Yuan’s appearance. However, the dim moonlight only allowed him to see a slender silhouette. Only, from the way he held himself, he was definitely an important character that did not belong to the slums. The youth subconsciously thought that this was the person he had been waiting for, “If I may ask…a-are you Yaan daren?”

“Where’s Anson?” Since he had heard this name, naturally this must have been arranged by Zhao Xihe. Sui Yuan did not say anything superfluous and directly went for the main subject. Vu7MQE

“I-it was Anson daren that arranged for this lowly one to wait for you!” After ascertaining that he had not mistaken the person, the youth’s words became much more eloquent, “Anson daren wanted for this lowly one to take you to him….”

Sui Yuan nodded his head, not indicating any strong feelings. He turned around and exited the house and then motioned for the youth behind him to lead the way.

Outside of the house, the bright moonlight shone upon Sui Yuan’s face, making the youth subconsciously suck in a deep breath. He had never seen such a noble and beautiful person. Although he had once thought that Dill was the most beautiful person he had ever seen, he fell extremely short of the person before him. The youth only thought that he was like mud and the person before him was like the clouds—incomparable. He didn’t dare to even look at him too much and thus only lowered his head and ran forwards, afraid that if he looked for too long, he would offend the other party.

The youth was very familiar with the slum district. His steps were nimble and quick. Even if he closed his eyes, he would be able to travel around with practiced ease. Only, no matter how quickly he went, the person behind him followed after him like a shadow, not even making a sound as he walked. This made the hairs on the youth’s body stand up as he recalled quite a few sinister tales. LKctpb

Sui Yuan followed the youth through the slum district and the middle-class district, directly entering the wealthy district. The lights around them gradually became bright, the streets became increasingly clean, and the passerbys began to look immaculately dressed, bearing becoming graceful. Finally, they stopped at the entrance to a three-story villa. The youth pointed to the gate: “Anson daren is inside. Daren, please enter. This lowly one does not have the qualifications to enter.”

Sui Yuan glanced at the dirty youth and nodded understandingly. He did not head towards the gate however and directly walked over to the shadow of the villa’s lateral side. He lifted himself onto his tiptoes and used the blood kin’s outstanding jumping ability to directly jump onto the balcony on the third floor.

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——Mommy, from now on, I will definitely listen to you. I won’t hang around outside at night. QAQ 0tYVdq

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If one was to be impartial, Zhao Xihe didn’t look like much in this world. Even if he meticulously styled himself, he was far from Sui Yuan’s level of beauty—of one who was raised with only the finest of things. Only, perhaps it was because ‘beauty was in the eye of the beholder’, but Sui Yuan still thought that Zhao Xihe’s appearance was still pleasing to the eye—simply awesome!

5237: “Silly host, you should go get your eye disease treated. →_→”

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Zhao Xihe sat, extremely relaxed and lithe on his cozy chair, looking at Sui Yuan without uttering a word. He did not stand up to welcome him. Sui Yuan felt a bit scared being watched by him like this. When he thought about how he had left him in the slums and ignored him in the past, his conscience became even guiltier. 379Rue

“Cough, it seems that you’re getting along well?” Sui Yuan laughed, trying to get rid of some of the strange atmosphere perforating around them at this moment.

Zhao Xihe’s expression became even more bitter, “You only look at the results. Did you not think about how much work I had to put in or the price I paid to obtain this?”

Sui Yuan’s eyes darted around. Finally, he could not bear the criticism in good conscience and took the initiative to head towards Zhao Xihe, bending down to kiss him on the lips, “I’m sorry. I just trusted you too much and am too used to waiting for you to come.”

Zhao Xihe enjoyed Sui Yuan taking the initiative but remained unmoved, “I feel that you should compensate me, since you threw me to the back of your head so cold and ruthlessly.” sayOtX

“…Fine. What do you want me to do?” Sui Yuan compromised. He was always soft-hearted towards the people he cared about and would naturally be eaten to death by Zhao Xihe who grasped onto his weak point.

“Anything?” Zhao Xihe slightly narrowed his eyes, masking the light that leapt up within his eyes.

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“…En,” Sui Yuan braced himself as he nodded.

5237: “This disappointing silly host! Wasting this good opportunity that I created for you after spending all that energy! Simply wasteful, ah! QAQ” PplZ9K

“I heard that vampires are really strong and their stamina isn’t bad…” Zhao Xihe’s finger twirled a lock of Sui Yuan’s long hair around it and pressed his lips onto Sui Yuan’s neck. Between kisses, his low, husky voice that was full of desire intermittently sounded, becoming more and more ambiguous, “So…this time, I don’t have to take into account of your body and can do it…as much as I want…?”

The melancholic gray eyes became glossy; a blush covered his pale skin, making him even more seductive. Sui Yuan casted a sidelong glance at Zhao Xihe, flushed from all that teasing. He could only subconsciously grab hold of the other’s lapel. He completely did not know how he should respond.

Zhao Xihe laughed gently. In the end, he pecked at Sui Yuan’s lips and soon after released him, casually placing his arms onto his chair’s armrest. He faced Sui Yuan and raised his chin, “If you want to compensate me, then do your best to please me, ba!”

Despite donning Anson’s originally weak and cowardly appearance, Zhao Xihe still managed to leak out an aggressive aura, looking like he was in a position to disdain the common people. Sui Yuan’s forehead was full of black lines. He swept a gaze at the other’s place that didn’t need any pleasing to become full of zest and simply wanted to kneel! r7HAR5

“…Don’t make trouble,” Sui Yuan thought about how the protagonist shou was nearly done to death by the vampire protagonist gong, and how the protagonist gong was still never completely satisfied, and could not help but feel rather worried, “You’re currently human. It would be better to…not overdo it.”

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Zhao Xihe choked. It was the first time his family’s lover questioned his ‘capability’. This made him nearly unable to keep his cool tyrannical appearance and want to directly flip a table and become hostile!

“Hehe, why don’t you try it, ah…” Zhao Xihe said between gritted teeth, an expression of wanting to directly do Sui Yuan and prove that he was ‘really capable’ passed through his eyes that were burning with rage , “Try it and see whether You. Can. Squeeze. Me. Dry. Ah?”

Sui Yuan:“……………………” TQl2JO

——Please don’t be so obscene!


In the end, Sui Yuan was reluctant (?) to squeeze Zhao Xihe dry. Only, compared to how he used to pass out midway, this time, he was sober and persevered until the end, illustrating clearly the difference between vampires and humans. Towards this, Zhao Xihe was very pleased. After all, although making his beloved faint halfway throughout their lovemaking was a testament to his own strength, it made him a bit disappointed to do it without the other’s cooperation. Meanwhile, Sui Yuan…hehe, he already didn’t want to say a thing.

However much Zhao Xihe ‘liked’ the difference between humans and vampires, Sui Yuan wanted to throw rotten eggs at it! It was simply fraudulent! 5GuwUA

Pushing Zhao Xihe, who was still pressing himself onto him as he enjoyed his afterglow, off of himself, Sui Yuan sullenly turned to look at 5237, who had left and then come back to nest at the headboard of the bed. It was already almost drowned in the black lines of its grievances.

Sui Yuan felt rather awkward: “Cough, this time it was me making it up to him. It doesn’t count.”

5237 snorted, “It’d be better for me to hope that you directly squeeze him dry, rather than hope that you can push him down!”

Sui Yuan:“………………” xIzSh

5237: “Actually, squeezing him dry isn’t that bad, hm? I also am anticipating him being unable to get out of bed.”

Sui Yuan:“……………………”

Zhao Xihe swept a glance at the direction in which Sui Yuan was looking at and laughed lightly in understanding, “Is it 5237? What kind of ‘interesting’ idea has it given you this time?”

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Sui Yuan and 5237 both shivered, the two of them keeping quiet out of fear. ceUOvd

“Help me tell it something. Tell it that the good deed it has done…I’ve. Engraved. It. Into. My. Heart. And. Will. Take. Revenge.”

Zhao Xihe’s tone was soft and relaxed, so sincere it could not be any more sincere. Although he was speaking to Sui Yuan, his gaze landed precisely onto 5237’s position.

5237 subconsciously shrunk back. If it wasn’t certain that the other could not see nor touch itself during a mission in one of the world’s it would seriously think that it would have its muscles torn out and get flayed.

Although 5237 loved to court disaster, it was after all his little companion, so Sui Yuan did not have the heart to look at its miserable appearance. He couldn’t help but raise his head and cover up Zhao Xihe’s gaze on 5237. N7wimz

Zhao Xihe willingly retracted his gaze and kissed Sui Yuan with a smile. He then got off the bed, “I’ll let you see something good.”

Sui Yuan sighed in relief and sat up to rearrange his disheveled hair. He looked at how Zhao Xihe overtly walked to the room’s otherside completely bare and grabbed a box from within the cabinet.

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“What’s this?” Sui Yuan curiously went over. Soon after, he reflexively retreated when Zhao Xihe opened the box. It was the body’s instinct, or rather, it was the instinct of a vampire that told him that what was in the box was dangerous, very dangerous.

“From your reaction, it seems that this thing is really useful?” Zhao Xihe raised a brow and sat by the bed. tb6mgi

Sui Yuan very quickly contained his instinct to fear and his curiosity once again took over. He approached the box once more and his slender fingers caressed the bottle of □□ inside the box, feeling a stab of scorching pain in his finger.

Zhao Xihe’s eyebrows furrowed and he quickly seized Sui Yuan’s wrist, forcing it off the bottle. He looked at the slightly red fingertip and sternly said, “Why did you touch it! Don’t you know that it’ll hurt, ah?! This kind of thing is harmful towards vampires!”

“It doesn’t hurt that much,” Sui Yuan laughed as he shook his finger. He watched as Zhao Xihe kissed his injury, cooing over it, and his cheeks flushed, “What is this?”

“Inside there’s a silver gun that was baptized and a bottle of holy water. I had specifically gotten this from the Church. It is said that it has a wonderful effect against vampires.” Zhao Xihe closed the box and placed it far away, afraid that Sui Yuan would injure himself out of curiosity again. hE2fWw

“So it turns out that there are these kinds of things in this world?” Sui Yuan was speechless. He thought that vampires were omnipotent, ne!

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“Of course there would be. Otherwise, how else would humankind withstand the vampires? Vampires are strong, but they have never fully taken control of humankind. They can only dwell within the night. This is because the Church know how to kill vampires.” Zhao Xihe snorted, explaining in a responsible and diligent manner, “After all, vampires are few in number. Meanwhile, humans are weak but are many in number. If the Church seriously considered vampires as their enemy, the vampires also will not gain anything from it. Actually, this kind of war has already occured who-knows how many times in the past. In the end, they could only agree to each mind their own business and not mix together. The Church will allow the vampires to drink human blood, within limitations, but the vampires must not disturb human society. In this way, both sides took a step back.”

“What do you want to do with these things you’ve collected?” Since the plot had not touched upon the Church, Sui Yuan was not interested in the grievances between the Church and the blood kin. He was only curious as to what Zhao Xihe was thinking.

“In a plot where the blood kin are running amok, as an ordinary human, the pressure is really great, OK? Thus, it is naturally best to have a card up my sleeve that can help me survive,” Zhao Xihe shrugged his shoulders, “Moreover, don’t you have to participate in a great vampire war in the end? I’m worried about you.” u4doRA

“I can handle it myself,” Sui Yuan furrowed his brows. Although he thought that Zhao Xihe’s care was considerate of him, he felt that he was being looked down upon.

“I know. Of course I know,” Zhao Xihe promptly placated his beloved that was angry like a kitten with it’s fur puffed out, “However, as long as there is even a slight chance, it’d be better to be on guard. Isn’t it better to have another layer of protection?”

Sui Yuan pursed his lips. In the end, he nodded, feeling rather unresigned. As a responsible and diligent supporting male lead, he could not help but admit that Zhao Xihe was right.

——However, even if it was like that, it still made people a little unhappy, OK?! kJ8Nun

“Alright,” Lightly kissing Sui Yuan who was being difficult, Zhao Xihe’s tone softened, “I won’t use these things lightly. After all, vampires are very cautious towards the Church. If I handle the situation badly, it could possibly trigger a fight between both sides, causing this world to become unstable. Thus, I must request that you take care of my safety. By all means, you can’t let Selman kill me, ah!”

Sui Yuan couldn’t help but laugh, narrowing his eyes as he accepted Zhao Xihe’s affection, throwing the matter aside.

After successfully making up with Zhao Xihe, they had to wait for Dill to fully recover and meet with Anson. Sui Yuan told everything that had happened between him, the protagonist shou, and the protagonist gong, and was especially pleased by his own quick wit, with how he had only made an appearance at the last second, after Dill and Selman had developed feelings for each other.

Zhao Xihe:“………………” 9smMgp

——He felt that the reactions of the two people were rather strange. Was it his misconception?

5237: “Hehe, silly host’s ability to rip apart CP’s is already maxed out. Mortals can only bow down and worship it!”

Eve: SY taking the initiative to comfort and appease ZXH is actually so cute? He’s so affectionate now awww. And ZXH always being soft hearted whenever SY is sad or hurt makes me asfhsjfhjsdhfaskhfsa.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Translator's Note

To throw eggs is to express loathing, although it’s usually a case where audience members hate evil tv characters and want divine justice against them.

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