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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 12.10


Translated by Eve

Edited by Wuxian 3kGSJr

“Look at that battered and exhausted appearance of yours. Just where do you look like a noble pure-blooded prince? To even be mentioned on equal terms as you is simply shameful to me!” The princess rudely ridiculed him as soon as she made an appearance, enjoying herself and feeling proud as she stared at Selman’s angry appearance, eyes about to pop out of their sockets, “The only thing worth rejoicing over is that you still have a lover who is willing to give up everything in order to save you.”

“Dill?” Selman choked on anger, subconsciously worried. Didn’t he send him away? It couldn’t be that someone stopped him?

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“No. The person I’m talking about isn’t that despicable fellow. He’s unworthy of being mentioned by me,” The princess gracefully circled Selman, tone full of disdain. Soon after, she pretended to be disappointed, “Oh, I guess it’s my mistake. He isn’t your lover is he. Just your…secret admirer?”

“…Who are you talking about?!” Selman first sighed in relief, but soon after, he couldn’t help but feel panicked. A name quickly emerged in his mind but he dared not believe it.


“Don’t you know?” The princess sneered, “For you, he has done so many things, and you unexpectedly don’t know? I really feel aggrieved on his behalf! He has the status, rank, power; he is beautiful and has stayed at your side for such a long time, and yet, unexpectedly, he was unable to compete against a lowly human being you had known for a mere few months? I really think your eyes can’t see clearly and have been covered in sh*t! Fortunately, I’ve never liked you. Otherwise, I would have some misgivings over my own eyes!”

Selman’s pupils constricted and his heart hurt slightly. At the same time, Sui Yuan, who was paying attention to this development, was stupefied and subconsciously felt that this turn of events was not too encouraging.

“Who…is he? What…did he do?” Selman swallowed. His throat was rather dry.

The princess opened her mouth but before she could spit out the name, she was interrupted by an urgent, strict shout, “Please stop talking!” oS04pX

Although the tone was a bit rude, the princess was not angry at all. She only flashed a smile that was not really a smile towards Selman, before glancing at the faint silhouettes of the two people on the second floor.

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Sui Yuan almost wanted to give up! The princess’ actions were completely out of his expectations. Is it too late to buy a speech prohibiting prop?!

The answer was of course: yes.

Selman was too familiar with Yaan’s voice. Although the echo of the Council’s hall slightly distorted it, he was still able to discern Yaan’s identity as soon as he heard it. LHWKG3

Selman didn’t know what he felt right now: happiness, uneasiness, grievances, anger…all kinds of feelings mixed together as he slowly spat out a name: “…Yaan.”

Yaan had appeared. He, indeed, had not completely abandoned him. Selman was genuinely happy to see him but was also worried because of the princess’s previous words.

——What had Yaan done to save me? What price has he paid? When he thought of this, the guilt and worry made him unable to think.

When he heard Selman say his own name, Sui Yuan felt terrible. He pretended to be dead while urging 5237 to find the speech-prohibiting prop. Just as the blood kin princess had wanted to add fuel to the flame, to her amazement, she discovered that she could not speak! j5pbU3


The blood kin princess broke out into a cold sweat and subconsciously realized that she had seemed to provoke someone who should not be provoked. She had never encountered such a power. She, this pure-blooded princess, was unexpectedly unable to resist it and was completely blindsided!

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Although the princess learned from her experience, whether she spoke or not was already irrelevant. This was because Selman paid her no heed and. instead, placed all his attention on the silhouette on the second level.

After not having met for such a long time until their chance encounter today, only now did Selman sense how intense he had longed to see the other. Only, Yaan’s silence made him feel a terrified like never before. Selman could not help but call out once more, “Yaan!”

Sui Yuan knew that he could no longer pretend and could only sigh in resignation. He leaped down from the second floor and stood before Selman.

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Selman appeared much more haggard than before. He stared at him with a scorching gaze, making one feel scared. Sui Yuan could endure it and thus, endured it. Only that way was he able to stand his ground and not widen the distance between them. LKfQeg

“Long time no see, Yaan. Where have you been all this time? I have always been looking for you…Dill…he is also very worried about you…” Selman tried, his voice easing up.

Sui Yuan fell silent and was speechless for a moment. In the plot, Selman had not met with Yaan at the very end, nor did he know what Yaan had done for his sake. Unfortunately, Sui Yuan could not downright act like the Yaan in the original plot and ‘conceal his own good deeds’. To be confronted by the protagonist gong at such a critical juncture was simply too abusive!

Selman saw the hesitation on Sui Yuan’s face, as if he didn’t know what to say and his heart couldn’t help but sink, “Lilith said that you did many things for my sake. What price did you pay?”

Sui Yuan:“………………” sTRnjH

Princess Lilith:“……………………”

——Please don’t bring it up! I’ve already tried to decrease my presence, you know?! Don’t dig a pit for me!

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Seeing Selman’s unwavering determination, Sui Yuan deeply sucked in a breath, “You’re overthinking things. I didn’t do anything….”

Selman narrowed his eyes, evidently not believing him. Only, it didn’t matter if Yaan admitted to it or not. He would find out. Selman shifted his gaze to the aloof and remote Elders that sat up behind the raised table, mocking, “Then, what’s my sentence? The death penalty?” kv2YUd

The Grand Elder revealed a benevolent yet chastising expression, as if he was faced with the younger generation that didn’t understand matters, “No, child. You are a precious, pure-blooded prince. We would not condemn you to death. Only, your actions have brought disaster and unrest to the blood kin. Moreover, you are unwilling to repent. We hope that you can temporarily take a rest and calm down, properly reflecting on the error of your ways.”

“…For how long?” Selman stared blankly.

The Grand Elder smiled, “A thousand years.”

Selman was indeed astonished. He had made preparations for the worst but in the end, his penalty was unexpectedly light. Yes, a thousand years was long, even for a blood kin. However, it was not completely unbearable. Dill had already been turned into a vampire. Although the matters of the world were difficult to anticipate, but with the other’s persistence and the protective measures Selman had placed, it was not impossible for them to meet again after a thousand years. F64Cgc

Perhaps all of the riches and his position will vanish like smoke after waking from a thousand-year slumber. However, as long as he had the strength of a pure blood, and as long as Dill lived on, there wouldn’t be a problem.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

How could the Council, who had always thought him to be displeasing to the eye, suddenly act this ‘benevolent’? Selman did not believe it. He abruptly turned to face Sui Yuan, gaze profound, “This is your doing?”

The Grand Elder:“……………………”

——As a supporting lead, I unexpectedly only have two lines? This is unscientific! Could it be because of my appearance?! rSRAXq

Faced with Selman’s questioning, Sui Yuan really wanted to say ‘no’. However, everyone here was a witness. Even if he refused to admit it, he couldn’t. Thus, he had no choice but to force himself to gently nod his head.

A smile slowly bloomed on Selman’s face. His contradictory feelings towards Yaan that were difficult to part with suddenly became clear to him after he thought about Dill’s guess and Lilith’s words. Even though he immediately had to part with his beloved and enter a millennium long slumber, that could not put a damper on his good mood, “Do you like me, Yaan?”

Yes, Selman was happy at this moment. He didn’t know why he had such a strange reaction, but when he thought about it, there could only be one explanation: he also liked Yaan.

Yaan had always paid a price for him. Yaan had silently left with a broken heart after he and Dill had exchanged vows. Yaan had stepped forward bravely when faced with his greatest calamity…all of this moved Selman and made him feel cherished. How could he reject him? He must have also liked Yaan before he had found out about all of this. Otherwise, why did he constantly think of him, even when he had Dill by his side? Otherwise, how come he could never ignore Yaan? HvqF0R

Selman’s tone was certain, simply rendering Sui Yuan into a bloody mess. He couldn’t help but persevere and recite his own character settings, “No. I am only doing this out of gratitude to you. You saved my life and for that, I am thankful towards you. I wish to do everything that I can to assist you. It has nothing to do with love.”

“Then why did you help Dill leave me?” Now that he could clearly see Yaan’s emotions and his life was no longer in danger, the mind of the now carefree Selman was clear like never before.

“Because I had long since realized your romantic feelings towards Dill and that these emotions will bring disaster upon you both. I had hoped to sever it before you realized it,” Sui Yuan replied seriously, “In reality, everything that happened after is proof that I was right.”

“Then, after you were discovered by me, why did you suddenly leave, disappearing without a trace?” Selman aggressively pressed on, “Since you had known that these emotions were harmful, why did you leave on your own accord and allow me to sink into this danger instead of continuing to put a stop to it or even helping me overcome this crisis?” 5Td1LG

Sui Yuan:“……………………”

——Can I say that it was the plot’s arrangements?

“Because…” Sui Yuan strived to rationalize his actions, “Because I thought that you didn’t want to see me and would not forgive my betrayal. And I did betray you. I made such a decision without your approval….”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Liar,” Selman hit the nail on the head, exposing Sui Yuan’s lies, “I was angry, but I did not reproach you. However, you never apologized. Instead, you left. This is not consistent with your style of doing things!” 971gu0

Sui Yuan:“……………………”

——The retribution for having OOC’ed in order to keep the plot on track has appeared. Sui Yuan, who was refuted until he was at a loss for words, simply wanted to cry.

“You like me, so you couldn’t bear to see Dill and me together. You had no choice but to leave, right?” Selman stared at Sui Yuan profoundly as he asked gently.

“No, the one I like is…” Sui Yuan made a final struggle, but before he could spit out Dill’s name, he was interrupted. L39HcE

Selman evidently did not plan on listening to his retort, “I think that I also like you, Yaan.”

Sui Yuan simply wanted to grab hold of the protagonist gong’s thigh and beg him not to make such a fuss! Didn’t he always get along well with Dill? What the heck was he doing, suddenly falling in love with someone else at the very end of the plot?! Can’t he date properly?!

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“Your lover is Dill, Selman daren,” Sui Yuan gritted his teeth, reminding this scum gong to not be fickle in love. Even with his good temper, the feeling of having everything fall through because of a lack of a final effort made him unable to control himself that he almost wanted to blow Selman’s brains out.

When he heard Sui Yuan bring up Dill’s name, Selman’s gentle expression froze. Indeed, he felt conflicted and remorseful. Only, their long lifespans made the blood kin self-indulgent. Their private lives were also extremely messy. Very few lovers can withstand the test of time, staying faithful until death. Of course, there are also blood kin who can single-mindedly devote themselves to their lovers. However, many more are unfaithful and fickle in love. They have a countless number of lovers and moments of impulse. Thus, this did not affect Selman all too much. FelA3t

“I like you and I also like Dill. Perhaps you can’t understand it, but the truth is like that,” Selman looked at Sui Yuan earnestly, promising his commitment to them, “Perhaps, after I wake up from my deep sleep, I can clear my mind and sort things out. So, can you wait for me? Wait for me to wake up and I’ll give you a proper confession.”

Sui Yuan who was completely dumbfounded subconsciously refused, “No….”

“Really sorry but Yaan cannot wait for you,” Zhao Xihe’s voice carried over, sticking itself between Selman and Sui Yuan. He already could not endure it any longer. Even if Sui Yuan would be displeased with him, he had no choice but to break free from his identity as a piece of stage furniture.

Watching on helplessly as another man expressed his love towards your lover was something no one could endure, OK?! 74ZXnV

“…You?” Selman looked at Zhao Xihe who tore off his cloak and blocked Sui Yuan with his body. He slightly furrowed his brows. Selman felt that the human before him was somewhat familiar but could not recall from where he had seen him.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at melimeliarts.com

Yes, Selman had indeed seen ‘Anson’ twice. However, he looked down upon humankind and basically did not look him in the eyes and size him up. Moreover, aside from sharing the same appearance, the imposing manner of the current Zhao Xihe was entirely different from the ‘Anson’ of the past. He was so different that Selman was completely unable to make the connection.

“Anson, the loser you had nearly been beaten to death twice. Remember me now?” Zhao Xihe raised the corner of his lips with malice, spitting out his identity in this world. Soon after, he gripped Sui Yuan’s shoulders and planted a kiss on his lips, “Aren’t you curious as to why Yaan had saved me from you twice and didn’t even hesitate to get hurt on my behalf? This is why.”

Sui Yuan gave up and did not refute it. He completely handed everything to Zhao Xihe for him to manage. Meanwhile, Selman was so angry his eyes threatened to pop out of their sockets as he watched the actions of the two people. His mind, for once, was still sober so he did not directly fight with him, “I don’t believe it!” c5o jf

“Believe it or not, this is the truth. The one Yaan loves is me. He only saved you out of gratitude. It’s. Gratitude.”

Zhao Xihe’s expression darkened as he repeated the last two words, sneering with ridicule, “Asking the esteemed Selman daren to not shower affection on an uninterested party!”

“Before I took Dill back, the two of you did not know each other,” Selman was unwilling to take this lying down. He sized up Zhao Xihe with contempt, “And you, what qualifications do you have to be liked by Yaan?”

Selman indeed tread on Zhao Xihe’s weak spot. He knew that his appearance in this world was not outstanding in the least, nor did he have the strength of the blood kin. If it wasn’t because he and Sui Yuan were lovers, the Yaan of this world would never take a second glance at Anson. 0ad6OC

He didn’t know how many times he’s cursed 5237. Zhao Xihe, who understood how the heart works, naturally knew just how to make Selman hurt. He was not angry. In fact, he smiled and wrapped an arm around Sui Yuan’s shoulders, “That’s right. What you said was right. Before that, Yaan and I were indeed unfamiliar with one another. However, after he saved me the first time, I fell in love with him at first sight and decided to pursue him. In the end, I was able to successfully capture his heart. I must also thank you. Now that you’ve mentioned it, this is all thanks to you, ne!”

Selman’s body stiffened and he subconsciously clenched both his fists tightly.

5237:“Hehe, then, the catfight scene has finally begun. →_→”

The author has something to say: 5EWN4l

Although the majority of little sisters don’t mind it, there is also a sizeable number of little sisters who dislike incest. In addition, the editing side obviously don’t like this kind of subject matter so the probability of getting locked is very high. This silly author is pondering over whether she can make it so that they have no blood relationship… [kneels]

PS, unexpectedly, many little sisters like a younger gong in the father-son CPs? However what I think is most meng is an older gong, you know?! To have the opposite CP of you guys makes me feel very distressed. An older gong is also very meng, please don’t blacken it. QAQ

There are also little sisters who ask why I delete comments. I have a good conscience (hey!) I promise that I don’t delete comments. It is JJ that blocks them.This silly author is helpless OTZ. However, I do see all the comments. Everyone need not worry. When JJ’s system returns to normal (if it even can), the comments should reappear themselves? At least I pray that this happens…thus, if you see that your comment is blocked again, please remain calm….

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


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