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There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a HaremChapter 71


A few centuries later, Ye Zhizhou, who was resting on his lover’s unchanging soft fur, contentedly closed his eyes.

Ji Huaijin raised his head and let out a sorrowful roar. Then, he carefully curled himself into a ball and covered them with his tail. He laid down and closed his eyes. The mark on his forehead began to shine with a bright golden light. One hour later, the golden light disappeared and he closed his eyes forever. Xiao Hei whined a few times outside the temple door and then, following his master’s lead, sacrificed himself. sYzXmd

A dense black fog gradually rose up and spread to surround the entire hall, protecting the two seemingly sleeping figures in the center.

After merely taking a comfortable nap, his surroundings changed from the nouveau riche golden hall to a young girl’s humble garret. Ye Zhizhou absentmindedly looked at the exquisitely embroidered handkerchief in his hand and dropped his gaze with a sigh. He didn’t even have time to say goodbye to his lover… And Xiao Hei… He doesn’t know if that guy will start being picky about his food again now that he’s gone…

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In front of the dresser mirror, a small mirror with a gorgeous handle suddenly shook. A light screen popped up. [Mission reward has been sent. Do you want to receive the plot information? ]

He finished sorting out his thoughts before getting up to grab the mirror. His eyes grew wide with shock when he saw the reflection of a delicate young girl in the mirror. Looking down at his clothes, he saw a changpao, but it was a light yellow color! Raising his hand, he saw there was a jade bracelet on his wrist! Touching his hair again, he actually pulled out a Zhu hairpin


“It can’t be that I’m currently in a woman’s body?!”

[Gathering body information… Information obtained. Zou Ming, male (ger), 16 years old. Third son of the Assistant Minister of Revenue, number one beauty in the capital. Due to this, this world’s protagonist’s younger brother is arrogant, naive, and very vain. Ultimately, he died tragically in a brothel.]

“…Died where?”

The light screen zoomed in a bit, letting him see the text more clearly. upANxn

Ye Zhizhou once again experienced the feeling of having nothing left to live for. He numbly reached downwards and touched his lower body. His mind filled with confusion, “Tongtian, why did the original Zou Ming, a proper boy, dress like this? Furthermore, what does ger mean?”

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The screen flashed, and a large area of text came out.

This world is a bit baffling. Humans are divided into three sexes—man, woman, and ger. Although a ger’s appearance is the same as that of the ordinary male, a ger’s physique is small. Most have delicate and beautiful faces and are more feminine than actual women. Most importantly, ger can have children.

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Ability to have children… Ye Zhizhou rolled up his sleeve, and to his despair, discovered the red mark on his forearm that represented his fertility. He surveyed his surroundings and saw that the garret looked isolated and very secure, so he directly opened his changpao and looked below his navel…What a straight and clear red line. j4z3MZ

Vlifcais ragjlutafclcu bea tlr mibatfr, tf qbcvfgfv jybea atf kfii yflcu bo atlr kbgiv’r mgfjabg lc tlr wlcv.

[Do you want to receive the plot information? ]

Lf aegcfv abkjgvr atf iluta rmgffc jcv rjlv lc j rfglber abcf, “Kbcualjc, P vbc’a kjca ab tjnf mtlivgfc.” Coafg ilnlcu obg rfnfgji ilofalwfr, tf rkfjgr, tf vbfrc’a kjca remt j oecmalbc.

The screen flashed, and then a rainbow text popped up. 9LidNV

[Want to get rid of the trouble of unwanted pregnancy? Want to experience the joy of endless papapa to your heart’s content? Juesi pill, the best choice to prevent descendants. Just one pill and you won’t need to worry for the rest of your life.]

“…” My eyes are going blind.

Refusing to look at the rainbow text again, he lowered his head to poke at the patterns on the mirror, “Be more normal. Give me the plot information.” Although he wanted to just directly swallow the Juesi pill, right now the plot was unclear, it was better for him to not act rashly.

The small mirror shook, the rainbow screen disappeared and a normal screen popped up. Y8xcHv

He put down the small mirror while pressing down the ‘fuck your mother’ in his heart, and carefully looked at the information.

The protagonist of this world is Zou Lan, the second shu son of Zou Qing. He is a male (ger), and only half a year older than Zou Ming, the original owner of Ye Zhizhou’s body. His appearance is average and he has a gentle temperament but is not very valued at home. He is often bullied by Zou Ming, his younger brother. His biological mother, Tao Dong, is a distant niece of old madam Zou. She is very well-liked by the old madam, but unfortunately, her personality is too bold and forceful, so she is not well-liked by Zou Qing.

When Zou Lan was about to turn 17, Zou Ming’s fiance Shen Tingwei was seriously injured and became disabled in a battle at the border. When Zou Ming learned about this, he kicked up a big fuss, wanting to break off the engagement no matter what. Unfortunately, the Shen family was both very influential and rich, so Zou Qing did not dare to do anything. Yuan Hui, who loved his son dearly, was anxious for him. He patted his thigh and unexpectedly came up with the idea of letting Zou Lan marry in place of his younger brother. So Zou Lan, who came to help Zou Ming with his make up before the wedding day, was knocked unconscious by Yuan Hui and put into a wedding dress and stuffed into the sedan chair. The Shen family, who were rushing to complete the wedding ceremony, did not find anything wrong. They joyfully carried the sedan chair back.

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On the second day, the switch was exposed by Zou Lan’s scream. The Shen family was furious and went to the Zou family for an explanation. Zou Qing was puzzled at first, but then he saw the pale-faced Zou Lan step off the carriage, and he was dumbstruck. DL41tu

The two families began a long wrangle. Zou Qing was an old fashioned man. He believed that since Zou Lan already married in place of his younger brother, he was now a part of the Shen family. Therefore, he firmly disagreed with the Shen family’s request to have Zou Lan return home. The Shen family was extremely unsatisfied. They wanted the Zou family to bring out the real Zou Ming for them to take back. The first di son of the Great General, marrying the bastard shu son of a mere Assistant Minister of Revenue, how could that be accepted? Their Shen family can’t afford to lose this person!

The two families argued fiercely over whether Zou Lan should be returned to his family. This gave Yuan Hui enough time to hide Zou Ming, by secretly sending him to his mother’s hometown in the countryside. When they lost track of Zou Ming, Zou Qing was more and more reluctant to yield. He insisted that it was the real Zou Ming who married into the Shen Family. The Shen family was outraged by his shameless behavior, but they had no way to seize Zou Ming, so they could only become increasingly disgusted with Zou Lan.

A week later, Shen Tingwei miraculously improved. Old Madam Shen was superstitious. She believed it was because of the compatibility of Zou Lan and Shen Tingwei’s Bazi.Caught up in this rushed joy, she ordered her family to come back and stop making trouble for the Zou family. She acquiesced to Zou Lan being the replacement bride.

In the first year of marriage, the Zou family did not care about how Zou Lan was treated in the Shen family. The Shen family adopted an attitude of ignoring this daughter-in-law, simply throwing him into a remote courtyard and then paid no attention to him. V0lGdX

A year later, Shen Tingwei was in good health. Since they didn’t want to affect his mood while he was recovering, the rest of the Shen family did not tell him about Zou Lan’s existence. Instead, they deceived him by saying that the ger who had been engaged to him, unfortunately, fell into the water that year and drowned. Thus, the marriage was abolished. Shen Tingwei did not doubt them, and once his body recovered, he returned to the border again.

Old madam Shen believed that Zou Lan’s 'rushing away the bad luck through a happy occasion' mission was completed. After Shen Tingwei returned to the border, she had Zou Lan sent back to his family. Zou Lan did not expect that after waiting for a year, all he got was a letter to return to his family, along with the rumor that his recovered husband already returned to the border without even meeting him! He returned to the Zou family in a state of despair but was blocked by Zou Qing outside the door, who felt disgraced. Even his biological mother, Tao Dong, only came out to throw some silver coins at him and call him ‘useless’, before turning around and leaving him standing alone at the side door to look around blanky.

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After waiting a night, his family still did not change their mind. Zou Lan was unable to withstand this blow and jumped into the river to commit suicide, but was rescued by a passing beggar. After opening his eyes again, the ancient edition Zou Lan became a modern edition Zou Lan. Modern edition Zou Lan quickly accepted the memory of the original owner. After cursing at the Zou family and Shen family, he adopted the beggar, went to the capital’s countryside to buy a house, and began his path of prosperity.

He named the beggar Zou Qi, taught him how to read and write, and sent him to school. A year later, Zou Qi became a young scholar, and he became a well-known rich landlord. se14dE

To make things more convenient for Zou Qi to attend school, he sold the house after saving enough money for his retirement. He went to the capital and opened a small restaurant. There, he got acquainted with Fei Jinchu, a son of a gold merchant, and made a favorable impression on him. The straightforward modern edition Zou Lan completely ignored the olive branch that Fei Jinchu extended, and continued to live his happy single ger life.

Half a year later, Zou Qi’s family suddenly came looking for him. It turned out that Zou Qi was not a beggar, but was the lost young son of Yang Xuan, an imperial scholar. Although very reluctant, Zou Lan persuaded Zou Qi to recognize his biological father and renamed him to Yang Qi.

Yang Qi, who had just turned 14, returned home. The first thing he did was to get people to go to the Zou family to propose to Zou Lan. Zou Lan was frightened to death by his actions and immediately ran off on a trip to push down his panic. As a result, on his journey, he crossed paths with Zou Ming, who was returning to the capital. Zou Ming, who had been having a very unfavorable time in the past years, gave Zou Lan an aphrodisiac and threw him into a broken temple. Zou Ming also thoughtfully sent in a disgusting, dirty fellow as well.

Zou Lan was disgusted, furious and refused to be defeated. With determination, he managed to knock the dirty fellow unconscious. Afterward, he rushed to the river outside the temple to take a cold bath to clear his mind. As a result, he was unfortunately seen by the Hou family’s heir, Zhan Xuemi, who also came to take a cold bath. The two men stared at each other with wide eyes, chest to chest, both shrieking. vHdzXa

After they both got dressed and packed up, the foolish and sweet Zhan Xuemi unexpectedly stopped Zou Lan. He said he was not a scum man, so he would take responsibility by marrying Zou Lan and bring him back to the Hou family. Zou Lan kept refusing but found that Zhan Xuemi did not listen to his refusals and continued to stick to him. Without any other options, he wittily used the excuse of needing to pee and then ran away.

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This time, he ran to a relatively far and different kind of place. He directly ran into a deep mountain valley, with the idea of living incognito as a happy little hunter. Then, while he was hunting on the hill, he met and saved the assassin Kang Run… Who insisted on devoting his life to him as repayment.

Zou Lan was absolutely ready to fall apart. He prepared to run away again but found that Kang Run’s vigilance was too high, and he could not run away at all! To avoid being forced to bend, he told Kang Run that he was actually an abandoned husband. After Kang Run heard this, he was silent for a moment before leaving. Zou Lan let out a sigh of relief and continued to his happy little hunter life.

A month later, Kang Run returned and took him to a brothel in the capital. There, Zou Lan saw a passionate man-on-man exhibition, starring Zou Ming. Kang Run affectionately told him that he had gotten revenge for him and that Zou family was finished. BIuPJm

Zou Lan’s three world view collapsed. He was dumbfounded and wanted to run again, but then he saw Yang Qi in the corner of the brothel’s lobby. Seeing as how Yang Qi was the child he had raised as his own for a couple of years, Zou Lan saw red momentarily. He quickly rushed to grab him and scolded him, saying that at his young age he was learning bad behaviors. He actually visited a brothel!

Yang Qi was at first stunned stupid, but then he was overjoyed. He tightly held onto Zou Lan and refused to let go. Kang Run saw this and his vinegar levels rose, resulting in him trying to kill Yang Qi. Zou Lan was alarmed and quickly blocked him, which made Kang Run even more angry and murderous. Yang Qi would not be outdone by Kang Run, and he immediately drank three bowls of vinegar after seeing him. Zou Lan was unaware of when Yang Qi had called for a group of imperial guards but heard him loudly shout that he wanted Kang Run caught and killed.

Zou Lan was sandwiched between left and right. As the man at fault, he was stuck in a dilemma. Shen Tingwei then came out of nowhere, grabbed him, and tied him up to bring him back to the Shen residence. Shen Tingwei expressed that he wanted to pick up the pieces and start anew with him so that Zou Lan could continue to be his sole madam Shen.

Zou Lan can’t love him. owARNP

Seeing that Zou Lan was captured by his scum ex-husband, Yang Qi and Kang Run immediately stopped fighting each other and began to cooperate in fighting Shen Tingwei. Fei Jinchu and Zhan Xuemi, who had just received the news, also joined their team in a hurry, wanting to snatch Zou Lan back from the hands of Shen Tingwei!

Grudgingly, the enemy was too strong. Even with all four of them, they could not beat that one person. In the end, Kang Run had to brandish his special abilities. On a dark and windy night, he stealthily kidnapped Zou Lan.

Zou Lan, who regained his freedom, was already disillusioned with society. Since he cannot escape his destiny of being bent, it was better for him to choose than to be chosen, and he might as well pick Kang Run and them. Kang Run and the three other men thought that since things have gotten to this point, they might as well get along. Therefore, the four people that still had families left behind a letter, and the one without one just tidied up his belongings. They all left together to live a secret and carefree life.

Ye Zhizhou turned off the screen, feeling that he needed a break. KNuHXo

The protagonist of the world… seems to be a bit enigmatic.

The author has something to say:
Thank you Jun Shi for the landmine! Love you so much = 3=
PS: After an afternoon of being tossed about by bear kids, this chapter finally came out in a hurry, so don’t dislike this short chapter QvQ.PS: lust/medicine is one-word, forgot to separate. Caught another bug.

lolol this world’s protag and his harem lmao, let’s see what the plot twist will be this arc (¬‿¬ )

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3 WjUV

Translator's Note

Those long fancy hairpins that look like murder weapons that you see in those ancient china dramaspin

Translator's Note

men’s wear, something like this changpao

Translator's Note

Chinese astrology, Bazi literally means ‘eight characters’ but it represents the birthdates used for fortune telling – including the time of birth, month, and day. It can also be called the Four Pillars of Destiny. Pretty interesting distracted me for a good while LOL

Translator's Note

The raws were literally two characters;冲喜, which means to save a person’s life by giving him a wedding to counteract his bad luck

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