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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 10.5


Translated by Eve

Edited by Juurensha, Cat & Wuxian g2hW0V

After [Hua Xinlei] had shamelessly said that he wanted to buy the couple seats, Sui Yuan became certain about the other’s intentions for today.

From the very beginning, armed with an ulterior motive, [Hua Xinlei] had no intention to go sightseeing in C City. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have chosen to waste time strolling around or going to see a movie. This wasn’t sightseeing — this was a genuine date! Sui Yuan only reacted now. Although he was a little slow, it wasn’t that he couldn’t understand. After all, even though he’s with Zhao Xihe, they’ve never gone on a date like this before! The first time he experienced a modern world, he was a dog. The second time, he was a world-famous idol. Want to stroll around and act lovey dovey in public like a normal person as an idol?!? Hehe, they would definitely be surrounded, chased, obstructed, and intercepted by other people, ending up in a very difficult situation!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Before, Sui Yuan hadn’t made the connection. Now that he thought of it, he immediately understood the other man’s plan: strolling together through the streets during the day, buying a little present, rowing a small canoe, showing off his knowledge — all of this would help heat up the emotions between them. At night, they’d watch a little movie and hold hands in the dark theatre. It’d be best if he could get a little kiss. In the end, they’d have a candle light dinner, confess…and then it would only be expected for them to have sex! This was definitely an ‘Online Dating Strategy’!

After thinking about what was to come, Sui Yuan was just about to scream and fall apart!


——Begging you to not cling onto me like this. Give me a way to survive, ba. QAQ

Sui Yuan, whose mind was all in disorder like this, was pulled into the theatre by [Hua Xinlei]. He sat stiffly in his seat, like he was on tenterhooks. Meanwhile, [Hua Xinlei] sat next to him, appearing as if he didn’t notice the difference in Sui Yuan and continued to happily chat about the movie they’d be watching. His appearance radiated an aura of ‘I’m really looking forward to this’.

——Are you sure that what you’re looking forward to was the movie and not how you plan to take advantage of the movie ‘to do some weird things in the dark?’ Sui Yuan silently cursed, and he absentmindedly replied. He really wanted time to fly past like a shuttle and for this day to be omitted from his memories.

The lights quickly dimmed and the screen in front of him started to play the movie. Sui Yuan tried his best to ignore [Hua Xinlei] beside him and focus on the movie. Unfortunately, he became more and more aware of the other’s presence and could even faintly perceive the heat coming off of his body, and hear his steady and calm breaths. Dt 8Vu

Sui Yuan silently leaned to the other side, trying hard to keep some distance between them. Luckily, the other man did not seem to plan on making any sort of move and concentrated on watching the movie. He didn’t even give Sui Yuan a single glance.

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Sui Yuan spent the first half hour tense and nervous. After that, he gradually relaxed and began to pay attention to the film.

Because he was an actor, Sui Yuan did not like to watch movies at all. First of all, he found them uninteresting. Secondly, he felt that the actors were all too stiff, mechanical, and unnatural — of course, TV series were even worse.

The film they were watching was a romance — very suitable to watch on Valentine’s day. It was probably because he was an actor in the last world but Sui Yuan had became even fussier about acting. He truly found it difficult to approve of this movie’s  actors’ acting. He immediately took this touching movie and turned it into a game, inviting ‘everyone to come pick faults with the acting,’ and eventually got carried away while playing this game. vhTEF

——Afterwards, the back of his right hand that had been placed on the hand rest suddenly felt warm. It was tightly clasped by someone, their fingers intertwined.

Sui Yuan quickly sobered up from his game of picking fault and surreptitiously turned to look at [Hua Xinlei] who sat on his right.

[Hua Xinlei]’s face was currently slightly turned to the side, facing him. The light of the screen reflected off of his eyes, making them appear bright. They were full of bashful but genuine affection.

Feeling the back of his hand getting warmer and warmer, Sui Yuan looked away from [Hua Xinlei]’s gaze and gnashed his teeth. He then decided not to compromise and used his strength to pull his hand out of the grasp. No matter how tightly the other held him, he was unwilling to stay like this. qoAgPI

Before, Sui Yuan did not resist [Hua Xinlei]’s intimacy because of that ineffable and subconscious feeling of closeness and indulgence he felt in the depths of his heart towards the other man. However, if he really wanted to refuse someone, no matter who it was, no one could prevent him from doing so.

“…Disdaining Gege…” Through the darkness came [Hua Xinlei]’s slightly quivering mumble, full of grievance and desperation.

Sui Yuan lowered his eyes. A moment later, he raised his head and looked the other in the eye, cool-headedly spitting out two words without mercy, “I’m sorry.”

Realizing that there was no way to change Sui Yuan’s answer and also because the quiet movie theatre was not a place to discuss this kind of topic, [Hua Xinlei] fell silent, looking at Sui Yuan for a long while. In the end, he moved his eyes away with much difficulty, once again looking at the screen. However, his lips no longer held a smiling expression, and he looked like he had lost his spirit. 4dYIW5

Sui Yuan’s heart twinged, and he felt rather guilty. However, he knew that he absolutely could not compromise at such a critical moment and could only act ruthlessly and chose to ignore him.

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For the rest of the movie, neither of the two people were interested in watching it. Although they continued to remain seated, their minds had flown miles away, and they acted like strangers to one another. Once the film ended, Sui Yuan was the first to stand up. He quickly left the auditorium, and [Hua Xinlei] silently followed him from behind.

Ktf akb qfbqif kjixfv, bcf lc ogbca bo atf batfg. Ktf jlg yfakffc atfw kjr mbiv jcv glulv. Qtfc atfs qjrrfv atgbeut atf almxfa rfiifg’r ybbat, atf almxfa rfiifg ktb tjv pera rbiv atf almxfar ab atfw kjr vewyobecvfv!

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——Oh no, it couldn’t be that my curse just now actually worked?! After watching a film, they really broke up. I suddenly feel guilty. How did this happen?! I didn’t mean to, ah. From now on I won’t casually curse people….QAQ S9MaO3

Sui Yuan and [Hua Xinlei] both didn’t realize that they had left a shadow in the heart of the pure and kind-hearted ticket seller meizi. After leaving the movie theatre, [Hua Xinlei] quickly chased after Sui Yuan and grabbed his wrist.

Vel Tejc rabqqfv kjixlcu jcv aegcfv jgbecv, fzqgfrrlbc tfiqifrr, “Vbggs. Pa kbc’a kbgx bea yfakffc atf akb bo er.”

“Why? What did I do wrong?!” [Hua Xinlei]’s expression was sorrowful, frustrated, confusion and loss painted on his face. He watched Sui Yuan closely, appearing to be holding back tears, “It was clearly going so well before, right? I don’t believe that you don’t hold even the smallest speck of feelings towards me!”

“You’re great. If we could, I’d like for us to be friends. But if you want to be more than that, I can’t,” Sui Yuan shook his head. His voice softened slightly but remained firm. R0BkZC

“Why?!” [Hua Xinlei] stubbornly questioned him, tirelessly trying to find the answer, “Is it because of Wind-Like High Official? But you told me that you already didn’t like him anymore, didn’t you? And that rather than be with him, you’d rather choose me!”

——He definitely did not say that! That was 100% the hideous mess that was left behind by [Disdaining the King of Hell]! Sui Yuan felt very bitter, his tone also a bit weak, “I was just speaking without thinking. It was a joke….”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“…A joke…” [Hua Xinlei] laughed bitterly, expression seeming to darken by the minute, making the hair on Sui Yuan’s body stand on end, “That joke of yours, I completely believed it. And now you’re telling me it was all just a joke? Do you still like Wind-Like High Official?!”

“No!” Sui Yuan, who didn’t want to let the other man’s expression darken any further, quickly retorted, “I don’t like Wind-Like High Official!” ddv zA

“It’s not Wind-Like High Official? Then who is it?!” [Hua Xinlei] interrogated sternly.

Sui Yuan gritted his teeth and decided to directly go double or nothing — in any case, [Hua Xinlei] will continue to play the game in the future. Sooner or later he’d find out. Rather than be exposed, he might as well tell the truth now. Moreover, since the plot was already falling apart, then it might as well crumble apart even more fiercely!

“Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves,” meeting [Hua Xinlei]’s sharp gaze, Sui Yuan calmly and bluntly spat out this name, “It’s Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves.”

[Hua Xinlei] stared at him vacantly. The hand that then held Sui Yuan’s hand tightly, unconsciously loosened. Soon after, Sui Yuan took advantage of this opportunity to throw him off. hYmMdV

“Elegant and Humble…Autumn Leaves…?” [Hua Xinlei] repeated hesitantly, “But from what I remember, the relationship between the two of you isn’t good….”

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“That was before,” Sui Yuan coughed lightly, “Now, I inadvertently discovered that Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves is someone that I know in real life. He’s my…” For the sake of settling the predicament before him, Sui Yuan gritted his teeth and had no choice but to spit out these shameless lines, “He’s my first love.”

[Hua Xinlei]:“………………”

“I’ve always liked him. Because of a certain lucky coincidence, I was able to confess to him. He also told me that he likes me,” Sui Yuan made this up with much difficulty. He then quickly wrapped it up, “After that, we became a happy couple.” fG0hNS

[Hua Xinlei]:“………………”

“So…I can’t betray him. Although you’re really great, I like him more,” Sui Yuan observed [Hua Xinlei]’s expression. He was astonished to discover that the other’s appearance of nearly blackening had unexpectedly become smooth again. Although it was tense, Sui Yuan could not perceive any anger or disappointment.

——Really strange….

Looking at [Hua Xinlei]’s wooden and distracted expression that made it seem like his soul had wandered off, Sui Yuan couldn’t help but call his name, “Xinlei?” NnIVpA

[Hua Xinlei] suddenly came back to himself. His lips moved slightly when he looked at Sui Yuan, as if he wanted to say something. In the end, he tightly pursed his lips and lowered his gaze, “…I understand. So, the matter of the two of you getting closer in game recently…how funny. Everyone was deceived by you guys.”

“I’m sorry. Elegant and Humble didn’t want to cause a big disturbance. After all, there was also [Wind-Like High Official] who came between us before. So it was better to keep it hush-hush,” Although [Hua Xinlei]’s appearance was very odd, seeing that he had calmed down, Sui Yuan sighed a breath of relief and did not look any deeper. He was itching to solve this troublesome matter, “Since you understand, then that’s fine. It’s getting late, and I should go back.”

“Wait!” Seeing that Sui Yuan wanted to leave, [Hua Xinlei] stopped him at once. His expression was pleading and full of hope, “I know that I have no chance, but would you still keep me company? I…tried my best to plan out today’s Valentine’s Day date. Although I was rejected…I still want to finish it. I beg you — just this once! All that’s left is dinner. Eat dinner with me. After that, I’ll give up and wish you and him all the best….”

Having said it like that, with the other man expressing his willingness to give up, Sui Yuan’s originally determined heart finally softened and was swayed. He confirmed with slight hesitation, “It’s just dinner? After that you’ll give up?” iC0Mne

“Yes. I guarantee it,” [Hua Xinlei] nodded, the expression in his eyes dejected. However they were clear and magnanimous.

“…OK,” Sui Yuan ultimately became soft-hearted. Since he had already accomplished his goal and held no ill-will towards [Hua Xinlei], if he could help make the other feel a bit better, then he was willing to help. After all, it was just dinner.

“…Thank you,” [Hua Xinlei] smiled bitterly. Although Sui Yuan yielded, he was not at all excited — no one would be excited if they were in his shoes, OK?! This was clearly a break-up dinner!

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The two people returned to Sui Yuan’s car. Sui Yuan drove while [Hua Xinlei] gave directions. Very soon, they stopped at the entrance of a high class hotel’s restaurant.   TIk4y8

[Hua Xinlei] had made reservations in advance — it was an above average quality private room released just for Valentine’s Day. Everything was already properly arranged inside. It was a romantic candle light dinner specially prepared for a pair of lovers.

Sui Yuan and [Hua Xinlei], these two big men, had to eat a meal in this kind of room. The expression in the female server’s eyes who had guided them in changed. In addition, the atmosphere between the two of them was stiff. They did not seem like a pair of gay lovers who were passionately in love at all. It indeed made people’s imaginations roam wild. In the blink of an eye, a tale of love and hate unfolded on a magnificent scale in the female server’s mind. 

The atmosphere within the private room was ambiguous, making Sui Yuan who had just rejected the other man feel extremely uncomfortable. [Hua Xinlei]’s expression also became much more pained but he continued to keep on a self-mocking, gentlemanly smile while he pulled out a chair for Sui Yuan, inviting him to sit down. Soon after, he began to order some dishes.

Although he was ordering, in fact, he had already chosen them when he had made the reservation. Only, [Hua Xinlei] added a couple more bottles of wine. He seemed to want to drown his sorrows away with the alcohol. EzZmRb

The dishes served suited Sui Yuan’s taste very much. However, he wasn’t in the mood to enjoy it. He only looked at [Hua Xinlei] as he drank and drank. He also couldn’t help but occasionally drink a glass with him, discreetly consoling the other to help him let go of his pain.

The perfectly good romantic candle light dinner changed in the end into a scene of two men facing one another, with one drinking away his sorrows. Fortunately, Sui Yuan’s alcohol tolerance wasn’t bad. In addition, he was more restrained. When [Hua Xinlei] finally drank himself under the table, Sui Yuan was still fairly clear-headed.

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Although he was clear-headed, as a law-abiding, good citizen, he wouldn’t drink and drive. Sui Yuan also would not heartlessly leave [Hua Xinlei] in the private room. Therefore, Sui Yuan had no choice but to call a server over and book a room, planning to settle [Hua Xinlei] down properly before taking a taxi home.

——As for his car that was parked in the hotel’s parking lot, it would have to wait until Sui Yuan could come back to get it. He hoped that at that time, [Hua Xinlei] would have gotten over his “broken heart”. Otherwise, their next meeting would be way too awkward. 8sRQdj

The strength of Sui Yuan’s body wasn’t very great. Supporting the drunk as a swine [Hua Xinlei], who was about the same height as he was,  was a rather strenuous task. Luckily, the server was tactful and helped him a bit. Only, the server was a girl so she wasn’t much help.

“…Why did he drink himself into this state? What happened?” The girl seemed to have just started working as a server here and still retained a bit of innocence and curiosity. She couldn’t help but quietly ask these questions.

Sui Yuan looked at her a bit strangely and lightly coughed, “He just went through a break-up earlier today. He didn’t want to let his hard work go to waste. He had also been looking forward to this candlelit dinner in a private room for a long time so he straightforwardly grabbed me to come drown away his pain, while also using this as a way to mourn the end of his love.”

After hearing Sui Yuan speak, the server suddenly understood. The gaze she threw at [Hua Xinlei] was full of sympathy. pBdUEd

Sui Yuan averted his eyes — he wasn’t really lying. He was just guiding people down another path of thought. He learned this from [Hua Xinlei]….

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Without the server’s strange gaze on him, Sui Yuan immediately felt less burdened. When they arrived at the room, he had the server open the door. Sui Yuan said a word of thanks to the server and then dragged [Hua Xinlei] onto the bed, helping him lie on it.

He thoroughly heaved a sigh of relief, cheering the fact that this terrible day was finally over. He didn’t expect that before he finished sighing, he would realize that he had truly been too naive.

In a moment of carelessness, the world suddenly flipped. Sui Yuan was now lying where [Hua Xinlei] had just been, stunned. Meanwhile, [Hua Xinlei] had flipped himself over and was pressing down onto Sui Yuan’s body. EmcNSk

Sui Yuan:“…………………=皿=”

——Where was his promised ‘giving up after eating dinner’?! Shameless!

[Hua Xinlei]’s tightly closed eyes were already wide open. His dark eyes carried a slightly smiling expression, expressing that he had gotten his way. He was completely sober. You couldn’t see any trace of his previous drunken appearance at all — this kind of acting drunk skill was simply matchless!

When Sui Yuan wanted to speak, to reprimand the other, [Hua Xinlei] decisively lowered his head and blocked Sui Yuan’s lips. z51l0O

Sui Yuan was stupefied for a moment before he resisted violently. What made him feel incredulous was that no matter how he struggled, he was easily held down by the other party — this was simply unscientific! Where was the fighting ability that he had accumulated over those several worlds?! Was it all eaten by a dog?!

Sui Yuan was sullen. He tried harder to break free from his place under the other man’s body. The other party however became even more difficult to throw off, and he got even more excited. Before, the kiss that could still be considered gentle gradually changed. A sense of plundering and longing permeated the kiss, as if he was on the verge of dying from thirst in a desert, only to finally find an oasis. He was impatient to take in all of the sweet rain from Sui Yuan’s mouth into his own.

While engaging in a back and forth struggle, their clothes gradually became undone. Sui Yuan felt tipsy. The smell of wine between his lips was like a raging inferno, thoroughly burning away his consciousness.

After a hazy moment, Sui Yuan, whose eyesight faltered and made it so he could only rely on his body’s instinct to sense the actions of the person pressing him down, Sui Yuan came to a realization in a split second, grasping onto the crucial point that he had overlooked. gaN94K

——Why [Hua Xinlei]’s appearance was different from what the plot had described and from what he had imagined; why the outstanding [Hua Xinlei] was dead set on pursuing him and unwilling to let go; why [Hua Xinlei] in real life felt unlike [Hua Xinlei] in-game; why he felt so familiar with [Hua Xinlei] all this time, making him unable to bring up his guard; why he repeatedly felt soft-hearted and indulged [Hua Xinlei], unwilling to let him feel disappointed; and the most important part was — why he was no match for [Hua Xinlei] and could only be pressed down by the other!

“Zhao! Xi! He!” Sui Yuan squeezed out these three syllables between gritted teeth, “Is it fun to play with me?!”

[Hua Xinlei] — or rather, Zhao Xihe slightly lifted up his body. He showed absolutely no guilt after having been exposed, “Didn’t I say it before? I’ll be ‘watching your performance’. Since it’s ‘watching’, then naturally, I would have to personally come and see. Only then would it count!” 

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He lightly kissed Sui Yuan’s lips, as if rewarding him. Zhao Xihe’s face was like a crafty and satisfied fox who had just stolen a chicken, “Although you were too soft-hearted at times, overall, I am still very satisfied, especially with that confession at the end. You almost made me fall out of character. In summary, thank you, la, for letting me pass such a beautiful Valentine’s Day~” yzLclO

“…I’m going to kill you!” Sui Yuan who was about to faint from anger declared.

“Exactly what I want…” Zhao Xihe smiled frivolously, winking at him teasingly, “So rare to see you take initiative like this, ne~”

——Sui Yuan pounced at him.

5237 silently turned away and left the room. eQmMZw

——The consequence of having such a silly host is that he had to get used to disregarding how his host’s IQ would sometimes go offline.

Want to fight with Zhao Xihe? Hehe, are you kidding me?! Such an intense night…it will probably have to help his silly host on the bed ‘bury his corpse’…. [lights candle]

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at melimeliarts.com

The author has something to say:

In the end, I didn’t write anything! It’s pure! He just kissed him a bit, that’s all. It’s all above the neck! Please don’t report me QAQ u0 SLX

Eve: I KNEW IT!!!! I knew it was ZXH though I will admit I found myself doubting. His reaction to the confession!!! Anyway, this confirmation made the whole date so much sweeter. I’m going to go re-read it~ The ending was also so cute. ZXH is so happy and SY is so feisty. This sparks joy in me. (After reading your comments, damn. You guys are much better detectives than I am. I wasn’t completely sure that it was ML till this chapter.)

Juurensha: Oh thank god it was ZXH, I was worried what was going on. I have to admit, I didn’t suspect it at all, but it’s very ZXH. 

Cat: Ahh finally, hubby arrived, seriously was getting too invested into the irl dating than the in-game dating.

Wuxian: as someone who started on arc 10, I was getting invested on the dynamic of this pairing so I’m glad HXL turned out to be ZXH in the end. lol v1tFQs

Read more BL at melimeliarts.com

Translator's Note

  So…this is a meme. Basically, the raws said that 隋垣整个人都有些斯巴达了. Roughly it literally translates to “Sui Yuan was feeling a bit Spartan”. This apparently comes from a news report where the reporter was on the scene amidst a strong storm and was wearing red clothes. They were holding onto a tree and screamed that they were going to collapse/fall apart soon. And some people on the internet edited the guy from the movie 300 onto the reporter and captioned it and it became a meme. Here’s one of them:

Translator's Note

Little sister. Often used to just refer to younger girls

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