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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 11.4


Translated by Eve

Edited by Wuxian g05dMO

Although Zhao Xihe had already hung up Ning Ze and beaten him a countless number of times, in reality, he could only grit his teeth and firmly resist this impulse. It was just a pity that some people would court death in all sorts of ways after being born. Hence, when the heavy curtain fell on the chaotic birthday banquet, and the injured, surviving guests left in a gloomy mood, Ning Ze had already quickly made his way to Sui Yuan and Nan Gongyi, lending an arm in support. Soon after, he seized the pale faced Da Shixiong into his arms.

Sui Yuan:“………………”

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Zhao Xihe:“………………”

Nan Gongyi:“………………”


After a moment of silence, the first to explode was not Zhao Xihe, who could no longer control himself and reached for his concealed weapon, but Nan Gongyi, who was devoted to his Shixiong and wanted to protect him eagerly. After being shocked for a moment, Nan Gongyi immediately jumped up, both eyes shooting flames as he glowered at Ning Ze. Alert and fretful, he said, “Hey! What do you want to do with my Da Shixiong?”

Nan Gongyi’s ruffled kitten appearance piqued Ning Ze’s interest. He had to admit that his family’s Chief Protector’s eye was not bad. This kind of innocent, pure, lively youth also quite suited his taste. If it wasn’t for Yu Hao having already called the youth and the fact that Yu Hao had yet to become hostile with him, he wouldn’t be able to help but want to get a share of the action and have a taste of this fresh piece of meat.

Only…after thinking it over, Ning Ze swept a glance at Sui Yuan in his arms, who was trying to resist him. Unfortunately, his injury made it so that he was incapable of struggling. At this time, the interest he had in Nan Gongyi instantaneously dissipated. Obviously, compared to the underripe Nan Gongyi, the beautiful, banished immortal was even more unforgettable to him.

While he used all of his skills to suppress Sui Yuan, Ning Ze looked at Nan Gongyi with an especially sincere expression, “Hero Nan Gong need not fret. This lowly one only saw that the two of you were injured and wanted to help out. I absolutely do not hold any wicked intentions.” 37OjDA

Nan Gongyi was quite hesitant. He had just entered the Jianghu and was a youngster who was not well-versed in the ways of the world. He was also pure of mind, so he was naturally confused by his exceptional acting. The anger somewhat rescinded, and he seriously thought that the other had only seen that he was injured and yet still laboriously tried to support his Shixiong, so he warm-heartedly came to help them out of the kindness of his heart.

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——However, even if he was just doing it out of the kindness of his heart, it was really irksome for other people to be this intimate with his family’s Shixiong, ah!

Just as Ning Ze was about to redouble his efforts and increase Nan Gongyi’s and Sui Yuan’s goodwill towards him, he suddenly felt that his arms were empty. The person who had originally been leaning against him had already switched places—he was taken away forcibly by his family’s Chief Protector.

Seeing Yu Hao’s unmasked hostility and possessiveness, the sharp Ning Ze stared blankly for a moment before naturally coming to understanding everything. L3TmyN

He realized that his family’s Chief Protector had deliberately misrepresented the facts and allowed the peach to dry up in place of the plum. Ning Ze simply wanted to ‘hehe’. He really hadn’t known that Yu Hao’s thoughts were unexpectedly deep and his acting ability so high. He had completely fooled him.

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“…Hey, that…” Ning Ze’s and Zhao Xihe’s auras lashed out. At this moment, they opposed another, tit for tat, not at all restraining themselves, and making it impossible for anyone to approach these four people. Sui Yuan, whose back leaned against Zhao Xihe, didn’t feel pressured. However, Nan Gongyi, who had accidentally gotten mixed up with them, almost couldn’t hold up. He licked his lips and dully interrupted them, reminding the others that even if they wanted to cause trouble, they should look at the time and place. Furthermore, they shouldn’t implicate the innocent—quickly let my family’s Da Shixiong go!

Who knew if he was awoken by Nan Gongyi or if they had achieved some sort of unspoken tacit understanding? Zhao Xihe and Ning Ze rescinded their gazes at the same time. One took Sui Yuan by the arm and assisted him, straightforwardly and efficiently turning around and taking him away. Although he wanted to carry him in his arms, he was really harshly rejected, the other saying that ‘enough was enough’! The other faced Nan Gongyi and smiled, raising his hand to gesture, ‘please’. 07l5R

Although Nan Gongyi did not want to go with these two strange fellows, his family’s Da Shixiong was in their hands! He knew that his own martial arts weren’t good enough, that he basically could not win against them. Consequently, he let out an annoyed ‘hmph’, having no choice but to move forward unwillingly, following Sui Yuan and Zhao Xihe from behind.

Ning Ze unfolded his fan and lightly fanned himself. Although his smile was peaceful, bright, and clear, the truth is, his heart was covered by densely packed dark clouds. He felt especially unhappy.

His family’s Chief Protector was full of ambition. He had always coveted the seat beneath his butt. Because he had an early premonition, even though Ning Ze felt terrible, it did not affect his mood too much. After all, The Demonic Cult was a place where the strong were respected, where it was the survival of the fittest. Even though he was the Cult Leader, he could not ask his subordinates to be completely loyal and devoted, to have no selfishness. Furthermore, as a Cult Leader who didn’t want to be chased out of his position, Ning Ze naturally had his own arrangements. As long as Yu Hao dared to revolt, he would dare to kill the other.

What really made Ning Ze unhappy was that, when he was about to cheerfully lay his hands on the little beauty and flirt with him, he realized that he had already been taken away by his family’s Chief Protector. U3ulea

The more unattainable something was, the more people yearned for it. To Ning Ze, Sui Yuan was naturally this kind of existence. Not to mention, he had previously regarded Sui Yuan as something that was already ‘in the bag’. Now that he was suddenly told that it was all a misunderstanding, that this beauty already belonged to another’s family, it was extremely difficult to bear. Ning Ze was unwilling to give up like this.

——Not to mention, that ‘rival in love’ was Yu Hao who was coveting after his position!

To Ning Ze, Yu Hao was an enemy and a friend. They had previously helped one another and treated each other with absolute sincerity. Nowadays, they both found it profitable to go against the other, and they were always thinking about how to stab the other in the back. What Ning Ze was most unwilling to accept was him being worse off when compared to Yu Hao. Whether it was on the battlefield or regarding the affairs of the heart, he did not want to concede.

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All kinds of reasons came together, making Sui Yuan all the more irresistible. He had never thought to settle for second best and lay his hands on the Nan Gongyi he had just been a bit interested in. If he did that, wouldn’t it be the same as admitting that he, Ning Ze, was afraid of Yu Hao?! Simply unbearable! PMA2z1

This was not a simple feeling of love. It was a complicated emotion born from both goodwill and his competitive heart. However, even if it was like this, it was enough for Ning Ze to make a firm resolution.

Naturally, as the Demonic Cult Leader, Ning Ze was no upright gentleman. When he took a fancy to something, he’d want to steal it. Who cares about moral and ethics? Besides, he and Yu Hao were like two tigers on one mountain. Sooner or later, they’d fall out with each other. It was the same whether they became hostile now or later. Maybe, it would be more profitable for him, Ning Ze, to enrage Yu Hao now, to make him act before he has finished arranging things.

At that time, he’d have both power and a beauty by his side. His life would be unsurpassably happy and carefree. Of course, before they became hostile, first, he needed to raise the beauty’s goodwill towards him. He was charming, funny, and never failed to please. Ning Ze believed that Yu Hao, that inarticulate, vapid fellow could not keep up with him in flattering someone! Look, he still hadn’t been able to attain that person!

Inwardly scheming, Ning Ze’s steps grew increasingly more sprightly. When he thought of his advantage, he couldn’t help but laugh, making Nan Gongyi, who was ahead of him, occasionally raise his eyebrows and glance at him. 92kzH6

Nan Gongyi:….Sick in the head!

Ning Ze, who was completely unaware that he had been labelled as one who was ‘sick in the head’ by his fated shou, followed Sui Yuan and Zhao Xihe to the inn. Like a peacock spreading its wings, he impatiently tried to show his considerate side. Even the sluggish Sui Yuan noticed that he was ‘once again’ fawned upon by the protagonist gong, and immediately felt like falling apart!

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Sui Yuan thought that he was definitely sick. His illness should be called ‘protagonist gong phobia’ because as soon as he saw a protagonist gong full of tender feelings towards him, he would feel unwell!

Zhao Xihe watched cool-headedly on the side as a spectator. Although he was unhappy to see another person do his best to be attentive to the needs of his family’s sweetheart, Zhao Xihe knew Sui Yuan. He knew that the more passionate Ning Ze was, the more Sui Yuan would avoid him in fear. In summary, he was still quite cheerful. aOmeKJ

Of course, if Zhao Xihe was happy, then Ning Ze and Nan Gongyi obviously could not be happy. Ning Ze discovered that even though Sui Yuan reluctantly maintained a gracious demeanour out of courtesy, his attitude towards him became colder and more indifferent and rejecting. Naturally, he understood why Zhao Xihe put up with him trying to increase his presence in front of Sui Yuan. Although he deeply hated the other’s deep thoughts, Ning Ze had no choice but to temporarily restrain his actions and disappear for a bit in order to find a more suitable method and time to act.

As for Nan Gongyi…hehe, all those fellows that dared to drool over his family’s Shixiong should be dragged away and stabbed to death with his sword!

The animosity the youngster, Nan Gongyi, felt towards Ning Ze right now was absolutely to the max. Although he wasn’t too well-versed with □□, and although he was excessively innocent, when he looked at Ning Ze, he still instinctively knew that the other harboured malicious intentions towards his family’s Shixiong. Without a doubt, that Yu Hao who had been silent from the start also didn’t seem like a good thing. However, when compared to the Ning Ze who seemed experienced in love affairs and was happily hopping about, the latter obviously was far more outstanding in his ability to draw in hate.

Therefore, when Ning Ze reluctantly parted to handle the matter of the rare treasure’s clues and the matters of the Demonic Cult, Nan Gongyi simply sprayed a torrent of abuse before Sui Yuan. PXGHu5

Sui Yuan laid on the bed and listened to the protagonist shou directly and indirectly ridicule his family’s gong as someone who both humans and even dogs loathed, and as someone who didn’t even have a single good point. Deep inside, Sui Yuan cried a river of sorrow.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“…Hehe, what happened to not tearing apart the CP?”

“I’ve been wrongly accused! I didn’t do anything, ah. QAQ”

When the butterfly’s wings flapped, a hurricane would blow from across the pond. Not to mention, there were two butterflies in this world. The plot had been blown askew, and was simply so abnormal it couldn’t be any more abnormal. U1BkRE

The protagonist gong and shou met for the first time, but not a sliver of affection grew between them. Instead, the two mutually loathed one another—no, it was the protagonist shou who was unilaterally disgusted with the protagonist gong. Meanwhile, the protagonist gong fell in love with the Da Shixiong!

Help! He just wanted to be a peaceful, beautiful man!

At present, Sui Yuan was forced to comfort himself by believing in his own lies, that the protagonist gong and shou were originally supposed to tread a fine line between love and hate. Right now, they wanted to kill each other much more in advance but…this was still a salvageable situation!

In the original plot, the protagonist gong became interested in Nan Gongyi after he saw him at the birthday banquet. He took the opportunity to get acquainted with him while he was helping the other man find a place to take care of his injured Da Shixiong. Under the protagonist gong’s meticulous fawning, the two people cheerfully chatted with each other. The pure Nan Gongyi even viewed Ning Ze as a close friend. Afterwards, Ning Ze left to pursue the rare treasure’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Nan Gongyi, who originally had nothing to do with the rare treasure, was tossed into the matter due to a freak combination of factors. Ning Ze protected Nan Gongyi during dangerous times. Add on the other’s deliberate seduction, Nan Gongyi ended up developing ambiguous feelings that far exceeded what one would normally feel towards their friends…. hZkXwz

Thus, what he had to do next was continue pulling the protagonist shou through the plot after nursing himself back to health?

“Da Shixiong, after you’ve gotten better, we should quickly return to Shifu,” Nan Gongyi summarized and took a sip of tea, moistening his throat that had grown hoarse from having ridiculed Ning Ze.

Sui Yuan, who had been absent-minded for the whole thing, stared at him blankly, “Return?”

——This wasn’t what he was promised! Protagonist shou, you need to quickly wake up! K0Z4hc

“Of course,” The corner of Nan Gongyi’s lips rose, his voice carrying quite a bit of discontentment, “What, Shixiong isn’t willing? Is it because of Ning Ze or because of Yu Hao? Don’t think that I didn’t notice. The old friend Shixiong mentioned is probably that Yu Xiong, ba?”

After mentioning Yu Hao, Nan Gongyi was completely upset. He was definitely a bit slow, but he wasn’t stupid. He could see that there was a familiarity and tacit understanding between Shixiong and Yu Hao. Even though few words were spoken between the two of them, Nan Gongyi felt that as long as Yu Hao was around, there would not be a second person who could enter his family’s Shixiong’s eyes. Even he was set aside.

——What did this mean? Was his family’s Shixiong about to belong to someone else’s family?!

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“No, you’re overthinking things,” Sui Yuan saw that the protagonist shou was about to resemble an angry kitten with puffed out fur again, and thus placated him by smoothing out his fur at once, “It’s just…wasn’t it you who always made a fuss about wanting to go out and play, cross swords in the Jianghu, and fulfill your craving of being a young hero that remembers his debts of gratitude and settles his debts of revenge? At that time, no matter what Shixiong did, you insisted on not listening to me, so why the sudden change?” vdlQUK

Once he heard Sui Yuan ask this, Nan Gongyi could not help but feel rather embarrassed. He felt that he was really naive and childish. However, Shixiong was much more important than his Jianghu dreams. He was still young and had many more opportunities to tour the Jianghu. However, if Shixiong stayed, there was a chance that he would be carried away in the mouth of a bushy-tailed wolf!

“Outside…is much too dangerous. Shixiong, what you said was right. In the past, I was too young and arrogant, and I didn’t listen to Shifu’s and your advice. After experiencing things this time around, I finally understand. My martial arts right now is no good and I feel as though I am always holding Shixiong back. I even caused Shixiong to get injured. After we return, I will certainly practice hard. Wait until I’ve gotten better, until I’m good enough to protect Shixiong. Then, we can leave the mountain together once more. How about it?” Nan Gongyi’s limpid eyes sparkled, seeming as if he could already see the chivalrous, honourable scene of him and his Shixiong riding their horses as they traveled together.

Sui Yuan’s mouth twitched. Da Shixiong’s settings made it so that he could not oppose Nan Gongyi’s words. Logically, he should even praise his thoughts. However, the laments of the plot that was about to be chopped in half had honestly made him unable to praise the other, as if he was grateful for the other’s personal favour.

A moment later, Sui Yuan smiled gently and gazed at Nan Gongyi with a doting and indulging expression as he softly nodded, “Good. No matter what you decide, Shixiong will always be in favour of it. Wait until I’ve gotten better. We will return to Shifu’s.” qVyFbR

Nan Gongyi was once again rendered into a blushing mess by affectionate eyes that were full of emotions. He voluntarily went to the kitchen to help Sui Yuan take a look at the food as an excuse to make a hasty retreat. Unbeknownst to him, his Da Shixiong was already pondering in secret how to cause a mishap on their return trip, allowing him to continue with the plot.

The author has something to say:

Please visit melimeliarts.com

As an actor, he can’t kill the protagonists, en, though it doesn’t count when he was the protagonist and he ‘commited suicide’. Thus, Zhao Xihe can only imagine it OTZ. He can also only rely on Ah Q like spiritual victories.


Translator's Note

谪仙 refers to immortals that were banished from heaven. Used to praise people for being talented and outstanding.

Translator's Note

When someone takes responsibility on someone else’s account and acts as their scapegoat. Here, it refers to making NGY the scapegoat.

Translator's Note

Cause dogs love everyone…so you really must be an a-hole to be hated by dogs.

Translator's Note

Referring to the butterfly effect.

Translator's Note

Xiong = elder brother, like Ge.

Translator's Note

Refers to ‘The True Story of Ah Q’, who was famous for the self-talk and self-deception he did whenever faced with great humiliation of defeat. You can find out more on Wikipedia.

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