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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 12.3


Translated by Eve

Edited by Wuxian IEiONU

“I never knew that humankind would pray to a vampire,” Sui Yuan constrained his gloominess from seeing that the protagonist shou did not act out according to the plot yet again, and raised the corner of his mouth into a slight smile, voice gentle and joking.

Unfortunately, Dill could not hear the laughter in his voice. He only thought that the voice was extremely sweet-sounding, gentle to the point of seeming to soothe his pain.

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Dill felt too tired and his consciousness began to waver. The last thing he saw was the hazy silhouette basked in the orange glow of the sunset. Soon after, he let himself fall into the sweet darkness.

Sui Yuan subconsciously caught Dill who was falling towards him and slightly furrowed his brows. He felt a bit helpless as he looked at that flushed face and dry lips.


5237 flew around Dill and hesitatingly asked, “…Is he sick?”

Sui Yuan subconsciously raised his hand to feel Dill’s forehead and was immediately scorched by its warmth. He was a bit uncertain, “This…is a fever?”

5237: “You’ve never had one before?”

Sui Yuan: “Have you forgotten that I’m currently a vampire? A vampire’s body temperature is very low, OK?!” oBL6OS

The two medical imbeciles completely did not understand what had happened to the protagonist shou. Anyway, this did not affect Sui Yuan. Taking Dill in his arms in a princess carry, he brought him towards Selman’s castle.

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“It’s a bit strange, ah? The protagonist shou never fell sick in the plot, ah?” 5237 looked at the protagonist shou, puzzled, trying to find the tiniest clues from his face.

Sui Yuan conjectured, “Could it be that the protagonist gong—cough, went too far?”

5237 muttered to itself for a moment, then nodded, “It’s very likely. In the plot, Yaan had reminded Selman to be careful with Dill as a human typically had a weak constitution. However, you avoided them at first. Since you didn’t tell him, Selman probably does not know, and directly tormented the protagonist shou into sickness. Tl6yBX

Sui Yuan didn’t care whether or not the protagonist shou was sick. As long as he didn’t die, it was fine. He was only a bit worried about the plot, “The crucial point is that today is the day Anson comes to find Dill. Right now, Dill is sick, so what should Anson do?!”

“Mix it with sauce and serve it cold!” 5237 was not in the least concerned, “Zhao Xihe hasn’t come looking for you all this time. This means that he wants to but is powerless to do so. Otherwise, he’d definitely have run over here on the first day! So, we can eliminate the Grand Elder and Princess as his choices. If Zhao Xihe is Anson, then he will definitely know what to do. No need to worry!”

Sui Yuan pursed his lips. Although he agreed with 5237 on the surface, he inevitably felt anxious and uneasy inside. Zhao Xihe was so amazing, but he was only an ordinary human right now. It would absolutely not end well if he faced off with a vampire, ah!

At this time, they could only take it one step at a time. Fkqrlm

“Yaan daren!”

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

“Ct! Tjjc vjgfc tjr mbwf! Xbbv fnfclcu Tjjc vjgfc!”

“Tjjc vjgfc, vb sbe gfdelgf jcs jrrlrajcmf?”

Llr ktbif pbegcfs, Vel Tejc gfmflnfv j ecjclwber, qbrlalnf kfimbwf jii bnfg Vfiwjc’r mjraif. Tjjc, atlr mtjgjmafg, tjr jikjsr yffc wfijcmtbilm, ufcaif, jcv nfgs mbcrlvfgjaf. Pc jvvlalbc, cbk atja Vel Tejc gfqijmfv tlw, tlr mtjgw kjr wemt tlutfg. Lf tjv mbwf bnfg bc bmmjrlbc ktfc Vfiwjc kjr bea ab wjxf tlr fzlrafcmf xcbkc jcv fcvfv eq ujlclcu j qlif bo ubbvklii. Lf kjr fnfc wbgf bo j Zg. Ufgofma atjc Vfiwjc kjr lc atf fsfr bo atf qfbqif. kYVZIl

Sui Yuan casually found someone to lead the way and requested that a servant find a doctor for Dill. However, he did not hand over the youth in his arms to anyone else. After all, according to his character settings, Yaan held favourable feelings towards Dill from the very start. So according to this, he absolutely would not give him to another person, but would directly carry him into his room in the castle.

Dill’s room was not considered nice. After all, Selman currently only saw him as a pet. Even if he had feelings towards him, he didn’t keep him in his heart. In addition, Selman was not a careful person who’d take note of these things. Consequently, the other people within the castle looked down on Dill’s identity and did not take very good care of him.

Sui Yuan placed Dill on his bed and covered him with his quilt. He then sat down on the bedside and surveyed the dim and damp surroundings. It was not at all a suitable place for nursing the sick back to health. He lightly sighed.

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This light sigh was heard by Selman who was just rushing towards this room. S4r5xg

When Selman had awoken from his slumber, he was told that Yaan was injured. Only then did he realize that he hadn’t seen Yaan for a while now. Only, this was not the reason for why Selman had rushed over here. The true reason was that he had heard that Dill fainted in the flower garden and was then carried into his room by Yaan.

Even though he was unaware of his feelings towards Dill, Selman still unconsciously felt displeased. He was possessive of all the things he owned—Dill’s delicious blood made him endlessly possessive. He would naturally not permit anyone else touching him, even if that person was Yaan!

Rage and jealousy made Selman especially impatient. He casually sorted out his appearance before directly making a beeline for Dill’s room. Then, he stood at the entrance, staring blankly at Yaan who sat at the bedside. Yaan’s melancholic and gentle gaze was on Dill who was sleeping deeply on the bed.

In that instant, Selman unexpectedly thought that this scene had a very tranquil beauty to it. It made one unwilling to disturb it. f5tg8B

Selman furrowed his brows, vexed, and coughed once. He secretly admonished his own imagination.

Hearing Selman’s voice, Sui Yuan turned to look at him. He was calm and completely did not realize that he and Dill were too close at all. He looked at Selman rather disapprovingly, “You’re truly too careless, Selman.”

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“What do you mean?” Selman was extremely unhappy. He had yet to get angry at Yaan for getting so close to his pet, but Yaan already criticized him. It was simply preposterous! However, he didn’t know why but Selman’s tolerance towards Yaan seemed to be especially high today. Even if he was displeased, he did not directly lash out at him.

“Humans are much weaker than vampires. Moreover, this child looks malnourished, so he’s even feebler than a typical human. He must be carefully taken care of.” After recognizing his mistakes upon seeing the protagonist shou sick and deciding to reform himself and rectify his errors, Sui Yuan immediately tried to fix the plot that he had overlooked, diligently and responsibly, “This room is too damp and cold. It is unsuitable for humans to live in. Moreover, he’s currently sick. It would be best for you to move him into a better room.” eVAcwm

“Humans are so troublesome!” Selman impatiently clicked his tongue. However, he did not refute. He looked at the sick Dill, heart hurting slightly. Then, he directly brandished his hand, hinting at the servant to go prepare a suitable room.

Sui Yuan examined Selman’s expression and discovered that he had a difficult-to-mask expression of concern towards Dill. Only then did he finally sigh in relief, exposing a pleased and happy smile.

Selman was pierced by that smile. He averted his gaze, lost in thought. In his memory, Yaan had always been tranquil and gentle. Even when he smiled, there was a difficult to cover melancholy. This was the first time seeing such a pure smile on his face. It was so beautiful, it was rather blinding. Once he thought that this smile was revealed because of Dill, Selman felt especially twitchy.

“Also, you must make sure that his meals are nutritious. Humans need foods rich with nutrients in order to satisfy the needs of their bodies, unlike us who only need blood to survive,” Sui Yuan continued to recite his lines, “Even more important is that you control yourself and not drink too much of his blood in one sitting. As for the other aspects…for example, physical demands, you must not go overboard. He is still a child….” CN2h7D

“Enough!” The more he listened, the more he felt twitchy. Selman hoarsely interrupted Sui Yuan’s words. The awkward, inexplicable feelings all converged and made him lash out. Then, he spat out, “Yaan, don’t you think that you’re meddling too much?! Dill is mine. It’s my business as to how I want to deal with him. There’s no need for you to criticize me!”

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The protagonist gong’s reaction that completely differed from that within the plot made Sui Yuan blank out. Luckily, he hastily came back to himself and put an end to Selman’s worry that stemmed from Dill’s sickness, and his jealousy from hearing that Sui Yuan had personally carried him to his room. “I apologize. I have said too much. This is only because I saw that you cared about him and thus hoped that he would become healthier.”

Selman stared at Yaan’s eyelashes that were hanging low, covering up his pure, gray eyes. All of his emotions were completely hidden underneath his docile appearance, making him look even gloomier. He also knew that his anger was unreasonable and his tone too harsh. He sucked in a deep breath and eased up his voice although with much difficulty, “OK. It was I that went too far now. Regarding your suggestions, I will keep them in mind in the future. Only, I hope that you will not get too close to him.”

“I understand,” Sui Yuan smiled slightly, “I will take note of my behaviour.” yWQL C

Selman felt rather helpless. He approached Sui Yuan and subconsciously raised his hand. Just as he realized what he wanted to do, he froze up. Only, Selman was always one who did as he pleased and would never restrict himself of his desires. Thus, even though he was baffled by his action, he still followed his heart and placed his hand on Sui Yuan’s hair, feeling his slightly cool, soft platinum hair that felt good to the touch.

Sui Yuan raised his head, flabbergasted and saw Selman show a rare-to-come-by gentle smile, “Alright. He’s but a tasty little pet. He is not worth fighting over. If you want to, I can let you have a taste,” Frowning, Selman added, “But you must use a glass.”

Sui Yuan:“……………………”

——He had absolutely no idea how the topic had jumped to him drinking the protagonist shou’s blood, OK?! Although he was a bit curious, he actually had no desire to taste the protagonist shou’s blood! O1fJjl

As Sui Yuan was being blown into a mess by Selman, he completely did not notice that Dill had suddenly stiffened when Selman said he could ‘have a taste’. His hand slightly curled up and clutched onto the bed sheet beneath him.

5237 who saw all of this:“……………………”

——Hehe, its family’s host was simply too cruel. As soon as he made an appearance, he unwittingly drove a wedge between the protagonist gong and shou, who had just been getting along fine, as if it was no problem whatsoever, ah! The protagonist shou’s heart has been completely abused, OK?!

5237 felt that it was such a tragic scene that made him want to ugly cry! jxqXLy

Sui Yuan:“????”

——5237, what’s with that dark backdrop all of a sudden?

In short, the protagonist shou, who was pretending to be unconscious, got his heart broken. Meanwhile, the protagonist gong resolved the conflict between him and his family’s subordinate. Lastly, there was Sui Yuan who concentrated on fixing the plot. With this, all continued their ‘happy’ interactions. Afterwards, the doctor who was to diagnose and treat Dill arrived. Sui Yuan and Selman both left to deal with some work. When Dill’s door was closed, only then did he slowly open his vacant eyes.

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A person he had clearly just met could care so much about him. Meanwhile, that person, who had plundered his body and mind, disdained him and looked at him with contempt…Dill laughed bitterly, only feeling that he was simply lamentable, pathetic, and laughable. Only, when he thought about Yaan’s, cold but gentle embrace, the careful way that person had covered him with the quilt, and his repeated, attentive warnings to Selman to take note of his health, Dill felt warmth sprout within his chest. It was the first time that he had perceived any kindness from anyone since he was brought by Selman to this castle. 9XoMUv

——An angel was an angel. Even if he was a demonic vampire, he was still holy and pure, kind-hearted, beautiful….

Meanwhile, Sui Yuan who was considered a pure, holy, kind-hearted and beautiful angel, was distressed over the whereabouts of his family’s sweetheart.

After reporting to Selman, Sui Yuan used the excuse of having matters to still attend to and declined the other’s invitation to drink wine and be merry together (……). Just as he was planning to scour the surroundings of Selman’s castle to try locating Anson, before Sui Yuan had even walked out the door, he was stopped by the doctor who had just finished treating Dill.

The human doctor seemed to be rather afraid of vampires, but he still firmly saluted Sui Yuan. Soon after, he stuffed a slip of paper into his hands. Sui Yuan lowered his head to open that slip of paper, became baffled, and then went, “………………” gtdz F

“…Who gave you this?” Sui Yuan made a supreme effort to avoid OOCing, suppressing the corner of his mouth that wanted to rise.

“My master. I don’t know his name, but Master said that you would definitely know,” The doctor secretly observed Sui Yuan’s expression and discovered that this noble blood kin did not seem to be angry. Only then did he sigh in relief, “Master also said that he was planning on coming today but when he heard that the Castle’s lord had invited a human doctor, he decided to change the day—he would first wait until the sick person has completely recovered.”

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“I understand. You may leave,” Sui Yuan nodded with aloofness and watched as the elderly doctor fled at the speed of light, as if amnesty had just been granted him. It made Sui Yuan feel rather speechless.

5237 whirled around Sui Yuan, curiously rubbing against him, “Did Zhao Xihe give that to you? What does it say?” txnr23

Sui Yuan opened up the slip of paper, rather helpless.


The slip of paper——【If I can’t come to you, can’t you come to me? QAQ】

5237:“Pah! So old but he still acts like a spoiled child! Shameless!” Rv2YS8

Sui Yuan silently refolded the piece of paper and placed it in his pocket. He felt that 5237’s words seemed to be cursing him as well.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at melimeliarts.com

——With regard to acting spoiled, it seemed that he needed to practice that a bit more compared to Zhao Xihe? Was this really shameless?

“Don’t go looking for him! You must definitely not go looking for him!” 5237 was full of righteous indignation. Just now, he had discovered from the doctor’s manner of speaking that Zhao Xihe seemed to not have followed his character settings of knowing his place as a poor youth in the slums. This was simply unbearable, OK?! “He’s OOCed! There’s no way 0007 would unexpectedly leave him be with such a serious OOC!”

Sui Yuan patted 5237’s head in comfort. He felt a bit disappointed, but was not at all surprised. According to Zhao Xihe’s personality, he would definitely be unwilling to be trampled on. Even if he were to go against his character settings, he still had to be the knife that cut others. He just hoped that his being OOC would not affect their mission all too much…Sui Yuan felt that his requirements for Zhao Xihe were getting increasingly lower…. RgBJrH

“Anyway, even if he’s doing well in human society, he definitely cannot beat a vampire! There’s no problem!” After being angry for a while, 5237 cheered up and said proudly, “According to your vampiric strength, it should be an easy thing to bring a human under your control. Even doing the deed is no problem, oh!”

Sui Yuan:“……………………”

At this very moment, Sui Yuan only wanted to ask 5237 just how great its hatred towards Zhao Xihe was. Of course, he also wanted to ask just how much hatred it had towards itself. Once he thought of how Zhao Xihe was prone to holding grudges, Sui Yuan also felt a bit afraid.

While lightly stroking 5237’s head, Sui Yuan’s eyes held a pitiful expression as he lit a candle for it. 5237 simply was using its own life to annotate what was called ‘to fight until the last.’ PVkcdD

5237: “Nonsense. QAQ I am only helping my silly host who has been eaten clean a countless number of times trying to fight for the gong position, ba! Why must my silly host always be pressed down by 0007’s host?! I won’t accept it! We must fight! Even if I can’t fight, my silly host can avenge me!

0007: “…I really don’t know anything. →_→

Eve: LMAO 5237. I can’t. ZXH is going to tear you to shreds.

Wuxian: … why does 5237 have no sense of self-preservation? vzAWrj

Translator's Note

It’s wordplay. 怎么办 means ‘what to do’ and it’s pinyin is zenmeban. 怎么拌 replaces the last character, which has the same pinyin but now it means like ‘how should it be served’. Leading to that response. It’s a joking response to ‘what to do’.

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