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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 10.13


Translated by Eve

Edited by Wuxian 8WFhAM

[Wind-Like High Official] felt his three views topple down to the ground. No matter how he thought about it, he had never expected that his good friend [Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves], who he had known for a long time and who he thought he understood incomparably well, would unexpectedly have been secretly in love with [Disdaining the King of Hell], that scum man, all this time. Moreover, even after he knew what a scum guy he was, he still stubbornly wanted to hang himself on the tree that was [Disdaining the King of Hell], not regretting it even if he died!

This was simply unbearable, OK?!

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According to what [Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves] had said, he had fallen in love with [Disdaining the King of Hell]… at first sight? In the beginning, he had always expressed his displeasure towards [Disdaining the King of Hell] in front of [Wind-Like High Official]. Only, it seems that it was only because he was jealous that he and [Disdaining the King of Hell] were getting too close and instinctively wanted to drive a wedge between them. And at that time, [Wind-Like High Official] and [Disdaining the King of Hell] had been more than friends but not yet lovers. At the same time, [Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves] could not accept the fact that he liked a man. Secondly, he didn’t want to get between the two of them and their feelings. He had no choice but to restrain himself and treat [Disdaining the King of Hell] indifferently. In addition, [Disdaining the King of Hell] resented his and [Wind-Like High Official]’s intimacy. He didn’t conceal his resentment at all. This made [Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves] with no choice but to ‘love him but be unable to voice it’, and continue this charade of mutual disagreeability.

Afterwards, when [Wind-Like High Official] gradually fell out of love with [Disdaining the King of Hell] because of [Hua Xinlei]’s intervention, the feelings that [Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves] had always repressed finally found a gap to break out of. At the start, he unobtrusively tried to get closer to [Disdaining the King of Hell], trying to repair their relationship and make [Disdaining the King of Hell] change his image of him—as for [Hua Xinlei]? Who was he?! [Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves] restrained himself before because [Wind-Like High Official] was his good friend, but he and [Hua Xinlei] had no relationship whatsoever. [Hua Xinlei] stole [Wind-Like High Official]’s man, so [Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves] didn’t feel even a shred of guilt. This could still just barely count as helping a friend take revenge. You’ll be treated the way you treat others!


Like this, [Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves] explained himself. Hearing this, [Wind-Like High Official] felt completely disarrayed. Although he always thought that something wasn’t right, the explanation seemed very reasonable, leaving him unable to respond, so he had no choice but to accept it.

【Wind-Like High Official】:…Elegant and Humble, are you serious?

【Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves】:Of course.

【Wind-Like High Official】:…I don’t think that Disdaining the King of Hell is worthy of your feelings at all. He’s unfaithful and fickle in love. He had first thrown me away because of Hua Xinlei, and now he’s thrown away Hua Xinlei because of you. No matter how you look at it, this kind of person is scum, ah! D8i9Zg

【Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves】:Then I’ll make it so that he can’t be scum any longer.

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【Wind-Like High Official】:What do you mean?

【Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves】:【smile】

He didn’t know why but [Wind-Like High Official]’s cheeks reddened. It felt like there was a dense black air around that sweet smiling expression, making him unable to help but shudder. He suddenly wanted to light a candle for [Disdaining the King of Hell]. NJPjGd

[Wind-Like High Official] thought that, indeed, he did not really understand this good friend of his. First off, he hadn’t noticed that he held feelings for [Disdaining the King of Hell]. Secondly, he had only looked at his cultured and refined appearance and did not notice that he was actually black to the bone underneath that….

An evil person will suffer at the hands of an even more evil person (something doesn’t seem right?). [Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves] was different from [Hua Xinlei]. It was probably only [Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves], outwardly gentle but inwardly powerful, who would be able to control that womanizer, [Disdaining the King of Hell], making it so he can never hurt anyone else again, no?

——Hehe, he suddenly couldn’t wait to see [Disdaining the King of Hell]’s suffering appearance! [Wind-Like High Official] couldn’t help but admit that during this period of time, he’d truly blackened….

The previous forum topic of [Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves] and [Wind-Like High Official] being together, that had just been gaining heat, was now nowhere to be found. [Lone Wind Wan Yi] had also peacefully remained silent for a long time now. Since [Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves] had suddenly confessed about his feelings towards [Disdaining the King of Hell], he never again said a single word. tIgpcm

——In other words, [Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves] had noticed this from a long time ago, but pretended not to.

Zhao Xihe who sat before the computer raised his lips into a smile, satisfied. He relaxedly strangled his love rival’s budding feelings in its infancy, in the time in which [Lone Win Wan Yi] had yet to notice his secret thoughts and treated [Disdaining the King of Hell] as just an idol and a goal to chase after.

That’s right. [Lone Wind Wan Yi] himself did not understand why he felt unwell all over when he heard about [Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves]’s determination to win over [Disdaining the King of Hell].

——It couldn’t be that it was because he had suddenly realized that his idol was a scum guy who would fool around with one person after another? QAQ IXmC4u

First it was [Wind-Like High Official], then it was [Hua Xinlei], now it was [Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves]. If you add himself in, then all the gossiped about people in the forums would have been involved with him. His idol’s charm was so great, his character was so scummy…it simply made people’s heart hurt….

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——-Tl? Qjla j rfmbcv, kts vlv tf tjnf ab rjs, ‘lo sbe jvv tlwrfio’?

[Lone Wind Wan Yi] felt like he was feeling a bit feverish today. His head was a bit muddled and his thoughts were chaotic…..

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“So, what’s your matchmaking plan for the protagonist gong and shou that you mentioned before?” Sui Yuan leaned against Zhao Xihe’s shoulders, watching him dupe [Lone Wind Wan Yi] and [Wind-Like High Official] while asking him curiously. wnRoPz

Vel Tejc, ktb kjr rieuulrt ktfc ojmfv klat fwbalbcr jcv tjv qgbyjyis bcis gfjilhfv Itjb Wltf’r offilcur yfmjerf atf batfg tjv lcmfrrjcais fzqgfrrfv atfw fzqilmlais jcv klat ugfja lcafcrlas, kjr mbwqifafis ecjkjgf bo atf batfg’r jmalbc bo ragjcuilcu tlr ibnf glnji klatbea yjaalcu jc fsfilv—atlr kjr rbwfatlcu Itjb Wltf kjr wbra gfilfnfv jybea.

“Since Hua Xinlei is gone, we can only go on to the next stage. It’s about time,” Zhao Xihe reached a hand out to stroke Sui Yuan’s head that he had placed onto his shoulder, replying as he multitasked.

“So what you’re saying is…the inter-server league?” Sui Yuan was bewildered for a second. Soon after, he immediately followed what he was getting at.

“That’s right,” Zhao Xihe nodded, “In the plot, before the inter-server league, Wind-Like High Official and Lone Wind Wan Yi only had hazy, favourable feelings toward one another, right until the inter-server league. Only after teaming up for the tournament were they able to mutually wear down one another and promote their romantic feelings for each other while fighting side by side. In the end, they exchanged vows before all the players. Right now, the feelings between the two of them…although they’re already good friends, it’s still a bit lacking. If we talked about teaming up, Wind-Like High Official’s first choice would be Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves, eight to nine times out of ten. Just that, right now, Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves loves Disdaining the King of Hell. In the inter-server league, he will naturally get together with Disdaining the King of Hell. Wind-Like High Official would have to settle for the next best thing: he’d have to partner up with Lone Wind Wan Yi.” scLbpi

“Without Hua Xinlei chasing to kill him and quarrelling with him, Wind-Like High Official will naturally be able to put all his attention into the inter-server league. After spending a long time with Lone Wind Wan Yi, according to the natural attractive force between the protagonist gong and shou, they will naturally get together!” Sui Yuan’s eyes shone and he couldn’t help but reach out his arms to coil around Zhao Xihe’s neck, like he was wrapping himself around a high score! He couldn’t be any more elated!

Zhao Xihe’s eyes narrowed—at this moment, Sui Yuan, this little dummy, had shown some initiative. Thus, he absolutely couldn’t let this opportunity go!

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Sui Yuan:“W-Wait a minute….QAQ”

5237:“…Seeking death.【lights candle】” 0RelxL


Even if he had courted disaster for a bit, it didn’t put a damper on Sui Yuan’s happiness at all. That was because Zhao Xihe’s plans went off without a hitch. Although [Lone Wind Wan Yi] had initially expressed that he wanted to team up with [Disdaining the King of Hell], he easily gave up on that idea after hearing Zhao Xihe lightly say: “It couldn’t be that you don’t want to fight Disdaining the King of Hell in an official match where he uses all of his strength?”

——Unfortunately, he would never know that these two fellows had never planned to fight it out with him and would deliver him and [Wind-Like High Official] to the champion’s throne.

Zhao Xihe says: rivals in love with no self-awareness are the easiest to deal with. I’m not afraid, even if ten or twenty of them appear ╮(╯▽╰)╭. 263eaf

Likewise, as the inter-server league gradually approached, the noisy gossiping in the forums gradually calmed down. The majority of the people all went to analyze all sorts of PKing techniques and the conclusions of the previous inter-server leagues. The forums where they speculated who were most likely to win attracted much interest as well. After all, gossip was just something players chatted about when bored to pass the time away. Meanwhile, the inter-server league was a chance to make a name for yourself, to prove that you were a great figure. Moreover, <Jianghu Online>’s inter-server league prize was especially generous. It was probably only the female players, constantly keeping gossip in their minds, who chattered about how ‘it turns out this was the canon CPs’ when they saw that [Disdaining the King of Hell] and [Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves] had teamed up, and that [Lone Wind Wan Yi] and [Wind-Like High Official] had done the same.

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Unlike the plot, where {Heaven’s Alliance} had deteriorated and [Disdaining the King of Hell] had fallen into despair, and where his participation in the inter-server league was just a final opportunity for the protagonist gong and shou to slap his face and showcase their PDA, right now, [Disdaining the King of Hell] could be considered the most popular contender for first place. Even [Lone Wind Wan Yi], who had won the championship several times, found it difficult to snatch away his radiance.The majority of people anticipated being able to personally see his gorgeous, fantastic, and mysterious gameplay that went against natural order and how it wouldn’t simply be an imitation of the PKing they’ve all grown tired of seeing. Furthermore, the one chosen to be the most anticipated, most troublesome player by all the server’s seeded players was of course, without a doubt, [Disdaining the King of Hell]. 

Unfortunately, [Disdaining the King of Hell] who enjoyed the people’s favour, did not feel the same.

Since they teamed up, Zhao Xihe had finally been able to kick out that [Lone Wind Wan Yi] who was displeasing to his eyes as he always coiled around Sui Yuan to PK. Now, he had no qualms with occupying all of Sui Yuan’s time—in game or out. He was too lazy to pay attention to how [Lone Wind Wan Yi] and [Wind-Like High Official]’s feelings developed. In any case, he’s already done everything he was supposed to do. As for Sui Yuan, he had wanted to intervene but when he thought about his strange ability of making things worse whenever he tried to help out, he very self-awaredly chose to stay far away and watch silently.  RjLovJ

And this silent watch lasted until the inter-serve league commenced.

Who knew if it was because the plot had been knocked askew by Sui Yuan, or if it was because the game company had made under-the-table machinations because they were banking on [Disdaining the King of Hell] and [Lone Wind Wan Yi]’s popularity, but Sui Yuan’s experience was not at all like what had been ordained by the plot—where he was supposed to match up with [Lone Wind Wan Yi] and [Wind-Like High Official] early on and get his faced slapped before getting kicked out. He and Zhao Xihe sailed smoothly as they stormed their way through to the quarter-finals. They were entirely worthy of being called the black horse stars of formidable strength, leaving behind countless PK scenes that made people exclaim in admiration. After that—after that, there was no ‘after that’….

During the quarter finals, [Disdaining the King of Hell] did not make an appearance. His partner, [Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves] waited until the match started before having no choice but to regretfully forfeit, leaving the crowds to fill the venue with their sighs and complaints.

For this match, their opponent was not [Lone Wind Wan Yi] and [Wind-Like High Official]. Only after discussing did Sui Yuan and Zhao Xihe think that, if they only forfeited once they matched up with them, then it would seem a bit deliberate. Since the two of them weren’t interested in the competition, they would complete their mission a little earlier. z6krd2

[Lone Wind Wan Yi] and [Wind-Like High Official] seized the championship title like they were supposed to in the plot. However, they, who had been bestowed the title and gained the prize, weren’t happy, moved or content with their achievements as they should have been. Instead, they were full of gloominess. [Disdaining the King of Hell] had missed out on the competition because of real life matters. This meant that, rather than say that they had won the championship title because of their strength, they had only won it because of luck. Furthermore, when other people congratulated them, they couldn’t help wonder who the championship title would have belonged to if [Disdaining the King of Hell] had participated.

——After well-known figures and experts analyzed it and made conjectures, the majority of people’s verdict was: [Disdaining the King of Hell].

“We’ll fight again at next year’s inter-server league!” This was the first thing [Lone Wind Wan Yi] had said after he found Sui Yuan at the player’s offline meeting. The youth, who had yet to step foot out of school, seemed a bit inexperienced. His eyes were burning, and his tone was firm.

Zhao Xihe tugged Sui Yuan behind him and slightly turned his body to block the other’s gaze that was a bit too concentrated on Sui Yuan. JNsT1

And Sui Yuan? His gaze was already on [Wind-Like High Official] who had turned around. Dedicated to his work, he remembered the scene where he had to look regretful but knew that it was too late for regrets.

“…Disdaining the King of Hell?” [Wind-Like High Official] was immaculately dressed. The delicate, pretty, and handsome youth dressed in office wear pushed up his glasses and sized up Sui Yuan, rather flabbergasted. Evidently, Sui Yuan’s appearance was very different from the scum guy he had imagined.

Combining the so-called effect of how ‘one’s nature is reflected in one’s appearance’ with the fact that Sui Yuan’s acting in real life required less of him due to the fact that the entirety of the plot had occurred online, Sui Yuan’s lovable appearance was completely unlike that of the imperious and unfaithful scum gong (?) [Disdaining the King of Hell] in <Jianghu Online>. Standing by Zhao Xihe, who was somewhat taller than him, he stayed quiet, completely content with his own lot.

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[Wind-Like High Official] felt cheated! How could two shous possibly date happily?! No wonder [Hua Xinlei] was thrown away! al27Wj

This was indeed a world where appearance mattered. At the very least, Sui Yuan’s face resolutely made [Wind-Like High Official] feel a sense of goodwill towards him. When faced with such a face, how could he possibly conjure up any of his anger from having been cheated on?! This naive child must have definitely been lured by [Hua Xinlei]. Afterwards, their mutual shou natures weren’t compatible so the other found an excuse to throw him away.

[Wind-Like High Official], who was imagining such things, couldn’t help but show some sympathy. Afterwards, he silently pushed up his glasses and, astonished, discovered that he was being watched.

While [Wind-Like High Official] was inwardly repenting, he instinctively felt a wave of cold air behind him. He turned his head, feeling danger, and met with Zhao Xihe’s slightly smiling but extremely dangerous looking face and immediately felt his scalp go numb, “…You are…Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves?”

“It’s me. We meet for the first time, Wind-Like High Official,” Zhao Xihe smiled, appearing gentle and refined, and nodded his head. lnEQ4N

“Are you guys…together?” [Wind-Like High Official] swept a gaze at Sui Yuan who had been staring at him relentlessly with an expression of slight remorse and regret, and immediately felt that his life was in danger. Thus, he promptly expressed his position clearly, “Congratulations to the both of you!”

“Thank you,” Zhao Xihe’s smile became much more sincere. He then pinched Sui Yuan’s chin and forced him to focus his line of sight on him, “Don’t you think you’re looking at the wrong person, my dear?”

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Sui Yuan:“…………QAQ”

——I just wanted to act out the final scene to the end…. aE1qXZ

“Elegant and Humble really loves you, for real. So you should properly treasure him,” Sui Yuan’s expression proved that he really was that unfaithful [Disdaining the King of Hell] from the game. Even though [Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves] was beside him, he unexpectedly dared to brazenly covet him. [Wind-Like High Official] simply didn’t know what he should say. In order to clearly establish his position, because he felt a sense of responsibility towards his good friend and because he felt some goodwill towards [Disdaining the King of Hell]’s face, [Wind-Like High Official] sincerely admonished him, afraid that he’d receive the frightening news that ‘[Disdaining the King of Hell] is two-timing again and [Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves] had darkened and become a yandere’.

Sui Yuan awkwardly averted his gaze, ears flushing slightly.

Because Zhao Xihe kept close to him, there was no way for him to act out the original scene of [Disdaining the King of Hell] searching for reconciliation. Sui Yuan could only let himself be led by Zhao Xihe to the group of {Heaven’s Alliance} players and then get stared at like a rare animal.

The majority of people expressed that Sui Yuan’s real appearance of a gentle, feeble otaku and [Disdaining the King of Hell]’s stalwart, imperious appearance were like two extremes. Only, a portion of the people also realized that regardless of his appearance, his silly cute aura was extremely suitable. TnkA4j

Zhao Xihe, who participated as [Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves], did not broadcast the fact that he and Sui Yuan were dating. However, when faced with his unmasked possessiveness and intimacy, the more attentive and sensitive players understood it tacitly.

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“Seeing this, compared to Hua Xinlei, Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves is better suited for our Cute Leader,” The {Heaven’s Alliance} members quietly whispered among themselves, “Huahua is a rather young child. Our Cute Leader…hehe, rather than taking care of other people, he’s more suited to be the one who gets taken care of.”

Sui Yuan whose ears are sharp and could hear everything”: “………………”

A master of split personalities, who can act childish or mature—Zhao Xihe: “Hehe.” ySGlsT

——He stole his own man. This feeling was truly quite refreshing….

The offline meeting progressed very smoothly. When it was time for the company’s scheduled activities to end, the scattered players all came together to discuss dates and times to get together for meals, to karaoke, or for the next meeting. Who knew when, but the members of {Carefree} and {Heaven’s Alliance} had gotten together—it was practically impossible to differentiate between them.

After all, they were from the same server, and had become friends through their exchange of blows. They had also gossiped together, so the feelings between them were rather close. When they were tipsy and merry, and when everyone’s mood was at its peak, it was inevitable that their mouths would be unrestrained. They unexpectedly chatted about that long-lasting, confusing relationship web gossip that had spawned a countless number of HOT threads.

As main characters involved in these rumours, [Wind-Like High Official] revealed a helpless expression; [Lone Wind Wan Yi]’s cheeks flushed—who knew if it was because he was drunk or if he felt humiliated from the teasing; Sui Yuan appeared very calm—it wasn’t the first or second time that people had heckled at the relationship between him and Zhao Xihe; and of course, the most candid one was Zhao Xihe. They just saw him wrap his arms around Sui Yuan’s shoulder and smile, looking especially pleased with himself, “He’s been with many people, but in the end I won his heart.” XN6d0r

“Then what about High Official and Great God Wan Yi? Are you guys together?” The group teased.

[Lone Wind Wan Yi] choked and was very embarrassed, “Don’t speak nonsense!”

[Wind-Like High Official] smiled, unperturbed:“We’re just friends.”

Sui Yuan:…Wait a second! This wasn’t what I was promised….QAQ c0fOS3

They played around until it was very late. Everyone scattered in twos and threes. Sui Yuan naturally was dragged away by Zhao Xihe.

[Lone Wind Wan Yi] and [Wind-Like High Official] watched the silhouettes of the two people, side by side, each having complicated feelings.

“Did you also like Disdaining the King of Hell?” [Wind-Like High Official] turned his head slightly to look at [Lone Wind Wan Yi] and asked half-jokingly.

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[Lone Wind Wan Yi] was slightly tipsy so he seriously pondered over this for a moment. Afterwards, he shook his head, “I don’t know. I didn’t have enough time to distinguish between like and admiration. Elegant and Humble moved too quickly.” EL6MtS

“That’s good,” [Wind-Like High Official] tightened his collar, “The road of homosexuality is not easy to walk on. It’d be even worse if the person you liked was scum.”

[Lone Wind Wan Yi]:“…Hehe, then wouldn’t this be considered as having made a narrow escape?”

“Right now, I’m just praying that Elegant and Humble can manage Disdaining the King of Hell, so that he won’t cheat again. I really wouldn’t be able to endure him getting yet another illicit lover,” [Wind-Like High Official] patted [Lone Wind Wan Yi] on the shoulder, “I’m leaving. See you.”

“Bye,” [Lone Wind Wan Yi] shrugged his shoulders and let out a long sigh, seeming to feel quite a bit relieved. chIEwY

——A heavy curtain finally fell and ended the dreadful feeling that the forums had caused him during this period of time. The person who was originally a protagonist had been reduced to a supporting role.

 5237&0007:“…They deserve to be called our hosts. They bring such disaster wherever they go that they can even counterattack against the protagonists’ halos! 

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The author has something to say:

After stopping for so long, I completely don’t have any idea what to write for the next story…Does anyone have a suggestion QAQ L0vG7y

Eve: Next arc: Wuxia. I was so happy to be done Gamers because the struggle was real with all the gaming terminology/slang and the long as heck names but…cultivation….Guess I’m out of the fire but going straight into the frying pain ORZ.

Wuxia: This arc is finally done! No more long-ass names. I’m so happy. ;-;

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