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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 12.2


Translated by Eve

Edited by Wuxian xQfcmB

Since he had awoken in this world, Zhao Xihe had felt thoroughly terrible. Although once, he had been an Actor who played leading roles and had played a destitute youth living in the slums before, that role had been just about to awaken his golden finger when he transmigrated and soared to the skies. In addition, with Zhao Xihe’s own capabilities and luck, he had never had to endure any suffering. However, in this world, things were entirely different.

If Anson, the destitute youth that Zhao Xihe was playing, did not return to human society with the protagonist shou, from beginning to end, he would not even be considered a supporting lead but a cannon fodder at best.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

When the protagonist shou was on the eve of being sold to settle his father’s debt, Anson escaped with him. The protagonist shou escaped but Anson was captured. Then, he was beaten up by the one who the protagonist shou’s father owed a debt to. When the protagonist shou was captured by the vampire and taken to his castle, Anson stealthily searched for him because he was worried about him. Thus, while the protagonist shou was well-provided for by the protagonist gong, eating and drinking well, Anson was captured and beaten up without a question. When the protagonist shou could no longer bear the protagonist gong’s abusive love, Anson helped him escape. However, in the end, the protagonist shou’s and gong’s hearts still connected and thus, the two became all lovey-dovey. Meanwhile, Anson was captured and beaten up once again…. After he finished reading the details of his own story, Zhao Xihe almost wanted to kneel!

When he recalled 5237’s furtive smile just prior to entering this world, Zhao Xie just knew that b*stard had definitely done this on purpose! Serves him right for doing something so stupid. They had just passed by not even two days in peace, before it began to do wicked things!


Indifference filled Zhao Xihe’s eyes, but he looked at the tear-stained, beautiful face of the protagonist shou with deep concern, simply wanting to crush him into a paste before telling him to ‘go die, ah!’

Taking in a deep breath, Zhao Xihe revealed a face full of incredulousness, “How could that be?! Who knew Uncle would unexpectedly do such a demented thing! This…this…!”

Anson’s family circumstance was not that much better than the protagonist shou, Dill’s. Only, he was on his own so he was not burdened by his family members. He could even take out a coin or two from his pockets to help the poverty-stricken Dill who was being squeezed dry by his family. Unfortunately, unlike Dill who was beautiful, Anson could only be considered slightly handsome. If he were to clean up nicely, only then could he be considered higher quality. Only, having to constantly worry about when he can next eat his fill, Anson naturally could care less about his appearance.

Precisely because of this, Anson felt inferior compared to Dill. He secretly loved his childhood friend, but felt that he wasn’t a good match for him because he wasn’t handsome, nor did he have a way to provide for Dill. He could only hide his love deep within his heart and put on the mask of a friend when interacting with him. Xlj91

“What should I do, Anson?” Dill was out of his wits as he looked at his close friend, “I don’t want father to give me to that man. I want to escape. I must escape. However, how can I escape? And escape to where?!”

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“I’ll help you, Dill. I will definitely not let you fall into the hands of that *sshole!” A determination filled Anson’s eyes and he seized Dill’s arm, “Follow me!”

Anson was strong. Dill, who was grabbed by him, felt pained and couldn’t help but tear up as he followed after his close friend. He had never felt that Anson was as reliable as he was now. It seemed as if as long as he followed him, there would be nothing to worry about.

It was just a pity that this was all just a misconception. Two poor youths with no authority nor power—how could they avoid detection from the self-proclaimed king of the slums? Not soon after, their whereabouts was discovered and they were cut off and surrounded. Anson and Dill were cornered in a dimly lit alley, unable to advance nor retreat. xtuNHm

“You climb over the wall and I’ll block them!” Anson gritted his teeth, pushing Dill behind him, indicating that he should climb over the wall behind them. The wall was not short, but it was also not so tall as to be inaccessible to them. Although Dill was weak with a quiet and timid personality, his childhood environment taught him skills, including how to climb over a wall.

“I can’t climb over it on my own,” Dill bit his lips, rather helpless.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

“Vafq bc ws rtbeivfgr jcv ufa bnfg la!” Ccrbc qgbwqais wjvf j vfmlrlbc.

“Ktfc ktja jybea sbe?!” Glii rtbbx tlr tfjv, lcmgfveiber. rkoyuO

“P tjnf jcbatfg kjs! Gbc’a kjraf alwf!” Cr Ccrbc tfjgv atf rafqr bo atflg qegrefgr ufa lcmgfjrlcuis mibrf, tlr tfjga yegcfv klat jczlfas jcv tlr abcf lcfnlajyis aegcfv ugjnfg, “Ktfs kjca ab mjqaegf sbe! Cr ibcu jr sbe frmjqf, P klii yf jyif ab ufa jkjs fjrlis!”


“No more ‘buts’, just go quickly!” Anson shouted.

Dill was completely intimidated by Anson. He had never expected his childhood friend to have such a formidable side to him. He was formidable to the point that it made one unable to refute him and could only blindly follow his commands. 8sa7Hf

When Dill stepped onto Anson’s shoulders and climbed over the wall, the pursuers had already surrounded them on all sides, giving Anson no room to escape.

“Anson, Anson! I’ll pull you over!” Dill’s face was pale and he subconsciously leaned against the wall, stretching his hand out to Anson.

Anson turned to glance at him, gaze chilly, “Leave! Do you want to completely waste all of my hard work and sacrifice?!”

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Somehow, Dill’s hand that was clinging to the wall suddenly softened upon being stabbed with Anson’s gaze. His body involuntarily slid down the wall. cbkiPp

Fortunately, the other side of the wall had a pile of hay and Dill, who was used to stumbling around the slums all year long, subconsciously chose the best position to fall in, avoiding injury. Dill rolled on the floor and stood up, his face bearing an expression of despair.

Dill had never felt as regretful as he did now. He regretted having implicated his innocent friend into this troublesome situation. He regretted having dazely followed Anson’s orders to escape first. He knew just how cruel those people who wanted to capture him were. Dill did not dare imagine what Anson would face after being taken away.

However, no matter how much he regretted it now, it was already too late. Dill raised his arm and rubbed at his eyes. The tears at the rim of his eyes mixed together with the blood flowing from his scraped arm. An extraordinary and splendid aroma was carried by the night wind, far, far away, making a certain blood kin, who was passing through the slums by chance, halt his footsteps.

Selman inhaled deeply. The mysophobic blood kin prince would have never stepped foot in the slums, the slums being that kind of filthy, chaotic place. He never thought that here, of all places, he would unexpectedly discover such a rare delicacy amongst the human population. And since he had discovered it, how could he let go of this opportunity? UK0tiG

Dill did not know that at this time, a demon had already fixed his attention on him from within the darkness, and that he was about to set off on his own bitter journey of love and hate with said demon. In his mind, his memories of Anson’s last expression were on repeat, his very last words being “Do you want to completely waste all of my hard work and sacrifice?!”

No! Of course not! Dill’s eyes became resolute. For the sake of Anson, he had to escape. Only if he escaped would he be able to save Anson, would he be able to see Anson again; only then would he be able to apologize to him, thank him, and make up for his own mistakes.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Dill covered his injured arm and staggered forwards in a run. At the same time, not far from there, a blood kin dressed like a noble was watching him with narrowed eyes. His scarlet eyes reflected his great thirst.

On the other side of the wall, Anson leaned tightly against it. He was repressing his fear, staring unyieldingly at the crowd of people who were gradually pressing in on him. Gritting his teeth deathly tight, he refused to tell them Dill’s whereabouts. Gm3agc

He heard footsteps echo from behind the wall, sounding hesitant before becoming quick, and eventually disappearing. At that time, Anson’s eyes flashed and the corner of his lips suddenly raised.

His face, previously holding an expression of fright, like he was retreating from a great wave, was left with nothing but a ridiculing and apathetic look. It even held a wisp of contempt and malice. Who knew why but the crowd of people who were originally arrogant and immensely pleased with themselves, suddenly all shivered at the same time. When they looked at the poor youth, a heavy feeling of an incoming crisis spontaneously bubbled forth.

“Just now, did you guys have fun playing the cat in that game of cat and mouse?” Anson raised a brow, revealing a callous smile, “Now, it’s my turn.”

Everyone:“………………” ITWNq0

——Suddenly feel that his style has completely changed, how could this be?! Save us! QAQ

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at melimeliarts.com

0007:“OOC warning! Please take care to maintain your character settings!”

Zhao Xihe laughed softly:“Character settings? What’s that? Can I eat it? Isn’t it fine as long as I don’t OOC in front of the protagonists? As for what Anson encounters after the protagonist shou leaves, it’s not written in the plot, right?”

0007:“…In short, please don’t go overboard.” mWgnfj

Zhao Xihe shrugged, tone heedless, “I’ll try my best.”

While the protagonist shou and gong had their fateful meeting, and Zhao Xihe vented his rage on the cannonfodders, what was Sui Yuan doing?

——He was enjoying the luxurious life of a noble vampire.

Actually, aside from the fact that he felt some resentment towards having to sleep in a coffin and drink people’s blood, it wasn’t bad being a vampire. Taan was a noble blood kin. He had his own castle, a countless number of subordinates and servants, and could squander away his riches as much as he liked. Before he helped the protagonist shou elope and had a falling out with the protagonist gong Selman as a result, this protagonist gong’s treatment of Yaan wasn’t bad. They were both boss and subordinate and friends at the same time. Furthermore, Selman was always extremely tolerant and magnanimous with the people he allowed into his circle of protection. wkRTLB

After he finished browsing the plot and learnt from his experiences in the last few worlds, Sui Yuan decided that it would be better not to go looking for Selman and revealing his existence before the plot required it. After all, that wretched heartthrob halo had yet to settle. If he came onto the scene too early, he could end up interfering with the romantic development between the protagonist gong and shou like before. In case those two people fell in love at first sight with him again, who would Sui Yuan go cry to?! Thus, before Dill and Selman developed feelings for each other, he would obediently hide and act as a part of the backdrop. As long as the general direction of the plot was met, even if the details were off and marks were deducted, it would not be too great a deduction.

After deciding this, Sui Yuan began his life of avoiding the protagonist gong. Although he was Selman’s assistant, Sui Yuan only had to summarize the news about the territory and the blood kin and hand it over to Selman. As long as he wanted to, he could avoid seeing him.

When Selman left the castle, Sui Yuan went to make his report. When Selman did not leave the castle, Sui Yuan pretended to be busy or feel unwell and would dispatch someone to report on his behalf. The blood kin’s lifespan was very long—this has caused them to become indolent and indifferent. Even if they were friends, it was normal not to see one another for several months or even several years. Right now, Selman, who held no special feelings towards ‘Yaan’, basically did not perceive that Sui Yuan was deliberately alienating himself from him. Furthermore, once he brought the protagonist shou back to his castle, he would naturally have even less time and energy to pay attention to ‘Yaan’.

Thus, without Sui Yuan’s meddling, the feelings steadily heatened and brewed between Selman and Dill according to the plot. They even hopped into bed together very quickly. Sui Yuan reckoned that it was about time and finally emerged from hiding, planning to show his face before the two protagonists. T01A2C

Of course, what was more important was that this was the day that the protagonist shou’s childhood friend, Anson, would secretly infiltrate the castle and meet with Dill. Sui Yuan was curious whether or not Zhao Xihe was playing this role. Secondly, he missed his family’s sweetheart who had gone ‘missing’ for such a long time. Thirdly, he was afraid that after Anson was discovered by Selman, he’d be beaten to death. Regardless of whether he was Zhao Xihe or not, he could not be beaten to death!

After passing a period of leisure, enjoying himself instead of working, Sui Yuan chose an entirely silver costume, straightened out his collar, grabbed his documents, and unhurriedly headed towards Selman’s castle.

It was already evening. As a blood kin, Selman was asleep and on the verge of waking. Meanwhile, Dill sat inside of the castle’s back garden, gaze fixed on the gorgeous, blood-like roses, mind in a daze.

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Since he had encountered the vampire named Selman, Dill had felt that his life was like a dream. He didn’t know if it was a good dream or a nightmare—he would not have to suffer from cold or hunger, nor have to do arduous work only to get beaten up. It was wonderful like a paradise. However, within this paradise was a vampire who drank his blood. Furthermore, he had unexpectedly been seduced by this vampire and had offered both his body and mind to him with both hands. KiUI8

He was infatuated with this vampire. People that were confused by vampires never had a good ending. If they died, they could only end up in hell. Thus, people must maintain their purity, whether it be the purity of their physical body or their spirit—neither could be polluted with filth… Dill clearly remembered what the priest had told him. That benevolent and wise old priest was the only person who treated him well aside from his good friend Anson. Dill treated his words with great trust and certainty.

Dill was infatuated with Selman, but was also afraid of him. He didn’t know what he should do. He didn’t dare escape, nor did he want to escape. Dill could only poison himself each day, not daring to think too deeply—not daring to examine closely just how filthy and depraved he had become.

When Dill’s eyes were growing pained from staring at the red roses, he suddenly saw a person come from the corner of the flower garden. The red rose petals danced in the air as the wind blew all around him, as if they were performing a magnificent dance. His long, platinum hair was dyed by the warm orange of the sunset, and his silver clothes seemed clean, pure, and holy. His eyes of identical hue seemed to hide a deep grief. In that split second, Dill thought that he saw the angel of wisdom, Hexi, that the old priest had told him about.

God bestowed upon Hexi with wisdom equal to his. He could see through all, see through the future calamity that was Judgement Day, see the evil deep within the hearts of humankind. That was why he was always melancholic and sorrowful. jhprLH

The instant that Dill’s eyes met with that person’s, he felt his heart race quickly. All of his confusion, anxiety, inferiority, and ugliness was all reflected in those limpid eyes, unable to remain covered.

Dill gazed fixedly at the person that was slowly advancing forward, subconsciously extending his hand to tightly grasp onto that person’s sleeve, as if holding on to the last thread of salvation. He used so much strength that even though he began to tremble and his knuckles turned white, he would not let go.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tears slowly rolled down his cheeks as Dill opened his mouth to speak, eyes empty and tone hoarse, “Please forgive me…Lord….”

Sui Yuan:“……………………” 71DcbP


——Has the protagonist shou’s brain been damaged?! Table flip! (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

Eve: Can’t stop laughing at that ending.

Wuxian: Sui Yuan, bub, you’re always too irresistible to protagonist shous… I’m not even surprised at this point. A6PnKc

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Translator's Note

  I searched. And searched. AND SEARCHED. I have no idea what religion this is. It says that 诃息/Hexi is the second angel out of the 9 angels and 9 fallen angels by God’s side. There are Baike entries but I couldn’t find entries in English for any religion that had specifically 9 angels and 9 fallen angels, so I kept it in pinyin. Uriel is the angel of Wisdom but I was hesitant to translate it into him because the names don’t match at all. Nor do the other names of the angels in the common Western ones.

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