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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadCh11.1 - 11.1 and the Space Between Worlds


Translated by Eve

Edited by Wuxian LCRaHP

Sui Yuan:“……QAQ”

5237:“Hehe, serves you right!”

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Zhao Xihe:“…cough.”



——These were the reactions of the two people and their respective systems after seeing their scores.

Sui Yuan silently held his head in his arms and crouched down onto the ground in self-reflection. That body covered in black lines simply made viewers feel heartbreak and listeners shed tears.

With great difficulty, 5237 slowly approached him and comforted its silly host who had been ruthlessly ridiculed by his score: “Shouldn’t you be used to this kind of score? Not only was the protagonist gong and shou’s CP torn apart, but the protagonist shou looked for love elsewhere, and the protagonist gong was as straight as straight could be, eventually taking a wife and having a kid. Haven’t you torn apart many CPs before? This one is no different from all of the rest!”

Sui Yuan:“…Are you sure you’re comforting me and not trampling all over my sore spot…..” 036dNc

5237:“…Hehe, I accidentally told the truth. Don’t blame me.”

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Sui Yuan:“……=皿=”

Zhao Xihe silently held Sui Yuan, who was about to go berserk, in his arms. At the same time, he gestured to 0007 to drag 5237, that system with a misbehaving mouth, far away from them—the further, the better—so as to avoid it being smashed into a heap of scrap iron by its host who had flown into a rage out of humiliation.

“Alright, since things have already passed, there’s no need to think about it so much. In any case, you no longer have to worry about being destroyed. Scores and what not are nothing but superfluous decal. You don’t need to worry about it too much. Y9dV8f

Sui Yuan rubbed his face, voice a bit gloomy, “I know. I just feel a bit apologetic towards you. If only I performed better and followed my character settings without exposing myself, then you wouldn’t have had to make a deal with my creator and pay to save me.”

“Didn’t I tell you before? I didn’t have to pay anything. I only made the change from being a male lead to a supporting male lead because you are a supporting male lead, that’s all,” Zhao Xihe petted Sui Yuan’s head, the latter looking especially helpless.

“But in the end, I do owe you,” Sui Yuan pursed his lips.

With regard to his stubbornness, Zhao Xihe truly loved and hated it, “Yes, that’s right. You indeed owe me, so you just have to obediently stay by my side to make it up to me.” 7xbMw

Zhao Xihe’s tender, doting, yet extremely possessive gaze enshrouded Sui Yuan. Sui Yuan couldn’t help but flush red and slightly avert his gaze. He really didn’t know why, after having clearly experienced a countless number of worlds with the other as husband and wife (?), he still couldn’t maintain his composure when faced with Zhao Xihe.

“So, you don’t have to worry about the score. As long as you have a good time, then that’s enough,” Zhao Xihe smiled as he summarized this with a dense, imperious air, carrying a hint of an overbearing tyrant’s aura.

Sui Yuan:“………………”

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“I…wasn’t playing around,” Sui Yuan, who had already played around to the max in the last few worlds, retorted with a guilty conscience, “I’ve always been working hard…earnestly trying to complete my mission….” NAXRtW

“Eluta. Tbe tjnf vfolclafis yffc fjgcfrais agslcu ab mbwqifaf sbeg wlrrlbc,” Itjb Wltf gfjvlis jugffv.

Vel Tejc: …Gjwc, P revvfcis gfjiis kjca ab mgs…ktja kjr atja jii jybea? HCH

Po atfs mbcalcefv ab ajix jybea atlr reypfma, atfc tf kbeiv vfolclafis yfulc ab vfnfibq wlrulnlcur jybea tlr bkc ‘fjgcfra tjgv kbgx’. Ktfgfobgf, Vel Tejc vfmlrlnfis vlnfgafv jaafcalbc jkjs ogbw la. “Pc atf ijra kbgiv, sbe abiv wf atja sbe kbeiv afii wf j yla wbgf jybea sbeg gfji lvfcalas, gluta?”

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“That’s right. So this time, what do you want to ask me?” Zhao Xihe didn’t go back on his word. YMrlEU

Sui Yuan seriously pondered, “Last time, you said that your memory of your past life was false. Then, who was it that falsified that memory?”

“The true ruler of all these worlds, that’s who. He’s the one who instilled false memories inside of me,”  Zhao Xihe slightly raised the corner of his lips, the expression in his eyes calm.

“My creator?! Why?!” Sui Yuan blurted out. He was astounded and opened his eyes wide.

Zhao Xihe waved his index finger, “That’s your second question.” jXEm15

Sui Yuan immediately withered. He felt unhappy, as if someone had cut off his high just as he was about to experience it. Soon after, he flung his unhappiness at Zhao Xihe.

“Then let’s quickly move on to the next world,” Sui Yuan’s tone was especially terrible as he said this. At the same time, he turned around and walked towards 5237 who was currently having a little scuffle with 0007—or more precisely, who was being pressed down without retaliating.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zhao Xihe shrugged his shoulders, not caring about the scene. Unexpectedly, this little temper tantrum of Sui Yuan made his heart itch.

Sui Yuan dug 5237 out from under 0007 and held it in his arms. 5237, who finally found a backer, immediately forgot how it had mocked and ridiculed its family’s silly host just prior, and tightly held onto him without letting go at once. eOF jb

0007 glanced at Zhao Xihe, then silently lit a candle for 5237: “…How stupid.”

Zhao Xihe stared at the scene of 5237 gluing itself to Sui Yuan’s bosom and slightly narrowed his eyes.


“That…” Feeling a bit uncomfortable, Sui Yuan pinched 5237 and suddenly asked, “Those fake memories that my creator put into you…are they harmful to you?” dYGcQi

Probably because he sensed Sui Yuan’s ill-concealed worry, this time, Zhao Xihe did not annoy him and refuse to answer him because it was a second question or what not. If he did so, then Sui Yuan would guarantee that he would fall out with him in the next second!

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“No,” Zhao Xihe replied gently, “So you needn’t worry.”

Sui Yuan’s lips curved up into a smile and for once, he didn’t act like a tsundere, saying ‘I wasn’t worried about you’ or some other thing where the mouth says one thing while the heart says another. Soon after, he lowered his head to look at 5237, “Let’s go to the next world.”

“OK, OK, no problem!” 5237, who was just physically attacked by 0007 and mentally attacked by Zhao Xihe, nodded its head, itching to get on with things. It was afraid that if it was late for even one second, it would be swallowed whole. R6w HN

After being enshrouded by bright lights, Sui Yuan saw Zhao Xihe smiling at him, “See you in the next world.”

Sui Yuan silently held 5237 more tightly in his arms.

5237: ...Yamete! Zhao Xihe Dada doesn’t want to see me. I am innocent. QAQ

When he opened his eyes this time, Sui Yuan discovered that he had made his way back to an ancient world. He felt a bit uncomfortable as he stroked his wide, graceful robe. He couldn’t help but miss the simple and convenient clothing from the last world. LHaxbo

The setup of the room Sui Yuan was in was graceful and scholarly, fully exuding an aura of literary excellence. It made him instinctively think that the role he was playing this time must be that of a refined and cultured young master. However, when he read the plot’s summary, he realized that he had thought ahead too much.

The world’s backdrop this time was of the Jianghu—wuxia. As he had just played a game that had a similar background, Sui Yuan was actually able to quickly integrate himself into this world. It was a world where one would honour debts of gratitude and be bound by their duty to avenge—a world characterized by the glint and flash of cold steel. As for the plot, it was fairly simple: nothing more than the birth of a great treasure that would attract all the world’s greatest powers to vie for it. The Wulin seniors and new talents would all compete fiercely, fighting and scheming against one another. In the end, it would evolve into a great war between the righteous and evil sides. Nine out of ten wuxia novels had this kind of setting. It was extremely overused.

Of course, speaking of wuxia, the absolutely indispensable roles were that of the Wulin Alliance Leader and the Demonic Cult Leader. This world was naturally no exception.

5237: “The Wulin Alliance Leader and the Demonic Cult Leader are the main CP! You absolutely cannot tear them apart!” TP7iyQ

Sui Yuan silently glanced at 5237, feeling especially anxious, “I don’t want to tear them apart at all!”

5237: “You always say this but your actions….→_→”

Yes, that’s right. The protagonist gong of this world is the Demonic Cult Leader and the protagonist shou was…the future Wulin Alliance Leader. Although he currently has just entered the Jianghu, and he was but a young genius of little repute, he would later have exchanges with the Demonic Cult Leader, fall into a love/hate relationship with him, and then eventually use his own strength, reputation, and the Demonic Cult Leader’s secret machinations to become the Wulin Alliance Leader. And naturally, the great treasure would be shared between the two of them.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

From then on, the Wulin Alliance Leader and the Demonic Sect Leader would be bound by their deep love, and the righteous and evil forces will become one big family. It was truly a cause worthy of celebrations…worthy of celebrations…. C0YzF3

Sui Yuan very rapidly skimmed through the plot’s summary. He then began to browse his own character settings.

——In all wuxia texts, there is always a Da Shixiong who gets a tragic love story. Da Shixiong is brilliant, outstanding in martial arts, looks handsome and confident, cultured and refined, and is completely devoted to the protagonist shou, cherishing him to the extreme—and is then turned into cannon fodder.

That’s right, the role Sui Yuan was playing this time was one Da Shixiong who did his utmost, only to then die.

As for his role’s scenes, there weren’t that many. In summary, whenever the protagonist shou is bullied, Da Shixiong would appear; whenever the protagonist shou was beaten up, Da Shixiong would protect him with his sword; whenever the protagonist shou met with danger, Da Shixiong would come to his rescue; when the protagonist shou got his heart broken, Da Shixiong would become a trash can and a considerate older brother;  when the protagonist shou and the protagonist gong get together, Da Shixiong would already be a grave in the ground. yqSwdT

…What? He’s dead?

Sui Yuan re-read it and finally found the part where Da Shixiong is killed. He then held his forehead up in silence. In summary, the Da Shixiong Sui Yuan had to play was not only a supporting male lead who suffered while being secretly in love, he was also the stepping stone that kindly helped the protagonist gong and shou renounce their prejudices between the righteous and demonic sides.

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Da Shixiong was killed while protecting the protagonist shou. The protagonist shou grieved to no end and immediately swore to take revenge. Unfortunately, he was too weak. At a crucial moment, the protagonist gong appeared. He wholeheartedly helped the protagonist shou and ultimately moved the protagonist shou’s heart. He admitted that even though he was the Demonic Cult Leader, he still loved him and would not let go.

Of course, Sui Yuan who had experienced this kind of plot a countless number of times did not ridicule it at all. What made him conflicted was the fact that the role that killed Da Shixiong was the most important supporting male lead aside from himself—the Demonic Cult’s Chief Protector, who secretly loved the protagonist shou but was highly ambitious, was once the protagonist gong’s most trusted subordinate but ultimately betrayed him. UKO81T

In other words, this extremely ** role would definitely fall to Zhao Xihe.

5237: “Congratulations, congratulations, once again in a love/hate relationship, get~”

Sui Yuan: “…There’s nothing worth congratulating here, OK?!”

Heaving a sigh, Sui Yuan, who planned to wait until he met up with Zhao Xihe to discuss how to protect the plot, took down the sword that had been hanging on the wall. He pushed open the door and left the room, preparing to familiarize himself with this body’s techniques—martial arts. OHNpKz

After all, this was a wuxia world. Martial arts were indispensable. Moreover, Da Shixiong had to show off his martial arts in eight to nine out of ten scenes. If his strength was not high enough, he would be courting death.

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5237: “Don’t worry! You didn’t have any problems in that formidable cultivation world. Martial arts, pooey, it’s nothing much, la!”

Sui Yuan nodded his head slightly. Soon after, he slowly raised the corner of his lips and softened his facial features. The aura around him became gentle and soft, making anyone who saw him think of one phrase: like a spring breeze.

Therefore, when the protagonist shou, Nan Gongyi, leisurely yawned as he pushed open the door and saw Sui Yuan bathed in the sun’s rays, robes fluttering as he went through the motions with his sword like he was performing a dance, his mind blanked out for a moment. 3RCOJW

#As soon as I woke up, I suddenly feel that today’s Da Shixiong is very beautiful. How did this happen?!#

“Xiao Yi, have you awoken?” Sui Yuan, who was warned by 5237 that the protagonist shou had appeared, flicked his sword in a beautiful circle and sheathed it. He then faced the dazed protagonist shou and glanced at him with a smile.

“Ah…ah…I’ve a-awaken,” Nan Gongyi, who for some inexplicable reason suddenly felt a bit giddy, stammered in response. For some baffling reason, he felt a bit at a loss over what to do.

——Before such a graceful, noble, and absolutely good-looking Da Shixiong, he suddenly felt incredibly sloppy, having just woken up. He felt ashamed of his own inferiority, what to do! F0laAu

“Shifu and Shixiong have told you many times. You should wake up early to practice with your sword. You should not be lazy. Why do you always turn a deaf ear?” Sui Yuan frowned slightly. Although he was criticizing him, his tone was especially gentle and doting. He walked towards Nan Gongyi. He raised his hand, wanting to help him tidy up his messy bangs. However, before he could say the second half of his lines, he saw that Nan Gongyi looked just like a cat whose tail had been stepped on—all his fur puffed out. When Sui Yuan touched his forehead, he suddenly jumped backwards, evading his touch.

Sui Yuan stared blankly and looked at Nan Gongyi, baffled. His eyes showed a bit of a hurt expression.

Nan Gongyi was also frightened by his own reaction. He opened his mouth, as if wanting to explain, but didn’t know what he should say. In the end, he only blushed and hurried away with a ‘I’m going to go wash my face then practice the sword’ before escaping.

Sui Yuan:“………………” d9xocR


#This world’s protagonist is really weird, what’s going on?#

#Protagonist shou, do you really dislike Da Shixiong that much?#

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at melimeliarts.com

#What the heck was with that blush!# srJwE

The author has something to say:

I’ve seen everyone’s recommendations. The main one was ancient times (wuxia?), vampires, Sentinel and Guide, primitive world…In fact, I’ve been into primitive society and Greek mythology. Unfortunately, I only read about mythology when I was an elementary student and have forgotten most of it. Although it comes back to me when I’m reading, when I’m writing, I have to look things up and that’s so troublesome! After all, I haven’t written about ancient times in a long time. Thus, I decided to write wuxia. As for the rest, we’ll push it til later~

Eve:…Two bottoms can only be friends…is Sui Yuan baby going to turn the protagonist shou into a gong?

Wuxian: SY’s too beautiful that anyone who lays their eyes on our baby, regardless of position, gets automatically designated as gong. u_u lDkTvE

Translator's Note

 Thanks Tama for being a great visual aid.

Translator's Note

Japanese for ‘don’t’/‘stop’. ….The author literally used a transliteration to put this in as that haha.

Translator's Note

Honorific for respect. Short for Daren

Translator's Note

Eldest senior martial brother

Translator's Note

Refers to how he will take in what other people don’t want. In this case, he’ll endure the scoldings, words, or like the protagonist shou lashing out at him

Translator's Note

Ok. I have never heard of this but apparently it’s sort of like ABO. In that there’s a sentinel and a guide who like imprint on one another. And it’s sort of a soulmate kind of thing. Often there is a power difference or some kind of dominance play involved. You can read more at the fanlore site…that’s where I found info on it.

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