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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 11.2


Translated by Eve

Edited by Wuxian g0jEX4

Recently, Nan Gong Yi felt that he was no good all over! First of all, for some inexplicable reason, he was blushing from head to toe every time he was in front of his Da Shixiong. His heartbeat would speed up, and he wouldn’t be able to speak properly. In addition, because of his own strange reaction, he would subconsciously evade Da Shixiong’s touch, thereby hurting the other’s feelings. This made him feel especially gloomy.

Every time Nan Gong Yi saw his Da Shixiong’s eyes droop or his face reveal a lost expression because of his rejection, he itched to smash in his head with a block of tofu. No matter how much he cried ‘Da Shixiong, don’t be like this. Qwickly listen to my explanation QAQ’ with an Er Kang hand extended in the depths of his heart, in reality, he didn’t even have the courage to grab onto Da Shixiong’s sleeve. Nan Gong Yi wanted to kneel to himself!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

——-He was definitely sick in the head! He definitely was! And crazy, too!

Nan Gongyi, who had been acting like a hardcore kuudere, sunk into self-doubt and self-resentment.


Meanwhile, Sui Yuan felt especially terrible.

He was Da Shixiong, the Da Shixiong whose love for the protagonist shou was as deep as the ocean, who aside from when the protagonist shou and gong began to date, had always been by the protagonist shou’s side protecting him! How could he progress when the protagonist shou looked at him like he was a predator, like he was just itching to stay light years apart from him, ah?! Please act out your part properly!

Sui Yuan was riding atop a horse, maintaining his appearance which was that of a delicate beauty, while becoming frantic in the depths of his heart.

5237 felt even more helpless. Every time Sui Yuan entered a world, something extremely unpredictable would occur. At the beginning, they put the blame on Zhao Xihe. But now, it was clear that it was Sui Yuan’s fault, ah! eDYqhU

“The protagonist shou has unexpectedly been tempted by his family’s Da Shixiong…Hehe, what did you do, ah, you silly host!” 5237 looked at the absentminded Nan Gongyi who was urging his horse forward from behind Sui Yuan. He would sneak a glance at Sui Yuan from time to time. He seemed to be rather in a trance. 5237 simply didn’t know what it ought to say.

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“I also want to know what I did!” Sui Yuan expressed that he was also too helpless, that he was being unjustly attacked for no good reason, “I was just practicing my swordplay. Afterwards, I greeted the protagonist shou, ah! My actions, lines, and tone were all done in accordance to the plot, not even the slightest off. Do you know how hard I tried to make sure I didn’t make my character settings fall apart, huh?!”


——Completely could not retort! 39d0Al

Although the protagonist shou was going astray, Sui Yuan had no choice but to force himself to continue on in accordance to his settings and the plot, and turn a blind eye to the protagonist shou’s abnormality.

The scene this time was the one where Sui Yuan and the protagonist shou had to go to the birthday celebration of their Shifu’s old friend, as representatives of their Shifu. As a result, they encountered the mass murder of the old friend’s entire household. Furthermore, the cause of this massacre was a clue that was supposed to lead to the treasure. As for the Demonic Cult Leader who was the protagonist gong, he followed after this clue, masked his identity, and participated in the birthday banquet. Although he was not the main culprit in this massacre, he had added fuel to the fire from behind. This led to the first conflict between the protagonist shou and gong.

In summary, regardless of the protagonist shou’s abnormality, Sui Yuan’s main task was to take him to the birthday banquet and have the protagonist gong meet with the protagonist shou. He hoped that once Nan Gongyi saw the Demonic Cult Leader who he was destined to be with, he would go back to normal and let go of this innocent Da Shixiong.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Aera jr Vel Tejc kjr qbcvfglcu tbk tf rtbeiv ub jybea wjxlcu atf qgbajubclra rtbe gfnfga ab tlr bglulcji bqalwlralm, ilnfis, tfjiats, jcv rbwfktja lccbmfca mtjgjmafg rfaalcur, 5237 kjr jirb ragfrrlcu bnfg pera ktfgf Vel Tejc tjv rilqqfv eq. Pa mlgmifv jgbecv Vel Tejc, fzjwlclcu tlw obg j ibcu alwf ogbw j 360-vfugff jcuif, ogff ogbw yilcvrqbar. 5237 mbeivc’a tfiq yea ijwfca, “Gbc’a sbe offi ilxf sbe tjnf j tjib jgbecv sbe?” Iu3qlm

“…What halo?” Sui Yuan stared blankly, not following 5237’s train of thought.

“Like a Gary Stu, Heartthrob kind of halo, for example?” 5237 swayed its body.

“…Isn’t that a benefit that only protagonists can enjoy?” Sui Yuan’s face was full of black lines, “If I didn’t remember incorrectly, my creator made me intending for me to be a supporting male lead. It has nothing to do with protagonists, so where is this halo coming from?!”

“Be that as it may, I feel that even the protagonists’ halos aren’t as blinding as yours,” 5237 scoffed at him quietly, “If I had to count just how many people had developed feelings for you in all of these worlds, it would actually be quicker to count how many people didn’t like you.” i14MaL

Sui Yuan:“………………”

“So, there is definitely a halo around you, definitely!” 5237 reiterated in a serious tone for emphasis, “Do you remember when this first started?”

Sui Yuan hesitated, “…I…don’t remember?”

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“Stupid to death! How can I have such a stupid host like you!” 5237 knocked against Sui Yuan, resenting him for failing to live up to his expectations. It then began to flip through the records in its database, “In the first world, you fooled around with Zhao Xihe—that could be considered normal; in the second world, aside from Zhao Xihe, the female protagonist fell for you, although that was in compliance with the settings provided by the plot, so it’s not out of bounds; in the third world…oh, there doesn’t seem to be any problems here; in the fourth world—right! It started in the fourth world! In the fourth world, the female protagonist, male lead, and supporting male lead—all that could be seduced by you were seduced! Since then, it was impossible to stop! EIgqd8

Sui Yuan was stupefied, “Then what? What are you saying?”

5237 muttered to itself in a deadpan manner for a long time. Soon after, it evaded Sui Yuan’s gaze, looking guilty, “I also don’t know….”

Sui Yuan:“………………”

—–I already took my pants off and this is what you show me?! aOqIZA

……Forget it. He had long since gotten accustomed to 5237’s unreliability.

5237, who was once again despised by its family’s silly host, was depressed the whole journey. Only, Sui Yuan had taken to heart the issue 5237 had raised.

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This was because Sui Yuan knew that he definitely did not OOC this time. His every move was in compliance with Da Shixiong’s character settings. Even though it was like this, the settings still directly and quickly collapsed on his first meeting with the protagonist shou. Sui Yuan couldn’t understand how this scenario came to be.

…He thought and he thought…indeed, it seemed that the conjecture that he had picked up a strange halo at some point in time was a bit reasonable…. CZ9Eim

Sui Yuan tilted his head to pensively look at Nan Gongyi, and just so happened to meet the youth’s secret glance. Immediately, the hand Nan Gongyi had on his horse’s reins tightened. The horse he sat on whinnied in pain, almost flinging him off of its back.

With great difficulty, a flustered Nan Gongyi managed to appease his steed. Nan Gongyi, who was blushing from ear to ear, simply wanted to die! Da Shixiong discovered that he was secretly peeping at him—how should he explain himself?! He also made such a fool of himself in front of Da Shixiong, how to explain that?! Yingyingying, so tired, don’t think I can love no more QAQ

The corner of Sui Yuan’s mouth curved up. He almost failed to maintain his cultured and refined smile.

Fortunately, aside from the protagonist shou’s occasional silly mistakes, no major slip-ups occurred. In order to not stimulate Nan Gongyi, Sui Yuan maintained a firm, appropriate distance from the former, and customarily overlooked the other’s peeking.  In this way, they smoothly made it to their destination. 6U09is

As thoroughly well-mannered guests, the travel-worn Sui Yuan and Nan Gongyi did not directly enter through the doors and instead went to find an inn in the small town to stay the night, planning on tidying up before visiting the next day.

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After eating dinner, Sui Yuan and Nan Gongyi bid each other good night,each returning to his respective rooms. Who knew if it was his misconception, but Sui Yuan felt ill at ease the whole day long—he felt that something was about to happen. Unfortunately, even though he had thoroughly flipped through the plot, he hadn’t found a single clue.

After he had freshened up and laid atop of his bed, Sui Yuan sensed someone else inside his room. His body suddenly tensed. Soon after, he abruptly laxened. Sui Yuan helplessly glared at the person who had completely trapped him under his body, both arms planted by either ear, “No wonder I felt that something wasn’t right all day long, yet couldn’t find the cause. Turns out it was you.”

“Are you saying that we have a mental connection between us?” Zhao Xihe slightly raised an eyebrow, expression joking. DQmyOB

This kind of position made Sui Yuan feel rather vulnerable and uneasy. He raised a hand to push at Zhao Xihe’s chest, wanting to get up. However, he discovered that the other did not budge from his position at all. Instead, his body that had half-risen in interest made it look like he was delivering himself right into the other’s embrace. An unhappy Sui Yuan creased his brows, “What are you doing? You silently snuck inside my room in the middle of the night…is this you wanting to attack me at night?”

“If I say yes, then, my beloved, will you cooperate?” Zhao Xihe smiled gently and finally sat at the bedside, as Sui Yuan wanted. He didn’t continue with his invasive posture just now.

——Although he was a bit impatient and wanted to have a round with his sweetheart who he had finally gotten to meet again after a long time of separation (?), the person next door was the protagonist. Furthermore, there was a fight scene tomorrow, so Zhao Xihe had no choice but to helplessly abandon the idea. After all, as a considerate lover, he naturally had to think about Sui Yuan’s needs more often.

Seeing Zhao Xihe retreat and not insist on doing naughty things with him, Sui Yuan let out a small breath of relief. He then sized up the other’s new appearance. YcL42l

This time, Zhao Xihe’s appearance was one that leaned towards that of a wicked and unruly man. There was also a scar on his face. In other words, he was someone who ‘didn’t look like a good person at first glance’. Of course, even if it was like this, as a supporting male lead who was emotionally involved with the protagonist shou to some degree, his face was definitely not bad. It fit with Zhao Xihe’s unique temperament, and really made people unable to look away.

“So it can be said that you’re currently man number 3, Yu Hao?” Sui Yuan slapped away Zhao Xihe’s finger that was currently teasingly loitering around his own clavicle and neck, “The man number three who wants to kill me and who the protagonist gong and shou work together to kill in revenge?”

“Relax, dear, I am unwilling to kill you,” Zhao Xihe smiled and bent over to kiss Sui Yuan’s lips, “I’ve already thought about what to do.”

“What are you going to do?” Sui Yuan’s eyes lit up. nDULH2

“Fake my death,” Zhao Xihe had a plan in advance, “The technology of this world is outdated. It’s easy to fake one’s death and adopt a new identity. As the man number 3 who nearly snatched away the Demonic Cult from the protagonist gong, to arrange this kind of thing is also very easy.”

Since Zhao Xihe had said it like that, Sui Yuan felt reassured. He shifted his body towards the inside of the bed, indicating for Zhao Xihe to slide in. Soon after, he nestled beside him, like it was second nature, and told Zhao Xihe about 5237’s conjectures regarding the halo around his body.

After hearing Sui Yuan’s deeply worrying recount, Zhao Xihe felt unwell all over!

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Sui Yuan was worried that the halo would affect his mission. Meanwhile, Zhao Xihe didn’t care about this at all. It was just, when he thought about how a moment of carelessness could lead to a big bad wolf appearing out of some nook or cranny, snatching this delicious little fresh meat out of his mouth, and carrying him off in his own—this was simply unbearable, OK?! BHYSEg

“I will go investigate what this is all about, and also look for a solution,” Zhao Xihe stroked Sui Yuan’s hair with a grave expression, and inwardly made a mental note on this matter.

Therefore, the next day, when Zhao Xihe had hidden himself in a secret place and saw an expression of a budding, secret love on Nan Gongyi’s face when he and Sui Yuan regrouped, he almost wanted to release all his self-restraint and rush out, and nip at the bud the still young and tender protagonist shou.

——All those that covet his family’s Sui Yuan should die!

——Shou and shou cannot be together! Give up, ba! xU2dHj

——Stealing a glance, and another glance! Careful that I don’t dig out your eyes!

When he thought of how Sui Yuan and Nan Gongyi had spent such a long time together, with just the two of them, and how the plot required them to continue staying in their own little world, Zhao Xihe felt his blackening value rise up up up. It would soon break through the horizon!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Unfortunately, even if he felt extremely uneasy, and really wanted to tail them closely and find an opportunity to make a move, as man number three who had quite a few scenes, Zhao Xihe had no choice but to do what he had to do, like quickly return to the protagonist gong’s side to make his report.

When Zhao Xihe met with the protagonist gong, the distinguished, wanton, daring Demonic Cult Leader, Ning Ze, was frightened by his dark expression and nearly dropped the fan in his hands, “Ah Hao?! What happened? Your expression is so frightening. Were you cuckolded?” Ai3Rsm

Zhao Xihe:“………………”

——Although the plot has not progressed to that point, right now, he really wanted to bite this master of his, what to do! (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

Eve: This arc is killing me omg. I love both the protagonist shou and gong. Also, really loving ZXH’s character dev. He’s really trying his best to hold himself back and change for SY <3

Wuxian: I just hope ZXH will be able to keep himself from jumping SY before the arc ends. I can just imagine SY’s frustration if ZXH distracted him again… zlwUrX

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Translator's Note

Yes. Not a typo. It’s an actual thing people say. It’s just like saying you want to knock your head against a wall cause you feel so dumb but… it’s a safer way of venting one’s anger hahaha.

Translator's Note

Acting cute

Translator's Note

This guy. You might’ve seen this meme in other novels.

Translator's Note

Acts cold on the outside, passionate/loving on the inside.

Translator's Note

 Not literally. Just an expression to express that there’s been many annoying things popping up lately and life just sucks kind of thing.

Translator's Note

Slang for like, someone who looks like a teen idol. Think Kpop stars, or like, Jesse McCartney or the Jonas Brothers back in the day.

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